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[Manga Dub] Tsundere goes full DERE after I declare to cut all ties with her [RomCom]


That day I daichi hayama stood in front of her with strong determination oh well you get to the point already you're always so slow it gets on my nerves hey Arisa be honest what do you think of me huh We're Not Kids anymore we're in high school now this time we uh we.

Consider our relationship as I thought if I didn't know the answer that's why none of the girls like you if you claim to be mature why don't you try acting like it she scoffed at me with a smirk on her face that's the expression I've always seen when she looked at me she's always looked down on me.

Who do you think do you think that's you can't make me laugh she treats me like a smudge on the floor she always has derogatory comments ready for me she's been like this since we were kids said I've had enough of you I'm so sick of it.

I can't stand here and you talk to me like that I'm through with you wait what are you saying you think it's okay to talk to me like I'm trash you never praised me for anything I can't read so it's too hard I like you so much and it it hurts to.

Hear you verbally abuse me like that it's don't come near me again just forget that I exist and be better that way for the both of us what I finally said it I can't believe I actually told her how I felt.

I farewell to the love of my life my heart was crumpled and in pain but I felt a sense of accomplishment at the same time I've had a crush on Risa for the past 10 years but it's all over I turned my back on here to prevent myself from taking back what I just said.

This is for the best it is I can't go on with having feelings I won't be reciprocated and I'm sure she'll be better off using her precious time on somebody worth using it on huh Risa why yeah your face is turning blue.

Risa Risa take a deep breath what's wrong Risa look at me I uh we need help Risa I don't think she can breathe she was still hyperventilating when she was still hyperventilating when I rushed into the nurse's office to get hell oh my goodness get her on the bed now I'm calling an ambulance messages are still on red and she won't.

Answer my calls the ambulance arrived shortly after he got to the nurse's office and she was taken to a hospital the paramedics and the nurse asked me what had happened I'm not sure I gave them enough information that's all my fault I know it is it's.

Because I said those horrible things to her Risa I never expected her to react like that I don't think she would care reset a mommy that's her full name she's smart and athletic not to mention beautiful she's always in the center of the crowd.

I've known her for 10 years and she's a childhood friend of mine I've liked it for many years he's the most important person in my life we saw gosh I wonder if she's okay I should check on her since she won't answer her phone I need to know if she's okay I can't go.

To school without finding her what if something terrible is happening to her right now how would I live wait what Risa is her it's Risa and she's alive and she's moving she's right here are you feeling better is everything okay are you allowed to be up police are still there silent she didn't.

Say a word crap I know it's coming what do you mean am I feeling better I thought I told you to stay in your place a loser like you doesn't deserve to be worried about me oh uh I'm sorry it's just I uh where are you that worried about me thank you Tai Chi you are so sweet why.

Hey let's go to school together we better get moving what well what the heck something weird is happening here oh why haven't we done this before it's so much warmer when we're closer to each other a recess on dude what is going on with you you're acting strange.

What the our classmates reacted exactly as I predicted it's no surprise I would too if I saw us walking together like this hey Visa I heard are you okay yeah thanks for being worried about me I feel fine right taichi what's up with you did the doctors check your head did they make sure your brain.

Was okay hey you're freaking out over nothing I'm the same I've always been right Tai Chi uh well Risa continued acting unlike herself for the rest of the day okay um could you translate the first line on page seven yes ma'am sing the flower it brings back.

Memories the noisy days I feel nostalgic she doesn't usually answer properly the first time she would always have a joke ready to annoy the teacher but that day she gave the teacher exactly what she was asked of here daichi is that well you're always eating at the cafeteria I made a nobento so we could eat together today seriously seriously.

Something is wrong with her I swear to God look at his smile it's so sweet do you think she's possessed by a spirit oh God everybody is looking at us yes it's perfect so Risa about what happened yesterday did something happen what anemia.

Amnesia Rina don't you remember what happened before he collapsed happens before I collapsed sorry I don't think I do I wonder what happened she doesn't remember that doesn't sound normal is this happening because of what I said.

To her she that upset about it I'm getting worried about her hey that must have been pretty insignificant since I forgot about it isn't that right daichi uh yeah I guess come on stop focusing on the past let's enjoy our lunch I think I did a pretty good job does she really not remember.

Her new personality was making me feel uneasy she wasn't the type to sit down and smile while enjoying a homemade lunch Tai Chi let's go home just the two of us what do you think huh why do you sound so surprised you have been acting silly all day uh why wouldn't I be.

And I'm not the one who has been acting out of the ordinary we should get going I need to stop by somewhere I want you to come with me is that okay uh sure great thank you daichi oh this is a procura booth shop is this where you wanted to stop by what with me you.

Or Akira I want to beat a parikura booth with anybody other than you I'm serious you're the first guy I've been here with I don't care for anybody else oh I see what the heck is this really Risa I could never used to act this sweet this is a completely new side of her she used to have quite the attitude but now.

That her main streak was gone she was just an incredibly pretty girl with a sweet personality the following days were like a dream come true for me Risa was always by my side she never let go of me ever hey hey right out Lisa version one would ask me to hang out with her to hold her luggage.

Made me pay for her here daichi these sugar Fries Are what okay Visa version 2 bought me food and she even fed me seriously what the hell I'm so confused oh daichi have a crummy on your mouth oh thanks Lisa version one would have told me I was gross or she would have ordered me to wipe it off along with a condescending.

Remark you can use mine if you don't huh can we see football that must be in some sort of parallel universe sharing an umbrella with Risa this would have never happened before thanks I forgot to bring my umbrella.

Today it's it's totally okay yep yep I mean today must be my lucky day hey I can die with no regrets now what's wrong oh no did you get wet what's wrong oh no did you get wet I think I have a towel it's not that I want to thank you properly I am such an idiot you're always there for me I haven't shown you enough appreciation.

Hey do you want to come in you should try your clothes it's okay I live right down the street so to me I don't hey I'll be fine I'm not that wet anyways I'd say no to that oh gosh did you see your face there's no way I can push her away when she looks at me like that I'll.

Be done in a bit sorry to keep you waiting daichi I've never been more nervous in my life it's been so long since I last stepped into a room everything smells so nice and her room is so pretty gosh what do I do I'm freaking out here good thank you I have to say this room suits for a while look at how organized.

Her desk is and everything is so girly wait is that the fury Cura from yep it is that's my lucky charm I always have it up here it means a lot to me um uh that's so sweet of you you don't know how happy that makes me really I'm glad I almost forgot daichi do you want to.

Try one they're homemade so I'm not sure if you'll like them oh come on you made me a Bento every day I know how good you are with this stuff I would love to try one thank you tell me everything I need to know okay I want to be sure I know everything you like and hate I would love to get to know you more so Tai Chi what do you like about.

Me she's become so sweet and loving it's like recent version one never existed she treats me like a king every day she never does anything I wouldn't like and yet I still think something is wrong I'm not sure what it is everything she doesn't says is different and sometimes he looks terrified of something can't put my finger on it Risa tell me.

If there's anything I can do for you all I want is for you to be happy when you're around me I mean it's sweet and it means a lot that she cares about me we have such a strong bond we could be mistaken as a couple that's everything I've ever wanted since I was a kid it's just.

I'm not sure how but something feels wrong I've had enough of you I'm so sick of being around you it's Tai Chi please don't come near me again just forget I exist you'll be better that way for the both of us please forgive me I'll do anything wait stay here a dream.

Oh I I have to scrub so hotly I'm such a kid I'm so ashamed of myself you have to become what daddy wants I need to become the perfect girl for daiichi so hell love me I'm sorry forgive me Tai Chi I'll do my best I'll continue working hard to become the Visa you like I promise I'll become your perfect girl so please don't leave me.

Please I don't want you to hate me wow you're in the top 10 daichi just FYI my rank hasn't changed from the last time but Risa version soapy no matter what I did huh I got a higher grade than you again seriously you've never grown do you you don't put in enough work hey I can't beat you no matter how hard.

I try you've always kept the top grade in our class get any cuter I love it except version two is cute kind energetic and devoted all rolled up into one blah I never imagined she would become like this she's the most perfect girl anybody.

Could ask for are you okay uh what do you mean well I'm worried and you might be pushing yourself too hard no I'm not I would not know that there's a reason to hey daichi now that our exams are over do you want to go to karaoke we should.

Celebrate yeah sure oh do you want to invite some of our classmates why what do you mean why I feel kind of bad even spending so much time with me I'm sure your friend's been hanging out with you Risa I don't need any friends.

All I need is you Tai Chi no one else we stress completely changed the research in the past would have never said anything like that she used to look so fulfilled being surrounded by other people and for some reason I have a feeling her decisions are all intentional we said that she'd really lose her.

Memory why do I feel so unsure about everything is waiting for you outside you're a lucky man I wish I were brought into your perfect life a perfect life no no it's far from perfect got it out stops gonna make me feel more pathetic than I already do you're smart and.

Athletic ah you've got a great person oh let's see why she's not too shabby look at either did you know you're quite popular among the girls they adore you huh no way I'm serious you know Sato son from class three oh Yoshi likes you she was planning on asking you out when she got the judge the thing is a Barbie never gave her the.

Chance She's Got You Under her protection 24 7. sucks for say so son she must love you like crazy you guys have known each other forever Royce well I don't know how you did it but you've changed her for the better gosh what I would give for a girlfriend like yours my life sucks.

Huh oh everything's fine but girls I think I'm attractive perfect life is that what everybody thinks I have if they do it's all thanks Teresa putting me to work harder she's always been strict with me she's the one who scolded me day after day which pushed me to try to do my best.

Everything I know I learned from her her extreme methods were hurtful at times but she never gave up on me and I always felt miserable because I was never good enough to gain her approval I felt so useless that's why I didn't think I was good enough for her and I would you see.

Huh no I said it out loud no I'm the one who doesn't deserve you Risa what was it what was it about me that made you hate me Risa I'll fix it I'll do anything for you I'll become everything you ever.

Wished for in a girl Lisa calm down why are you freaking out I'm willing to do anything you can punish me in whatever way you want to just don't leave me kids live without you by my side I love you I've always loved you I'm begging you don't go.

Daddy we said stop don't talk anymore excuse me nobody's here oh Lisa damn it hold on I'm calling an ambulance Risa yeah Stay With Me Wait.

I looked about a deal with hyperventilation online uh first Lisa calm down you need to take a deep breath breathe in and breathe out yes you're doing great oh Lisa slowly began regaining control of her breathing continued taking deep breaths together.

Until she calmed down you're so sweet no no I'm not but he has you've always been like that that's the first called me your friend I was never good at using my words I was full of myself because everyone called me pretty and smart nobody wanted to be around me they all ignored me so.

So it meant a lot but you came to talk to me Lisa John can you teach me how to study I think you'd be a great teacher you don't know how happy I was at the moment but I didn't know how to express everything that I felt towards you doesn't matter what my intentions were I verbally abused you and I ended up hurting you in ways I never wanted to.

I know I'm such an idiot you did it also I could grow I was just being a brat I guess I have a serious case of superiority complex I wanted to feel good about having you in control I felt the need to take credit for making you the man you are it made me feel good to think I was your savior that's why I didn't let other girls come.

Near you I couldn't let others affect you in any way I'm so so sorry to tell you the truth I remember everything you said to me but I was desperate to keep you by my side I pretended to lose my mind so you wouldn't walk away from me I can't stand myself anymore I feel so awful Risa I'm partially responsible for this I shouldn't have pushed you away.

Like I did wasn't fair to you I always kept my feelings inside because I didn't want to disappoint you I wanted to continue being with you even when I was hurting but now I know that was a wrong decision what I needed to do was to be honest with you you deserve to know how I was feeling.

It doesn't matter if you've changed or not you mean everything to me I love you we're not kids anymore we're in high school and this time we reconsider our relationship Risa will you go out with me sure I've been so horrible to you look we haven't been treating each other the best but I know that I need you in my.

Life not having you by my side that is not an option for me yes thank you Risa no thank you taichi hey daichi dummy your math worksheets you forgot to turn it in geez get yourself together how many times do you have to forget to learn is your brain even functioning oh they're back at it again life of the.

Classroom is finally back to normal I feel like we're at home I missed seeing this oh oops my bad I made up a story to get you out of trouble but seriously learn from your mistakes just another normal conversation on an ordinary day in the classroom she still got her malicious tongue but two things have changed first I now know her true.

Intentions behind her seemingly evil comments and the other thing I will never forgive you if you leave any of it Lisa hasn't completely gone back to her previous self she's got a soft side now thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.