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[Manga Dub] Tsundere idol gets jealous of her manager [RomCom]


This is me kyosuke osawa I'm currently an idol producer working at a talent agency our agency's currently a bit of a young one in the making but nevertheless has been gaining Traction in the world of entertainment let me see Sumi Ray's live concert looking at this current momentum we're.

Probably looking at an open Hall type venue everything that has been happening in our talent agency it's all thanks to her joining our lineup sumire yuzuki kyosuke are you here kills gay oh it's you Sumi Ray oh found you so you are hiding in here.

I'm just doing my job here this is my office mind you look Sumi Ray didn't I tell you casually calling me by my nicknames not good while at work we just aroused suspicion from everyone around us do me a favor and refer to me as producer at the least.

Right well there shouldn't be really any problems if it's within the office and I see you're kind of in a hurry is there something you need me for um so I've heard the news there's a new girl joining us right right that one she's scheduled for a debut here by next month I could care less hearing about that one so.

Charge of her you're a sharp eared really my guess you got that from the prez my producer me what do you mean by cheating look the reason I couldn't devote time for you right now somehow this traces all back to you it's all thanks to all your hard work.

Last year that our agencies no longer a small player in this business and now's our chance to boost our presence within the entertainment scenario see that is why we're currently adding more Idols to our roster or so should it go according to what the Press calls his policy of course this also means more work for me but I'm up.

For this challenge um that just being selfish oh like you'll just end up discarding me eventually right seriously do you really think I'm the one who'd just take you for granted and simply sell you out what's with that smug look uh.

Obviously I knew that whatever don't let me catch you being all soppy with the new girl and taking my part for granted I swear I'm not going to forgive you well my shift for today ends here I'll see you again tomorrow yeah got you see you Tom my right don't tell me you're afraid of.

Somebody stealing the Limelight from you and now you're sort of panicking I wonder if this is really the case Sumi Ray has this sort of image attached to her that she's one Idol difficult to work with however that isn't true at all see there was this incident back then I.

Crap I can't stop shaking I mean is there really something I could do to salvage this oh it's your first time I'm happy you came all the way here thanks really like how was it are you having fun yes it's just that I came all the way here on my own and I wasn't able to share this experience with fellow Idol.

Fans so that got me really nervous however I had lots of fun today yeah you got to hear that oh I know that feeling some Idols usually belong to a unit but I'm rocking it solo you could say we're Kindred Souls loners plus she has a lovely demeanor even when working from behind the scenes thanks everyone for a job well done.

Today too thank you but this live performance only wants us planned thanks to all the staff members oh kawagawa I owe you an apology my makeup's totally a mess right now oh don't be here let me fix it up for you real quick by the way kagura you promised you're going to treat me to lunch today right.

Oh I know I'm planning on making you eat a lot don't you worry yep and sumierchan is still a growing child rights um didn't you forget I'm almost 20 years old if you ask me talking to you feels the same as with my older daughter so but let's see her daughter's still in.

Middle School Sumi Ray just produces wonderful results because of this she's easily loved by both the office employees and the live performance staff members Sumi Ray you did a great job out there kiosuke so you were here.

Of course I'm showing up here for today was there even a time I wasn't here during your live performance at Sumi Ray you're my producer obviously you'd do that anyways thanks but somehow she only acted cold towards me going to be in charge of the newcomer too hmm.

I mean it's not like that I don't know that they're doing this as a company because it needs to maintain its position and showbiz so I wish we would just pour all his attention towards me if it weren't for kyosuke I would have totally quit being an idol.

Back then I had no choice but to lay low since I was an idol who worked at a talent agency wow I guess quitting isn't all that bad too harder try not my birthday hi there Miss excuse me could I bother you for a moment.

Are you interested in becoming an idol I'm not a scammer or anything here you can check out my calling card sorry I already belong to a talent agency so this means sort of things people in the same industry don't even.

Realize that I'm an idol that's kinda oh wait aren't you yuzuki from hakobune entertainment oh that was bad I didn't notice as you were wearing a cap let me see right I really would love it if you can join in our office for a conversation are you free right now so.

Here after today's a day off and uh tomorrow too and the day after tomorrow as well really that was rude of me earlier I wish I could have noticed sooner jumping straight to our topic at hand yuzuki are you really not interested in joining our agency as our Idol look I'm just.

Not I even had this Wishful outlook on my career as I started as a child actor I'm gonna turn 20 by next year too healing need an idol who isn't really all super popular to offer me this I feel like this pessimistic right you aren't that popular right now.

Haven't seen you appear on TV yet wow you're very blunt about this however you're not to blame for this yuzuki see their method of plugging about you is just bad the way I see it somebody of your caliber yuzuki should be super Popular by now like you know we were even struggling.

With people who'd showed up at my recent live performance yeah so that time brings it to about 40 attendees including myself still it would be a shame for such an event even if you had around 200 attendees use a key you gave all of your heart singing and dancing back then you give.

Your fans the best experience they could ask for I witnessed all of this firsthand yuzuki that's why I would want you to switch over to our agency it would be a shame wasting such talent and effort as yours wow.

This might as well be my last chance can't speak with people with me all this time I've decided I want to start again a debut as a newcomer and I'll miss to give all my best now you're talking trust me on this I'll turn you into everyone's sweet Superstar everyone treats me like I'm still a.

Little girl into this new agency went very casual honestly I already knew that switching agencies wouldn't make me a superstar over the course of one night I was able to dish out my best so I was this really clumsy person after doing my debut I was struggling.

Just to keep myself a float out there being in love My First Love had to be him my very own producer of all of them well I kind of blame it for that stupid taboo that we Idols aren't supposed to be dating somebody because of that I got really conscious about my words and behavior when I was.

Around kyosuke and tried distancing myself from him all right kyosuke I'll leave this girl in your hands be sure to make her a better Superstar than yuzuki okay understood well I do understand that the president is fired up the company is really popping off at the moment.

Okay right so Tanaka from you to this day onwards I see you've decided on your stage name I like that you're really enthusiastic about this nagisachan yes well that's the only thing that I'm good at being bubbly nagisachan stood out from the crowd.

Since the auditions she's had this certain aura A vibe of a superstar but I'm still doing it through Club activities whoa so why did you audition on our talent agency Tanaka looking at that person I got the.

Inspiration too I too want to be an idol someday so I'm gonna be your producer Nagisa obviously you're still going to work with your manager but our work will be a sort of a collab between us two for the time being well you are a pro already it's good it all feels like a fresh and new experience right.

Newcomers can use that to their advantage make sure to keep hold on to those feelings that's why I'm really committed to making you popular Nagi sachan many newcomers who enter this industry are full of hopes and dreams the moment reality hits them in their.

Faces these aspiring individuals then break and crumble up I've seen this happen countless times to many while being part of this industry anyway right supposed to come into the office today huh girl.

Really you're asking who's that girl she's the newcomer I've been talking about right oh well look she's nagitashindo she'll be your Junior starting today Sumi Ray Nagi sachan something wrong actually strange so honestly Sue me Ray C.

Nagisa-chan's really well mannered oh oh girl eating you can't just do that to flark okay that's not really what I was tell you what Idols are forbidden from being in a relationship more so those thinking of dating the producer they're.

A total failure as an idol sue me Ray you look really Sullen what's gotten into you and me it's nothing the real deal the real Sumi air shot is right before my eyes seriously what's gotten into you too both you Nagisa and Sumi Ray what was it Nagisa right look if you.

Need help with something it's better you ask me whoa is she really pulling that Senpai card on purpose stop smirking and don't get me wrong I just feel guilty if you're sloppy on the stage you'll just cause a mess for everyone right this is like nipping things in the bud I just don't want our.

Agency's ratings to go down hi uh I'm in a hurry oh well then now that I think about it from her perspective this might be Sumi Ray's first chance of having a junior after switching agencies huh oh well still I guess this concerns me a bit as her attitudes the same way when she treats me.

Right nagisachan let's get going yes Nagi said Shawn you seemed like a completely different person earlier huh you sorry my nerves got the best it seems that you have something on your mind concerning Sumi Ray if you're okay with sharing that I'm all.

Ears after that I grinded my days off so that nagisachan would be popular she's a fast learner and flexible however she's just too innocent and honest I was worried this would be an obstacle in terms of selling well in the.

Entertainment industry her case was completely different from SUNY Ray's by the time silly Ray switched over to our agency she already racked up some experience over her career however nagista is going to start this scratch producer osawa thank you for all the hard work today.

But there's no contestant she's a really sweet girl the audience kind of loves her too I swear I'm going to make a really popular with the crowd kiyosuke how's the song going so far ah all's going smoothly as planned what do you mean all's going smoothly.

But Yeah the remaining's more on the technical stuff so that's all I can give you give me a break you're totally spacing out right now like probably you're just thinking about that girl all the time right what's with that tone that girl mind you.

I just got off a meeting involving nagisachan and an upcoming program she's gonna make an appearance at so having a bit of this friendly rivalry going on might not be that bad as it could mean Sumi Ray's stepping her game up but still right.

Sue me Ray do you really hate the idea that I'm now busy handling nakis at Sean as her producer too um obviously if there's cases to be made I feel like you're supposed to be my own producer then why don't you team up with Nagi sachan you'll be teaming and forming a unit for.

A limited time though sue me Ray you're already pretty well versed when it comes to being an idol and so I want you to teach Nagisa how things work just by being at her side you can support her even on stage plus you can even Mentor her one way or another hearing yourself so like.

So you do prefer younger girls than me hey don't go putting yourself down all of this is for your own sake too sumire being here but if teaming up with her as a unit means she's less likely to spend time alone with kills me then whatever if you really insist then I guess I could do a.

Favor and follow what you want to do okay that's settled then alright this is just to make sure you two are on the same page about teaming up for a Duo are you up for this nagisachan yes um this one's kind of on my mind lately but.

To really act like this normally uh to tell you the truth Osama it's fine I'm gonna tell her actually I'm a big fan of your silly Rose yuzuki I just love attending all your live performances I went to your handshake event I got really nervous and shy and could only watch you from the distance.

Well somehow I did Garner a lot of attention after switching agencies but I've never ever imagined I've meet see so that framed for the attending concert too what I did that performance before switching agencies though like the one where all the hall was deserted yes that one see me write yuzuki's performance.

Since her huckle Buna era oh they were all So Divine believe me uh of course I still love the current sumire yuzuki though back then I just don't feel like depressed about something but that live performance right before me really inspired me to do my best that's where I got the inspiration to be.

An idol like sumiro yuzuki and the reason why I auditioned for the same agency as yours Sumi red uh being here so you see I might just cause you a lot of trouble can be real bothersome to you but I'm determined to form a Duo unit with my role model zumiever.

She's really a hardcore fan right Sumi Ray all of these kyosuke yep so that's the reason I want to pair her up with you Sumi Ray I mean don't you want to work with someone who bore witness to all that hard work of yours while you were back at your former agency.

Well I'm not completely invested in this just so easily suede okay if you really want to insist then I guess I'm fine with you joining on one condition though quit it with that imma stand you so hard attitude there's a clear line between what's work.

And what your hobbies are you ought to behave like an idol while at work understood Sam I whoa that was fast good job the following day it was like witnessing a junior senior tandem who put real work into their Club activities finally put those drills into a live performance.

Work debuted with a bang by the way the performance was set on the same stage where Sumi Ray sang in front of 40 people she probably felt something too as this time was different it was now packed to the brim after the live performance was over I.

Saw Sumi Ray by the backstage she seemed to be moved to tears Jose you're still here isn't this my office you mean I can't work here really or are you here to complain about something again are you implying I can't come here to talk to you kyosuke if I really don't.

Have something to ramble about aha oh hats off to a live concert well done too congrats today's live concert really popped off and so you even met with your faded venue today I guess you got over the awkwardness associated with that place am I right I knew it so you chose this place on purpose.

Yep see I wanted to show you that you're different now from that past sumire working a thankless job about that I owe you a lot yosuke if you didn't invite me to this agency back then I would have spent each day being mopey and gloomy so thanks did something happen you're surprisingly honest today.

Oh it's a two really like it what's up with that attitude well how about treating me the same way as you do with the other staff members that's a good start nope won't do ah why.

I mean the reason I want to be frank and say I like you right now is kind of pushed me into forming a duo with a certain someone so that I won't fall in love with you but okay from now on I'm gonna try my best not to be a jerk to you but okay from now on I might try my best not to.

Be a jerk to you that's all I want to say for today and don't see him too late bye ah Sumi Ray it's Jesus you just confessed to me no that can't be right however after a few days there was this incident after I met sumire for her solo recording.

Kyosuke oh you're in a good mood today uh it's because I'm meeting you today somehow it feels that you're a completely different person huh like this is how I normally Act without being a jerk nah I'd wager you don't act like that even with the staff members who are.

Close to you well I kind of like you more than them kyosuke that's why huh just kidding but you know I should act like an idol towards you kyosuke even if it's sometimes okay I'm gonna head to the recording room yeah it's gonna be your first solo album in a while too.

Don't be nervous and freak out all of a sudden okay little did I know during this time that later on she'd act as if madly in love with me leading me on a leash and playing me for a fool laughs thank you for watching that was today's.

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