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[Manga Dub] We faked being a couple for a discount, but we were put on the spot… [RomCom]


My name is Shota akahoshi I don't have any friends to talk to even during breaks so I usually read books when I was a freshman I had a couple friends but after becoming a sophomore I lost all my friends ah Here Comes Miss Rena there she is she's so cute seriously she's cuter than some people on TV.

Her name was Rena himaro she's got a beautiful face long black hair and an excellent body she's the class favorite however good morning Miss Reina good morning rude again she was rude towards everyone she interacted with she's seriously probably the most.

Popular girl in the school some of the people actually go to her to be pushed away I like her too but hey soda me she called my name there are no other people in this class named soda yeah sorry so are you bored.

I am okay good come with me come yeah I have somewhere I want to go you sure you want me I know she's not asking me out on a date but the person that I like asking me out it still makes me jump it needs to be you.

Huh I'll go by your house around 10 a.m tomorrow okay no I'll go to your house uh okay then see you tomorrow yeah see you huh what was that I'm going out with just miss Reina tomorrow the rude Rena.

I'm so nervous that was so bad I was so nervous what if he said no I need to decide what to wear tomorrow this makes me look young this is too revealing whatever it's just the two of us I need to go big or go home this one wait going out with just the.

Two of us it's a date a date with soda how nervous what I'm sure I'm going to be more nervous tomorrow than I am now because I get to but I found a reason to come out with soda so whatever it works out this is it I went to the address that Rena had told.

Me about the day before says humoro it has to be here all right hang on okay I hope I look all right morning morning Miss Raina let's go yeah ask about my outfits.

I've never seen her outside of school she's so cute she's so revealing too I can't be weird though don't be weird just talk about something so what is it that you wanted to go to I want to go buy clothes sew a clothing store clothing.

Why are you taking me to go buy clothing with you why didn't she just pick one of the other girls that she's friendly with whatever I get to hang out with her all is well that's because the store I want to go to is having a couple's discount a couple discount.

If we go as a couple we get 50 discount on our clothes so so pretend to be my boyfriend seriously yeah just pretend uh okay even though it's pretend I get to pretend to be her boyfriend I'm so happy we're here huh I really am out of place.

It was a store that was clearly for girls it you don't have to seem at a place because you're just coming here with your girlfriend welcome I definitely feel out of place in the store there were no other men besides me they were all women from high school.

Aged to college aged why are there no other boys they're having a couple's discount just so you know I'm gonna have you help me choose an outfit what me is that a problem I'm not good with clothing and I have almost zero fashion sense so I'm not sure if you want me choosing I don't.

Mind just choose one if you say so I have no confidence but I have to choose considering she's telling me to hey what do you think about this it looks great cute I see then I'm gonna try on this so go find me something that you think I'll.

Like what bye I'm not confident at all to normal this is way too revealing and I think she'll think I'm weird.

Which is already pretty revealing today maybe this is what she normally wears but even then me taking it to her would be weird can I help you sir huh I do I take the easy way and just ask the employee.

Or do I choose on my own like a man I should choose on my own oh I'm okay okay take your time I said I'd choose but which one to pick ah this might be nice huh soda oh my bad you still haven't Chosen One.

Sorry it's my first time looking oh well hey what do you think about this it's so cute huh oh uh I just think it fits you well I just called her cute thanks soda oh uh yeah I think that shirt from earlier is the.

Best choice how's this I'll try it on what if she thinks that I have zero fashion sense he said that it would be cute for sure a sec ago maybe he'll call me cute again that shirt was cute but I'm gonna go buy whatever he wants me to buy today.

How is it oh my God it's so cute huh say it again say what uh I couldn't hear you please repeat what you just said oh I I said it looks good on you crap I said she's cute again why did he change what he said I just wanted you to say that I was cute.

Again something is different huh something is different from what I just heard a second ago honest and tell her or tell her that maybe she heard me wrong nah just be honest.

I said I think it's really cute whoa thank you do you want me to choose another outfit she's so cute if I get to see her like this more I'm going to choose whatever but I'm so bad at this no I'm okay I choose this one huh you don't want to look at other clothes.

Yeah I like this one I'm gonna go change oh okay I didn't think this is how it went I always thought girls took forever to choose an outfit she picks pretty quickly and I'm glad she likes the clothes that I chose out I'd like this please yes ma'am do you two happen to be a.

Couple there is a discount going on right now that allows 50 to be discounted from a single item if you two are a couple yes we're dating pretend I know I know Jesus this is so nice okay as proof proof like you two to kiss.

Holding hands and hugging may be done by people who just get along or are friendly we all need proof of dating by kissing kissing of course we won't have you kiss in front of everyone there is a special space for you to kiss so we will have you move there please come with me that's not the problem.

There I know people watching so please kiss it's definitely going to hate me for this did she know about this I didn't know about this I can't he's gonna hate me though do I just tell her if you were lying but soda these two especially the girl maybe.

They're not dating yet but they definitely like each other I don't know if it's the boyfriend but Guy come on kiss her whatever I'll help you two out sir apparently your girlfriend doesn't want to kiss you makes sense considering I'm just a pretend boyfriend.

Then what kiss me what if you kiss me I'll give you the 50 discount of course if you're okay with it you could keep the kissing going from now on after the whole discount ends too what are you saying I fell for you it's a love at first sight.

What love at first sight yes I fell for you but I can't kiss you yeah he can't kiss you what you don't want to kiss him right I didn't say that but you didn't look like you were going to kiss him at all but but.

See come on she doesn't want to kiss you kiss me ah I said you don't want to kiss me no maybe kissing her will make red a happier she gets the discount without kissing me you won't kiss me no I like her I don't want to kiss.

Someone I don't like no I don't care if she doesn't want to kiss me that doesn't mean I should kiss someone else we're still dating even if it's pretend then I guess I'll just have to take what I want no what's going on.

She just kissed me Rena I never said I didn't want to kiss I'm sorry about that I didn't kiss him because I understand you two are a couple so please come with me to check out my boyfriend please if you will oh uh yeah.

Sorry I was just teasing you what what do you mean teasing why did she tease me like that that's a secret what no tell me nope take good care of her yeah huh uh yeah thank you for shopping please come again hey Renna what.

Why did you kiss me they're kissing my crush huh Rena what do you mean huh did I say something weird no I just thought I heard you say I was your crush huh no you heard rights.

What what I like you huh she likes me no no no no no way I've always liked you that's why I wanted you to pick the outfit today too the whole pretend thing was to get you to be mine for even a day so I didn't want you to kiss anyone else that's why I kissed you this must be a.

Dream hey it's soda please go out with me it is that I know no not at all if anything I'm super happy I like you too but are you sure you want to go out with me I only want you she's so cute.

So what's your answer of course I would love to go out with you cheat sure that employee was pretty cute though was he she was cute but I feel like if I tell her now she's going to rip me a new one soda.

You seems like you were going to kiss her I'm worried that's because I figured you didn't want to kiss me and if I kissed the employee maybe you'd still get your discount without having to kiss me stupid but you were caring for me so that's nice but no second time okay yes ma'am just so you know that was my first kiss.

So since I gave you my first you gotta make me your last okay of course you need to stop being so awkward just relax okay oh okay I just figured you'd dislike me if I suddenly acted all friendly no we're dating now just treat me like.

Your girlfriend okay there you go hey soda call me by a nickname huh come on okay babe thanks what is this cute creature it's too cute.

I've never seen a girl this cute in my life what's wrong soda oh nothing we're dating now no secrets oh okay so what was it I just thought you were incredibly cute cute.

Yeah you're not acting like your regular self when you're kind of rude you know so that's just because I didn't want you to figure out that I liked you that's your reasoning whatever let's go yeah let's hold hands on the way home.

Are you sure don't make me repeat myself we're dating now yeah I held her pretty little hands and started walking please check out our other videos as well.