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[Manga Dub] We just pretend to not get along… [RomCom]


I am the winner of the midterm exams again I can't believe I lost by one point sucks for you Mr loser geek shut up I'm not a geek you are such a loser geek you don't think I see you reading your creepy book The only things I read are textbooks poor thing yeah always reading textbooks.

Yet you can't seem to get higher scores than me look at those top score students fighting again never seemed to get along let's see if you have better luck next time I will win next week's tests I'll be looking forward to it although I know you'll fail.

Damn it you think you're all that because you're the daughter of AMA Mia saibatsu my name is Riku sayaki everyone calls me a loser geek but I'm just a nerd I love studying but I've never won against moika Amaya oh by the way it's too pretty to be a genius uh I should do something so I can raise my scores for the test.

And I don't get along well at school but we have a big secret I'm home hi honey you can't jump on me like that Malika oops I'm sorry too I said too much today tell me about it come on let's eat for those of you who are wondering what's.

Going on Monica is my fiance we live together ten years ago when we were six I saved moika when she got lost don't worry I'll stay with you until you get home fell in love almost instantly however we come from unequal social ranks I won't lie moika's father wasn't ecstatic about us being together but I want his trust.

After 10 years Riku I will accept you as my precious daughter's fiance I am forever in your debt we can get married once we graduate from high school however I have three conditions you must promise me three things while you go to school with her of course this is the conversation I had with her father before entering high school I'm.

Glad they didn't find out today care much about us any us anymore wanna fight tomorrow yeah that's a good idea let's brainstorm how we can look more hateful towards each other after we take a bath okay first nobody can find out about us living together until we graduate the ACT we put on at school is to make everybody believe we hate each.

Other ah that felt nice fiku can you dry my hair I'm the luckiest guy alive nobody else gets to see you like this Monica here it's dry thanks Riku can you carry me to bed we have to study before we go to bed want to study today dummy we have tests next week we'll have to live a part if your grades go down remember second.

Morika has to keep the top score of all the students until she graduates the main reason for us living together is so that I can watch over moika's studies to keep her grades up fine I'll never get a break do I I wonder what all our classmates will say when they find out you can't study by yourself is this.

Hard let me explain it to you again I would love to reward you but the only thing I can do is give you a hug third no serious physical intimacy before we graduate hugging is allowed we aren't allowed to kiss until we get married After High School it's a good way to test my patience a.

Hug will do but it has to be a big one there there you can do this moika you're so pretty and you're a genius to be honest the third rule is the hardest I can't lie it's hell I mean I live with my fiance but I'm only allowed to hug her I think I'll be able to do this I don't know how much longer I can take.

This uh okay let's get back to studying okay good job Riku you can do this hush I am exhausted a nightmiku hey Malika I don't know if we're allowed to sleep together don't worry hugging while we lie down we're not breaking any rules oh are you sure.

So much effort to keep calm hold your horses soothing thoughts Riku you're bright red are you feeling sick no I'm okay are you sure let me touch your forehead hmm I don't think you have a fever you're too close at the end of the world if our lips touch oh oopsie gosh I wish graduation.

Would come sooner then we could kiss all we want I agree so for that to happen we need to fight more at school okay two weeks later the test results were posted in the hallway gosh my cup got full scores who only got one problem wrong how do they do that.

That's why you're such a loser geek uh it was a simple mistake I could have gotten a full score if I didn't mess one problem up do I hear the loser weeping I'm not weeping look they're fighting again seriously they need to stop hating on each other great this way nobody will find out.

About our relationship molika's grades are doing great too we're on a roll gosh it's getting late I'm in charge of making dinner tonight I gotta hurry Riku hey Miku huh molika's voice over here what the what are you doing in there matter hurry up what the hi oh hey Monica what if somebody sees.

Us don't be so paranoid nobody comes here I guess but still we had a great job my dad sounded so proud of me when I texted him that I got full scores on last week's test great I'm glad so that made me wonder are you proud of me too Riku my fiance is the.

Cutest living organism in the world but what if somebody sees us I want you to stroke my hair just a little fine just a little okay yep there there you did well Monica do we put them in this room and Marca did the teacher tell you to help too huh yes total what were you doing just now.

What I thought I saw a Riku stroking your hair moika I kind of thought that too so you guys are close no way I hate her I hate her guns me too was just swapping a fly that was stuck to my hair oh there was a fly in her hair what do you have bugs in here yo gross that of course.

Oh my gosh we could have been caught I know I like we should increase the number of fights we have we need to convince them we hate each other I know about that huh I thought maybe we don't have to keep fighting in front of people why they saw you stroking my hair and they.

Still didn't suspect us I don't think we need to fight so much anymore but that could lead to Serious consequences oh gosh I don't think you wanted to fight with me that much I don't but we'll be separated if they find out what would you want to be intimate of course I do wait what am I not attractive what are you talking about.

Things like this I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one who wants to be by your side all the time or whether at school or home I can't believe you would say that do you realize how much strength it takes to keep myself from pouncing on you then I guess it'll be okay huh what will be okay it's a secret I'm so excited about.

Tomorrow hey Monica what are you hiding from me you'll find out soon enough come on let's go to sleep oh what is she planning to do I can't sleep the next day I was shocked when I saw moika at school it's moika she'll either.

Ignore me or pick a fight with me but what what what is she thinking oh my gosh I hope nobody saw that after that moika continued to talk to me every chance she got look up up here we're not supposed to talk to each other at school Nobody's around hey let's meet up in the reference room again seriously moika we can't be caught again.

I want to hold hands I'll just let go if someone comes okay but still just for three minutes please damage don't get too excited about this moika continued to pretend to fight me whenever somebody else was around however things were getting out of hand I decided I would keep my distance from her until we got home why do you look so.

Gloomy Mr loser geek uh hey I'm talking to you I need to go to the library bye what I'm still talking to you I'm sorry Monica but I need to do this I need to keep my cool while I'm at school hey Rico and moika aren't fighting much today I know I realize it was getting so late things.

Are going to get awkward when I get home I wonder if she's angry I understand where she's coming from but we can't risk getting caught we go Monica you can't be here the librarian is right over there I made her go home and I locked the door there's nobody here so tell me why are you ignoring me well because do you not like me anymore of.

Course I like you I would never stop liking you then why are you doing this everyone will find out we're close if we don't keep up the fighting act we won't be able to live together anymore that's what I'm trying to avoid you started this by teasing and messing with me at school well I'm sorry excuse me for.

Thinking we can pull it up you went too far you winked at me and called me to the reference room but I don't know it's for me anymore it's like I'm the only one who wants to fight for us Monica I'm sorry if that's how I made you feel I didn't mean to of course I care for you I want to be with you really I wish I could kiss you right now.

But but I can't because it would risk our marriage I wouldn't have kept our promise to your father if our future didn't mean so much to me yeah I know I'm sorry I freaked out it's okay hey it's kind of fun hitting from people to find places to be with each other like this am I the only one enjoying this.

Come on don't test me you don't seem to realize how hard it is for me to control myself oh this is the first time I've ever seen you like this boy hey Suzuki wait Riku and Mika oh yeah do you know where Suzuki went we're looking for him it was like who just left like a few minutes ago thanks anyways what are you two up.

To well which she told me she dropped her contact in here somewhere I mean Mr loser geek was just public for them you know you're probably short-sighted because you studied too much how desperate are you to win against me.

Dare you I'm getting better scores than you on our next exam you'll never beat me oh good you guys should try to get along are they gone yep I think they are oh that was too close yeah but they didn't notice anything right gosh my heart mine too I didn't think my heart would survive all the hats anyways.

We need to keep our act up you mean the world to me moika I have to make sure to keep my promise to your father we need to keep it PG until we graduate okay Heights but we can always make exceptions from time to time right uh I guess some hugging won't hurt