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[Manga Dub] We overcame the exploitative work environment together and became close [RomCom]


My name is hayato hasi I'm a 25 year old office worker I've been working late every day at work recently Miss yamadera can you check these documents of course she can loosen up a little bit um did you need something else her name was Mizuki yamadera we were co-workers around the same age but I've almost never talked to her.

She's the kind to key people at arm's distance and or she didn't like me hopefully it's not the latter oh you know It's gotta be busy working late every day huh I actually missed the last train the other day I see and that was the end of the conversation by the way there was a.

Reason we often worked late I say do you have a second yes what is it this is my co-worker toshiki kawara he showed up as a transfer from corporate to a Countryside Branch this year well my family is sick so they're all basically knocked out at.

Home aren't you single my cats I started taking care of them after I came over here I see that's rough huh yeah it really is so yeah I need you to work late since you don't have a lover or family it's kind of mean I don't mind working late but yay go me I mean thanks for.

Always covering for me if I wasn't so weak I thought your cats were the sick ones who else I'll stay behind oh uh yamamoto-san yamadura oh yeah whatever you guys handle it then huh.

He said that his family his cats were sick but he seemed happy to go home are you sure yamadira-san I can stay here alone working with both of us is going to finish things off faster he started pushing work onto US starting that day today too huh I knew he was lying but I really didn't.

Have anything to do after I got home so I didn't care um you don't have to work with me every night no I like the overtime um do you like sweets yeah I do then here I have this oh for me yes I.

Heard that sugar is good for you when you're tired thank you so much oh it's all right she's so kind she's always staying behind with me too you're a really fast worker huh you think so yeah you're always helping me out I.

Think you're fast and diligent too I've still got a ways to go oh it's really not that big of a deal well let's work on these documents then sure thank you so much oh no it's really my pleasure honestly I was pretty tired after working late every night but I was having fun spending time with.

Yamadirasan then one night after we finished the work pushed onto US oh yamaderasan yes do you still have time if you want how about we go grab dinner sorry I gotta head home oh okay sorry thanks for the invite oh it's okay be careful heading home we finally started talking to each other so I was hoping to get to know each.

Other better oh well we stopped working late and we started leaving work on time again it was weird but now that I think about it I had a lot of fun with her every night kawada had submitted the documents that yamaderasan and I had worked on to the.

Manager great job kawadakun you work fast just like I'd expect someone from corporate to work ah it was seriously one of the easiest things I've ever worked on and I made those documents oh well you've got a huge opportunity now a huge.

Opportunity I want you to use these wonderful documents to go make a presentation at a client's company if this goes well you'll be promoted promoted huh bring some people along with me since I don't want to do it alone.

Sure I like hase and Yama um I don't think there's a yamaoka in our department yeah but there should be right I didn't know about this interaction but I was called up by yamadera later on.

Sorry for calling you out here like this no worries what's up well I have to work on a presentation with karate-san oh yeah I was asked about it too I said sure but I ended up having to work on the presentation primarily what you I'm not very social so he said this would be a good experience.

It's kind of rude want me to do it well I don't think I could keep this up what do you mean I want to change I don't want to be antisocial and I'm confident in myself I want to be able to tell people my feelings okay sure I can help with that really yeah I wanted to thank you for staying behind with me anyway I don't.

Know what I should do though that's how I was going to help her with her presentation the material is all in my head but we change how we talk we practiced our public speaking skills using the material we had found online we figured that going by the gym would help with confidence too but.

Wow um is something wrong how's it son oh nothing can't look much but man she's got a great bod right around a week after we started our training I noticed a difference I made a Bento for you huh for me yeah oh if you already have.

Plans oh I don't can I have it Hmm this is delicious you made all of this I'm only good for cooking I'm glad you like it though yeah it's great I'd love to eat this every day okay I'll prepare some every day ah I.

Was just joking but I'm happy though I'm glad that the food I made is being eaten by someone other than family you've never had that before yeah I've never dated anyone I see so you've never liked anyone before or that's.

Uh never mind uh scratch that I'm just going to finish so go ahead and eat it all she started acting a little more relaxed around me the one thing that was a problem was that I was extremely nervous around her that Saturday two days before the Monday presentation we were on our final Training Day for.

The presentation but she said she was going to go to the hair salon during the day sorry to keep you waiting oh yeah sorry I was kind of lost it's totally fine but is that really her there was a beautiful girl that would make anyone look standing in front of me so about my hairstyle what do you think.

I think it looks great really great what is this shyness let's go houses on we had run it out on office to prepare for the presentation it was like five dollars for an hour and all you needed was your computer the PC is ready let's get started all right let's do it that's how we kept.

Practicing and eventually it was a perfect presentation don't worry about answering questions because kawada and I will handle it the day of thank you so much I'm much more confident great it's really late now huh are you hungry yeah a little how about we go grab.

Dinner no I forgot she turned me down sure I'd love to go really okay and let's go I knew she had changed she responded to my invitations like this I think she was confident in herself now I thought we would have a great presentation um can I ask you something what is it.

You're so kind to me I was always confused as to why from the beginning what do you mean confused well I don't know if I should say this to myself but I'm pretty boring I'm Bland compared to the other girls and I'm shy but you still always talk to me like a gentleman you help me with practicing my presentations why what do.

You mean why I don't know I just feel like I want to help you out since you needed help you're one of my few similar aged co-workers and I've always wanted to get along with you only because we're close in age I mean yeah okay um there's something I'd love to tell.

You after the presentation on Monday huh you can just tell me now yeah if the presentation goes well let's go out like this again I said sure with a smile on my face but I could kind of tell what she wanted to say that Monday the day of the presentation yamaderasan and I went to work like normal and we were going to go to the.

Client company in the afternoon I'm going to work separately from YouTube so we meet on site don't be late yes sir he was going to meet us over there however 15 minutes before the presentation he still wasn't here son I've been calling him but he won't.

Answer I hope he's not in some kind of accident what was he doing I overslept my nap my phone and employee badge wait I left them at the store so he was all over the place ten minutes before the meeting the managers showed up oh you came too sir.

Yes I was curious about what kind of presentation he would do I asked their manager to let me sit in thank you sir the prep is done so we're just waiting on him well where is he I don't know and I can't get in touch with him what are you sure you can do this this is a very important presentation.

Don't worry about it sir I will do the presentation and how's his son will answer the questions but are you sure you can do this without him and are you yamaderasan yes sir hmm I can't believe my own eyes I'm surprised that kawada couldn't didn't show up but you completely changed your.

Look that's surprising too it's not just a change in her looks she's been preparing for today's presentation interesting I'm sure it'd be fine to just read the documents what about the questions don't worry about it we were the ones that made the documents.

Wait hang on are you telling me kawadakun wasn't the one that made those documents no actually we made those documents by working late the time came and the presentation began that kaurasan didn't show up had no effect on any of the presentation afterwards the question time began and.

Both of us answered with no problems the presentation ended with a round of applause later on it would lead to a new product being developed and we received a bonus by the way here's what happened to kawara-san went well with you too sir what are you doing here.

I was curious about your presentation but I didn't realize you pushed it onto yamaderasan can you tell me why you were late again the train was delayed and I couldn't get here doesn't seem like the schedule is showing any delays I just checked a second ago uh it was the subway.

A Boy hasn't been delayed either why couldn't we get in touch with you I forgot my phone at home when I called back to the office they said that your phone and employee badge were left at a certain Store the store was called meow kiss what's going on.

I just wanted to meet a maid stop lying you made those two work late to make the presentation documents and then gave them to me as if you were the one that made them uh I double checked the material then you pushed the presentation to yamaderasan I wanted her.

I'm going to be reporting this back to corporate and HR they'll be contacting you all right go pick up your phone and employee badge also you don't have to come to work starting tomorrow darison and I were actually having more fun than usual I heard from someone at corporate but.

Apparently he was pushed out to the countryside because he had some problems working at corporate they said they didn't know the reason why though I thought he has to be moved I see let his pride get the better of him anyway great job on the presentation too much you were the one that worked hard it's because you supported me thank.

You so much so yeah do you remember the thing that I wanted to talk to you about after the presentation yeah of course so I've been getting helped out by you a lot so it might be kind of fun to say this but go ahead can I be your girlfriend I've always liked you because you've been so kind to me since I started working here.

Since I started working here yes you weren't only kind to me you were kind to everyone but your kindness was special to me I tried to talk to you about it but I was just so unconfident and not good at communicating so I see that's why I figured that when kawada-san asked you to work late I figured I could work late too I was.

Really happy when you invited me out to dinner too but I figured with how I was at the time you wouldn't be interested in me I was just so unconfident so yeah there were just two things I wanted to tell you I wanted to change for you I like you that much and want to be your girl I was so moved by seeing her try her.

Best to tell me her feelings well I like you too what you were working so hard on the presentation and I actually thought you were a cute girl a little bit before that if you don't mind I'd like to be your boyfriend yo I'm glad you understand how I feel.

Yes ma'am I appreciate it let's be boyfriend and girlfriend yes of course that's how Yama derasan mizuki-san and I started dating wasn't fired but he was sent off to some random Faraway branch and he ended up quitting he was the cupid for my love unfortunate Mizuki was the one that got.

The promotion and I was working under her we didn't tell the company about our relationship two years later have a great day at work sweetie thanks we were married and live a happy life together.

Mizuki is on maternity leave and has been focusing on raising our child let's get started please look at the screen I'm working hard at work too I have a lovely family waiting for me at home I was going to enjoy my life every day thank you for watching how's today's.

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