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[Manga Dub] “You betrayed me!” My childhood friend saw me with my sister’s baby [RomCom]


How long has it been since I've taken my time to go home like this my name is yukinori makabe I'm 24 I'd work at a company in Tokyo I like anime and manga and well maybe that's the reason that I'm not exactly the most attractive type of person the reason I'm coming back home is because there's a reunion happening soon I also had something.

Important to take care of I wonder how everyone is doing I'm sure I know is pretty now the last time I saw her was at the coming of age ceremony I had to go right back to work so I basically only got to see her from afar before leaving Ayano takanashi we were the same age and.

Grew up together we were almost like brother and sister but ever since I moved to a different Middle School we'd slowly drifted apart we started going to college and working without fixing things and here we are now but I haven't forgotten about her once I'm home wait you're the only one.

Welcoming me Yu-Gi-Oh in a minute dad and Mama are out right now come on say hello to your uncle Hello I'm kurumi hello kurumi you're so big now I came back to my house for the first time in a while and was able to really relax I started playing house with kurumi I'm home man I think I had a little too much to drink.

It's so long let's eat my boss was so annoying sorry to keep you waiting who knew I'd be playing pretend at this age uh don't be looking away you need to focus just this game sorry I'll take it seriously wait was.

Someone there maybe I was just seeing things I was nostalgic so I started wandering around without thinking about it I ended up at a park that I was familiar with this park I used to hang out with Ayano on the swings.

Me already I want to get on the swings too no just push me a little more that's not fair I always pushed her on the swings she got prettier at she aged and she's too pretty for me now so I need to settle things that night I was planning to go out for drinks with some classmates I wonder how they've.

Changed Earth that was so good drinking with classmates is the best yeah it is huh hey who was friends with warashi I don't know he was just here before anyone realized his name was warishi atalaji his father.

Was a CEO and he's been Rich since he was young every time we met up with him he always bragged about something else because of that he never really got along with anyone I bought a new Tesla recently I told my mommy that I didn't need it but he was just like I remembered I guess people don't change easily.

I wonder if everyone's coming to the reunion I don't know about the boys but the girls must have changed quite a bit takanashi is coming too Aya no takanashi huh she was the prettiest girl around I'm sure she's beautiful now huh she's coming too great.

But I'm sure she's got a boyfriend you liked her too right yukonori nah man I'm just her childhood friend she's super straight edged so listen and be surprised everyone I'm dating Ayano what no way I'm sure you're just lying dude I'm serious I'm gonna see her tomorrow so.

You can come by let's go check on him because this could be interesting yeah sure no way that she would be dating warushi the next day we decided to watch where warrishi said he was meeting her I'm sure he's just lying but let's just go see since it's not like we have anything else to do yeah there she is I don't know.

That's really takanashi he was serious no way that's gross wait where's yukinori you ain't here where'd he go the second I saw Ayano I just lost it and before I knew it I'd left the scene after I got home I couldn't organize my thoughts and I just froze in bed it makes sense doesn't it I'm just a depressed loser with nothing good going.

For him I'm not good enough for her she's already forgotten about me that's what it means to grow up I felt horrible but I went to the reunion I saw Ayano already there and warushi was sitting next to her proud yo yukinori over here I saved your seat.

Oh thanks man just stay calm been a minute huh did she just ignore me did I do something I don't know it's been a long time I kept trying to talk to her but she kept ignoring me this was so much fun come on let's drink more Aya nochan.

How are you doing Ayano can't you tell I'm doing well excuse me she left looking upset why does she have to be rude to me I'm leaving where are you going man did I do something Yuki you didn't do anything just leave me alone something is off you ignored me just talk to me I have a lot I want to talk.

To you about you big liar what are you talking about I can't believe you date that terrible man talking about if you want to mess with me go deal with your wife and kids wife kids what are you talking about talking about the facts oh yeah you're completely mistaken I'm.

Single and I don't even have a girlfriend a liar I saw you playing with a kid when I went over to your house the reunion is going to be happening soon I'm sure he's probably home already right I hope I'm not too much of a bother showing up out of the blue Daddy I heard you waiting for you for so.

Long come on let's have dinner sorry we're too long sorry to keep you waiting I'm such an idiot idiot I'm sure he's forgotten about the promise knew I saw someone looking that's my sister's daughter what really she daddy so I thought.

Huh you're still just as goofy as ever arushi wait you think he's my type I saw you on a date with him he was begging me to walk with him I felt bad so I did what was I supposed to do did I look like I was having fun I kind of just ran away uh but but you didn't have much of an.

Expression never date badushi never oh this is great timing you lied about me being your girlfriend I've never lied you agreed to go on a date with me which means we're dating right that wasn't a date and you're not my type but but I've always what.

Me I was done I feel a little bad for him if we both just misunderstood what was happening seems so that was dumb then seriously we both need to grow up hey here's a suggestion how about we just leave the reunion huh what but everyone is waiting for us.

Come on let's go wait hang on we left the reunion and ran into the night I can't run that fast slow down Aya laughs you're still as slow as I remember but this is a little tough this is always where we end up huh yeah.

It's an important spot remember those we're adults now do you still fit it's fine push me man it's been so long hey we're just kind of misunderstanding each other all the time huh we just grew distant in Middle School we were kids and I didn't have much time to think about anything.

I sent you so many letters but you never returned any I was embarrassed and I couldn't talk to girls at my school updated I have kids going to that school you had a boyfriend in high school right I was holding back the whole time where did you get that information.

That's why you've avoided me just so you know I never had a boyfriend wait serious I thought you did sure one of the boys will lie to you right like radishi you're correct I'll never forgive them I really wanted to talk to you at the coming of age ceremony but I couldn't.

Find you I wanted to show you how good I looked I just left for work but really it was just an excuse because I was scared that you forgot about me ah and that's why we ended up hiding this time around we really are destined to argue huh I don't think so you chose your own destiny.

Yuki Nori this is exactly where we were huh you give a ring to your wife I have to tell you something I know please marry me you did remember okay I'll marry you really seriously of course stupid yes yes my dreams have come true you're.

Tearing up too much you're like a child again the ring I got for you when I was a kid won't fit anymore but are you sure you want me I'm just a geek and I'm not good looking I only make regular money I've always liked how kind you are I've always liked you too.

I'm sorry for making you wait for so long seriously I never forgot the promise either I like you Yuki I always will I'm never going to let go we're never going to misunderstand each other again that's how we got married and a lot of.

Our friends were happy for us congrats this sucks but congrats thanks guys a few years later we were blessed with a child and we've been living life with the three of us daddy here I'll pick you up Daddy.

Hey pick me up too Yuki let's bear okay okay you've been a spoiled little mommy after mama had been born huh come on you have no idea how long I've waited for you yeah that's true you two are going to be spoiled I love you too Daddy I love you yukinori.

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