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[Manga Dub] “You can have my girlfriend” My brother who’s better than me at everything [RomCom]


Hey Shinji let's play Rock Paper Scissors no why not because I know you're trying to get me to do something you know me so well we're brothers after all that's why the answer is no if you win I'll do whatever you say no I know I'll lose giving up before the match even begins and you call yourself a man come on rock paper scissors hey.

Shoot uh I win see I told you man you grew up to be a really pathetic man why can't you be more like me it's your fault what nothing I have a brother who's three years older than me his name is Tai Chi katayama ever since I was a child my brother has been a special person to me he was good.

Looking had many friends was popular with girls was good at sports and studies and was a proud older brother who had never lost to anyone I admired him and since we're brothers I thought I could do the same but that wasn't the case there were many things that my brother could do that I couldn't on the contrary there was.

Nothing that I could do that my brother could not before I knew it only a sense of defeat was growing my admiration turned into jealousy since I had a loser mentality even that jealousy quickly evaporated and disappeared from inside me all that was left was a sense of defeat and a sense of weakness.

For me my good brother was a symbol of my complex so what is it that you want me to do it's not big but it's unusual for you to be hesitant it's about Mari mari-san Mari Mizuno is the name of the girl my brother is dating now she's very kind and beautiful and she's one of the few women who can stand side by side with my.

Brother at the same time she's also someone I look up to ever since my brother brought her to our house and introduced her I thought she was a wonderful person we had similar tastes in Manga and Anime and it was fun to talk to her when my brother wasn't around she would come over to play games.

With me and eventually I fell in love with her of course I intended to take this to my grave there's no way I could beat my brother anyway yeah about her we broke up a while back why you could say our personalities didn't match sounds like an excuse a band gives.

When they disband I bet it was a screw up on your part coming at me strong eh it's not like that it's because I know mari-san really likes you don't be biased I'm saying it's not like that so what about marisan oh will you accept I'll make a decision.

After hearing what you have to say I'll do everything in my ability to help after all I owe marisan I see I see that I'm counting on you to do what I want you to go out with her what I'm telling you to go out with my ex-girlfriend whoa whoa whoa what are you saying are you not doing well in modern Japanese if you can't even understand what I'm saying.

There's no way you'll pass the exam next year you'll end up a ronin for sure no I understand the meaning of what you're saying well what I don't understand is what's going on in that head of yours why are you being so selfish and why are you giving me such an order looks like there's a lot you don't know that's why I'm telling you to explain.

All right guess I'll explain as you know Mari is beautiful as such there are many guys who Target her I bet however no one made advances while we were dating but now that we've broken up it appears she's a experiencing problems because there are many guys trying to court her I want you to be her boyfriend and Ward them off.

Why can't you just do that be better at it hey hey if I do that I won't be able to get a new girlfriend you're the worst anyways is it okay for you to be just sitting around in a place like this why you have less than 30 minutes till your first day with Mari what she'll be waiting for you in front of.

The train station that earlier I wanted to complain more to my brother who was laughing happily but there was no time for that after all my first day in the history of my life was right in front of me without even asking I pulled.

Out a branded shirt for my brother's closet and ran to the station Marisa I'm sorry what's wrong why are you in such a hurry because the meeting time huh uh you're right on time I thought I was about 30 minutes late.

But marisan didn't seem bothered which means she must be telling the truth I realized I've been fooled by my brother that little are you okay ah I'm fine Then Shall We Begin our date uh yeah so where are we going today to the anime collaboration Cafe we were talking about wanting to go before I.

Remember huh it's out already yeah since yesterday I made a reservation so for all set wow I'm so happy right isn't it exciting let's go she squeezed my hand as if it were a natural action and I felt as if my heart was pinched as well yes let's go you like this character.

Right yes and you like this one right yeah they're so cool if I win any Goods I'll be sure to give it to you really I hope that makes me happy excuse me can we order I can't go to places like this with Tai Chi Kun so it's refreshing all right because my brother doesn't watch anime yeah our interests don't really align at all.

But you like him don't you I guess but we broke up so do you mind if I ask why it's a secret ah but it's not Tai Chi's fault you know if anything it's my fault you don't have to cover for my brother like that it's true though.

So how was today it was really fun Billy I'm glad then can I ask you a favor will you go out with me are you really okay with it being me uh-huh I want Shinji Koon then I'll be in your care yeah I look forward to everything looks like everything went well yes you can say that that's good to hear take care of her for me yeah uh bro what is it why.

Did you break up with mari-san I told you our personalities just didn't match don't play dumb with me I'm telling you the truth I think you're better suited for her I was ecstatic to be able to go out with a girl I admired thank you for today yeah thank you where should we go next time anywhere you'd like to go is fine.

Okay I'll think about it good night yes good night I was in heaven huh that's how you reply to her why did I do something wrong that's the worst why the phrase anywhere is fine implies I'm not interested in you that or it may be seen as you saying I'm too lazy to research that's not what I intended women are creatures that want you to spend time.

And effort on them many of them don't like guys who lack initiative then what should I have done in the scenario you could have suggested three spots you might be interested in and have her choose from among them and what if she doesn't like any of the suggestions then your best bet is to elicit a request from her.

I was able to do it you're you huh I'm asking if you're going to be like I'm not my brother so I can't entertain you sorry is that how you'll face her I don't worry even if it doesn't go well at first you'll gradually be able to do it why are you so sure.

Because you're my brother I'm different from you though that's true that's why I'm sure there are things you can do that I can't big bro well just do your best oh I'm sorry for talking so much it must be boring for you oh no that's not what it is what's wrong what places did you visit.

When you were dating my brother why do you ask just asking right uh we went to many places we went sightseeing around Kyoto and skiing we would see the illuminations for Christmas and fireworks in the summer she would do a lot of research and although it's ordinary the classic date.

Really is fun I knew it did Tai chikun say anything to you no how can I say this I feel like I've been shown the difference in my status as a man hmm I see Mary's son you also never mind you've already started so just say it no.

But I'm curious but spit it out already you won't get mad depends on the content then no if you don't tell me I'll be a hundred percent angry I don't want that then tell me I was wondering if you had more fun.

Dating my older brother what's with that see you got angry I'm not angry I'd say I'm more surprised than anything you see Shinji Koon yeah my dates with Tai Chi Koon were wonderful but they weren't perfect really of course but this is my brother we're talking about you really love your brother huh it's not like that Tai Chi kuna isn't that.

Honest and can be very clumsy I can't believe it really you are after all his biggest fan I'm sure daichi Koon is well aware of this which is why he acts cool in front of you well Tai Chi Koon isn't the average Joe but he is a college student he's 20 years old he isn't the best at everything you know wait is that the reason I guess you could say that.

Mari's son chuckled with a lonely expression on her face big bro yeah you seem busy lately yeah got a lot going on hmm huh is that all yeah you're lying what is it just tell me will you answer honestly uh no see if you want me to answer you'll have.

To beat me rock paper scissors again anything's fine by me then play a fighting game huh game if I win you have to listen to whatever I say then you better do the same if I win all right we decided to settle this with a fighting game I'm used to playing what am I supposed to do with this how do you not know how to use it.

It's my first time if the second gauge Runs Out you lose the red one right yeah let's try practicing a few times I prefer to watch you play is there a single player mode or something there's a practice mode and a story mode what's the difference in story mode you can see the story of the character you've chosen then practice mode is fine alright.

This character's basic tactic is a follow-up attack with a jump after a throw followed by an aerial combo it's called Ariel what was that just now I was guarding but still took damage this guy has a lot of power so he can break a guard with one shot he's amazing but the power type has a lot of openings so it's easy to get countered I see.

You played this game with Mario a lot right yeah she's really strong I've never won a single match against her she's not the type to go easy you should have at least tried it once yeah it doesn't really suit me I prefer to move my body after that my brother laughed and watched a video of a good player for about 30 minutes okay let's do it you.

Don't need to practice I don't need it he was full of confidence Now power is what makes a man as I said earlier he certainly has power but he's slow and you can't do long range attacks so it's not suitable for beginners this mate here is easier to use she looks a little lewd you don't like her no I mean she's nice to look at.

Right a man's Romance he said but in the end he didn't give up on his choice and then the battle began my brother manipulated the character more skillfully than I had anticipated despite him dodging my attacks and Strikes I wasn't worried because his attack options were limited hey don't.

Run away it's a strategy that's unfair that's why I told you to choose a different character ah I lost I won the first round in no time it's best of three so if I win next round I'll win whatever I've gotten used to the controls and I know your pattern I'll win the next one you sound like you're coping we'll see about that and.

Then the second match started the Motions of my brother's Macho showcased an unexpected refinement I would have won if I landed one last shot finally got you take that the finishing blow combo the Macho grabbed the feeble girl and flung punched and slammed her on the.

Ground it was pretty surreal and so we went on to the final round but I could already see the outcome my brother who saw through my habits in just two battles didn't take another hit even if I put in a faint Macho waited neatly in the screen and dodged all my attacks.

Victory my brother's triumphant declaration echoed throughout the room no younger brother can best the older brother yep I didn't win after all at least show a little frustration I am I'm super bitter but I also knew would turn out like this what were you planning on ordering me to do if you won I wanted you to get back together with.

Mari-san why would you do that because it seems she still likes you Shinji that's impossible why don't you still have feelings for her too well yeah that's why we broke up I don't get you guys at all right I should stop being embarrassed.

About it and just explain it properly sorry the reason we broke up was because of this what do you mean I didn't enjoy playing that game with you at all regardless of whether I'm good at it I have zero interest in it I know but Mari really likes games and Anime right.

Even wanted to go to the events with me but I don't enjoy going to places like that and so I end up putting up with it but it's different with you you can enjoy the same things as her and see from her point of view that's what I meant when I said our personalities didn't match one day I witnessed you two playing games together I'd never seen.

Her so happy before she's always nervous when she's with me but when she's with you she naturally Smiles that's when I had the Revelation what do you mean you're going to make me say it in other words Mari ended up liking you more otherwise why would I entrust the girl I love to you I won the battle so I'll have you follow.

My orders take care of Mari it's something only you Shinji katayama can do ah I could never compete with my brother after all I thought to myself almost at the same time that I successfully passed the university entrance examination my brother decided to study abroad he was a person who really kept moving.

Forward you don't need to send me off of course we do right mari-san good luck we're rooting for you I'll catch me a blonde Beauty over there when that happens let's go on a double date I'm sure you'll find a wonderful person hey Mari are you happy yeah my boyfriend.

Is kind I was nice too wasn't I you were but I wish you would have been more honest with your feelings true I couldn't be myself because I always tried to act cool in that respect this guy should be easy to read since he's honest too yep I'll never feel uneasy if so that's.

Good I feel like I'm being treated like a kid you are a kid if you're sulking you're right but someday I'll become an adult and beat you I look forward to that day and so my brother flew off he's really gone yes feeling lonely yes I am but I have things to do here so I can't.

Be sulking in loneliness forever things like what what my brother failed to do mari-san I will definitely make you happy thank you very much if I can make Mari happy then I'm sure that would mean I beat my brother for.

The first time I'll win this match no matter what it was a promise I made to my older brother and an oath to myself thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.