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[Manga Dub]I slept over at my childhood friend’s house, and her sister fell in love with me [RomCom]


I'm gonna be living here for today that was when I was in my junior year of high school I came to live at my childhood friends the himekawa's household my parents were going to be going overseas for work and since our parents got along with each other I was going to be staying here for two.

Weeks but just so you know don't get any weird thoughts while you're here as you can see she wasn't exactly happy to see me here we're the same age and she's called a school Madonna so she always looks down on me as a geek to be honest I like her and I like that I can live with her but I'm a little confused.

There is one nice thing her younger sister Aki welcome nobody hey Aki it's been a while she's gotten cuter I'll show you to your room thanks Aki she was Cod and as you can see very welcoming but hey Aki you're too.

Close to noburu this is where everything started to go wrong my room was apparently being used as a guest space so it was pretty clean and organized are you sure I can stay here yeah feel free to use whatever you'd like but this bed is a little old so it squeaks like squeak squeak squeak oh I.

See come over here and check oh okay huh it really does squeak huh right you can tell immediately what that person is doing in bed with a bed this squeaky huh nah I'm only going to sleep don't worry I'm right next door so even if the bed squeaks my sister won't see.

Her thing what am I supposed to be worried about oh come on you're acting like you don't know what I'm talking about I'll tell you what we're gonna do let me tell you right now hey Aki what are you I'm coming in [__] Aki you still in here what's up sis what were you doing with.

Nobaru huh nothing whatever Mom is calling you so I came to get you come downstairs okay bye now Peru we can pick this up tonight I don't understand what's going on but phew pick this up tonight what was that about does she still no way she was just.

Messing with me has to be oh I forgot whoa Aki what's up I forgot something it's super important huh what did you huh what I didn't understand what happened for a second after my brain started to catch up to.

Reality I realized that she just kissed me was that this was a welcome kiss you can't tell sis okay oh thanks I still couldn't really fully understand what exactly was going on afterwards I was invited to eat dinner.

With the himekawa family and we were all eaten and all I could think about was that kiss the hell is Aki thinking it's like we have a son hey sweetie can I have another beer oh you're drinking too much because you're happy I was really confused but Aki just.

Seemed to be having a great time eating oh crap I dropped my chopsticks she went under the table to grab the Chopsticks but right around here I think whoa Aki what are you doing what do you mean I'm looking for my Chopsticks oh I found it that's not hey Aki did you find it I found it oh.

What are you doing oh just don't laugh at me afterwards we just had regular dinner and Aki seemed to be having a regular conversation but I couldn't what the hell is she thinking about I'm so glad you and her parents didn't catch on.

I don't know what's going on but I need to be careful I finished eating and was doing my regular workout in my room while thinking you and Aki have always gotten a long well and we often hung out together you we always took great care of Aki and Aki was always kind of spoiled in a free.

Bird Aki probably is still a little spoiled then I heard a quiet little knock on the door do you have a second yui huh okay I was happy to see that the person at the door was yui instead of Aki oh no Peru you always have liked working out.

Here I'll help you out no don't get on top can I help you yeah it's about Aki oh [__] I'm a little worried about her worried um how she's kind of easy looking recently she was kind of bland up until middle school but after she started high school she started changing her hair and.

Doing makeup I see I feel like she might like someone or or maybe she already has a boyfriend for sure no she definitely wouldn't hide anything from her sister uh I see definitely is hiding that she kissed me anyway I don't like her attitude if you have a chance to talk to her can you ask.

Her about it what me I mean you're such a geek I doubt you could do any harm ah that makes sense but if I'm the reason she's working so hard no way she seems to like you too so maybe she'll relax and tell you.

Something okay can you get off me now just so you know don't do anything to her just listen to her I know something happens to her I'm going to seriously no Barrel the shower is open now okay get dressed whoa Aki.

What do you mean this is how I always dress what are you doing in his room I'm not doing anything the point is noburu is in our house so you need to stop dressing like no one is around you two are being suspicious there was a lot going on but I headed to the bath Aki is hiding the fact that she kissed.

Me to yui maybe she really is interested in me nah I'm just just being too confident in myself huh Aki what are you doing oh hey nobody I was waiting for you I wanted to talk to you this isn't good what were you talking about with my sister um did you tell my sister about us no of.

Course not there's no way I could tell her then what were you two talking about just to be honest with you he was worried about you worried about me what about me she said that you're behaving a little odd recently how you've changed your hair or started doing makeup maybe you lack someone or have a boyfriend.

Things like that I see so what do you think about me uh uh I'm not sure yes you are I do like someone I see it's you there's no way you don't figure it out after me flirting with you this much.

I thought you were just messing with me why not generally girls want to flirt with a guy they're not interested in like this ah I see am I cute now yeah I think you're pretty cute am I your type I'm more interested in quieter girls I'm actually really nervous right now.

You want to check how fast my heart is beating oh how like this she slowly brought my hands towards her win you he suddenly came running into the room hockey I knew you would be here what the.

Hell is going on no sis this isn't what it looks like what does it look like you're trying to touch her no yeah sis this is all a misunderstanding they argued a little and yeah so you're just completely misunderstanding in other words hockey was just massaging your hands because your hands were.

Exhausted from exercising indeed Aki had skillfully navigated the situation and so I just corroborated her story but a girl and a guy that are of this age should not be in each other's rooms at this time of night you're not going to be misunderstood got it okay.

Understood you really aren't misunderstanding though the next day I was called out by yui and decided to talk to her at a cafe so were you able to get something out of her no no.

Really really whatever he two were in the same room alone at night that's a big No-No nothing happened but no means no why is she being like this does she like me or something Aki is my important sister I don't want any guys around her.

um just so I understand correctly you she doesn't like me yeah I have a sister complex is it a problem no but she's popular and doesn't go out with anyone because of that I'm going to be with her for the rest of.

Our lives I'm not going to let anyone get between our selling love I see yeah but she seems interested in you what really happened last night nothing you're of age I understand if you get some thoughts about her she's adorable I'm not gonna try to seduce her or.

Anything seriously if you're going to get those kinds of thoughts why wouldn't you consider me first what why is that your conclusion your childhood friends so I wouldn't mind going out with you that might actually help me get over my obsession with Aki.

That's not why I want to start going out with you if she's going to be tainted I'd rather take the hit if you look at me like that just stop messing with Aki right that sounds like I'm a pretty disgusted man it's just me making a pretty disgusting suggestion but if you really can't.

Contain yourself you can come to my room I promised her that I wouldn't do anything to Aki but when I got home Aki was waiting for me in my room welcome home nobaroo hockey what are you doing here I wanted to talk to you after I saw you leave with my sister she knows I went out with yui.

Cafe she said that she wanted to talk to me so did you talk to my sister about how I asked you about yesterday no I couldn't talk to her about that if I wanted great my sister has a pretty severe case of sister complex I see.

Time a boy seems interested in me she keeps getting in between us so I never had a boyfriend I see but I've only been interested in you anyway so it all worked out huh sis is trying to get between our relationship too huh that's why I wanted to keep our relationship a secret but I'm afraid she'll find out.

We should just make a reason why we can't stay separated ah if we just do it now she should give up you can't do that I never said I'd go out with you if anything I like yui so I won't ever be able to go out with you I told her how I really felt to make it so she would give up but I know that.

Huh I'm not going to give up though why I've only ever got hand-me-downs for my sister toys clothes but I want you I'll give you all my Furs so your first crush might be with my sister but please give me all of your others first ah key just kidding I'm not trying to force it.

Oh okay phew I was about to go with it but I only just resisted but I hope you fall for me going forward but don't tell sis I started having to keep a secret at the himekawa household since then the next day we were all heading to.

School together natsuki you're too close to noburu I've always admired him so are you jealous you two get along it had only been three days since I've been at the himekawa household there were still 11-ish days before my parents came back I wasn't sure if I could keep it in my.

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