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[Manga Dub]My childhood friend is jealous that I joined the baseball team because of the pretty girl


Kango let's go I was getting ready to go to school when the beautiful girl that no one could take their eyes off Mariah Shir Yoshi him to pick me up her and I Kango hamia have been childhood friends from since before I can remember she's still just as energetic as when she was small I'm so sleepy come on wake up you're just too awake for being this.

Early you're too out of it she's really energetic so did you decide what club you're going to join H not really nothing athletic though you're not exactly the athletic type what are you going to do I'm not sure until you decide huh why uh uh no reason why wouldn't you be able to decide unless I do I said no reason for.

Some reason she got upset I headed to school with an upset marai then I got to school and come join the calligraphy Club it's lots of fun let's go for the Nationals together see what it takes to be a man and box be us wow I heard that it gets crazy but they're this into it huh you get different amounts of funding based on the number club members so.

They're all desperate but I feel like a lot of newbies would be afraid from all the pressure though marai you're cute want to be a manager in the soccer club no no you should join the anime research Club good do the way she going to be the boxing Club manager I'm good I looked away for 2 seconds and she was surrounded by Boys.

She still as popular as ever she's a hit but I feel bad for her I should save her I walked towards her when you haven't decided on a club yet huh would you like to join the baseball club a cute girl talk to me yeah she's way too cute for her own good oh uh if you're free after class you should come by you've got a sturdy body so I.

Think you'd be good for the baseball team see you she gave me the invitation and walked away after a little speech she's seriously so pretty everyone's too pushy H what is that huh uh yeah nothing thing is a flyer for baseball or something baseball huh you shouldn't accept things left and right it might be annoying later on I.

Should join the baseball club what did you just say I said maybe I should play baseball no no no no you said you wouldn't do anything athletic why would you join the baseball team I can change my mind you know but still that's way out of character who cares it's my freedom th that's so sus after class that day what.

Are you doing here because I'm interested in baseball too she just followed along I heard you signed up without even actually looking at the team play how'd you know that huh a girl too oh hi hello I see that's why you wanted to play You're hamon was it and she is I'm Mariah shiroshi I'm planning on joining so yeah nice to meet you huh.

Joining really we needed a new female team member so you're more than welcome to join what is there a problem with me joining I didn't say that then there's no problem right you two get along huh yeah we're childhood friends we've been together from before we can member huh that's great my name is kagura akiyama nice to meet you it seems.

Like the other new members will be coming tomorrow and you didn't bring any gym clothes so you can just observe for the day okay we're watching the team play when uh you're a little pervert I can't believe you join everyone knows why I could hear little Jabs coming from beside me what are you talking about don't act like you don't know how long.

Do you think we've been around each other it's as clear as day child out of friends or something else I started joining them in practice from the next day but how much are they going to make me run I was already wanting to give up I was not ready for this I told you you never exercised outside of class so there's no way you can hack it in.

Baseball I didn't realize it was this tough if anything you're new so they're taking it easy on you you okay here drink this and use this towel for your sweat oh sorry thanks oh it might take a little getting used to but you got this okay I don't know don't worry everyone struggles in the.

Beginning she's so kind you're so annoying all right breaks over I'm going now I was able to withstand and survive practice s akasan's kindness honestly I was going to baseball just to see your smile yeah exercising is tough but you're so cranky recently does something happen Mariah's been constantly on edge recently so I.

Couldn't leave her alone no I'm fine no you're definitely not you wouldn't understand anyway yeah you don't know unless you try I'm useful sometimes sometimes what was she so upset about is she upset with me she's not the kind to just get mad at people that meant that she was upset with me and not just cranky overall did I do something I was.

Confused with what was going on time marched on huh you play baseball in middle school yeah but after I started High School I figured I'd act more feminine I liked watching baseball so I figured I'd be the manager Kangle you've been talking non-stop on your break hydrate some mirari Chan calm down he can't.

Drink like that Mar you're acting so weird if you have something to say just spit it out it's your fault how it's all because okay that's enough you two I was about to get mad at her but aamia song came between us any more arguing would be a bother for her so I couldn't say anything more marayan come talk with me.

Over here huh but come on I won't be mean I promise hamayak you just focus on practice I've got this okay she took Mariah away what is it that you wanted to talk to me about don't be alarmed I'm not going to scold you it's just the couples arguing couples you you like hamun right no why would I yeah yeah that's what.

Your problem is it's as clear as day that you like him what your face is so red I can see you all jealous when I'm talking to him I I don't know H seems like I'm spot on huh come on be honest with me so what if I like him I can't do anything with him that's what I mean just be honest.

With him you're very cute what is something on my face you know I have a hard time believing you when you're the one saying it huh nothing whatever just be honest you're fine you're cute come on try seducing me seduce you know any guy would be lucky to be seduced by you stop teasing me I'm.

Not teasing you I'm serious let's start tonight I'll teach you what did I say too much I got home took a bath and ate dinner I was now in bed thinking about our interaction we'd always gotten along so we almost never fought that's why it seems so weird how we're constantly arguing now I guess I.

Went too far H should I apologize but I don't know why she was upset to begin with if I apologize without knowing why it's just going to make her even more Angry huh but Mari what are you doing Mariah and I live across from each other sometimes we talk from our windows but I didn't realize that she would say something to me first um I want to talk.

To you can I go over there you mean you can't just talk to me like this yeah I want to go to your room okay um you can come over she seemed different than usual so I just decided to let her in sorry about that it's okay H what is it um can I sit yeah of course Mariah what I asked if I could sit no I mean why are you so close to me this is.

Normal we're childhood friends no definitely not we've never been like this what are you talking about we used to read books like this together I mean yeah when we were like five maybe even like four age is just a number we're still childhood friends what's going on seriously what the hell has gotten into her she's clearly dir different than.

Usual this isn't marai but my heart was beating out of my chest but I don't want to just be childhood friends with you what do you mean hey Kangle I I like you please look at me instead of Aki amasan what's going on something has gotten into her Marite calm down what's going on if there's something that's bothering you I'll listen so just talk to me I'm.

Calm I just want to tell you the truth I don't want you to just think of me as a childhood friend but a woman I don't want her to take you from me do you have a fever no I'm just being honest with myself wait was she this cute I mean she was pretty but what she looked like she was a little hot and kept coming on to me she was attractive most guys would.

Fall in a heartbeat of course I I'm glad you'd say that fell in a heartbeat I mean she's too cute seriously she's too cute really you're not lying I wouldn't lie about something like this this I think you're really cute then you'll go out with me well I was a little hesitant I'd only ever considered her a childhood friend and best friend but now she's all.

Over me so I immediately want to go out with her but I mean if you're okay with me I would ignore my pride and just accept my feelings that's why I decided to just date her if she said she wanted to go out with me I asked you out so of course I'm okay with it I should have just told you the truth sooner I'm sorry I've been jealous wasn't angry at you oh.

You were jealous I'm actually happy to hear that let's go out Mari that's how we started dating aasan found out for marai and she would tease me to no end she seems pretty Innocent but she really does like bullying and teasing people that's how I was able to work hard in baseball because I wanted to show her how much of a man I was honestly akamas.

San said something like if you don't work hard and be a man someone else is going to take her and then I couldn't stop trying thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well