Hi guys, I'm Laura Vitale, today I want toshare with you something super fast and easy but perfect for a party, it is what I liketo call my Mango Mojito Agua Fresca which is like a flavored water that tastes likea mango mojito but there's no alcohol in it, it is perfect for this time of year and Iwas thinking if you're doing an outdoor part for say like a baby shower or a wedding showeror anything like that, how fabulous would it be to serve this as part of your cocktailbut there's no alcohol in it so everyone's happy, it's going to take us a few minutesto put it together, and everyone will love it, you can change up the fruit however youwant, you can do melon, you can do berries, you can do whatever you want but listen tome, some fresh ripe mangoes, lime and mint.

Together, okay? Tastes like a mango mojito, so delicious butwithout the buzz. So let's get going really quickly, in my pitcherwhat I have is plenty of mint that I have torn with my hands to really release the oils,you can blend some of the mint in your blender with your mango, I just find that sometimesmint doesn't break down enough and I can still sort of taste bits and pieces so it kind ofjust bothers me so I'd rather just have it whole and not have it in my mouth but justflavor the water than to just have bits and pieces of it in my mouth. If you want some in, add it in and it willreally punch up the mint flavor.

In my high powered blender, I'm going to addthree mangoes, obviously that I have peeled. I want to add about the juice of one and ahalf to two limes, it really is up to you, I like it quite limey, I want to be able toreally taste the lime and I'm going to add some simple syrup, so I don't worry aboutit not being sweet enough with the lime, it just compliments each other so well. I'm going to do both of these limes. Beautiful. Simple syrup, what I have in here is I tooka quarter cup of sugar, a quarter cup of water and I melted it down into a pot until literallythe sugar melted.

That's it, that's all you gotta do. I'm going to pour all of it in here becauseI did add two limes so I want to make sure it's good, now I want to add a cup of waterto this just to get it going. And how much water you add is completely upto you at the end, I like to add about three and a half cups total for this amount of mangoes. But it is totally up to you. If you want it real strong, add less, if youwant it a little bit more mild, add more water. Alright, I almost forgot which button to press. Beautiful.

That's a lovely puree. Now what you do is you just pour it in a pitcher,I've got ice in there, and then I need to add about three cups of water to that andI just measure it in my pitcher because I want to wash it out anyway because there'sall that good stuff in there. Oh and that mango smells heavenly. Oh i smells so good. It smells so good. But like I said if you want it stronger, adda little bit less, I'm going to add just a little bit more because they are really lovelysweet mangoes.

Look at that, take a very beautiful tool suchas this and just give that all a big stir. And that – I mean you smell the mint, yousmell the lime and you smell the mango, there's just nothing better. Pour over ice, got your fresh mint in there,I mean how beautiful, right? It is beautiful, it is not too sweet, youcan taste everything we added in there, make it with whatever fruit you like, it will befantastic, so cool and refreshing, definitely something worth having on your table if you'reentertaining for whatever reason. You should be entertaining all summer becauselife's worth entertaining. Make that quote into something.

Life is worth entertaining. Go to, I will have thewritten measurements for everything, make it, put your twist on it let me know how youlike it and if you want to make it with a little booze in it, add a little rum and you'llbe fine. I hope you have enjoyed spending time withme and I will see you next time. Salute!