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MASTER TENGEN’S GIFT! This Changes EVERYTHING – Jujutsu Kaisen


Now after a couple weeks forced hiatus we're back with another jujutsu kaizen video now here on plot armor we had begun to cover jjk however unfortunately soon after that we were hit with multiple false copyright strikes and with that we were unable to upload and not only that but we even had the.

Channel terminated also fortunately that was only a day roughly and while frustrating at least it wasn't like our four months of absence last year in an attempt to combat this issue in the future we've shifted our editing style something you'll pretty obviously notice.

If you're a frequent viewer of our content fortunately though we're currently at a place where we can upload and so we'll continue to do so with that said let's get into the chapter we pick up where the previous chapter left off with the reveal of master tengen now yuki was the first to greet him but.

The others itadori fushiguro yuta choso and maki were stunned to see the figure in front of them was now master tangen when they first entered the room time wouldn't be wasted immediately yuki would ask master tengen why he closed off the tombs of the star corridor and instead of.

Playing mind games or delaying the answer tengen would pretty simply explain that he was afraid she might be in alignment with kanjaku because after all he doesn't have the ability to read the human heart yuki would respond to this puzzled the name kenjaku confused her it seems but.

She would then have explained that this name is that of the sorcerer who was once noritoshikamo and is now inhabiting the body of ghetto yuki would make joke of the fact that the name kenjaku suggests compassion and salvation something of course missing in the.

Actions of that man now itadori would interrupt this conversation and ask the question surely everyone in this room and everyone just simply read the manga would like to ask why does master tengen look the way he does ten gen would respond to this with a pretty light expression reminiscent of that of an old man.

He would say that he may be immortal but he's not immune to aging adding that after 500 years itadori would look this way also which is just hilarious because honestly up to this point master tengen has been such a mystery i assumed he was some kind of big intimidating figure.

But as you can see up to this point he seems like just a regular guy with extra eyes tengen would continue that 11 years ago after failing to merge with a star plasma vessel his aging accelerated and his self-awareness as an individual diminished he became the world itself yuki would.

Think to herself wondering if there wasn't another star plasma vessel then then saying aloud that this is the reason his voice doesn't proliferate the others seem to have enough of this little history lesson because fushigoro and yuta would both interrupt letting it be known that they came here to ask.

About kenjaku's objectives and how to open the prison realm master tengen would again reply surprisingly kindly to being interrupted saying that he wishes he could simply tell them the information they're after but there is a condition to go along with it out of utah.

Yuki and chozo two of the three must remain here with master tangen and serve as his guards of course shocking because well master tengen is immortal and comes off as an exceptionally powerful individual and so yuta and maki would question this request yuki here would be simply.

Annoyed that he didn't even tell them how long or why they had to do this master tengen wouldn't simply answer this question like he did the previous one he would begin speaking of kenjaku again kanjaku's objective is to drive the evolution of all human beings throughout japan.

Nothing new there fushigoro would note continuing by questioning why kinjaku didn't use tangent's barrier last time and then turn everyone into sorcerers by using idle transfiguration there was a simple answer to that he lacks the curse energy to do so we'd here learn that curse energy refined through uzumaki.

Cannot return to the user put simply triggering an evolution in each individual with a curse technique is very inefficient a bomb would follow this the method of evolution that kenjaku has chosen is the merging of mankind with master tengen itadori and fushigoro would both speak up because.

Isn't this supposed to be impossible for anyone but a star plasma vessel and yes that was the case before but now after master tangent has evolved over the course of 11 years it is now no longer impossible for him to merge with someone other than a star plasma vessel tengan would elaborate on why it's.

Possible for him to merge with more than one person apparently this body we see before us now is not really him his soul has evolved and now exists all around them he is the world itself now a human that merged with him will transform into something greater than a sorcerer.

A new being that is both there and not there and let me just stop and say geige is on another level in this chapter because dialogue of tengen is just pure big brain anyway the reason tengen is able to maintain the form present around him now is because he possesses barrier techniques however according to him.

If mankind evolves and even if only one person goes out of control the world will end reason behind this being that there would be no boundaries between individuals evil would spread instantaneously the impurity of a hundred million people would flood the world.

Itadore would in anger respond to this asking why kanjaku would do something like this but like earlier tangent would respond that he does not know because he cannot read the human heart man is basically a god but yes he can't read the hearts of humans so now with this god-like being you.

Might be wondering why master tengen can't simply refuse the merger and maki would ask this the answer is pretty crazy now that master tengen has evolved he is more of a cursed spirit than a human being this makes him a target for cursed spirit manipulation absolute horror filled the faces of.

Everyone in this room with this being the case master tengen might be seized the moment he encounters kenjaku and that is why his body is rejecting everything at the tombs of the star corridor and the reason he wants guards kanjaku is the most powerful barrier user after tengen.

And with that tengen can only say he doesn't know when the seal on the tombs will be undone not if they will be but when it would then be revealed that master tengen the star plasma vessel and the six eyes are all connected by fate in the past kenjaku has twice lost to the sorcerers of the six eyes.

The second time killing the star vessel and six eyes less than one month after they were born nonetheless on the day of the merging the six eyes and star plasma vessel appeared after that failure kenjaku switched to ceiling six eyes instead because two bearers of six eyes cannot.

Appear at the same time tengin would then talk about the appearance of toji and suguru two people that along with the prison realm which was found six years ago made things line up perfectly the way they are now now with all this the question of why the culling games is happening.

Had to be asked and fushiguro would do so but tangent would explain that this is like breaking the body prior to merging it it's apparently not impossible to merge with someone other than a star plasma vessel but it is highly unlikely and would be incomplete at present.

The culling game uses the player's curse energy when the boundaries binding barriers and a ritual for conveying the humans of japan to the other side however to do this ritual panjaku has undertaken certain binding vows for starters he's not the game master however while this sounds favorable it is not actually because it means the.

Games won't end even if he dies the game will continue until all players are dead or all the players refuse participation and die there is however rule number six players can extend 100 points to negotiate with the game master to add one new rule to the culling game yuta would now say the obvious reality.

Their only choice is to participate in the game and add a new rule that sumiki and the others unwilling to participate can opt out hushy girl would add that they should also free gojo because he alone could settle everything before tengen would tell them how to.

Save gojo though they had to decide who would stay for this cho so and yuki would speak up at the same time joseph would let yuji know that he needs utah or yuki's cooperation especially if kanjaku comes for tengen after all ending his life would mean salvation for the brothers chosus lost.

Yuki would add that her reason for wanting to stay is to talk to tangent more yuto would be alright with this and so it was settled now master tangen would reach into a dimension of some sort and grab an item for free in gojo the back of the prison realm this shocked everyone but essentially this is.

A bat gate to the prison realm tengen thought that by sealing the near gate he was hiding the existence of a front gate but it was of no use gojo was also sealed inside this back gate but opening it wouldn't free him now breaking it open would require the inverted spear of heaven.

Which can nullify curse techniques or the black robe that disrupts and cancelled curse technique effects while that might sound like there's hope there is actually none at all because apparently gojo got rid of these items previously essentially getting rid of the only items that would be able to save him in a situation like this.

Yuto revealed that in africa he looked for the remaining black rope but that was fruitless but there is still a way out of all this among the participants in the culling game is a sorcerer from 1 000 years ago one who calls themselves an angel whose cursed techniques can extinguish any curse technique hana kurusu now this.

Sorcerer literally looks like an angel interestingly enough but more interesting than that is the fact that in this chapter master tengen said that he looks this way because he's 500 years old but then at the end we see a sorcerer who's at least a thousand years old.

That looks like a teenager and i'm sure there's some kind of explanation for why she looks so young but it's funny nonetheless the culling games looks like it'll be an interesting arc i can't wait to see what'll come next it looks like we'll be without choso for a while.

But at least we're back to seeing fushiguro again and not only having him back but to have him and usually lighten up for at least a moment things have been awful for a while and i suppose things aren't necessarily better now but this is somewhat of a new starting line and i'm glad to see them go at it.

Together but yeah what do you think of this chapter it was quite a lot of information much more than i was expecting going into it specifically i'm curious about your thoughts on master tengen personally i was expecting something completely different so i'd like to know.

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Until next time keep that thought armor on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye