Packed with cooking tips information and 100 recipes to take your life on right put your feet up for my perfect TV dinners like all chefs good food is my life and for me TV dinners are all about recipes that are fuss-free quick and easy to make so however busy you are you can.

Always knock up brilliant food my TV dinners need minimum shopping and rely on the staple ingredients you already have in the cupboard so you can enjoy incredible dishes whenever you want starting with my delicious mushroom and leek pasta this fantastic fast and simple pasta dish made with everyday ingredients just.

Goes to prove you can eat good food whenever you want really important to put the water on first so you can just have it gently simmering away ready for the pasta while the water comes to the boil start the sauce by slicing mushrooms first off fingers one in front two behind up and down.

Then add olive oil to a hot frying pan I want that nice color on the mushrooms off the heat literally 10 seconds and when you toss something really important you get all the ingredients at the end of the pan push down and pull back that noise that's.

That's all the water coming out of the mushrooms next finely chop a fat clove of garlic then prepare your leeks just take your knife and go down through the center turn it over and again into quarters.

To get all that opening up and then just rinse the top of that to get rid of any potential dirt or sand it just breaks up into nice little quarters add all that leak into those mushrooms beautiful and now the secret is to get rid of that.

Water inside the leak as it Cooks down all the water's gone you just settle that really nice intense flavor Garlic's gone nice and crispy now we're gonna add a touch of chicken stocking now sheets are an unusual choice for a dish like this but they work brilliantly although any type of pasta you've got in.

The cupboard will do twist that pan that stops any pasta actually sticking to the bottom of the pan chickens start to reduce down by half and it almost delays the bottom of the pan basically washed all that wonderful flavor off turn the gas down and add a couple of tablespoons of cream.

This just enriches the dish bring it back up the bone let it simmer for three to four minutes now the secret of the pasta is taking it out a little early so you've got that nice texture hold up the sheet and just nip it and you can feel your fingers in the.

Center is ready turn the sauce down and lay these beautiful sheets lasagna into that sauce I'm just going to turn the gas off now and let the pasta sit in there and absorb that amazing sauce finish with chopped fresh tarragon it's a delicious herb that goes.

Brilliantly well mushrooms and leeks just let that sit and almost sort of Infuse to serve I'm making a quick bruschetta by toasting fresh to batter bread two nice slices drizzle that and olive oil a little bit of garlic just rub the bread crust as well crust is what really takes.

That garlic now pan for the bread a little touch of olive oil as it starts to smoke bread in but look at the pasta now it's in stained by that amazing sauce to serve or a nice spoon of my mushrooms leeks.

And cream then I'll take my pasta twist it and let it sit on top that tarragon has just lifted everything Bread on and that's the beauty about something so simple they can be done in 20 minutes with everyday ingredients a stunning pasta dish adding easy and versatile dishes like this to your repertoire is what cooking.

At home is all about so you can always make great tasting food at the drop of a hat with foolproof pasta recipes up your sleeve you'll always be able to knock up a fantastic lunch or supper here are three more of my super fast pasta dishes that are bursting with flavor and cooking minutes.

Kicking off with Buffalo with ricotta pancetta and peas start by frying lardens in a large pan these smoked chunks of bacon have a delicious deep salty flavor that makes them perfect with pasta when the lardens start to Brown add finely chopped garlic and turn off the heat.

Next at far Valley to Boiling salted water named after the Italian for butterflies this bow tied shaped pasta has a large surface area great for sticking to sauces just before the pasta is ready add frozen peas to The Boiling pasta water then when the pasta and the peas are.

Cooked drain and add to the lardens and the garlic spooning creme fraiche and Dot with lumps of creamy ricotta cheese season then serve ready in just 12 minutes for valley with ricotta pancetta and.

Peas a delicious quick and easy supper that's ready when you are my next Pronto pasta dish is taglitelli with quick sausage meat Bolognese first ball dry tagged Italian salted water these long thin ribbons of pasta come curled up in Ness and take around.

10 minutes to cook then add olive oil to a hot pan fry finely chopped onion thinly sliced garlic and sweat until soft next remove the meat from your sausages by cutting open their skins and crumble into the pan.

Fennel or Sicilian sausages are perfect for this dish but any flavored sausage will do when the meat has browned add half cherry tomatoes season and add a few spoonfuls of the pasta cooking water as the starch thickens the sauce and helps it stick to the pasta.

Drain the taglitelli and add to the sausage meat sauce finish with freshly grated Parmesan perfect when you're really busy but still want great tasting food fast my amazing taglitelli with quick sausage meat Bolognese my final pasta dish that's ready in a.

Flash and packs a real flavor punch it's spaghetti with chili sardines and oregano crunchy topping heat olive oil in a frying pan add chopped garlic and breadcrumbs cook over medium heat until the.

Breadcrumbs are golden season and drain on kitchen paper for the sauce add the oil from your sardines to a hot pan fry finely diced chili and chopped garlic next cook dry spaghetti in boiling water then chop tin sardines into chunks and.

Add to the chili and garlic tin sardines are a brilliantly versatile ingredient to have in your cupboard packed with protein full of super healthy omega-3 oils and delicious next drain your pasta and combine with the Sardine chili and garlic mixture add leaves of fresh oregano mix in handfuls of Rocket.

To serve part high and top with a crispy garlic bread crumbs ready in under 15 minutes spaghetti with chili sardines and oregano healthy hearty and full of flavor perfect Pasta in moments whether you're rushing to put your feet.

Up in front of the Telly and need something fast and tasty for the family or somebody wants something delicious to enjoy these are three amazing pasta recipes you can learn by heart and cook in minutes beautiful now here are five more of my Essential.

Cooking tips starting with how to cook an ingredient that's perfect for a quick and easy TV dinner chicken breasts this has to be the most popular part of the chicken now it's very versatile incredibly tender very lean hardly any fat whatsoever the secret is cooking it without it becoming dry the first thing is to season it properly.

Both sides two tablespoons of olive oil get the pan nice and hot the secret now is to get a really nice color on the skin really nice color no color no flavor skin side down tilt the pan so it Cooks the back of the chicken breast where it's really nice.

And round and very fat let the pan do the work chicken breast normally takes between sort of 10 and 12 minutes to cook properly now we've got the color on the skin the Skin's nice and crispy we're going to deglaze the pan these lays with masala now Masala is a.

Sweet fortified Italian wine you can also use white wine or Saladin flambe burn off the alcohol which gets rid of that really sort of harsh alcoholic flavor roll the chicken around the masala the glaze in the pan basically means.

Washing the pan and lifting off all that flavor stuck to the bottom of the frying pan and put it into the sauce now chicken stock bring that up to the boil and let it simmer for three to four minutes really important to leave the chicken.

Breasts skin side up the Skin's nice and crispy and it's important now the chicken Cooks from underneath as it starts cooking it absorbs the stock so in the center of the chicken stays nice and moist now the stock of the masal is reduced down you can have the confidence to.

Allow it to almost disappear and look the combination between the Masala and the chicken stock is quite sweet so it finishes the chicken with this really nice delicious glaze on top and there you go a delicious succulent chicken breast with the most amazing flavoursome skin phenomenal.

Soups make stunningly simple meals my tip for adding incredible depth of flavor is to always keep your leftover parmesan rinds store them in the freezer then add to the pan as the soup cooks and leaves to infuse then remove before serving is less waste and more taste another tip to take homemade soup to the next level whisking cubes of cold butter.

Just before serving to get a glossy velvety texture and a beautifully Rich taste another fantastic standard for a fuss-free weekend eat is the classic baked potato my tip for great crispy skin is to use salt to your advantage simply add it to the outside before cooking and the salt will draw out the moisture in the oven as it bakes a touch.

Of salt gives you an amazingly crisp skin on chicken and fish too as well as highlighting the flavor foreign roasted nuts make a delicious TV snack my tip for peeling them with ease is to Simply toast them in the oven for about 10 minutes wrapping a tea towel and rub until the Skins are removed perfect.

Sprinkle with sea salt and so with a glass of wine this is my ultimate cookery course 100 recipes to stake your life on coming up I'll be showing you my amazing sweet corn fritters that is such a delicious recipe but first the key to whipping up my ultimate TV dinners is having a well-stocked store covered and even with.

The basics like tin sardines Tomatoes pasta or rice it always pays to know how to buy the best next up my shopping guide to All Things pasta foreign Italian staple you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more than pass the Supremo Antonio sakamani.

I love pastors so much I have to eat it at least once a day please be selling perfect Pasta in London Soho for over 35 years and eating great pasta for a lifetime we'll make the best pass in the world Italy take away the past in Italy and the people died you know and that's it for a.

Good very good pasta you need two ingredients you need a good act and very good flower and that's it this is a durum wheat flour look at that it's so soft then she cooks so quick a couple minutes in the boiling water this thing like this couple minutes is cool.

This shop is not it's not big enough to store all the type of pasta this is the foreign this is penne different shape it's called fujele Antonio's right there's a mind-blowing array of incredible pasta types that are great to keep in your store cupboard here's my quick guide to some of the.

Different shapes and sizes and how to use them small shapes like fafalini are perfect for making simple stews and soups more substantial and add an extra texture to dishes like the classic Italian pasta soup minestrone short tubes like penne are great for thick cream or tomato based sauces as.

The rigid edges hold more sauce for an incredibly flavor packed mouthful long and thin like the store cupboard essential spaghetti the classic shape was invented in Naples but every Italian region has its own spaghetti dish from Bolognese to carbonara or my favorite a la vangale which is spaghetti with delicious steamed clams.

Flat noodles shaped strands like fettuccine are perfect with a simple drizzle of olive oil or in Rich buttery dishes as a little sauce goes a long way coating the pasta evenly stopping the strands from sticking together then pass the sheets not just great for lasagna's but amazing rolled into tubes and fill to make delicious Cannon lonely.

Or used in quick supper dishes like my mushroom and leek pasta finally specialty pastas like this spaghetti made with Squid Ink as definitely sweet taste and an amazing jet black color great for when you want a delicious dinner that's a little bit different whatever shape you go for always look out for the pastas that have.

Been bronze cut it means the dough was pressed through a bronze cutting die which has a subtle rough texture which helps the sauce stick as well as all the dried types pasta also comes fresh which is brilliant for TV dinners because it Cooks super quick and tastes incredible too in this shop we make pasta every day.

Look at that that's good is sad to eat it this past is really really yellow because we use good quality of eggs you can smell the eggs they come true it's so good so fresh you can even eat it roll like that it lasts in the fridge two or three days you can even freeze it and I won't change taste.

Whether fresh or dried pasta so versatile and quick to cook is the perfect TV dinner so go out stock up on new shaves and you'll soon be turning out dishes that would make pasta Pro Antonio very proud it looks so nice so good so healthy you know and then that's it you can't resist we all lead busy lives but that doesn't.

Mean you have to compromise when it comes to cooking great food for me the secret is having recipes you can depend on and a stalker full of staple ingredients that can be transformed into Quick delicious dinners on demand so Shop Smart stock up and whether you're feeding 2 or 20 you'll always be.

Ready to cook up something incredible my next tasty dish uses simple and cheap store covered ingredients with stunning results and takes minutes to make sweet corn fritters and yogurt dip it's brilliant to have a number of great recipes up your sleeve to rely on and let's be honest we've all got a tin of sweet corn somewhere so I'm going to.

Show you how to make the most amazing fritter first off the mixture take your flour sieve really important to sieve the flour that stops the mixture from having any lumps in there just before you get to the end I want to put.

Half a teaspoon of baking powder the baking powder gives the mixture some lift in sieve that through such a salt and pepper next an egg about four tablespoons of milk and give that a little whisk.

Now just put a little drizzle of olive oil in there that helps to relax the mixture whisk that in make sure you've got rid of all those lumps so that we want a nice smooth almost like a cake mixture okay next take the seeds out of a chili to lower the heat roll the chili so give it a really good.

Shake tap them out slice in half into quarter and each quarter in half and chop through it's a really nice quick way slicing a chili into the mixture spring onion take off.

That outside layer of the spring onion top and tail slice at an angle it's a little bit of texture running through the mixture I want that nice crunch and coriander just slice through nice and gently and get that in there.

Next to the Sweet Corn Now drain it from the tin and just Pat it dry so it doesn't make the mixture too wet give that a nice mix you can see now I've got two thirds ingredients and one third of the mixture to bind together that's a secret of good threader so you're you're biting into excitement and not sort of dough pan on.

Olive oil in nice and hot get a nice big dessert spoon you know there's one nice portion in space the fritters evenly around the pan in a clockwise Direction so you always know which one to turn first just with the back of your spoon sort of.

Spread them out a little bit okay palette knife just check with the color and turn over beautiful now for the chili yogurt dressing and finely chop a red chili and add to a pot of natural yogurt.

and then some fresh lime finish with chopped coriander coriander in give that a nice mix up chili just lifts it the lime gives it that nice tanginess the fritters they smell amazing and with the sauce.

Tastes fantastic that is such a delicious recipe using a tennis sweet corn from your cupboard amazing Follow My ultimate cookery course bursting with valuable lessons top tips and 100 recipes to take your life on and you'll literally be cooking.

Yourself into a better Chef many of these amazing recipes are on my app please check out the app store for details go on get cooking packed with cooking tips information and 100 recipes to take your life on so sit back and enjoy my delicious simple suppers one of my Essential mantras for becoming.

A better cook is it's all about building your confidence and the way to do that is with practice they have a repertoire of easy dishes you want to cook and eat time and time again and soon you'll be on your way to becoming a kitchen demon my first dish keeps it simple but delivers big time on Flavor so it's sure.

To become a regular quick supper fix spicy tuna fish cakes I love this recipe why because it turns this humble ingredient a can of tuna into something delicious just open up and drain the tuna into a sieve slightly flaked out don't press it too hard otherwise you'll.

Dry out the tuner these are water chestnuts just slicing nice and thin you can buy them anywhere any Supermarket chestnuts and fresh ginger give her that rough skin on the outside by grating the ginger you get to get all that really nice sort of juice.

In take your spring onions and just slice on an angle I like the texture of the water chestnut with a spring onion Touch of fresh coriander lovely next remove the seeds from a chili to reduce its heat without losing any.

Flavor and finely chop chilies in Cafe lime leaves roll them up nice and tight run your knife down the center once and just chop and that makes the fish cake nice and fragrant such as salt.

A touch of pepper fish sauce just lightly seasoned tuna to bind all those one of the ingredients two whole eggs and give that a nice little whisk foreign and then.

Add your eggs keep your hands in there start mixing get the mixture roll it from hand to hand in the Palm Pat them down nicely to cook add a little ground oil to a hot pan at the face of a clock I'm going to go from 12 all the way around let's first one in.

These fish cakes only take a few minutes to cook so keeping track of the order they go in the pan means you know which one to turn first to the pal a nice gentle little Shake make sure that nothing's sticking to the bottom spatula two fingers on top turn them.

Over beautiful that crackling noise is something you always want because the tune is already cooked so we just lightly frying and we get a nice crisp outside and gently take them out smell incredible let them sit there I'm going to make a really nice delicious simple dipping.

Sauce start off a little Pinch of Sugar fish sauce two tablespoons that gives it the saltiness one tablespoon of rice wine vinegar fresh lime juice squeeze all that lime in there your fresh coriander lots of coriander and then give that.

A little mix and then you have the most amazing spicy tuna fish cakes who would have thought something as delicious that can come out of a can a simple supper in minutes that's so mouth-wateringly easy and delicious you're guaranteed to cook it again and again when it comes to Simple Cooking there.

Are two basic bits of kit on never without that will save you time and effort in the kitchen a grater and a peeler the swivel peeler a stainless steel one that's incredible it's almost like a lifesaver in the kitchen because they are so quick so light swivel blade so we've got so much more flexibility you.

Can actually go around the vegetable and we call it a speed peeler in the professional kitchen because it does literally absolutely rapidly peels your vegetables you have minimal waste and are great for everything from peeling veg to finely slicing cheese and making shards of chocolate a good.

Comfortable grip and a sharp stainless steel blade ensures you'll always work fast the Box grater is another great versatile kitchen tool and with its Plains for cause grating fine grating and super fine as well as blades for slicing it's perfect for everything from purine Ginger and zesting lemons to.

Shredding onions super small so they can caramelize in a Flash and be sure to get a solid handle to hold it firm it's got such volume inside it doesn't Crush everything up so I always prefer to grate onto a tray or into a bowl so you don't have to move it again grating onto the board you've always got to lift it up and place it in so Place The.

Grater into a bowl and Grate too simple but essential Speedy bits of Kit guaranteed to make your life in the kitchen easier bread is a brilliant base for delicious super fast lunches and suppers here are three of my deliciously simple recipes that transform a humble bit of bread into a gastronomic treat.

First up flatbreads with fennel and feta olive oil to a flatbread then place in a hot frying pan and toast until crisp and golden on both sides these deliciously versatile breads are made without yeast and are available in good supermarkets and local Middle.

Eastern shops next thinly slice fresh fennel and Scatter Over The Toasted flatbread then toast aromatic fennel seeds in a hot dry pan and sprinkle on top crumble over wonderfully Tangy feta cheese finish with a drizzle of sweet and sticky pomegranate molasses.

Bread transform before your eyes flatbreads with fennel and feta simple delicious and ready to eat in minutes my next recipe that turns a hunk of bread into a stunning dish is bruschetta with garlic Tomatoes Capers and pecorino start by slicing a baguette diagonally.

To get a large surface area so it holds more of the delicious topping drizzle the bread with extra virgin olive oil then place the oil side down onto a scorching hot griddle when the bread is beautifully charred remove and rub with a peeled clove of garlic paint attention to the edges.

Next half sweet cherry tomatoes and rub the juices into the toasted garlic bread then simply crush on top next slice and Scatter over Tangy Caper berries and use a veg peeler to add shavings of salty pecorino cheese finally drizzle with extra virgin olive.

Oil and add a Twist of black pepper fantastic fresh flavors in a flash of a griddle pan toast has never tasted so good perfect for a simple light supper or easy lunch my next dish is the cannellini Bean crostini with anchovy and olive oil.

Foreign first the topping heat olive oil in a frying pan add tin cannellini beans along with the juices once heated gently mash the beans with a fork then add sliced black olives roughly chopped parsley and a splash of Sherry vinegar.

Season and leave on a gentle Heat next half a festive batter Splash with extra virgin olive oil The Griddle pan until smoking toast the bread oil side down and into the pan to char evenly curve.

Pop the toasty chapata with a cannellini Bean mixture and finish with chopped anchovies packed with bold flavors so easy you can always make it blindfolded ready in under 10 minutes but eaten in seconds three different breads three fantastic recipes proof that even when you're pressed for time you can still eat like.

A king incredible welcome back to my ultimate cookery course these are my perfect TV dinners next up my guide to getting the best ingredients for your money my shopping Mantra is very simple first rely on your senses make sure whatever you're buying it looks smells and really feels good.

And if you get the chance to taste it before you buy it then do it second is to recognize that knowledge is absolutely crucial the more you know about where your ingredients are from and how they produce the better so don't be scared ask lots of questions and learn and when you want a simple supper herbs.

Are perfect to use in your cooking they add vibrancy and amazing depth of flavor and once you get the hang of them they are so quick and simple to use and one woman who really knows these Chef's best friends is expert herb grower Lorraine Melton I love herbs I love the way you can cook with them I love the smell of them she's been growing an incredible.

Array of herbs in the wet Cambridgeshire Countryside for over 20 years and can smell a Bay from a basil at 50 pesos we grow about 150 varieties of herbs it's always interesting to grow new varieties see what they taste like see what they smell like it gets a bit addictive after a while broadly speaking you get harder herbs.

And softer herbs softer herbs are things like parsley basil rocket coriander we grow two main types of pasta we've got flat leaf parsley and curly parsley flavor wise I think they're very similar although a lot of people would say that the flat leaf parsley has got a stronger more aromatic flavor this is your common basil sweet Genovese this is a purple.

Variety called Reuben we do Greek Basil Thai Basil holy basil when you're looking for a basil you want a bright fresh basil nice leaves no blemishes and nice strong stems it's got a lot of oils in it and it's very strong smelling it just tastes the summer basil Lorraine certainly knows her stuff and she's right soft herbs are delicate so for.

Maximum flavor always use them at the end of cooking or simply add as they are to cold dishes here are my top 5 soft herbs that I could never live without basil as Lorraine said it comes in many types all with an amazing sweet punch and flavor great blitzed in pestos sprinkled whole over mozzarella and.

Showing its versatility it even makes a wonderful ice cream parsley beautifully earthy and intensely fresh use both the leaves and the stem for great depth of flavor in savior dressing soups and salads coriander for an amazing hint of citrus often used in Thai Dishes coriander is perfect in curries and chutneys but it.

Bruises easily so treat it with care tarragon a staple of French cooking this has long soft green leaves and a distinct antacid flavor great with chicken or in Rich creamy sauces finally Cherville both mild and sweet a perfect pairing with fish an incredible mix simply with melted butter for a quick sauce those are my favorite soft.

Herbs what about the hard ones the harder ones tends to be a more Woody plant things like thyme Rosemary they've got your common time which is your ordinary General bog standard cooking time and then you've got things like lemon thyme we do an orange thyme which is actually one of my favorites it smells like thyme but it's got a deep.

Sort of musky scent as well which is going to give you a slightly different flavor in your dish hard herbs like thyme could take more intense cooking than soft herbs so they're great in stews roast or pan frying choose the right one and you can add wonderful depth of flavor to your dishes here are my top five I use day in.

And day out Rosemary amazingly robust with great Bittersweet green leaves is a classic paired with lamb delicious sprinkled over specialty breads like Focaccia or great as toppings for Fruity sorbets Lorraine's favorite thyme a heavy aromatic pungent herb which adds delicious flavor to a Sunday roast it's.

Amazing with wild mushrooms and is perfect in marinades oregano warm and full of delicious aromatic oils a staple of great Italian dishes and perfect sprinkled on pizzas or in pasta sauces stage a strong tasting herb with a deliciously bitter flavor incredible in.

Stuffings and with Rich Meats like pork or duck finally Bay Bittersweet and spicy is delicious simmered in soups stocks and risottos and just as good dried or fresh growing herbs is a lot easier than people think it is on winter boxes in balconies and it's great you can just open your window put your hand out and.

Snip some off when you're out looking for hers make sure they look nice and healthy no blemishes stems look strong they should just spring back it's a nice springy sort of herbs smell obviously is quite important not all things smell but obviously if you think it's one that's going to smell like lemon thyme it should have a nice fresh lemon scent and.

Obviously the final one is taste you can tip a bit off and taste your herbs and you can see what they taste like then whether bought from a supermarket or picked from your window box herbs are a great way to add fresh flavors to your dishes perfect for delicious simple suppers.

even if you've got a super busy lifestyle it doesn't mean missing out on delicious desserts they just have to be simple to make when it comes to cooking at home puddings should always be a pleasure and never a chore and homemade puts are 100 guaranteed to impress.

My next recipe has only two main ingredients but Simplicity doesn't mean food can't taste out of this world incredible griddle pineapple with spice caramel if you're making a dessert for one or two it's gonna be quick and easy there's some delicious griddle pineapple fits the bill perfectly conversations.

Pineapple way of testing is nice and ripe top of the leaves come out perfect ready to go always cut a pineapple with a straight edge knife slice off the bottom turn it back over and slice the top part now.

Keep that for later look at the core the center of the pineapple and slice down directly in half slice that in half take each quarter and slice them smells incredible lay down flat and just slice that core off.

So you've got this perfect sort of boat like pineapple slice underneath but stop as you get right at the end slicing around the skin will make the pineapple easier to eat but leaving it attached gives you more control as it Cooks next Heat a griddle pan as hot as you can start off.

In the corner and push it down so you really Mark the pineapple two minutes on each side and then just turn them really nice color now that beautiful I'm going to sprinkle them with a little touch of sugar that's going to glaze them now.

Slice the top take out these beautiful glaze slices of pineapple next up the spice caramel now start off with your pan nice and hot sprinkle four tablespoons of sugar in there just flatten it.

Then add the seeds from a fresh vanilla pod in a small dusting of Chinese five spice never stir caramel let it sort of bubble and transform and she goes now I've got the color I want it that's the perfect color off with the gas in with the butter then.

A couple tablespoons of cream lovely and then give that a little whisk add the rest of your cream and just drip that spicy caramel over your pineapple hmm wow.

Simple elegant and seriously impressive griddle pineapple with spiced caramel a delicious treat all to yourself that tastes even better shared next my tricks of the trade and kitchen tips first up the proper way to chop fresh herbs to get maximum flavor chopping herbs the secret is to chop.

Them not bruise them now basil is a soft herb so treat it with some respect when people go mad chopping herbs all the goodness comes out on the board I want the goodness left inside the basil place them all inside one another with the largest Leaf at the bottom and it's almost like rolling a cigar large one at the bottom small ones.

In the center and then look place them down together just roll them nice and gently don't bruise them step one rolled ready to slice sharp knife imperative fingers tucked in the bottom part of your knuckle is the guide between you and the herbs that.

There stops you from cutting your finger really important to get comfortable with a knife and just practice rolling the knife across the board and relaxing that wrist it's all in the wrist action so herbs up fingernails touch underneath and just up and down up and.

Down and there you have a chopped basil that's not bruised and smelling very fragrant right coriander so you get the bunch of coriander hold it down and just lightly shave the leaves off the Stalls Bunch them up together and then just.

Again let the knife do the work took the fingernails in and just chop once and one certainly don't hack it just chop it you can always identify when you bruise the herb when you've removed the herbs off the board and there's a big green patch full of flavor and none of the goodness.

Is left on The Chopping board a great tip for using leftover herbs simply chop finely mix into butter roll up in clinical and freeze Herbie hit cut into slices and melt over steaks chicken or veg asparagus is great for a simple supper to prepare always remove the Lower Woody stem by gently bending and the asparagus.

Will snap at the perfect point then boil Steam and serve with a little of my herb butter for a cracking soft boiled egg simply place your egg in boiling water add a splash of vinegar and cook for exactly eight minutes then plunge into ice water the vinegar helps the shell peel off easily and the.

Ice Water stops the egg from cooking giving you the perfect runny yolk for fuss-free salad dressings simply add the ingredients into a Jam Jar screw the lid on tightly and Shake to combine in seconds there's no need to wash up a whisk and the jar is ready made to store any leftovers.

Follow My ultimate cookery course bursting with valuable lessons top tips and 100 recipes to take your take your fun and you'll literally be cooking yourself into a better chef many of these amazing recipes are on my app please check out the app store for details go on get cooking