My first recipe is packed with strong confident flavors and with the oven taking the strain is a pleasure to make delicious slow braised stuffed lamb breast one of the secrets to slow cooking is to be robust and really get stuck in big bold flavors work brilliantly well so don't be precious.

This is gutsy cooking at its absolute best these are lambres a beautiful cheap cut and they're sort of tucked alongside the rib they've been boned out the skin has been taken off I'm going to roll them stuff them and braise them braising simply means cooking in liquid on a low heat making the meat divinely tender now.

Open them up and give them a really good seasoning season them both sides inside and out really important it doesn't look like a real weighty dense cut of meat but once it's beautifully slow braised it's just like melting lamb it's incredible I'm going to season the breasts with some dried oregano put a heat in there some chili flakes.

lemon zest amazing salted anchorries in there now they almost melt inside the lamb so the balance of flavors work beautifully now pull it down towards you and roll that nice and tightly.

That's what I'm looking for a string just need to tie them three times one at each end and one in the middle I fell in love with this dish years ago when I first started working in Paris because we had all the lamb in from the Pyrenees nice thing is they can be done the day.

Before pan on olive oil in look at that oil nice and hot lemon it's really important to get some nice color on there whilst they're Browning slice The Onion the lamb is going to be cooking for two and a half hours so don't slice the.

Onions too thinly otherwise they'll burn garlic and leave whole got a color on them look at that beautiful take them out onions in and garlic straight in lovely that's the secret about slow braising you never change pans why of all the goodness isn't that one pan a few chili seeds in there.

Argano nice pinch a little bit of lemon in there and I'll do the onions what I did to the lamb next my capers fry them off get them exploding to the bottom of the pan they get nice and crispy next my black olives.

Now white wine bring that up to the boil deglazing the pan as well a rinse in the bottom of that pan and now the flavor in there it's just extraordinary now where are our tomatoes puncher.

Those plum tomatoes then simply place the lamb breasts back in the pot and remember to taste that's nice lid on into the oven 170. two two and a half hours and forget about it.

Whoa beautiful all that was reduced down to this amazing nice tomato sauce and the lamb it's kept its color look at that that's braised beautifully very carefully little bits there it's nice off pull off the little bits of string.

This is why I get really excited the secret is not to slice it too thinly look at that smell the lemon it's hard to believe when you slice through the center there but that is a very cheap cut of meat on salivating I love this I mean it's just incredible pick up the tomatoes and the olives and.

The onions and amazing Rich sauce take your lamb sort of just hit it on it looks incredible and that for me is why chefs get so excited with.

Cheap Cuts because the end results are incredible delicious breast of lamb with lemon anchovies chili and oregano my next recipe is all about great flavors and it is as cheap and easy to make as it is delicious spicy sausage rice whatever you're.

Cooking the secret to making great food is to ensure you lock in every last ounce of flavor in that pan and this spicy sausage rice does exactly that foreign take these spicy sausages and Pierce that skin because I want all that delicious spicy sausage meat out of this.

Casing and you get more flavor from the sausage when you take them out the casing sausage is ready turn on the gas Red Onion less acidic than a big white Spanish onion and a lot more flavoursome tablespoon of olive oil a tablespoon only because I want all that fat coming out the sausages to sort of really help.

Flavor the onions onions in and the onions go in first because you can never Rush cooking an onion it's really important to sort of give them five to six minutes in the pan so you can really start the caramelizing a mouth of my pepper slice around wasting nothing I want to see that sort of little core.

Those tips in the center no fine dice pepper the rice is going to be cooking for 20 minutes so I want the veg to sort of have texture after it's cooked peppers in a bit of garlic two nice cloves just slap down off of the shell garlic in.

Now I want to turn up the gas get the pan nice and hot because the minute that sausage goes in everything cools down and you'll end up boiling the peppers and the onions and the garlic so heat up to maximum and then just make a well in the center in now start stirring quickly.

This is where you get so much more bang for your buck out of sausages because the Skin's off and the real flavor of that spicy Italian sausage is gonna come through what's great about this recipe is that you can use any type of sausage to get the flavor and the heat you want I've gone for the spicy Italian but it's just as good with mergys or chorizo.

A teaspoon in give it that really nice Smoky flavor rice in and we're going to sort of basically sear the rice we call it in the kitchen blasting the rice where we sort of soaked the rice for 30 seconds and it takes on all that flavor next white wine.

So the wine sort of deglazes the pan and washes all that flavor from the bottom of the pan into the rice stock in bring it up to the boil turn it down and let it simmer double stock to Rice turn that gas down and let it simmer so 12 to 15 minutes just give it the occasional stir keep an eye on it now get ready to finish it.

Sliced spring onions diced sweet juicy tomatoes and roughly chop earthy flat leaf parsley spring onions in tomatoes in off with the gas really important otherwise everything becomes overcooked flat leaf parsley in but look at the volume in that pan now that is an.

Amazing way to take spicy Italian sausages to a completely different level beautiful


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