We are going to combine all of this and create the ultimate cooking we're going to start with the dry mixers because these actually need work and some extra ingredients some of these are not even meant to be cookies I don't know how this is going to work out let's start with something classic chocolate chip cookie in order to make this quicker I'm.

Going to try to bake two different cookie doughs at the same time this is a bad idea also two completely different brands so this is a fun fatty variety and I'm just gonna prepare it according to the instructions and we're also eating the package as you can see we're that eco-friendly I'll recycle it with my intestines oh is that toenail.

Wow that is a toenail this is why I shouldn't have clipped my Nails in the kitchen a hygienic King oh that smells straight up chemical so and this is the chocolate chip cookie I would say this is possibly you really want me to eat you this is possibly the most popular cookie mix ever in America Betty Crocker chocolate.

Chip cookie this one smells incredible no chemical at all never in my life I have ever been happier to be living in America this is just an example on how my life is so much easier here the butter is already measured in into sticks so here it says to add one stick of butter so when you go and buy butter they sell my love language is acts of.

Service and the service has been provided so I guess this is one stick of butter this is one stick this has to be one stick right that's one stick of butter seems small we're gonna end up making birthday cakes cones so one stick of butter on this side and one stick of butter on the Betty Crocker as well the instructions.

Are the same they're probably all owned by the same company this is me attempting to crack two eggs at the same time no wait this is a bad idea or I can do this with one hand why am I thinking I'm Gordon Ramsay all of a sudden maybe I am oh no no I'm not no this is surprisingly simple so we're going to.

Combine the whole thing okay the butter is a little bit tough so maybe wait for the butter to come down to room temperature before you do this that is a lesson that I'm learning now I feel like I'm digging in Minecraft foreign this seems kind of dry and it might have something to do with the fact that my.

Butter was very very cold oh my God what is going on I guess that's one of it ready to murder Me Maybe I do think in the end we got there this is giving very much cookie dough it might seem a little bit like not as Blended it's because the butter is so cold but I think look as this starts to cool down we might have to work it a.

Little bit but in the end that is very much birthday cake cookie dough so we've done one successfully I'm gonna try to break the butter first oh this is a bad idea it's gonna jump foreign so this is where we ended up for the birthday cake one.

Pretty great it smells smells artificial this one smells really good it smells like caramel even though it's chocolate chip I just realized I'm gonna have to do this 20 times Jesus Take the Wheel Jesus take the electric mixer the spoon and please if it's not asking too much please load the dishwasher I'm going to.

Grab the prepared cookie doughs basically put them all together this is one out of 20. I feel like I'm collecting the seven Dragon Balls collecting the Lord of the Rings Rings the horcruxes and this is the chocolate chip cookie dough I'm probably gonna start to forget which one is which but I guess it doesn't really matter as long.

As they're all different it's also probably okay if they touch two cookie dough sitting in a bowl ten feet apart because they're not gay these next two is just me being in a silly goofy mood because these are very much not cookies so this one is a no-bake cookie bite which we are going to buy and this one's a Reese's cookie cup I'm just gonna add.

The Reese's into the mix and transform it into a Reese's cookie dough onto the actual mix this is gonna be good I just know it's like actual pieces of Oreos which is really interesting because wait I can taste this this is edible that is so good it has potential to be used for other things.

Coming up on my tech talk today we're gonna add one stick of butter and one tablespoon of water the butter is a whole lot softer actually put in the microwave for a little bit this is much softer this will work and one tablespoon of water and this is just some tap water you know what you will never know.

Am I being eco-friendly or did I buy this from the supermarket okay so one tablespoon of water that is that doesn't make a difference I could have cried into this trust me I'm holding it back and it's more like three tablespoons that is it this is really really simple so this one is definitely approved it smells great it's super.

Simple okay I think this is better already this is a whole lot better still making a little bit of a mess you know cookie dough is ready when it starts to get its own life when it starts to try to take over your arm adopt your children this is the Oreo of.

Flavored cookie dough I love when my cookie dough is Cookie flavor anyways we still got the recess one to go through so this is supposed to be like a cookie dough cup so this one comes with a little comes with the cups cookie and these are the little pieces Reese's Pieces I'm gonna use these two I'm gonna add.

Smells like peanut butter it smells incredible so we're gonna need another stick of butter and once again one tablespoon of water it's a lot easier than making the cakes the cakes take a whole lot of ingredients and this thing around the butter is measured for me couldn't have asked for anything else in fact if I died now I.

Would die happy so I'm gonna add I'm gonna I'm gonna add one tablespoon of water okay so this seems ready to this we're gonna add the secret ingredient which is not so secret because it's on the it's on the cover just a quick mix.

So this is Jesus trying to stop me from carrying on with this terrible idea here we've got okay Jesus I hear you carry on collecting our cookie Infinity Stones I've never watched a Marvel movie it's a little bit softer maybe it's.

Because this is edible I'm just gonna make it smoother into a bowl it's a little bit less than the other ones maybe it's because these are like not edible our collection is expanding the texture of the Reese's one is interesting it might be because I added too much water this is what I would like to call a whereas peanut.

It's very soft oh do you see how that sticks kind of like everywhere foreign on this side yeah you're gonna go and sit on the corner that's great you just gotta do this you can put a million more times I love my life next up we've got a classic this is an oatmeal cookie and I'm just gonna carry.

On and just finish the whole dry mixes I'm just going to sit here for the next six hours see you guys on the other side foreign foreign maybe I should have gone to college I.

Believe this is fun fatty I'm gonna put the Funfetti right in here so this one is Snickerdoodle so kind of scared to go in the center oatmeal and this one is like it looks like a selection of breads from the Cheesecake Factory so this is a no-bake birthday cake flavor it kind of doesn't want to come together so there we go no bake.

Birthday truffles so this is peanut butter and you do have space for all of it peanut butter right in the center oatmeal chocolate chip why there's so many varieties and this is basically all the ones that we made and I don't think we're gonna have space for the ones in the fridge it's too heavy for me this is.

Basically every dry mix cookie and now we can move on to the refrigerated ones which at least we don't have to make of course we're not done yet so we're gonna move on to the refrigerated ones this is a Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough I've actually never tried the of course it's already pre-cut even distributed the chocolate chips this is why I love.

America I'm gonna squish it so we have space for all of them man this is gonna be so good it's gonna be the best variety I tried finding a bigger try even this is not enough I'm gonna put this one in the corner then we've got classic chocolate chip but this one is by Pillsbury though so I've never had the one from Pillsbury though the other.

Chocolate chip that we've got is by Betty Crocker so we've got basically two different brands same product and once again this one already comes free portion okay I'm gonna use half of it I'm gonna put the other half in the freezer so this one is kind of difficult to actually.

Combine again the thing is if I love one of these cookie doughs a lot that I'm like I need more of this there's no possible way to know which one it is with this one here this is smaller portions because this is chocolate chip cookie but the one by nestlight which I think this is like one of the most popular.

I'm gonna do the same amount it's not giving the same amount it does not wanna does not want to give any amount this one is very tough the Pillsbury one this one is darker but softer this is a Pillsbury dough sugar cookie dough and it comes in a in a two how do you even open this how do I save this in the fridge now.

Feel like I've ruined it that is very very strange well I guess it's mixed already I love my salami shaped cookie dough I'm being maybe a little bit too safe with the space now and this is my personal favorite this is a Cinnabon caramel chocolate cookie it's got so much caramel that.

It's stuck to the package that's exactly what we want kind of just looks like chocolate chip cookies actually interestingly this one is the one that looks the most like homemade it almost looks like I've just scoped it after making it myself at home so a lot of chocolate chips so hopefully I'm gonna have space for the ones that we.

Prepared now you guys are not ready for this I'm looking at it and I'm not sure if I'm ready for this myself every single cookie dough mix available at the supermarket every single one I mean this it ended up being 15 different cookie that was I surprisingly know what every.

Single one of them is that's how attached I've grown to the doll what I'm gonna do now is obviously transform this into one cookie and I'm gonna do two different methods first one I'm gonna make like a Frankenstein cookie like one scoop of this one one scoop of this one one scoop of this one and just press it together without blending it the second.

One I'm gonna combine all the dolls with my hands or maybe with an electric mixer and I'm going to create a smooth cookie that is all these flavors mixed in I don't know if it's going to be good or bad but it's going to be memorable I'm going to bake both cookies on a on a baking tray with parchment paper.

This is the Pillsbury Funfetti so I'm gonna make sure to get all the sprinkles I think this will be the best way but if it isn't we'll get there this is the Pillsbury Funfetti flavor Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie I think I don't know what this is I think this is Betty Crocker it doesn't matter so I'm gonna try to.

Make them the exact same size oat chocolate chip this is peanut butter cookies and cream no bake birthday truffles I think Reese's Pieces this one might be the no-bake one I don't know this is snickerdoodle.

This is Cinnabon caramel chocolate chip oatmeal sugar cookie uh M M's chocolate chip this one is Pillsbury chocolate chip so the good news is they're roughly the same size the bad news is this is going to be a giant cookie I think 15 different flavors of.

Cookie we're gonna do exactly this to them combine them I don't know how to feel about this I'm just going to make them like sort of stick together wait because this might actually be working I'm gonna have to bake one at a time.

There's no other way to do this so we kind of want this to be shaped like a cookie ideally it's definitely giving something it's giving a lot of things at once wait this is kind of melting now let me put this in the fridge for a second it's getting hot in here the situation with the cookie is has got me heated for this.

One we're going 4K as we're combining I thought it was someone coming to steal my cookies anyways like I would say for this one we're doing 4K as we're combining everything and then blending it into one so I'm gonna try to get roughly the same amount of each but it's not as important for this one I'm still gonna try.

I need gases in the comments what color this is going to become because I don't know myself okay some doughs are drier some are more moisturized this looks like I work at a an ice cream shop and I'm being extra generous with my scoop and also we don't follow health and safety standards I cannot believe this is real it's every.

Single flavor of cookie dough in there like I need to give you a 360 and what we're gonna do is I cannot believe we're doing this guess in the comments what color this will become it's getting really soft I actually not that easy to blend but I'm not giving up right now it's very much giving cookie tie-dye it's.

Also giving Lush bath bomb from last year that you forgot to use and now it's half ruined from the humidity in your bathroom on the outside and you can't even use it anymore if we were to bake a giant cookie this would be massive but we're not gonna go that big so I think I'm gonna use half of it this will make two cookies.

So I'm going to maybe split this into two I would even argue that this should be split into four because this is still going to be a huge cookie maybe I should do a huge one and then two tiny ones okay I think this will be the perfect size the tinier ones but I will also bake a big one because I know you probably want to see that so do we.

Flatten them or do we leave them like this I would say we leave them like this maybe the big one not flat just a tiny little bit that is a cookie made of the combination of every cookie dough from the supermarket it's real it's here it might be on sale probably next year by Betty Crocker I just knew this exact thing that I said is going to be used on.

Tech talk a year from now and I've just given another company a couple million dollars you're welcome that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get a tiny piece of Oreo and put it on top this will make it so much better chocolate chip okay it looks uglier but I think when it bakes this will make it worth it it.

Comes down to these cookies this is exactly what I'm gonna put in the oven this is what I'm Gonna Bake this is the final result of combining everything in two different ways this is my normal cookie sized one so I've got the one where it's all Blended and then I added some sprinkles on Top This one is definitely the one that I'm the most.

Excited for because it's basically the Frankenstein cookie hopefully they cook the same because I'm gonna cook them together I think and then of course this is the big one this is this is gonna spread out so much I have no idea if this is gonna work I'm guessing 20 minutes will be enough to cook this it looks like stones I was joking about.

Infinity Stones but I'm pretty sure I've never watched the name movie but I'm pretty sure this is what they look like this one looks baked already but this is not baked this is very much raw so I'm gonna put this in the oven I'm Gonna Bake all four the Miniatures and the giant ones I've officially lost my mind and I'm pretty sure you guys are loving.

Every sec second of this no because you guys don't understand this looks nothing nothing like what I was expecting so this is the Frankenstein the one where we put tiny little pieces together of all the cookies and this I don't even know if I can show you this correctly this.

Is what it looks like first of all why does it look like a koala I don't know if it failed I don't know if it worked I'm so confused also why does it look like my dog all the cookie does work perfectly these cooked in around 20 minutes with the exception of the no-bake birthday Truffles and the no-bake Oreo truffles.

Those just burned they didn't cook they didn't become cookies but somehow they're still attached that's the ears it looks like a bear I am so horrified by this like I can't even decide if it's a failure or a success because it's kind of both the good news is it baked perfectly and he kind of let me see if I can.

Not the burned ears why does it look like something you'd get at Disneyland and it's like this wasn't supposed to work it smells so so good it literally smells like Disneyland if you put together all the cookies from the supermarket I promise you it's like being at Disneyland.

You will only know if you try this which no one will but it's just like being at Disneyland that Disneyland Bakery smell that's you see like random like candy marshmallow the Reese's chocolate chip Snickerdoodle and and obviously in the corners which was not intentional at all we've got the burned non-bake truffles so that's what happens if you bake a.

Non-bake truffle they do you know when people add pretzels to cookies that's kind of what it's giving and this is the one in which we Blended the whole dollars and this is even more unexpected it's perfect it literally looks it looks like I got it from a store and you can see all the pieces of different things in it Reese's Pieces.

You can see the different types of chocolate chip oats there's oats in here isn't there a popular everything but the kitchen sink cookie this is everything in the kitchen sink cookie I should really try and Mark that if no one has yet I obviously waited for this to cool down so we could hold it but pretty damn perfect.

Was do you guys see that shiny piece of caramel that's from the Cinnabon caramel cookie the smell you enter Disneyland and then there's a first street with all the the bakeries the restaurants and it smells like artificially sweet like it smells like all your favorite things that's what this smells like I'm not lying it's the truth that is the only.

Scent in the world that could even begin to compare to this it's incredible that's what the cookies look like and if you're interested we also cook the minis once again we must have done something right that almost looks even better and it's like the perfect cookie texture and then this one exactly the same thing happened as the other one the birthday.

Truffles kind of crisped up so you kind of got like a rainbow crisp it looks horrifying but also kind of cool I spend more time and energy in this than I care to admit so we're just gonna we're gonna eat it I hope it's still soft in the center this is so confusing to look at it's literally like a million different.

Cookies I don't even know what this is like the m m ones I can see some races I think in here is that the peanut butter I'm so confused like a gradient of flavors as you bite through the cookie and then the little crisp in the corner surprisingly no burning nice in order to get the most flavor out of this I'm gonna bite a double cookie the center of.

It is peanut butter birthday cake sugar cookie wow I got goosebumps I've never eaten it is so good I don't even know where to buy there's so many options wow thank you for deciding for me I usually don't like cookies that are too crispy.

This is incredible but I'm mostly interested in this this is the one which we Blended everything this one is definitely soft I just know that this is a soft cookie because I can feel it this one is not even going to be crispy at all oh that's gonna be good.

Oh there's a PC in the center with the caramel I'm just gonna go straight for that oh my God best cookie I've ever eaten I can't even begin to describe what this tastes like for I think the first time ever I literally can't even begin to describe.

It how is this real how I need to get my jacket off I'm getting cold and hot at the same time I've never experienced anything like this sensory overload right now everything everywhere all at once it's like a bakery is making fresh cookies.

Fresh bread cinnamon buns croissants like everything that a bakery is doing imagine that they just put out all their all their products for the day freshly baked just literally fresh off the oven like that yeasty Bakery smell now imagine that covered in chocolate but also like a dust of cinnamon I also salted caramel.

There's salted caramel in there as well a lot of brown sugar this is so good I don't want to eat it I'm not gonna eat it I'm Gonna Save this if anyone wants it I will send you one to a few of you because I feel like you need to experience this I found it the greatest thing ever that's the end I think that's the end of my YouTube channel we've done.

It this is I guess what we're looking for all along I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I mean I clearly as you saw I really enjoy this video I enjoyed the ending of this video mostly No One's Gonna try this but I I did it for all of us and it was incredible I also I also enjoyed it for for the thousands.

Of months I don't know I don't think I want to do a part three of this just because this is a lot but if you really want it I thought about doing one with brownies you know what to do if you really want it I will do it because that's just who I am I will always do whatever you guys want don't forget to like the video if you want one with.

Mixing all the brownies don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss it and that's about it I love you guys I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you on my next video bye