For a spoonable Asian Twist on my favorite fastfood order of all time I am making bacon egg and cheese fried rice it's salty it's crispy It'sall under a blanket of melty cheddar cheese and best eaten in gigantic sloppy shovels right intomy mouth to start I'm crisping up the bacon I do this first so that I can render out the fat andthat's what I'm gonna use to cook both the eggs and the rice I'll transfer it to a wire rackso that any excess grease can drip off and the rack versus the paper towel allows it to staycrispy and I'll pour the remaining fat into a heat safe vessel for cooking later I've got foureggs here I'll give them a whip I think I make fried rice at least once a week it's so easy Ihave all the ingredients on hand at all times a few years ago I started finishing it with meltycheese which just brought it to the next level.

You don't typically see dairy in Chinese foodbut I went up script and tried it and have never looked back all right these are what I like ahard and fast scramble so I'll scramble these in this hot pan with the bacon fat for justabout a minute or two until they're just set or move them from the pan I'll season theseeggs with a pinch of salt I'll add a bit more Bacon Fat since my pan is looking dry andthen use it to cook a chopped yellow onion and then some scallions I'll only put the Whiteand the light green Parts at this point because they're tougher and they need that extra timeI'll stir these around and allow them to get soft and fragrant next three cloves of finelychopped garlic and then I'll grate in some fresh ginger which is a little ingredient that goesa long way as far as the depth and excitement.

And this should just cook for about a minuteI don't want to burn the garlic and the ginger so while this goes I'll grab the rice cheese andpeas I've got a few cups of leftover short grain rice here I'll break it up with my spatula andstart to get it warm throughout I'll sneak in some veggies I'm going to toss in some frozen peasyou could use fresh or frozen if you use frozen they thaw almost immediately because they'reso small I'll stir these in and to finish this off I'll chop up the bacon and the eggs that'ssome good crispy bacon toss everything together spread it out in an even layer to getthe bottom crispy and then cover with cheddar cheese going all the way to the edges mmm now we'll stick this in the oven at 475 degreesjust for a few minutes to get the cheese melty.

Good and melty our crispy cheesy bits around theedges I'll finish with a drizzle of sriracha and they have a good fried rice has a little heatI'll add the ketchup in private and my scallion greens wow that is one good looking fried riceI'm going to compose the perfect bite bacon some egg crispy cheese and I'll dig to the bottom andget some crispy rice too here comes the shovel hmm oh yeah um it's cheesy it's bacony it's eggy andthe ginger in there oh yes this is Rockin my world foreign


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