My gigantic cardamom roll is striking andmoist and it's got ribbons of warm floral spice throughout for my dough I'll start with four anda half cups of all-purpose flour and I'll flavor it with a half teaspoon of ground cardamoma teaspoon of kosher salt two and a quarter teaspoons of instant yeast and a third of a cup ofgranulated sugar always this to combine I'll get my wet ingredients I've got one cup of whole milkhere that I swirled around in a saucepan with half a cup of unsalted butter I heated it up just tomelt the butter and then allowed it to cool just to lukewarm I don't want it to be too hot becausethen it would kill the yeast I'll crack and add two large eggs splash of vanilla we'll make thisextra cozy I'll get this onto my stand mixer to need I'll let this knead until it's smooth andstill slightly sticky about eight to ten minutes.

Okay it's looking smooth it's feeling smoothfeeling that cardamom all right I'll grab a new bowl this is just coated with some neutral oils ifthe dough doesn't stick or dry out pop all this up smooth and hot surface I'll swish it around toget it coated in a thin layer of oil I'll cover this up and then allow it to rise for one anda half to two hours until it's doubled in size this dough is puffy puffy I'm ready to roll itout I've got my counter dusted with some flour and I'm Gonna Roll it out to a great big rectangle 24inches wide by 18 inches tall I think I've taken up enough counter space so so that my fillingcan stick I'll first brush this all over with some melted butter and this is a quarter cup ofmelted butter but I'll just use half of it at this point all right I'll sprinkle this with my fillingnow I've got half a cup of dark brown sugar dark.

So that you get a more vibrant swirl as well assome cardamom and a little salt I'll sprinkle two thirds of it on now and I'm getting this all theway to the edge I'll fold this in half lengthwise and then I'll repeat this process anotherlayer of butter and the remainder of my filling and I'll fold this in half so I'm just creatingall of these layers now before I go any further I'll get my Skillets butter these generouslyso now to shape these I'll cut this in half the long way I'll create two very longskinny rectangles I'm working with one at a time so I'll twist this up and I'll swirlit up like a snail that looks cool already I'll gently transfer it to the pan andwhen this bakes it'll absorb all that butter and get a great crispy bottomand Edge okay it's not filling up the.

Pan completely yet but it will continue torise I'll do the second one the same way I'll nestled into the pan I'll coverthese up and allow them to rise for another hour and then give them an egg wash and sprinklewith Swedish pearl sugar which is crunchy and sweet if you can't find that you can also useturbinado sugar and then I'll bake these at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes until they're goldenI'm so excited oh they're so pretty they're the perfect golden color these are awesome got mywhipped butter ready here oh yeah that's good gotta slather it with butter this is whippedbutter so it's fluffier and easier to spread pillowy soft super butteryand it's got the perfect amount of sweetness and cardamom thank you.


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