I am making a Twist on thebest Canadian drunk food there is poutine but I'm swapping out thefries for Tots and I'm adding short ribs so to get started I'm seasoning one and ahalf pounds of boneless beef short ribs all over with kosher salt let's get some blackpepper on here I've got a pot heating on my stove over medium-high heat I'll add a drizzleof neutral oil and then Brown These on all sides exactly the sound I'm looking to hear it's smelling heavily in here already look at that one that is a golden crispycell that I'm looking for so I'll flip this and get that same color on all sides I'mgonna remove them from my pot now to build the.

Braising liquid I'll reduce the heat on thispot to medium and add my veggies sweet carrots and a white onion and three garlic cloves thatI've just smashed I'll season with a good pinch of salt and I'm using the back from the shortribs to cook the veggies I'll let them soften I'll add one tablespoon of tomato paste whichwill add some richness to the braising liquid and allow it to caramelize slightly next I'm goingto pour in a whole bottle of beer and I'm going to use this to help loosen up some of the tastybits that are stuck to the bottom of the pan I'll add one and a half cups of low sodium beef stockI'll toss in a couple of times breaks to infuse this with great herbiveness bring this to a boilit's already making the kitchen smell incredible I'll remove it from the Heat transfer the shortribs back into the pot I'll cover this up and.

Stick it in the oven at 325 degrees for two anda half to three hours until the short ribs are fall apart tender my short ribs arecooked they're ready to come out of the oven Beauty it's that is one of the top five smellsof all time I'll fish out the short ribs I'll set those aside and then fish out allof my veggies and Thyme sprays because I'm going to use a braising liquid here tomake the gravy and now to build the gravy I'll heat a pot over medium and melt twotablespoons of butter and combine it with two tablespoons of flour to create a rouxI'll whisk this around and cook those for a couple of minutes to get rid of that floweryflavor I just need the texture to help thicken the gravy I'll continue to whisk now asI gradually Ladle in the braising liquid.

Amazing like they look so fatty and good itthickens up at first but then as I add more of the braising liquid it'll smooth out into aluxurious gravy I'm gonna thin it out with a bit more of my low sodium beef stock looking goodI'll hold this over low heat now while I shred my short ribs to add back to the gravy and this isnot taking any effort at all because these shorts are so tender this is going back into the gravyI'll grab my baked tots they're golden and so crispy the third main ingredient is cheese curdsand a very important Finishing Touch malt vinegar I'll pile some pots onto my serving plateI can hear how crispy they are now cheese curds they will add creaminess a littlechewiness a ladle over the Saucy short ribs to help cut all this richness a few shakesof malt vinegar will go a very long way and.

Leslie because it looks pretty some freshchives and fresh parsley I am diving in immediately a tot some short ribs a few herbsand a cheese curd it's cheesy it's Saucy it's meaty it's salty and that vinegar isthe perfect hit at the end that was stupid good


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