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MOMO THE GANGSTER! If Momo Yaoyorozu Was A Villain – My Hero Academia


Alright guys so we are back yet again with another as a hero as a villain video which are always fun videos to make and i think that for these sorts of series on the channel they're especially fun because despite the crazy potential so many of the characters in the story possess.

My hero academia has a bit of a hard time giving them all their due diligence and when i think of a character and associated quirk with absurd potential momo comes to mind immediately we're talking about one of the most capable and dependable characters in the entire series.

Whose core creation possesses unreal levels of versatility she's pretty much like if shikamaru was in my hero academia in that if given enough time she can work out just about any situation even under the most immense pressure and sure maybe she's not necessarily the person you want to see in a one-on-one.

Fight or in those sorts of epic power clashes but in terms of support there is nobody i would rather have in my corner pro hero or not and so with that momo as a villain is something i have thought about for a very long time now as per usual when it comes to this.

Sort of conceptual content we try our best to keep things plausible yet interesting and so as for momo's villainous motivation i have a few ideas now moma grew up rich and so even beyond her quirk possessions have always been a staple of her lifestyle.

In the event that her money turned out to be dirty or her family went bankrupt that could serve as a major shift for the character and her development now alternatively despite one's inherent riches childhood neglect isn't too uncommon in wealthy households and so as an active defiance or a cry.

For attention she could have dabbled outside the law just a bit and so with that we have precious momo's introduction to crime being that of drugs now the way her creation quirk works the things she creates must be inorganic and so we're talking about.

Pharmaceuticals and that sort of dangerous chemical stuff however because she would be the one crafting them they would have the potential to be especially refined and ideal like an episode of breaking bad but more than just being a user she would be a dealer and a damn.

Good one at that any and all products would be made on the spot and so there'd be no risk of being caught with the stuff on her and furthermore the profitability of requiring no supplies to do so would be ridiculous and by all means we could call it a day right there with a presumed market cap.

Of hundreds of billions of dollars for illicit drugs in general but come on where is the fun in that because beyond drug production a villainous momo additionally has the potential to be the greatest arms dealer in the history of mankind i mean we are looking at a constant flow of weaponry.

Which once again has no production cost so long as she has a firm understanding of an item she can perfectly replicate it in mass and so maybe she would need to have schematics or specific stolen and such but that would be minor to the absolutely absurd profits to be made and now my hero academia has always been.

Perplexing to me when it comes to technology the whole super human society thing is validated by the genetic spread of quirks and whatnot but support items are just ridiculous in their own right i mean these are powerful tools that to me have.

Way more potential by their lonesome than they're given credit for and so really capitalizing on that sort of thing would be major for her i mean they have all for one locked up with tech that'll execute him if he even thinks about using his quirks so yeah let's not pretend that these.

Things are only good as supplements now granted there are further limitations beyond the inorganic restriction such as the surface area of her body being a defining aspect which overall goes to limit the size of her creations but there's no reason she can't just create.

Parts to be put together to create a larger creation and with all this in my head a villainous momo to me is a bit of a boss and quite the gangster at that and so in regards to the sort of people that would be useful to her someone like that one kid in the red from the.

Provisional license exam or anyone that can make things bigger either people or things would be perfect as they deserve to mitigate the potential shortcoming we just spoke about but you know what beyond all that one of momo's most devastating moves as a villain would certainly have to be economic.

Instability she could single-handedly run the vast majority of product-based businesses into the ground and flood several markets with perfectly replicated goods to the point where differentiating authenticity would be next to impossible not to mention that on top of all these possibilities.

She is an actual genius so she'd actually be able to put these plans into action in incredible ways i mean really with enough diligence and meticulous effort she could just cut through all of this and make counterfeit cash a villainous momo would be a menace to society.

In ways never before seen imagine if overhaul knew about her quirk on top of ares to me creation is just far too capable but let me know what you guys think about it in the comments and also how you feel about momo as a villain hopefully you enjoyed the video and if you did go ahead and subscribe to plot.

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Covered as always i am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you