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MOMO YAOYOROZU (Creati) Creation QUIRK EVOLUTION! – My Hero Academia


With the return of the my hero academia anime we have on the channel the return of quirk evolution if you are relatively new to the channel allow me to explain the series of swords that we have going on so with quirk evolution we set out to consider the quirks of our many.

Characters from the popular to the lesser focused and take them to the next level and with the many characters of class 1b now finally being properly represented with the anime we have a sort of season 2 to quark evolution on our hands however admittedly there are a few.

Members of class 1a that we have yet to cover in the case of momo contemplating an advancement for such an absurdly versatile quirk like creation was a pretty daunting task creation is the ability to produce non-living objects from one's own body with it momo can create just about any.

Object regardless of complexity all she needs to do is understand the atomic configuration of the desired product which is presented in the series to be a simple feat but that's kind of ridiculous i mean i'm almost smart sure but to fully comprehend.

Anything down to the subatomic level is an inhuman level of intelligence that in of itself would be a really scary quirk so in this case i have to either chalk it up to instinct or a misguided explanation on the part of a younger hori koshi now these creations have no time limit either which would have been a pretty.

Reasonable nerf but no she is just that capable instead we have the fact that her body breaks down fat for the sake of her quirk and so she has to consume a lot of food for the use of her abilities but of that momo doesn't exactly need to fully materialize her desired creations they can remain somewhat a part of her.

Body if she so chooses now momo tends to create martial weapons and the like but truthfully she has virtually no skill when it comes to such things the vast majority of combatants that she would face in such a capacity are liable to possess quirks that could easily overpower her regardless of her.

Weapons of choice momo is a tactical genius to an extent comparable to batman in that given enough time and information she could stand to triumph over the vast majority of threats but with that being said some degree of martial training even if only rudimentary would do her.

Wonders yes she can produce a sword at will but with no formal training that sword's use is severely limited and that goes for any weapon she desires to use she has never come across as comfortable in any such case and so if that were to change we would.

Be looking at a new momo entirely furthermore momo's vulnerability to continuous assault is rather apparent so we'll need to work on that and so let us commence the quirk evolution process my vision for momo is simple this is a very intelligent character and at that knowledge is power this is a.

Case as we have established with her lack of weapon proficiency but also in regards to the complexity of her creations if momo were to spend some time in the support department or simply in proximity to a character such as hatsume she would easily become one of the greatest assets the heroes.

Currently possess what is essentially an inorganic version of twice's double quirk that lacks a degradation shortcoming momo could serve to mass produce support items even in the event of such things being halted at large past that she could counter certain adversaries to an even more impressive extent.

We're talking about batman's utility belt on crack furthermore in regards to close quarters combat and the like with this in mind momo could in theory produce a sort of battle armor or suit for herself pretty much like iron man or a magical girl transformation or maybe both i don't know put simply.

There is just so much that can be done with this quirk forget a sword just produce a gun it doesn't need to be loaded with lethal rounds or anything and even then if snipe can be a hero there shouldn't be an issue momo is a very capable mind but to think that she could become.

Even more useful from here is kinda crazy this was a really fun one to consider so i hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as i did making it for you all if you did go ahead and subscribe to plot armor with notifications on as the plot army is swiftly closing in.

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