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Monkey D. Dragon Quits The Marines and Reveals His True Power! – One Piece Chapter 1097


The cover page of One Piece chapter 1097 titled jinny is actually directly related to the chapter this time we've got a teenage Kuma catching salmon with the power of His double fruit while jinny and their friends from town cheer him on we returned to the sorb kingdom 30 years ago which is 8 years after the two managed to escape from God Valley an.

Old person was begging kumachi for help seems like jinny's nickname for him has really caught on the Elder told him that they'd always come to the church when his father was around so they were really surprised when the whole family suddenly vanished seeing that they raised such a wonderful son who became a pastor they were sure his parents must.

Be proud at this point Kuma was 17 years old and had one hell of a growth spurt one that even included bare ears on the top of his head more likely from his devil fruit the sorbet Kingdom's population was mostly made up of old people and therefore most of them were poor due to an inability to work Kuma relieved the pain of an old lady with.

The power of His fruit while a line of plenty others eagerly awaited their turns they were all incredibly grateful to Kuma for leaving the their pain and praise His Divine hands one of them even asked if the pastor could do this on weekdays too but a loud stomp interrupted them as a woman declared that he absolutely cannot this was a.

Sunday exclusive she scolded the old-timers for shamelessly expecting treatment without paying even a single Berry despite her attitude they all laughed at the appearance of Jenny the stingy to this she shouted at the drinking picnickers that this wasn't a nursing home the old folks had to admit that the girl was beautiful but had.

Quite a foul mouth but even that wasn't enough to dissuade the men from all over town from confessing to her now fully revealed to us a frustrated 21-year-old Jenny told them not to change the subject and oh Lord oda's got the holy sisters dressed like this in a church this man is just inviting sin at this point I'm not going to dwell on this too.

Much out of respect for my boy Kuma but God damn but with kumachi around no man stood a chance they'd also say that just seeing his face was enough to sooth their hearts Kuma was really glad to see them and hear their kind words jinny quickly turned and reprimanded Kuma for pampering them too much and I can't lie just thinking about these guys seeing.

The pacifista all over the news is a heartbreaking thought now you might be thinking that because this was 30 years ago they're probably all dead but Oda has confirmed to us that your typical human can live to be at least 141 years old in this world after that an old lady mentioned how they'd all love to donate and support the big fella but lately.

It's been a real struggle to meet the Heavenly tribute apparently they had a new king with a pretty nasty reputation this new King bori was infamously known as a cold blooded monster he demanded that alien people like them pay the Heavenly tribute without exception one gezer chimed in that if they don't they'll be thrown in prison this guy was.

The absolute worst an old lady spoke about how an old friend of hers was locked away and ended up dying of starvation the athul king refused to even give prisoners a meal he was even more stingy with funds than jinny he was a terrible Man Who Would happily bend over for the celestial dragons any day of the week if they couldn't manage to.

Stay in good health it would only be a matter of time before they all wind up dead clearly this is the guy the World Government tried to convince people that Kuma was like Shifting the mood Kuma told them all that he would be sure to take away any pain or sickness they experienc so he urged them to come by every week with a big smile and a wave.

He saw them off it was Nightfall by then and Kuma faced a massive concentration of all that he had removed from them after taking a deep breath he plunged his hands into it and was immediately assaulted by the harmful collection despite being able to tank a direct hit from St Saturn as a little kid without so much as a tear this thing made Kuma.

Cry out in horrible pain jinny was barely holding herself together as she listened to his cries but eventually it was over jinny held back tears as she went to help him once he was in bed she spoke of how he keeps doing this to himself week after week none of the elderly visitors knew about the pain he endures for them smiling at her Kuma.

Accepted that it couldn't be helped someone needed to accept the mass extraction of pain and suffering to make it go away if he just let it be it would end up returning to the original sources which definitely makes Zoro taking on Luffy's pain even cooler but Kuma didn't mind he was happy as long as everyone else could be happy but he was sorry for.

Worrying her he planned on getting stronger so he'd be able to better handle it but jinny argued that that was hardly the issue shifting gears Kuma suggested that they have dinner to cheer her up much to Jenny's excitement this girl sure does love food and despite the pain they were happy together after that we fast forward 5 years by now Kuma is.

22 and jinny is 26 the church was in an uproar as jinny happily insisted that the two of them get married but Kuma hesitantly told her that they couldn't that sort of reaction really pissed her off since she didn't see any reason not to she knew all too well that he loves her and told him to just admit it already angrily she asked if it wouldn't.

Make him happy blushing Kuma admitted that he sure it would but it was complicated internally his reasoning was simple he remembered how he and his parents had been enslaved because he was born with Buccaneer blood his mother was a normal human yet she too was made to suffer that was the last thing he wanted for Jenny he didn't want to make her.

Unhappy any child of theirs would be in serious danger which only furthers the concept that Bonnie isn't actually Kuma's biological daughter but Kuma clearly a master of changing the subject by now flipped through the paper he mentioned how there were finally a few wanted posters for the Freedom Fighters that have been causing a ton of riots.

All over the world and their Leader's name was Dragon seems like they conveniently left out the whole Monkey D part connecting him to the hero of the Marines and the Mysterious D initial would only make matters worse inspired Kuma spoke of how cool and heroic the guy was he was certain that one day he too would make it out to sea and spend.

The rest of his life helping people just then there was a knock at the door Kuma answered it and was faced by two men that had come to S over Jenny they even caught a ton of fish to give to her Kuma had no issue with them fawning over his woman and happily accepted which earned him a wooden container thrown in his head by jinny jinny just had to take a.

Deep breath on account of Kuma being so foolish 3 years later a 25-year-old Kuma was caught up in a huge incident now sporting his signature hat he angrily demanded that a group of men give back all the people they had kidnapped the old people begged kumachi to save them the soldiers mocked the man and asked if he really wanted to go against the Royal.

Army a number of onlookers recognized Kuma as a pastor from the south with an old man in his clutches a scar-faced goon asked the pastor if he'd missed the new law they were now free to use every person from the south however they wanted realizing that they planed to enslave them Kuma's Fury only grew using his Del fruit Powers he refused to.

Forgive them and was now branded a traitor Elsewhere One of King B's men urged the ruler to reconsider such a rough policy the populace would hardly accept but the long no Sovereign insisted that there was nothing to worry about people have a tough time embracing change but soon enough they'd all begin to look down on the southern people just.

Like he does from this day forward he declared that the people of the north would be the true sorbet Kingdom he only saw value and those who could adequately pay the Heavenly tribute to the World Government after all the amount necessary was determined by a country's population because of this the elderly from the South were nothing but an.

Eyesore but cutting them off and turning the South into a lawless area the true sorbet Kingdom would only flourish eventually Kuma and the others were all locked away in prison turning to them with his bruised face Kuma asked why all his friends got arrested too jinny let him know that they had caused a bit of trouble too and demanded Kuma's release.

But they just ended up with a beating and the same fate gritting his teeth in Anger Kuma told jinny that his homeland was on the verge of becoming a discriminatory Kingdom she responded that the king is just a puppet of the celestial dragons and that he got this policy from them because of that if they defy this country they would also need.

The resolve to fight the world government meanwhile several large explosions rang out the King was urged to quickly Escape but utterly disgusted two figures refused to let Celestial dragon's lap dog like him get away the people rejoiced after the Tyrant King had been dethroned and the slave policy had been abolished thanks to the.

Intervention of a certain group The Sword kingdom was saved from its evil leader now entering the prison the leader of the Revolt praised the man his comrade recommended for causing such a stir the bigheaded one insisted that Dragon would really like him once inside he called out tokuma and jinny knowing that they had both been arrested and.

Telling the two that they had come to save them they were both shocked to see Eva again in response Eva told Kuma that if he hasn't changed they should change the world together and just like that Kuma and jinny joined the Freedom Fighters established right after the great dawn of piracy they caused a ton of angry revolts all over the world.

After the tragedy of oar's Destruction they were more determined than ever to make a difference Dragon Eva and Kuma became its three great pillars eventually the group became known far wide as a revolutionary Army and if you notice on dragon's leg is a band with imagery almost identical to what would later become the markings on his face.

But despite their growing movement they still lacked funding so they needed to operate like mercenaries they would lend a helping hand to various rebellions in order to overthrow tyrannical Kings fing the Flames of Revolution all the while they would teach anyone who wished to join their ranks how to wield weapons and fight Dragon intended for them to.

Become a a boundless Army spread throughout the entire world while sailing on a ship with their old Insignia Kuma asked Dragon where he learns so much about Weaponry the commander-in-chief admitted that he used to be a marine But ultimately he didn't find even a shred of justice among them for Dragon to have so quickly overthrown.

A force that even managed to capture someone as super strong and durable as Kuma who also has a top tier devil fruit is damn impressive Kuma was taking crazy damage on a weekly BAS basis which could have only empowered his already ridiculous pain tolerance so monkeyy dragon is no doubt a total monster there is no question in my mind that this guy.

Is at least Admiral level Eva laughed as they all enjoyed a meal and some drinks together from Marine to revolutionary all Dragon wanted to do was help people with this Kuma vowed to follow dragon to the very end something that his friend was sure he wouldn't end up regretting eventually Kuma returned to his church in the sorbet Kingdom the old folks were.

Still kicking and the big guy told them that he'd be coming home every now and again since he tends to worry about them and with that 8 years would passed by with a similar tone but 14 years ago in a certain Kingdom a fellow revolutionary couldn't help but notice how excited jinny seemed to be as she stung to herself with a gun in hand now the.

Commander of the Eastern army with some food in her mouth jinny figured the reason should be pretty obvious happily blushing she mentioned how they'd be meeting up with kumachi Squad soon she was so joyful that she could hardly breathe they recognized that Commander Kuma truly was a lucky man one that had won the heart of the woman they all.

Admire but the idea of them all admiring her totally gross Jenny out much to their pain meanwhile a mysterious figure began approaching them sometime later Dragon received an urgent call while he was at the main headquarters of the Revolutionary army baltigo with a grim look on his face along with now having his signature marking Dragon received.

The news that Jenny had been captured The Men Who reported it profusely apologized as it was on account of a truly unexpected enemy so we now have a rough time frame of when Dragon received his marks and if this all went down 14 years ago then this was before Luffy ended up with Shanks his straw hat and met his brothers Sabo and Ace it.

Probably also means that Bonnie is less than 14 years old so that whole her being a kid thing holds up but oh man I am not ready for for the next chapter at all hopefully you guys are enjoying these flashbacks I have always liked Kuma especially because of his devil fruit but after getting to know him more I can definitely say that he has risen.

Even higher up on my list of top 10 favorite characters let me know how you're all feeling in the comments along with who you think pulled up on jinny right now I'm thinking it might be the holy Knights but we'll see as always I'm Saku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you