This latest chapter one punch man was absolutely positively insane we seriously went from zero to one hundred with this one as the fight between saitama and garo would continue to epic proportions this is easily one of the most exciting times to be a fan of one punch man so for even more drop a like and subscribe to the.

Channel the cover of this chapter would see a serious looking saitama facing down against a red garrow along with the text facing off the most powerful and the most evil now based on all that he has done up to this point i can certainly co-sign the notion of saitama being the strongest however next to the concept of garo being the most evil i.

Have to wonder how factual this statement stands to be overall karo with the exception of his exceptionally brutal introduction to the series has has to do anything i would truly consider to be evil and has actually demonstrated far more good so yeah very interesting text here indeed now to kick things off we would have the evacuated.

Heroes and civilians together continuing the scene presented to us at the end of the previous chapter it would be expressed by moomin writer that with the fissures having concluded it was now safe for them to begin evacuating from the area by boat which were being prepared in the background however sikhinggar would have his reservations.

Against doing so as despite things seemingly having settled for the time being without frequently new monsters have entered the fray it's hard to say whether things were truly stable and safe or not yet at the very least he did believe that they should begin prepping the wounded for transport by weight of the boats now this talk of monsters.

Would get lightning max thinking it looked to him like the two massive monsters that recently arose had been suddenly torn apart prompting him to wonder how such a thing came about a major feat of strength that would conviction tareo would point towards garo who you'd refer to as uncle then going on to elaborate that uncle must.

Have taken them down since he is an incredible hero who protected him an expression that seemed to only add to the confusion at hand moment rider from there would ask if the person in question was a middle-aged man wearing a tank top of course referring to tank top master which talio would dismiss movement rider very clearly not having a.

Proper gauge for strength however to interrupt these discussions would be an absurdly staggering tremor of the ground something very bizarre was clearly occurring yet again all the heroes were not only concerned but frightened as after all they were incredibly exhausted not to mention there weren't any s-class heroes presently in their midst now it.

Was unclear if all this commotion was on account of someone fighting or a continuation of the previous seismic activity there were just far too many unknowns here in regards to both friends and foes alike with no means of confirmation as you would then receive some incredibly major impacts being had some distance away certainly felt yet.

Very much out of sight and this was garo versus saitama gaura who is in the midst of sending a wild flurry of aggressive blows towards his opponent who in return evaded each and every one of said moves with a rather indifferent and nonchalant expression on his face as they duked it out way up high in the upper atmosphere meanwhile the one with the upper hand.

Was exceedingly clear but then again this was also certainly only just the beginning we would then receive what is honestly a very impressive feat for garrow and that is the dodging of saitama's fist which instead went over his head after ducking beneath the attack gara world is like around while using the fist of saitama as leverage.

For his own hand which he followed up by dramatically kicking saitama back down to earth as a great deal of water and rocky debris would rush upwards in response and very much like in his previous fight against flashy flash and platinum s garrow would use the debris as footstools allowing him to rush towards his prey with exceptional.

Expediency leaving a visual trail behind himself all the while cytome was simply in the midst of patting the dust off his costume as he drew closer gar would reel back an arm and get the attention of saitama and here garu would make use of the so-called perfected fists he was ever so proud of and chop it directly onto the cranium of the bald hero with a.

Viciousness and ferocity that dwarfed even that which you possess against sage centipede only moments prior and the fallout from this direct attack onto saitama's form good lord was devastating everything around them would begin to collapse and only got worse as the mere collision of these two entities proved too volatile for their environment yet.

Unlike the results he had seen against sage centipede garo here will begin to grit his teeth as he struggled to find any give against his shiny service of saitama's head it was the point where the otherwise perfect form of garage chop began to wane and buckle from the pressure this exceedingly offensive act against his opponent suddenly became a.

Moment of defense for garo saitama is so strong that to even attack him at all is inherently dangerous and garo would soon learn this lesson the hard way as saitama lifted his head fully as a result completely shattered the hand of garo he broke apart as if like a humanoid construct of stone and in seeing this saitama would wonder about.

Garo here questioning what was wrong with him and why he was picking a fight so suddenly which garo would not respond to as his severed hand would immediately begin to regenerate clearly display the now especially monstrous capabilities he presently possesses but best believe things only get that much crazier in that realm as we continue on with the.

Chapter now despite these transgressions saitama was fine with it as he still had something to say to garo anyways and based on the events of the previous chapter it would seem that this was spurred on by his recognition of garo's name since before that he was ready to be on his way in pursuit of his washed away homely possessions but garo again.

Would completely ignore saitama's words here and go in for a punch of the face which would only start to annoy saitama at this point as he would tell the guy to listen when he's talking all while hitting garo and sending him flying and man oh man saitama had garo's body jumping across the water like he was skipping stones meanwhile garo was still.

Trying his best to wrap his head around just how powerful teitama really is and listen this launching of garo would go really far as our various a-class heroes will begin to notice his surging torrent of water headed right for them it would lead to safety just in the nick of time as garo finally made his final collision saitama was simply too strong and the.

Proof was right there the start of the evacuees would completely freeze at the site of the single exposed leg of garo as he laid beneath the rubble yet as he arose completely drenched and aggravated by the current state of the battle tareo in particular was especially enthused to see his savior yet again as he would go on to call out to him much of the.

Concern of lightning max max would again be thrown off by the possibility of a figure bearing such a visage being the boy's uncle as a king gar would admit that he had no idea who the man was but at the very least he had aided in taking down the massive centipede creature earlier however despite all this garo paid none of these guys any mind he was.

Overwhelmingly frustrated as his dream was right there within his grasp yet just as he was about to realize it the absolute biggest hurdle he has ever faced in the form of saitama had appeared and so we resolved to take the man down for the sake of fulfilling his ultimate goal otherwise he would never be able to become absolute evil.

And it is here that garo would undergo yet another transformation the most sinister and monstrous looking one of them all as his size would drastically increase these spiky protrusions on his back will be risen to all-time highs and his face favored that of a four-tailed chakra cloak naruto which i absolutely love and i mean the terror invoked by.

This form would be written all over tareo's face which would very quickly be shared by the likes of our heroes lightning max for a moment would be terrified yet like a true hero along with snek would rush into action despite this in protection of tareo now this for garo is an especially interesting one as unlike all those to.

Come before was one he was actually conscious of i mean his last one kinda just happened without him realizing as he was raging for quite some time totally unconscious of his own actions yet now he could recognize his body mutating a response to his rage as he inspected his own form yet he wasn't the only one getting a good look of this new.

Form of his as the various heroes will be quick to get going now after seeing it dragging tareo along with them however the kid would be very quick to escape and make his way back garo could now feel his strength overflowing believing that now with this he will be able to do all that he needed to however his attention would be drawn elsewhere.

As tareo approached him garo in his incredibly monstrous form would greet the kid and merely acknowledge that the boy was alive which was especially similar to what garo had said the first time he had saitario after facing off against the horde of heroes and despite shaking in fear on accounts of garl's outward appearance tareo was now certain.

It was him and would refuse to run away like he had previously and so now with tears and a big smile on his face tareo believed garo was in fact a hero all along which no doubt confused garo here he'd remind the kid of what he had said previously that he was not a hero after all just look at his new form gar would mention how he had finally managed to.

Become a true monster before being cut off by tario who rebut that gara was a hero garo didn't understand but tario would point out how he had been saved for the fourth time by him that now he knew for certain that whenever he was in trouble kara would come running to save him that he was the coolest greatest hero of them all to him and so he had.

Come to bet garo to stop pretending to be a monster from here the kid who began to cry for a whole new reason as he didn't want garlow to be misunderstood and hated garo is at a loss for words here and would hesitate before recalling the hurdle ahead of him saitama he didn't want tareo to cry it certainly bothered him as internally he begged for.

The kid not to make such a face when he was finally on the verge of showing him the moment where the monster wins garo sees his younger self in tareo and as such feels the need to provide the kid with a display he himself had always longed for and never received but to interrupt this moment would be saitama he would confirm that this was garo he.

Was speaking to then saying that girl's behavior is going to make bang cry which got garu's attention saitama would list off garo's transgressions such as hunting heroes destroying dojos and now pretending to be a monster and making children cry as hario would recognize saitama to be a hero saitama would furthermore be cheeky enough to tell.

Garo to act like an adult and cut the hissy fits out but now that he had gotten a better look at garo's current stature he'd question if his previous comment bothered the guy referring to the whole him not looking like a monster thing as he would at least now compliment what he presumed to be an intricate cosplay wondering if the guy.

Had put another part on top now with this girl would become far more serious telling tario to get a good look as he was going to change the kid's entire outlook on life showing him just how powerless heroes truly are on account of his agenda there would no longer be anyone left to kill or save him there would only be garo the embodiment of.

Absolute evil which to me sounds like one final heroic act to end all heroic acts but whatever ultimately garu sought to put an end to the world that made both of them cry but tario would suddenly begin to panic all over again as he realized garo intended to fight this hero which certainly wouldn't help his case in being accepted by all the.

Other heroes but despite this urging the kid would be told to get out of the way by garo but oh man this is what i'm talking about saitama would pull up really close agaro and question if the guy wanted to hit him which caught goro off guard with a relatively sinister smile saitama would tell garo to go right ahead then asking if garo was.

Chicken satama is way too disrespectful and oh my goodness garl's aggression will begin to boil over even further as his exposed eye would change in color as it had for his previous forms as he would tell saitama not to make him laugh as he would punch saitama in the face with all his might as an absolutely stunned tario would stand there with his.

Mouth wide open but soon gara would join him in disbelief as there wasn't even a blemish on saitama's face his head merely steamed as he hadn't even blinked and would simply move his head forward and continue staring at garo tareo's mind was shattered by this it was incomprehensible welcome to the club kid satan would then place his hand on.

Tario's head patting it and letting him know that he shouldn't worry as he wouldn't get hurt at all but now rightfully feeling pretty disrespected garrow would attempt to de-saitama as he did this but saitama would simply lift his hand off the kid's head and slap garo elsewhere telling him that they'll take this over there as again like a.

Ragdoll garo was sent flying tadio would cry out and dismay and concern for garo's safety but saitama would double check that the boy wanted garl to be stopped and not killed which tadeo despite his astonishment would confirm with the nod of his head and with this in mind saitam would tell the kid to leave it to him as he casually sauntered.

Over to where he attend garo and with the fact that he won't be going for the kill in mind this fight will truly test just how long garrow can last despite saitama's attempt to non-lethally subdue him which is just so ridiculously exciting if you're feeling the hype right now let us know down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all.

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