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MORE EVIL THAN MUZAN! Doma Upper Moon 2 Full Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Finally upper rank 2 doma has appeared in the anime he's always been one of my favorite demons not only for his iconic design but his character as well not to mention his fight in the infinity castle is genuinely peak action but with all that said it's time to dive into the history of upper rank 2 doma from kimasu no.

Yaiba as usual first let's break down dolma's name his name contains the kanji for child and polish or improve combined his name basically means polished child which relates to his character considering his prophet-esque cult leader status before demon hood domo was worshiped as the figurehead of the eternal paradise faith cult it was a.

Position thrust upon him by his parents most likely due to his peculiar appearance this way of life though does lead to doma inventing a purpose in his life but we'll go into that later as a child this remarked he had pale grey hair and prismatic eyes however there is some debate about the official coloring of his hair the original japanese states.

He has white oak colored hair this is also reflected in the english translation but in the coloring from shonen jump he is depicted with blonde hair it's a bit of a conundrum that will surely be put to rest in the anime anyhow back on track as previously stated doma has a bizarre upbringing because he is essentially seen as a god.

Within this religion adults would come to him for help doma himself knows that their stories were yawn inducing in fact he only seemingly cries for them out of pity that the supposed paradise they believe in does not exist even early on doma demonstrates a lack of empathy this is seen further when he recounts his parents gruesome deaths he remembers not.

Being horrified despite the fact that his mom stabbed his father to death and then poisoned herself it's important to note that doma's mother's attack was so violent that their room required being aired out instead of grief or any sort of mourning any sadness doma simply irked they dirtied the room which is insane being void of feelings is.

Something doma admits was the norm for him before his demon existence one can argue that the modification isn't what made doma emotionless and lacking feeling it was merely the way he was born beyond that much isn't known about doma at least until he becomes a demon at age 20. this transformation is also when doma gains his iconic blood-dripped.

Head yes doma is dripped out he presumably eats his worshippers continuing his cult but there is a gap in his history that being said we do know that he was the one who discovered the dying daki and yutaro and offered to turn them into demons at this point in his demon existence doma is upper rank six this moment is like most things in.

Doma's life weird why do we say this because doma only saves them because in his own words life is precious you must treasure it that statement itself isn't strange however it is paired with doma covered in blood and carrying a dismembered woman his words themselves are contradictory to his actions oddly enough he goes on to express this belief.

Again roughly fifteen years before the events of kimetznoyba inosuke's mother kotoha lived with the demon for a time dome had originally planned to let her live with him until she could come to old age he takes pity on her saying that he created the paradise faith in order to protect pitiful people like her he arguably doesn't see what he does eating.

His followers as kotoha finds out as inherently bad rather it is the opposite doma views what he is doing as saving people he believes that by eating his followers they live on forever inside of him it's a twisted purpose he bestows upon himself one can say that this diluted sense of duty is something that dates back to his very childhood however.

That is probably an entire video in itself as stated before kotova learns that doma eats his worshipers which causes her to call him a liar and flee the temple doma chases after her and ultimately kills her on a cliff beyond feelings as if he had no choice but to kill her doma's only regret seems to be the belief the child kota carried had.

Died he does cry but it's one of the several instances in which his tears are out of pity like when he cried over his worshipers believing he could hear gods despite the pity his crocodile tears could also be how he thinks others want him to react doma has no real grasp on emotions in fact the demon even refers to human feelings as mere dreams as if.

The very concept of it is intangible it's a repeating theme because within his life he is a psychopath devoid of feelings finally four years before the events of comets noiba domo battles kanaye kocho the flower hashira she was the older sister of shinobu the insect ashira their fight extends presumably from the evening into the very morning.

In fact doma remarks later on that he wasn't able to eat her because the sun was coming up he says it as if it were a tragedy that he couldn't dorm remembers her as kind and pretty which seems to be the only qualities he values in another on the topic of kindness doma sees himself as a beacon of salvation for others his purpose for being is.

Providing happiness for others something he later tells shinobu even kane had told her sister that doma spoke calmly and kindly his very nature laughing and smiling is a bit of a contradiction to his actions as previously stated in spite of that doma still asserts that his duty is to bring joy to people to help them in fact he believes it's why.

He was born in the first place again it goes back to his upbringing that being said doma isn't really heard of again until the upper moon meeting it's important to note that now he is upper rank too at the meeting it can be seen that he puts on an heir for other demons as well he greets akaza warmly stating that he was worried about the other.

Upper moons domo also casually if not gleefully tells gyoko he used the vase gyoko gave him to display a severed head he refers to this as decoration if anything this interaction furthers the notion that doma is cruel and unfeeling considering even gyoko is somewhat confused besides this the meeting is also a good example of the disdain other.

Demons have for doma akaze coldly decks the demon twice not to mention muzon himself doesn't like doma regardless doma like other demons still holds muzon in great regard he is visibly excited when muzon shows up but also offers to gouge out an eye in exchange for gyotaro dying doma also appoints muzon as a god within his eternal paradise faith cult.

His loyalty to moves on is perhaps the only real connection doma has however it's most likely that he feels this due to the demonic nature but back to the meeting it ends with doma transported back to his home which is decorated as lavishly as a cult leader's abode would be sheer curtains and signs proclaiming paradise not to mention there is ornate.

Furniture afterwards doma appears for the last time right within the infinity castle like the other demon slayers present shinobu is thrown into upper moon nakime's demon blood art which assumes an ever-changing castle within this labyrinth tinobu smells blood this leads her to a demon's abode it's a lily pod scene that elicits serenity despite.

The gore within doma is delighted to greet her commenting that she looks young and tasty honestly a bit of a creepy moment for the demon considering he is seen munching on a disembodied arm upon seeing domo and his mannerism shinobu works out that he was the demon that killed her older sister of course doma is nothing but civil if not.

Friendly towards her it's introduction that only goes to show doma is incapable of feeling right to his very core he is a psychopath who has diluted himself into a higher more righteous purpose this twisted belief is explained like this people fear death and doma eats them in his own words and saves them leading them higher he believes this.

Helps his followers somehow as stated previously it's a cause that began in his childhood surely becoming a demon only poisoned that further shinobu is disgusted and violently angry at doma which causes the demon to ask her about it despite the clear murderous intent she has it's another bizarre act from doma further inciting the notion that.

Due to his lack of feeling he published what he thinks the people around him expect instead of preparing for combat against someone who he believes could be ashira he instead asks what obvious tragedy she has faced and even with an answer he is still somewhat casual however his answer in itself is somewhat hideous there are no real condolences.

But merely superficial acknowledgements about kane the same can be said for when doma reminisces about kotoha that being said nobu attacks the demon once again he compliments her on both her speed and sword technique but in the same breath he seemingly insults her domo expresses that her technique is still weak she cannot kill him without beheading him.

Regardless doma is able to recover from the poison within her sword it's something he finds delight from asking if her next compound will work as being poisoned is interesting from the very beginning of their encounter doma belittles her pities her and sheshinobu as non-lethal even his compliments to her come across as mild insults it's as.

If his mask the fact that he appears so charming and kind begins to falter shinobu does take him up on that offer but noma is able to synthesize the poison each time her lack of stamina causes the demon to mock her noting her sweating and erratic breathing it's another aspect that shows he's unable to experience concern therefore he isn't.

Capable of replicating it instead whatever he says comes out more as an insult but perhaps that is the very way doma meant it either way though immortally wound shinobu so quickly she doesn't register his movements speaking of his fighting style is rather unique that doma carries weapons a pair of japanese war fans most likely derived.

From his flesh similar to kokushibo's sword not many demons carry weapons of their own especially not something that doesn't look lethal they're golden in color and engraved with patterns of lotuses shinobu remarks on their sharpness more importantly they're used by doma to generate gusts of wind as well as spreading his blood demon art.

That being said china was able to stand despite her wounds which amazes doma he is surprised that she has survived but resolves to kill her quickly once again doma portrays this false sense of kindness he comments on her blood loss the fact that she must be suffering and the pain she must be experiencing all while being the one causing it his.

Interactions with her only enforce how unfeeling how alien doma truly is to others doma is impaled by shinobu but ultimately survives however domo hold shinobu while she dies once again complimenting the demon slayer he does this all the while saying that what she did was useless that she was stupid to continue trying even as he cries for her.

No one manages to be condescending and cruel regardless he says she is worth eating is another contradiction for the demon he calls her weak yet wants to eat her all the same his absorption of shinobu is interrupted by kanao shinobu's younger adopted sister of course domo maintains his friendliness grinning while recounting shinobu's.

Futile efforts to defeat him before their fight really takes off though doma notes the passing of akuza he reacts to it with tears calling the upper rank too his best friend clearly this isn't the case asakusa was annoyed with doma enough during the upper right needing to attack him twice their bond isn't much beyond two individuals serving the same.

Master but doma cries as if the death meant something to him this guy is crazy he also infamously explains his beliefs that akaza couldn't grow stronger because he wouldn't eat women which is something doma prides himself on as if it's a good thing hanno though recognizes doma as lying that his feelings are disingenuous as doma refers.

To feelings as dreams kano herself tells douma that they must be a mystery to him she goes on to ask why he was even born if he cannot feel for doma this is a slap in the face questioning his birth is invalidating the great purpose he's designated himself for it's completely stripping him of the identity he's crafted because really there is no true.

Identity to doma there can't be because he is unable to take part in the human experience in fact doma responds negatively for this very reason i said it before this is when his mask his lies the very person he's crafted falls and there is nothing but the empty shell kano alluded to for once his face isn't smiling he isn't expressing some grand.

Emotion instead doma looks angry as he tells kano she's unkind and what she says is spiteful it's interesting doma says this considering it implies that to him the most important quality is kindness which he expresses only superficially anyhow right afterwards the two engage in combat doma tries to swiftly decapitate kano where she dodges.

And manages to split open his stomach however his fan motion also scatters around his blood demon art speaking of that his blood demon art is a sort of cryokinosis though's blood and flesh can materialize anywhere around him as ice and frost as dull himself notes breathing in the ice from his blood demon art is lethal during their fight.

Doma mimics her attacks as well as attempting to blind her due to kano's great eyesight besides this doma is able to create constructs with his blood demon art like the lotus vines and the cold white princesses anyway after a little bit inosuke literally crashes into their fight with his introduction coming as a recollection from doma in.

His own admission doma states that he has good memory even remembering when he was still human which is likely over a hundred years ago by sticking his own finger into his temple and swirling it around stimulating his brain domo was able to recall when he met then killed inosuke's mother like he stated about other lives doma ends this memory.

Deeming kotoha's life as meaningless through his interaction with others doma assigns worth to their lives it's an aspect of his character that only furthers his cruel nature he judges his lives based solely on worth all while a smile is on his face his battle between the two also reveals doma's true intentions his mask at long last falls.

The demon before kano and inosuke at his very core finds humans to be pathetic in nature they believe in heaven and hell the very concept of karma something that doma sees as a fairy tale but as though begins to leave as he feels he can no longer play around he is affected by the concentrated poison from shinobu's body this begins to melt him down to an.

Almost cellular structure desperate to survive doma creates his remain water lily buddhista in order to escape regardless of his aoe kano uses the final form of flower breathing to cut through doma's neck with inosuke's help oddly enough as he lays dying doma doesn't experience any hatred towards kano or inosuke just as he did in his.

Life he feels nothing he even admits that he should feel something yet doesn't regardless in limbo he meets shinobu domo seemingly falls for her asking her to join him in hell it's somewhat weird seeing dome express genuine emotion much less blush however shinobu calls him a worthless bastard and with that doma truly finally dies.

Unlike akaza or rui doma isn't forced into a position to become a demon there's no external force nor tragedy it's just something he does something that separates him from other demons and really adds to the monstrous unfeeling nature of the upper rank 2 demon with this rank alone you know that dolma is for sure one of the strongest demons in.

The series but not only that he is also one of the most interesting if not the most interesting let us know in the comments how you feel about doma and let us know how you feel about his quick appearance at the end of the entertainment district arc of the demonstrator anime if you have already be sure to drop a like and subscribe to.

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