It's time to make homemade kebabs…woohoo, and thistime it's the posh kebab because we're doing a mushroom shawarma. Layer upon layer of beautifulmushrooms. We're going to marinate them, we're going to give them gorgeous spices we're going to get itcharred and dark and gnarly and we'll carve that over beautiful thin flatbreads. You will go mad.So come on, let's do it… homemade mushroom shawarma We're pushing the meat aside. We're bigging up thisincredible vegetable. So let's start off with the marinade. We'll go into a pestle and mortar with2 garlic cloves, pinch of salt. Crack this into a paste. Smells fantastic. Then maybe an unusualingredient that you've never seen before. These are preserved lemons. The smell and the flavouris almost like a hyper lemon squash. It's extraordinary. So get rid of all the little seeds.chop these lemons you'll use the skin and the.

Inside and give that a little pound. For me thisis really, really important to bring out flavour A heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika, all spice goesin, cumin goes in. Bash them into the lemon and the garlic. Nick some of the liquor from the lemon. Alittle bit of olive oil. Look at the colour guys. So this is the welcoming party for that lot. So in wego and you've got incredible flavour. Look at that King oysters, they can go in. What I want to dois skewer these so any mushrooms you can get your hands on, anything that can be skewered is whatwe're after. I've got about 800 grams here. With these lovely old portobellos, pinch the end andpeel them. I will not waste that okay. So both go in Fresh bay. I'm going to take a humble onion, intoquarters, and then into petals. So just give it a nice little toss up and that marinade getsin and between the mushrooms. So get yourself.

A nice old skewer and I want to rack thiskebab up tight and packed. So remember those gnarly little peelings. That's where a lotof the flavour is. One thing flavours another, one thing cooks into another. It'sreally good fun so look at that…mushroom shawarma! Come on! So that's going to go in a roasting hotoven, there you go. So the kebabs cooking. Let's make homemade flatbreads that's going to wrap upthat beautiful thing. We're going to take the two cheapest things that you got which is flour andwater. 2 heaped builders mugs of the strong flour just about fill this mug. So it's hot water. Here'sthe twist, by using the hot water you're partially cooking the proteins of the bread. Season it withsalt and then we'll mix it up use a spoon and then when the dough is not sticky we can start usingour hands. Just move it around like that. So as soon.

As that dough has cleaned the bowl we can put thatdown, give it a little knead and just work it until it's nice and smooth. So what you can see is we'vegot a really nice elastic dough and that's what you get from the hot water. Roll these into 8little balls and then what I want to do is just put a damp cloth over the top like that. While theflatbreads rest let's check in on those mushrooms Have a look at this. So that's had about 15 minutesand it's beautiful. Come on! If you look in the tray can you see how the juice from the mushroomcreates this stock. So we can use this give a ruddy good basting. This goes back in the ovenand we'll give it about another 15 minutes. Guys let's do the flatbread. Get a couple of bits ofgrease proof paper and I want to oil these up with some olive oil. Put the dough on that, justpat it out with our hand and put that on top.

Just bring it out like that. It's so kind ofbendy and elastic. Peel this off now. Now this pan is on a medium low heat so just let the heat cookthe flat bread. That's all I want to do. Cook, no colour. So the nice thing about this is you could dothis the day before or an hour before your friends or family get there. It's really, really easy.No kebab is complete without the extras. I'm gonna make a little cheat salsa so I'll take aregular jar of jalapenos, a little food processor and then choose a nice green herb. I'm gonnago for mint. Just be brutal. Take the bunch, rip off the stalks, go in with the leaves, pourin the jalapenos and all of the vinegar and whizz it up. So for me this little cheat is agreat salsa full of flavour and that mint brings it to life. So that is the simplest, cheatiest littlesalsa going. People are gonna love it. Get yourself.

Some tahini, cool yogurt and pomegranate molasses.This is gonna be an amazing little story. The sweet, the heat, the kind of robust, the refreshing.It continues with a simple quick pickle 1/2 diced cucumber, 10 sliced radishes and 100grams of quartered cherry tomatoes. We want to dress that with salt and pepper. Simple olive oiland vinegar and I want to be fairly generous. One more thing I want to show you. This is dukkah. Youcan get it in quite a lot of supermarkets now and it's basically pounded up hazelnuts, spices andit's classically had with flatbreads and olive oil Really, really nice. Got a little pile of mint andit's time now to go and get our kebab. Look at that I know what you're thinking… Is it burnt? Is itruined? No, no, no. This is perfect, We can now take that incredible pomegranate molasses. Alittle kiss of olive oil. So that's going to.

Be amazing flavour. We'll get our flatbread andwe'll go in at the higher temperature. That high heat has now made the steam inside explode.It puffs it up like a big pillow. You get twists and turns and crispy bits, chewy bits. It'sgoing to be amazing. Okay let's build this kebab We want to start with tahini. Really, reallyimportant. On we go, savoury and delicious. Be fairly generous. Then yogurt… fresh and gorgeous.Time to carve our shawarma now and as you carve into this and you look into the soul of theshawarma, you also then start to see the balance. We want burn, we want gnarly but we also wantthat silky soft inside. Just absolutely amazing Okay so what next. Let's hit it up with somewhole mint ,do blobs of the salsa so you get hits of it and waves of it. And then the dukkah.This is texture, it's spice. So look there's only.

One thing to do now and that's roll this lovelything up and there is no elegant way to do it That mushroom has like absorbedso much flavour. The salsa…bing! mint… woah! A little bit ofmolasses…woohoo! and then those like little hits of spice from the dukkah, wow. And the jalapenochilli, there's a nice hunk of heat there. That my friends is an absolute artisan version of a streetfood Friday night classic. Absolutely delicious


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