This week we continue with the fight between spinner and Shoji it is one of the stronger narrative chapters that we've had in a while that being said let's dive into chapter 371 of my hero Academia titled together with shojikun immediately we are reminded of the damaged spinner and his army have caused a bridge overhead has already been.

Destroyed Shoji continues to question spinner last chapter he asked the Quark loaded villain if you consider those in the hospital after all it is likely some people there have mutant quirks which means they will be collateral as Spinner's Army tears through looking for kurugiri not thinking of the fact that there are other mutants inside the.

Hospital shows how ill thought out this is Spinner can't be the cause of a mutant Revolution if he is harming his own kind to do it unfortunately that is unavoidable Shoji won't stop until spinner is apprehended that being said spinner takes offensive Shoji's question his thoughts reveal that spinner doesn't believe he was thought of or if Shoji.

Cares that he's hurt granted spinner is also a massive drooling mutant now so it is hard to empathize go to hiroshoji's voice and right away he is concerned for his fellow hero as we learned last time Shoji is separated from Coda not only that but he is separated from the adult Heroes there Rock lock and present Mike which must be scary they are in the.

Middle of an uprising with no Backup Plus spinner can grow as big as a building now he isn't to be underestimated other mutants watch the exchange between Shoji and Spinner they notice he scars around Shoji's mouth the dismiss it in favor of following spinner they all shout their excitement some even echoing we'll take korogiri back.

Right despite the physical hardship Shoji has faced they are still focused on their leader it is obvious Shoji was discriminated against too yet to these mutants Shoji is a traitor for trying to reason with them and now on the topic of reasoning spinner is still struggling to think and talk all he can do in response to the crowd is drool then he finally.

Speaks no idea he says this small reaction shows Spinner's lack of thinking he can't even string a full sentence together saying two words on its own seems to require a lot of effort the mutant Army is confused by Spinners response it's rather casual and vague it isn't the phrasing becoming of a revolutionary leader that's probably why.

The spider Lieutenant is there they can spin anything spinner says pun intended crafting a narrative that pleases their surgeons the mysterious spider tells the army that he means people have no idea how much we've suffered as he says that he thinks both spinner and Shoji are undermining their Revolution spinner can't be a capable well-spoken leader.

Meanwhile Shoji is a mutant clearly a mutant and yet he isn't on their side he is still a traitor to them the spider mutant encourages the crowd who are clearly waiting on baited breath they have held this animosity for years not only are they hated In Pockets of society they were massacred in a genocidal event the mysterious spider.

Mutant did touch on that but we don't know how long ago it was all we know is that the reasoning for it was because Mew mutants are gross Shoji knows what it is like to be called disgusting or gross or simply be different he planning to tell spinner that this act will set their calls back 30 years now spinner is clearly annoying yet all he can do is.

Give a one-word reply shut up he thinks back to when all for one gave him his arsenal of quirks we already knew of the gigantification ability but there's more as there is always more with the tricky villain all for one is the other cork spinner was given is called durability it does exactly as he Quark describes his skin becomes tougher but this can be.

Augmented after all spinner is meant to become a Powerhouse he is supposed to fill the shoes giganto Makia left scale armor causes a multitude of scales to erupt onto spinner skin the act itself looks painful he cries out in pain as he forces The Quirk causes him to bleed it is clear his body isn't meant for this it reminds me of all yama's Naval laser.

Situation due to his guy Echo Quirk spinner most likely has smooth skin these rough scales probably irritate it although all for one told him that scale armor would Grant raw strength heightened defense and the appearance of a true leader once again all for one is appealing to Spinner's ultimate want he merely wants me seen the same way.

Non-mutants are he just wants to be equal but the Quirk overtakes him spinner thinks that he'll be fine with anything he isn't just fighting for other mutants or himself spinner is fighting for shigaraki he is cast aside his stained ideology in exchange for the future sugar Rocky wants that being said we do learn the sugar Rocky and Spinner.

Both have League of Legends in common and so now all the fan picks about shigaraki being a neat on League of Legends are technically Canon I guess so yeah kids this is what too many hours on League of Legends will do to you Aspen remembers this he charges at Shoji his body is now completely covered in Scales they seem to even cover his eyes perhaps.

Blocking his vision once again just proving all for one does not care about the effects of quirks he gives people what matters are results as he slices off one of Shoji's arms he tells his mutant Army to press on both Hiro and villain are suspended in the air and we can see the massive amount of mutants below blood gushes while Shoji tries to.

Protect himself from Spinners sword made of Swords not to worry though joji's Quirk allows him to regenerate limbs with the scales spinner resembles more of a dinosaur now he's threatening looking unlike anything he was before but it's what he wanted spinner was discriminated against for his appearance and it is not like he could fight back.

His Quirk isn't as combat oriented as someone like Shoji all spinner can do is cling to walls that's why he had the massive sword originally but now now spinner can hold his own and looks scary while doing it the force of Spinners attack is enough to send Shoji flying it also damages the building near them showing how strong spinner has gotten.

Regardless Shoji Won't Give Up despite losing using multiple arms he is as determined as ever he probably believes he can still reach spinner and the mutants below they all share the common aspect that they are different surely they can build off of that below Coda expresses defenser for Shoji that's his friend and fellow student he's a.

No-brainer he'd be worried about him meanwhile the spider mutant continues their propaganda they encourage the Army to do the same as spinner let's grasp the courage and strike back at our oppressors it's a powerful statement but it's wrong Shoji isn't a pressing spinner he's trying to save him from Darkness storm in the hospital is only a.

Negative for mutant kind there is no winner in the game of Retribution the spider mute continues their speech by saying that their movement requires martyrdom that those that die today will forward their cause once again it is a dangerous ideology no one has to die this can be solved without Bloodshed if anything the mutants are only playing.

Into all for one's hands if they resist this movement and strive for actual change games they wouldn't have to storm the hospital plus all this does is create infighting they should be uniting not cutting down other mutants Coda sees all this and cannot believe it is happening he thinks back to simpler times with his classmates with this.

Flashback some members of class 1a are gathered in the common room there Shoji gives more backstory he tells his classmates about the horrific Backwater Village he grew up in his parents didn't have the same visible mutation so Shoji was discriminated against he was seen as impure something tainted it was bad enough that Shoji was literally beaten.

Up by adults even though he was just a child he goes on to say that this probably isn't something tokoyami or Koda experienced because they are from the cities once again we see this parallel between smaller communities and diverse larger cities because of this it is likely the mutants within Spinner's Army see Shoji as a city boy they don't.

Have the context that he was horrifically beaten and discriminated against they assume he has the privilege of living in a city If Only They knew he had walked in their shoes in fact Shoji even tells his classmates that there are still places where adults wouldn't think twice about killing a mutant child we've gone past discrimination into now.

Genuine viscerally dangerous hatred we had an idea of what being a mutant was like in this world but we didn't know exactly the extent all of his fellow peers are horrified by this in particular Mina especially comments the world is horrifying and that those people will be better off dead it's a strong statement but maybe justifiable.

Thankfully Shoji shows his compassion he replies that's all well and good but Prejudice would still exist which is true you can't stop discrimination without systematic change after hearing this horrific reality Minetta is immediately remorseful he had previously called shojin octopus and cries when he apologizes to Shoji Shoji continues to.

Show Grace he tells Minetta that it's okay because it is only natural to think of that due to his arms Shoji goes on to say that he picked the name tentacle so he knows what he looks like he also says that he likes to watch videos like most villain looking Heroes so it's not like he's unaware fun fact it's likely that gang Orca is in videos like that after.

All he is a fellow mutant who looks just as intimidating either way Shoji assures Minetta he isn't offended however he knows his appearance and scars May Scare people which is why Shoji chooses to wear a mask he wants to be a hero without making others fearful or uncomfortable if anything it shows how thoughtful Shoji is instead of being.

Bitter due to how others would see him he is willing to accommodate tokoyami commends him for this Shoji continues to say that while he has had painful experiences that he won't forget he still won't dwell on it and I gotta be honest this chapter and the previous one really had me rooting for Shoji I wish we could have seen more of his.

Dependability level-headedness and maturity throughout the series but it is what it is then shows you remember something it is a flashback to the time he saved a young girl from drowning it is likely this was in the same Village that discriminated against him so it speaks volumes that Shoji was was willing to lay down his life for someone.

Who saw him as less if anything it shows that heroism does not discriminate everyone is worthy of being saved which is the same theme of my hero Academia in fact Shoji was only able to save the young girl due to his multiple arms with anyone else it is plausible she would have drowned the waves were strong enough to push her under after being.

Rescued the young girl cries most likely thanking Shoji the memory only strengthens Shoji's belief I choose to embrace a happy memory of the one time I was overjoyed to have this body of Mind instead of ruminating over it like spinner Shoji decided to use his mutant appearance and ability to help others he didn't give in to Darkness instead he.

Chose to follow the enlightened path every hero does after hearing this all of his classmates rushed to hug him with tears in their eyes they promised to give Shoji many happy memories it's a touching moment that I feel we needed especially right in the middle of a war Jodi looks at his friends with a smile but acknowledges that over A Century of.

Hate will take time to undo however that doesn't mean they can't take steps to fix Society back in the present Coden looks determined and seems to be growing something on his head it reminds me of Aries horn except it looks like a mountain range we have never seen Coda be capable of changing his appearance so could this be a quirk Awakening or could.

It be that there is more Dakota's Quirk than just controlling animals we didn't get back to Shoji as he leaps into the air above spinner meanwhile the monster that is Spinner is climbing literal buildings who get to the young hero Shoji thinks to himself that he will continue to carry the torch of Heroes before him he will continue to try and.

Bridge the gap between Nom mutants and mutants he wants to become the world's coolest hero and pass it on to the next generation again horikoshi is illustrating the theme of generations influencing each other it is likely Shoji was inspired by Heroes like gang Orca or hound dog Heroes that look like him.

Joji shouts that he too was a victim of discrimination he tells the crowd below the people who oppressed them will never be right he then thinks back to when Deca returned to UA specifically when the heteromorphic lady he rescued him to comfort him she was being tormented while Japan was under siege by villains she wasn't a threat yet was treated as.

One due to her appearance and size he asked the mutant Army if there isn't another way violence only begets violence spinner on the other hand has completely given himself over to anger he charges that Shoji once more his mouth wide and it would seem as though he's using his core gecko here considering he is clinging to a building.

We haven't seen him use it in a while so this is a bit of a treat unfortunately spinner does tell Shoji that he doesn't care Society must be torn down and rebuilt for mutants like other battles in this Arc it is a fight of ideologies Shoji believes they can exist with non-mutants he was welcomed into the HERO program after all sadly it is an.

Opportunity of kindness that spinner and many other mutants never got while Shoji is right that they can't see past their differences and work together he's also lucky to be in a position with others supporting him covered in blood showed your response think carefully on how you Channel your rage after all we are the ones who carry these scars.

The mutants are stunned by his words but turn their attention back to the spider Lieutenant they counter show these powerful words by saying that if it was true mutants wouldn't have been hurt the way they have the spider exclaims that Shoji isn't offering any solutions he is just lording over them with his attitude to add insult to injury he goes on to.

Say that Shoji has been domesticated by humans that he has lost his will to stand up for himself in lichens believing in peace to being docile to those that are the repressors if anything this mysterious mutant is like another skeptic he does a good job of rallying others behind him all the while he twisting words of the heroes.

Thankfully Coda comes in handy a flock of birds surrounding spider villain then we get a close-up of Coda as he angrily and tearfully says don't you dare laugh at Shoji could it's a shot that cements Coda as someone just as important as Shoji during this fight he proves that he too will stand up for his beliefs and it's amazing to see how far he has come.

Actually Coda began as a really shy young hero now he is resilutely standing up to a villain and his army his army that numbers in the thousands shows who prepares to attack spinner his Quirk wrapped around his arm seemingly bolstering it spinner can see him but barely he tells the young hero that he is disgusting it is the same wording.

That has been used against him and now spinner is using it the cycle of discrimination just doesn't seem to stop however Shoji takes it in stride he tells spinner what can I say it's just who I am very powerful words in a way Shoji is acknowledging the horrors he has faced and now he is staring evil right in the face but unfortunately that.

Is where the chapter ends it is a cliffhanger I cannot wait to see explored now in the comments I'm curious if you were a heteromorphic work wielder in this world which side would you be on Shoji's side or spinner side as always I'm slice voltaku thank you all so much for watching out of an awesome day I love you.