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Muzan Kibutsuji EXPLAINED! Demon King Full Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Kimitsuji muzon is perhaps one of the most recognizable villains in modern shonen his story is not only marred with tragedy it is exactly why he becomes the progenitive demonic king we know him to be he's malicious manipulative and the ultimate egotist so today we'll be going over muzon's history within demon slayer kametsyno yaiba and with that let's.

First break down his name a name which as per usual with those from the series follows a particular naming scheme his first name muzon contains kanji for miserable pitiful and merciless without a doubt these words perfectly describe the demon lord his last name kimitsuji has a kanji for demon dance which i find to be very fitting for a demon so often.

Visually compared to the king of pop and my personal favorite artist of all time michael jackson now with all that mind onto his story at birth muzon was described as sickly his heart stopped multiple times within his mother's womb and once born it was believed that he was stillborn he had no pulse nor did he breathe that is until he was about to be.

Cremated and it was then that he coughed out his first cries interestingly enough during this time the heian period cremation was limited to mostly the wealthy due to the cost of firewood so one may infer that muzon came from a rather opulent family a family which would ultimately be distantly related to the ubyashiki clan the head of the demon.

Slayers that being said his illness continued well into his adulthood in fact muzon was going to die before 20. obviously his dire reality is what motivates him to turn to a physician this doctor would then treat muzan with the blue spider lily however the treatment wasn't going as well as muzon wanted so he killed the physician in a.

Rage but a change did occur muzon gained noticeable strength and vitality his humanity was the cost of this though he found himself unable to enter the sunlight instinctively knowing that he would perish in it the newly minted demon also craved human flesh which is something muzon is not afraid to indulge in even early on it is evident that.

Muzon has always cared about himself first and is not mortified by the consumption of people in the slightest instead he's frustrated because he's at the mercy of the sun because of this he becomes obsessed with finding the blue spider lily even going as far as to punish upper right demons for being unable to find it he was intent on.

Obtaining his dream of roaming beneath the sun spending several centuries in pursuit of the flower this pursuit ultimately led him to creating more demons such as tamayo at upper rank 1 kokushibo yet he is still unable to conquer the sun his timeline gets a bit muddy until the sengoku period during which he is almost defeated by the.

Legendary slayer yorichi tsuji kudi it is important to note that yurichi notices the pure malice within muzon comparing him to magma erupting from a volcano this life or death encounter also reveals that muzon has seven hearts and five brains muzon only survives by splitting himself into one thousand 800 pieces allowing the tiniest bits to.

Escape and regenerate he then goes on to eradicate anyone who knew your richie's sun breathing technique this one and only confrontation with yorichi would go on to haunt him forever now once again there aren't exactly any concrete time references for when this happens but muzon would turn akuza into a demon and then form the 12 kizuki but much later.

In the taisho period he would slaughter the commodo family turning nezuko into a demon and he isn't seen again until tanjiro comedo spots him in asakusa tokyo here he is masquerading as a human with a wife and child if anything his elaborate ruse is a testament to how far muzon is willing to go to achieve his immortality muzon escapes by creating a.

Demon within the crowd however before he leaves muzon's memory of yurichi is triggered by tanjiro's hanafuda earrings this recollection is enough for the demon lord to shiver afterwards he leaves his sudo family at home so he can meet with susamaru and yahaba however he is stopped on the way by a drunken group and with this a man from the group would.

Tell muzon that he looks half dead this enrages moves on enough to kill the group all while asking if he looks sick if he looks near death and so yeah despite his near immortality muzon seems to still react harshly to illusions that he is not well as most likely these sorts of things remind him of his sickly state before demonization he then.

Commands usamuru and yahaba to hunt down and kill tanjiro which we of course know to have ultimately failed some time after this muzan calls a meeting with the lower ranks of the 12th gizuki here it is perhaps the first time we see him using his shape-shifting abilities here he is disguised as a woman and the deception is good enough for lower ranks.

To not recognize him at first and it is here that muzon informs the demons that rui lower rank 5 is dead and interestingly enough rui's demon state was at the hands of muzon himself the demon lord took pity on the sickly child and turned him into a demon and regrettably rui would kill his parents as muzon would then take advantage of.

This he'll tell rui that his parents death was their own fault they simply did not accept him as he is but yeah muzon would scold the lower moons for dying so easily unlike the upper moons who haven't changed for over a century and it is during this meeting that we see that muzon does not care for his lower demons in the slightest he kills.

Every lower rank except for enmu who he supplies with his own blood commanding him to kill a hashira and tanjiro later muzon is seen yet again chameleoning into human society however this time he presents himself as a young sickly boy the adopted son of a wealthy businessman and his entrepreneurial father even mentions using his company to create a.

Special medicine to nullify his son's skin condition and while there muzon is met by akuza who is upper rank 3 of the 12 kizuki at this point akuza informs muzan that he hasn't found the blue spider lily nor can he confirm it still exists on top of that akaza spoke of killing ahashira as if it were an accomplishment as opposed to an.

Expectation being unable to accept any failure and combined with his obsession with immortality muzon flies into a rage a rage in which the mere utterance of aku's name was enough to tear at the demon's very being a whole muzan possesses over all demons with the exception of a very small few strangely he quickly regains his composure and.

It's moments like these that really show the deep rage muzon possesses not only that but one could argue that his pursuit of immortality itself is a fear of death a core reasoning that ultimately all but a few members of his progeny are bound to but with this muzon would send akaza away unfortunately muzon is not seen again until he appears.

In the entertainment district and here he meets with the weaker half of upper moon 6 daki her reaction to seeing him is rather different from other demons she doesn't cower in fear or seize up instead daki looks overjoyed to see the demon progenitor she falls before him as he encourages her congratulating the upper rank 6 on eating several hashira.

Once again he manipulates another demon commenting on her appearance and telling her to grow stronger and crueler tadaki her appearance is important and muzan knows this like rui muzon only uses daki not only this but he asks her to dispose of nezuko going on to say that she is his only hope his words to her prove that muzon is not above using any means.

To get results he is a creature that preys upon vulnerability though once again muzon's memory of yurichi does come to haunt him even his cells within daki associate tanjiro with yurichi after daki and gutaro's defeat muzon summers the upper ranks to the infinity castle something he has not done in 113 years he seems to be experimenting as he.

Tells the demons that he will not accept failure like daki or gyutero muzon then goes on to further say that if gyotaro had fought by his lonesome he would not have died he also regrets putting so much faith in daki which is interesting considering the flashback that shows him praising her wanting her to do his bidding it seems that even if you.

Believe someone will ultimately fail he still tries to use them to meet an end muzon states that he doesn't know why the 12 kizuki exist anymore they haven't found the blue spider lily nor had they eliminated the ubiyashiki family upper rank 5 gyoko tries to offer information to muzon but the demon lord swiftly beheads him commenting that he hates.

Change whether that be changes in the flesh or emotion muzon goes to say that change breeds weakness and inferiority once more muzon's words are an insight into his character he has been immortal and unchanging for century so of course he views change so negatively that being said muzon does express the deaths of daki and guterro displeases him and the.

Upper ranks should struggle with more desperation he then tells gyoko to go to the swordsmith village with upper rank 4 han tengu now despite these upper moons failing as well at the swordsmith village nezuko is able to overcome the sun while in his young body disguise muzon senses this change and reacts gleefully hackling and obliterating not.

Only his adopted mother's head but the maids as well muzon says that there is not a need to search for the blue spider lily anymore because he can simply devour nezuko and conquer the sun the demon lord then goes on to say that all battles will now revolve around nezuko and this isn't the first time muzon has talked about or consumed another demon.

Though during his meeting with the lower ranks he did eat one of them behavior that although unique to an extent is not exclusive considering upper moon 1 kokoshibo the demon with the highest concentration of muzon's own blood absorbed the demons that challenged him and were defeated with the knowledge that nezuko has conquered the sun muzon.

Then has upper rank 4 nakame spy on the demon slayers she tells muzon that she has mapped out 60 of their whereabouts but has not found neziko to this muzon says her power has grown and that he will soon find nezuko and ubyashiki though muzon does not need to wait very long in time muzon would arrive at the ubishiki estate meeting a near-death.

Kaguya ubiyashiki the current leader of the demon slayers muzon immediately mocks kageya hauling him ugly and saying he smells like a corpse and it is here that kagia confirms something that we touched upon earlier that both he and muzon are distantly related he also points out that because of their sin of birthing the original demon their.

Bloodline was plagued by early death muzon then further insults kageya stating in his thousand years of life he has not been stopped quote heaven has never punished me it has forgiven my killing of thousands and this line is something that really stuck with me when i read this arc due to the egotistical nature muzon is absorbed within himself.

Enough that he believes nothing bad will come to him even saying that he has never seen gods nor buddhas to this kagiya asks muzan what his dream is and muzon doesn't answer first instead his inner dialogue reveals that despite having the very figure behind the ever lonesome demon slayer core before him he feels no hatred on the contrary he feels.

Relieved if not disgusted and i think that's an account of him taking in his own reflection to an extent he also knows that there are only four humans at the estate and no guards kakia tells the demon lord his dream eternity and in response to this confidently muzon replies that he will soon achieve this for himself once he finds nezuko however.

Kaguya rebuffs this saying that eternity is a human feeling because only emotions last forever and are undying clearly muzon himself could not understand the whole emotions have as he has only cared about his own self-preservation kaguya then goes on further telling muzon that no one has forgiven him that he has hurt too many people to simply escape muzon.

Continues to grow agitated by kaguya clearly perturbed by a human someone he views as a lesser telling him he must pay for his sins but just as musan prepared to kill kaguya the mansion would explode the demon lord cursed kagia as he tried to regenerate however spikes were also added to the explosives slowing down muzon's regeneration.

Further he is able to sense demon slayers and hashira converging on him and flesh seeds appear around him the blood demon art immobilizes him but does no harm to him muzon believes he can absorb the thorns to escape however tamayo appears suddenly here she stabs her hand into muzon's stomach and muzon is of course enraged to see her as she.

Is after all the only other demon who freed herself of his control tamayo informs muzon that he absorbed her hand and that within her fist was a drug used to turn demons back into humans the demon lord is enraged by this stating it to be impossible he mocks tamayo saying that it was her who ate her own family not him tearfully sure replies that if.

She knew that would happen she wouldn't have done it she only wants to outlive her disease and see her children this is clearly a theme for muzon as rui was also sickly he preys on the sick not only because they are more likely to depend on him but clearly because they remind the demon of himself that being said muzon continues to berate her.

Commenting that she ate many others after her family and that she enjoyed it once someone no longer serves a purpose and moves on it is rather clear how viciously he throws them away not only this but he is practically a master in tearing someone down tamiyo herself was already crying and yet muzon continued to mock her however tamayo tells him.

That she will atone for what she has done by her death and muzons with that she calls out to the stonehashira gilmehimejima who beheads the demon progenitor that being said muzon is able to regenerate his own head which does not surprise gyomei in fact the stonehenge calls kagi a saying only sunlight truly harms muzon this is.

Bizarre considering the lethality of head severance for demons up until this point though in his case his ability can probably be explained by the fact that muzon has five brains and unfortunately this means that the slayers must keep muzon preoccupied until dawn but now due to the emergency summons nearby swordsmen including tanjiro and the.

Ashira would arrive from which point each slayer would use their respective styles to try and cut down muzon as giant sliding doors would open up beneath them and as they dropped down into the infinity castle muzon would insult the slayers saying that they will all die tonight while the many slayers fought the upper ranks muzon himself was.

Encased within a flesh cocoon alongside tamiyo as he continued to absorb her one can only imagine muzon is trying to purge himself of tamiyo's medicine however a troop of swordsmen would approach it here they would argue amongst themselves wondering if they should attack muzon or wait for the hashira as suddenly a transformed muzon.

Would emerge from the cocoon and slaughter them all and with this muzon's appearance had once more changed his hair was now white and there are a copious number of mouths around his body he kills them all so fast that kiriya ubyashiki cannot even tell the slayers to not approach muzon then thanks them for the meal noting that he was starving.

Before before the demon lord is a dying tamayo who he mocks one last time informing her the medicine clearly does not work tommy osabe's demanding muzon give her family back muzon tells her to die and join them and then he crushes her head he appears to have recovered his strength and makes quick work of the second troop heading to his location.

Afterwards the demon lord again says he will kill all the demon slayers through nakame's blood demon art muzon is transported before the water hashira gyutomioka and tanjiro here muzon speaks to them coldly saying that slayers always spoke of avenging their loved ones or whatever but isn't it enough that they are alive conveying that.

Slayers should just count their blessings and go back to their lives as then the demon royal compares himself to a natural disaster saying that no one blames nor seeks revenge against tornadoes or rainstorms and this sort of statement only proves that muzon believes himself to be inevitable in his mind there is no escaping his agenda he.

Continues to tell the slayers to give up and that the dead won't return not only this but muzon knows that demon slayers themselves are abnormal most people give up their grudge and continue to live their life but the swordsmen go out of their way to seek justice here the demon lord also reveals that he is sick of it he just wants it all to end at the end.

Of his hate-filled antagonistic speech tundra replies that muzon should not be allowed to exist anymore the two swordsmen would begin to attack muzon during which he would reveal the pseudo-deaths of matsuri khan roji the lofashira and obanai iguro the serpent hashira during this battle muzon manages to crush tanjiro's eye but before he can.

Impale the slayer mitsuri breaks through a wall with her is opinai who tells tanjro to retreat muzan here is a rake that the two hashira are not dead scolding nakame unbeknownst to him mitsuri and obani's deaths were an illusion created by the demon yoshido as he controlled nakime's vision without warning the castle would begin to shake.

The three would continue to fight muzon as their positions repeatedly changed due to yushiro's involvement muzon would try to wrestle control back from yushiro but his focus would be pulled back to the battle yusro takes advantage of this and once more changes the landscape at which point these slayers and muzon began to fall while following muzon.

Crushes nakame's skull yushiro uses her dying cells to change their location one last time attempting to transport the group outside however they are still within the castle the fight continues but the castle begins to creak obanai at this point knows that if the castle is destroyed only muzon would survive thankfully the combatants are pushed.

Upwards flinging them all to the surface from here muzon rises from the rubble angrier than ever he once again moxie demon slayers telling them to try and keep him occupied until sunrise from there the ashira would attack open eyes blade does slice through muzon's neck however the demon lord is powerful enough now that he instantaneously.

Regenerates the damage done to him in retaliation muzon's elongated tendrils whip and wipe at the ashira but lower ranked members all sacrificed themselves taking the damage meant for the shira the lower reign members would charge and muzon desperate to buy time muzon though is too powerful now and quickly cuts them all down after this tandro falls to.

The ground and coughs up blood muzon would notice this and explain that he mixed his own blood into his attacks the concentration of his blood here is too much for demonization and so instead it acts as a poison to the demon slayers as hanjiro lays there muzon states that the boy is dead however with tanjuro gone the hashiro would continue to fight.

Muzon he would unleash another flurry of whip attacks which would strike them muzon commends them for still being able to move commenting that those with the demon slayer marks are not easily put down the strongest living hashira gyome himejima would then come to their aid and muzon would recognize him as a slayer who cut down kokoshibo right.

After the demon lord is bisected by the windhashira tsunami shinazugawa tsunemi also tosses a couple bottles filled with oil at muzon and lights a match throwing it at him muzon is set ablaze cursing tsunemi for using such a dirty trick and the wind and shiro would reply that it was only fitting for a demon during their battle gyome notices that muzon's.

Attacks have increased in speed fast enough that even the hashira struggle to keep up clearly muzon's new form boosts his physical abilities not to mention the demon had recently fed his attacks take mitsuri out of the fight as he slices not only her right cheek but her shoulder on the same side pass that overnight and tsunemi would fight muzon.

In close combat obani manages to cut off the demon's arm and kicks it away to stop regeneration muzon acknowledges this but is not concerned the poison does seem to affect even hashira as gyu himself loses enough focus to drop his sword momentarily but regardless he would steady himself and continue to attack something that muzon would.

Commend the hashera for muzan expects to rely on his poison saying that their fighting is useless that they'll all be dead before dawn breaks so yeah even while battling multiple ashira muzon maintains his narcissistic nature his lack of fear or uncertainty once again shows how self-absorbed the demon king is thankfully tamiyo's cat arrives on.

The scene and disperses antidotes into the hashira muzon quickly slices the cat to pieces as he realizes what has happened in his rage he unleashes an attack that causes craters to form around him the ashira are barely able to dodge eventually though they are joined by inosuke hashibira hana osuyuri and zenitsu agatsuma who managed to land.

Several sneak attacks on muzon this being on account of yushiro's illusory-based blood demon art ultimately muzon is able to detect them though due to the sound of parting air besides open eye other hashera are able to turn their swords red which slows down muzon's regeneration further a crow then calls out from above them signaling.

That only an hour and three minutes remain until dawn the swordsmen continue to battle muzon and notice his bizarre physiology in fact yomei is the ones who look into the transparent world and c muzon's ever changing seven hearts and five brains then muzon knocks the slayers away the damage is enough to cause more craters and rubble around.

Them not to mention gyu and gyomei lose limbs kano is the only one left standing she falls to her knees and is unable to will herself to fight muzon raises his arm to attack her but is stopped by a now recovered tanjiro muzon regards the swordsman as disgusting asking who the demon is between them he also notices these similarities between tanjuro and.

Yurichi once more telling tonjiro that he makes his skin crawl muzon himself has always been seemingly disgusted by sickly humans commenting on not only kaguya's near-death appearance but tanzero's massive tumor as well however it is interesting to note how much more repulsed he is by anyone who resembles yurichi tanju tries to combine all forms.

Of sun breathing in order to kill muzon but is continually stopped by the demon all the while muzon is reminded of yurichi kanjiro tires while battling muzon his attacks become weaker and slower however muzon finds himself struggling against the human he realizes this must be an after effect of the antidote despite absorbing tamiyo some.

Of her consciousness is still within muzon he asks her about his condition tamio confirms that her medicine was to make him human but refuses to divulge what else it does further enraged he uses her memories to deduce that there are two poisons within him one is to turn him human the second is to age him by 50 years every minute this explains.

Why the demon was struggling against a wounded tundra as his body was trying to subvert energy to combat his rapid aging muzon is able to calculate that he has aged roughly 9 000 years since the battle began thus the reason for his now white hair with that a crow announces that only an hour remains until dawn openeye once more joins the fight.

Assisting tanjiro as he two battle muzon together during this two-on-one fight muzon notices another side effect scars from urichi appear on his body implying that the slayer hurt muzon even at the cellular level and so despite having died oh so long ago yurichi was in a sense aiding in the defeat of the demon king as well a crow would appear again.

Signaling only 40 minutes remaining until sunrise hearing this muzon would immediately do the dash determined to hide himself from the sun at the end of the day he has no pride as a combatant it is all about survival tanjore gives chase and throws these swords of deceased core members at muzon the demon lord deflects them noting that piercing.

Attacks would be far worse for him than slashing ones the serpent ashira helps tanjuro by stabbing muzon in the chest which stops his escape their battle rages on with muzon sensing other hashira are returning he curses the demon slayers and compares them to linked beads on a rosary only 35 minutes remain until dawn muzon then attempts to.

Split himself like he did during his fight with yurichi however the demon lord is unable to do so noting this is another side effect damio's consciousness speaks to muzon once more telling him that the fourth ingredient within the medicine was to destroy his cells the first three were to simply weaken him tamiyo also tells muzon that.

Just as he would do anything to survive those who have suffered because of him will do anything to kill him he knows that the four drugs within him are causing regeneration to be exhausting therefore the demon slayer's attacks are far more potent he also realizes that it will take more time to counteract the poison muzon stops in his tracks but.

Then unleashes a giant shock wave his body transforms further with a huge mouth on his torso sanitou and enosuke join back into the fight as well as yu and gyoume their struggle continues with other hashira assisting such as mitsuri who sacrifices their own arms to rip off muzon's left one after this he lost his right to sanemi unmoved by this muzon.

Changes his shape once more this time his mouth elongates going from his head to his torso he tries to eat tanjuro but is blocked by obanai finally the sun rises muzon panics at the sight of it he tries to hide from the sun under a wall of flesh and transforms into a giant baby with his gigantic body he swallows up tanjiro the demon lord attempts to.

Crawl away but is slowed down by the efforts of the demon slayers and kakushi however muzon realizes he can escape the sun if he goes underground other slayers try to stop him but are simply too exhausted thankfully tanjuro stops muzon from within muzon rears up in pain and at long last begins to disintegrate under the sun while his life is ending.

Muzon thinks back to what kageya told him about emotions he honestly acknowledges that he does not remember a single human he has killed but their feelings had passed on and stayed alive effectively defeating him he is moved to tears by this stating that his feelings are undying too and gives all his blood to tanjiro he then tells the slayer to.

Make his dream come true before finally disintegrating tundra now feral and a demon begins to rampage he wrestles with the phantom of muzon as he demon tries to convince him to continue his carnage however kanao injects tundra a medicine that turns him back to a human at long last defeating muzon although he may have attempted to entrust his empire to.

Demon king tundra really and truly to the bitter end muzon was someone only out for himself not caring about the damage done to others he also feared change and his own mortality to such a degree that he was willing to do anything to avoid it though in the end he does fall to his own hubris thus concluding the story of kibitsujimuzan.

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