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Link down below big thanks to Lord for sponsoring this video and allowing me to make better videos for all of you so now that I can make a beautiful cup of espresso at home I immediately got to thinking about a project that I've been wanting to do for a very long time and if you've watched me for a little while you know about it and it is making.

Homemade croissants now I've talked about this before but I've not gotten the gumption to actually tackle the process because it's quite intimidating it is a very involved process we're going to be creating a laminated dough laminated as fancy word of saying we're creating layers of dough butter dough butter dough butter and that's what.

Gives us that beautiful flakiness in a croissant and I'm going to be testing and using Claire's saffets recipe which I printed out she also has a wonderful very very thorough video which I'll put a link down below too and this has given me the confidence to tackle this recipe I am not a pastry chef I have not gone to pastry School baking School cooking.

School at all but Claire gives you so much information and in my experience when a recipe offers you tons of information it gives me the best opportunity at success and Claire is very very very clear and thorough and I love that Claire thank you so much for taking so much time and effort in guiding us to the path of homemade.

Croissants super excited slightly intimidated but very confident that we can get this going this is going to be my first attempt at making croissants I'm going to be making the all butter although we have a very wonderful soft spot for Pano Chocolat or chocolatine they're also called but the chocolate stuffed version of a croissant but let's.

Tackle just the base sick butter is the goal today I remember watching cooking shows with my mother and my brother and I very clearly remember seeing the process of lamination and I remember distinctly the dough being poked a number of times to show the pastry maker how many times the dough had been turned and I remember that poking process and.

Always thinking oh that's very cool and someday I will try it well today is the day alrighty let's get to the dough making okay in this bowl I have some all-purpose flour I'm going to add my sugar kosher salt dry active yeast I'm going to use my hook to kind of stir that in a little bit create a well.

Our milk and our water which are both at room temperature now for all of these ingredients I have used a scale to weigh everything fit it with a dough hook so we're going to mix this on low for about five minutes until it creates a tight kind of Shaggy dough.

As promised five minutes we have this kind of jaggy not particularly beautiful but this is the beginnings of our dough so we're going to let this rest for 10 minutes now we're going to place the bowl back into the mixer on low speed once again I'm going to incorporate some very cooled butter.

It's been a little over 10 minutes since I put the butter in with the dough and I've allowed my Sheen to knead it up for me also put all the butter in at one time I showed you just putting a few pieces dump it all in so that's what I did after I read the directions again and look at the difference in texture look at that smooth stretchy soft so.

Tuck all the ends under get the surface nice and tight slash it down the middle and then this way as this Rises it will kind of fold open so it'll be easier for us to shape this into a square we're going to place it in the same Bowl we're going to cover it and we're going to let this sit for 45 minutes or an hour or until increases about one and a.

Half times then we're going to place it in the refrigerator for at least four hours up to 12 hours so while our dough is resting this is a great opportunity to make our butter block this will be the butter that will create all those beautiful layers in our croissant in a piece of parchment paper side by side fold this over Loosely.

And then we're going to turn it over like that this is a noisy part we're going to take our rolling pin and we're going to beat this butter down the goal is to have a half inch slab so brace yourselves here we go we're going to reposition our parchment paper so that we can create an 8 inch square.

I think this is an ingenious technique we're going to use the parchment packet that we've just created as the borders as the containment unit for this butter we're going to shove and manipulate this butter into an even layer that makes a perfect eight inch square love it roll and coax now our butter is a little bit softer and just coax it right into the.

Edges in the corners right oh that's love this I'm gonna Bend you to my will but gently oh can you see that butter just going all the way into that corner look at that gorgeous square of butter now we're going to place this in the.

Fridge so that it can be nice and solid it's been four hours and I took my dough out of the refrigerator patted it down to degass it and then I wrapped it in plastic wrap in two directions until it made an eight by eight Square then I took my rolling pin and I rolled the dough just like I did with the butter and got it into the corner so I had nice.

Square corners and then I placed my little block of dough in the freezer for 20 minutes it's time for the dough to meet the butter using just a little bit of flour and working quickly because we want to keep the stove nice and cold we're going to rule it out it's about 18 inches pushing forward and back rather than pushing down try to.

Keep things Square look how beautiful that butter is flip it isn't that gorgeous peel it back beautiful fold the flaps over now if we don't have quite enough we can push and tug until they meet go around the edges.

On both sides and pinch the seam here too make sure to rub off any excess flour I've rotated it 90 degrees so that the seam is now vertical but we're going to try to keep it narrow just stretching it and then making sure it doesn't stick lifting it up.

Playing even pressure trying to keep it Square now it should be about a quarter inch thick now we're going to straighten things out fold this into a book we're going to have it meet in the middle have this one meet in the middle as well dust off any excess flour that in half and that is our book that.

Looks beautiful I'm so thrilled about how this is turning out okay now we're gonna wrap it in plastic make sure that's an inch and a half in thickness ah perfect freeze this for 15 minutes refrigerate for one hour then I'm going to roll this out into a 1 3 inch slab then I'm going to fold it into thirds like a letter.

And then we're going to wrap it again freezer for 15 minutes refrigerate for one hour and then on a lightly floured surface we're going to beat the dough out as before gently maintaining a rectangle to a 14 by 17 inch slab wrap tightly in plastic freeze for 20 minutes and then refrigerate for at least 8 to 12 hours alrighty lovelies welcome back.

Today is part two of making croissants this is the dough that I prepped yesterday did much of the work yesterday today we're going to just be shaping proofing and then baking and tasting my favorite part so now we want to make our rectangle precisely 16 inches long now we're going to cut these into four inch sections.

So I now have the four rectangles and now we're going to cut each rectangle into two right triangles oh this is so great I'm so excited about this okay Claire recommends cutting off just the littlest sliver off the bottom here to square this up so you have an isosceles.

Triangle that means the two sides of the triangle are exactly the same on this longer tail piece we're going to pull it a little bit and lengthen it no excess flour and then roll it onto itself oh my gosh so cute and have the tip of the tail on the bottom so that it just.

Holds it under its own weight you see that like that and then give it a little tap I love that little friendly Bap now we're going to place it on parchment line baking pan and for this size I'm just gonna put two on one pan what I've done already is created a proofing chamber so we'll take a skillet and heat up a bunch of water.

Until it comes to a boil then we put the skillet inside a cooled Oven close it up leave it in there place all of my croissants after I've covered them with a bit of plastic wrap and let them proof in that really warm moist chamber we want around 70 degrees Fahrenheit been a little over two hours since I placed my shaped dough croissants into.

My proofer chamber and they are so stinking cute gently gently peel back the plastic don't want to lose any of this jiggle jiggle once you get to this point where they're nice and poofy and jiggly then you place the entire tray into the refrigerator for 20 minutes this will slow down the fermentation and firm them.

Up a little bit so now we can paint them with a bit of egg wash now this is a combination of one egg yolk and one tablespoon of cream we only want to paint the top parts we don't want to get the sides here because we don't want to seal in these beautiful layers that will expand in the oven and here we go gently gently paint them.

Oh my gosh they're so cute and then we're gonna bake them for 20 minutes and then we're gonna turn them and bake them for another 10 to 15 minutes or until they're beautifully dark and golden look spectacular I am so pleased they turned.

Out so beautifully so stinking perfect I mean they're perfection shiny glossy Brown they are still piping hot they're best eaten within the first couple hours of being made but what goes better with croissants than a cup of coffee so let's make one for an espresso a small size is.

1.4 ounces 2.74 medium and a 3.7 for a large espresso for coffee a small is a five ounce a medium is an eight ounce and a large is a 12 ounce I think I'm going to go with a medium coffee place my capsule in here close it now I'm going to press the size medium and here we go foreign.

lovely I do not get that in my usual cup of coffee I don't it's silky and smooth perfect amount of bitterness for me I drink my coffee black so I don't like it overlay better I like it just right but I like it assertive enough so it feels.

Like I'm having coffee super hot fast convenient easy delicious already the moment I have been waiting for for two days here we go tadakimasu hmm foreign Sublime croissants are just a wonder they are a beautiful combination of.

Textures flaky crunchy light crisp yet slightly chewy and bready slightly and of course the butter you've got the decadent amount of butter to this really great nutty buttery flavor and just all around butter essence so rich and delicious all right oh good this is falling apart let's cut it open and see how I did on the inside.

In terms of a honeycomb pattern of the bread structure can you hear that oh my gosh I'll take that I will take that I see the swirl I see the pockets I see love and effort and deliciousness if you follow Claire's outfit's recipe to a tea you will be rewarded with this thing of utter Beauty.

And deliciousness fantastic well done Claire thank you big big mix of Laura coffee for sponsoring this video if you want to learn more about the lower Barista system or find one for yourself click the link down below for more information thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this.

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