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My Hero Academia Just Ended! Deku & The Heroes Lose To All For One – My Hero Academia Chapter 374


Finally several plot lines have converged together once again horikoshi is delivering some of the best story beats there is a surprise Deco appearance and insanely burned Dobby and at long last Sad Man's parade with all that being said let's dive into chapter 374 of my hero Academia titled Butterfly Effect right away we see the.

Continuation of President Mike vs kurogiri Despite All Odds spinner was able to wake up the warp gate villain I must admit I've been waiting for this moment for quite a while the kurogiri storyline has been prevalent since we learned who exactly nomu is his identity is shirakumo ties him permanently to both president Mike and izawa besides.

All for one did say that he would be instrumental in winning the war while warpgate is an insanely powerful teleportation Quirk it is hard to see it ending such violence we've stated it before but this conflict is a battle of ideologies it is a true fight of good versus evil unfortunately it appears that evil may be winning whereas that.

Mike can only watch on in horror as grogiri wakes up his face is unlike what we've seen previously instead of two yellow splits and a cloud of purple there is a distant outline of shirakumo is it possible their childhood friend is still in there I really hope we get that confirmation soon existing as he does now is almost like splitting he is.

Kurogiri he even proclaims a name yet he was using the same language hirokumo did plus his appearance is physically changing to reflect his inner conflict it is no doubt something that will come to head soon but then without warning we are taken to a weather broadcast the sky is still covered in clouds which seemingly resemble an eruption they also.

Don't look like ordinary clouds either it is a mixture of normal clouds and something Inky black could this be kurugiri's query of course we know how warp gate Works however summoning a massive Cloud was never part of it perhaps we are finally seeing yet another Quirk Awakening although let's focus on the broadcast the news forecast.

Is led by a woman who kind of looks like America without the animal characteristics she talks about something called a flammogenesis cloud that suddenly appeared over Japan for context a flammogenesis cloud forms due to extreme heat or a volcanic eruption so it requires a significant amount of heat and so is it possible that Dobby's.

Own will created these clouds his Quirk may very well be the only fire ability with that sort of punch either way the other woman does explain that the clouds continue to grow and enter the jet stream it could affect North America to be honest this Revelation does remind me a bit of all might as we've seen the force of his blows have previously been.

Enough to influence the weather so it seems like we are getting some villainous spins on that the meteorologist does explain why the clouds are there but she claims it is due to multiple sources of heat that converge together with a tropical storm when it is explained like that it sounds more as if the entire Todoroki family.

Caused it we have seen shoto's ultimate move Endeavor go past his limitations and Dobby overcome his destructive Quirk if this is the doing of just one family that's pretty impressive she furthermore explains that the cloud is said to be colossal larger than anything we have seen which sounds like a major storm system and while she does give the.

Weather that isn't all she talks about during the broadcast she openly calls out all for one the weather woman starts his lecture with a metaphor she questions if a butterfly's Wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas can't this same be said for Quark Society she wonders if the first Quirk the luminescent baby has anything to do.

With the current chaos in their world where humans with quirks doomed from the start it's an interesting question but more so it feels like a reference to the Doomsday core Theory after all we have seen how destructive quirks are becoming with new generations and on this Shadow we even consider shigaraka to be the poster boy for this theory on account of.

His body having changed in such a dramatic way but unfortunately she does not elaborate further on her question instead the weather woman proclaims a single person's power can change the whole world what I imagine to be a clear reference to All For One and one for all speaking of she ends the broadcast by directly calling out all for one she.

Says that while the world's governments are bowing to him she will not she is outright opposing all for one which is a very ballsy move especially considering the position he has managed to back the heroes into with his chapter we know he has Associates overseas by standing up to all for one she is putting a Target on her own back as well as a new station.

Itself yet the weather woman known as Meryl does not care what she considers more important is standing up to those injustices instead of floundering and letting all for one run the world then we're taking back to the Dobby vs Shoto Anita fight the coming award has exploded into an oven Dobby's Quirk is overwhelming it even causes a massive.

Wave of heat around them Vernon who is somewhat into fire is overwhelmed by the Flames she wonders how Dobby can even produces heat meanwhile eat a big Shoto to lead the fight both students look worse for wear even despite the fact that either really hasn't done much either worries that Dobby will burn Shoto alive and it is a.

Believable fear considering he almost did so during the last war besides Shoto is physically exhausted he has given it his all to defeat his brother even pulling out an ultimate move yet it still was not enough Shota realizes this too he tells Eda that they can't stop fighting everyone is at their limits but still continuing to fight they surpass.

Their own bodily limitations and yet it still wasn't enough while the heroes are there dying and falling tadabi's hands she also exclaims that Dobby is still standing he is the only one there who still has his stamina and the will to continue fighting his body is long since checked out but his determination has not standing before them is a skeletal.

Dobby in a sea of flames the landscape of kamino is no longer a metropolitan area it has been transformed into a hellscape amongst his ecosystem of fire Shoto wanders openly father's blood courses through both our veins so why is Toya Still Standing big corpse like Dobby is seen with the phosphorus X across his chest he resembles his father.

But is far more demented this is the result of endeavor speaking of Dobby thinks about his dad he knows the flame hero is in gunga villa which is a considerable distance away Dobby curses this fact commenting that the warping messed up their plans originally Dobby planned to defeat no kill his brother and then bring his father to the body.

It's sick and twisted but it is exactly what Dobby tried in the last war But ultimately Dobby knows his own limitations his body is falling apart before his very eyes charred skin begins to crumble we can even see it as bits of his own finger fall off if his condition is anything to go by Dobby isn't long for this world he won't be able to.

Accomplish his plan so he does the next best thing using a move that is reminiscent of his dads Dobby begins to haphazardly fly away flame jettison out of his feet as he clumsily knocks into buildings we have seen Dobby use this move before but sadly it is not something that is easy for him to do concentrating his Firepower into his.

Feet is hard in fact that is why he slams into the buildings around him he cannot control such a pinpoint Source Vernon is amazed and horrified by the fact her face is uncharacteristically afraid this is not a situation for her for other heroes or for these students with them Dobby is an Unstoppable Force they cannot fight alone she wonders how.

He can even stand due to his body's composition meanwhile Shoto shouts out he is planning to fly to where father is Shoto demands to follow his older brother he explains that he can still move so he can still fight he eggs his brother Ron asking if the villain is going to run away and let him live after all Dobby is dedicated to killing him.

Why Stop Now when he is so close but just then there is another development skeptic speaks to the spiky nomu again he tells the blue flame villain that he is getting a free ride as suddenly Gregory's Quirk manifests itself in front of him and of course Dobby flies right into it these developments are becoming insane we are finally getting.

An end game-esque setup and with this there is no doubt that other combatants will appear as well it is something of a reverse UNO card against the heroes this is to be an all-out battle the chaos from other villains showing up will surely tilt the scales even more that being said the narration switches to the UA Flying Fortress there monama tries to.

Keep aizawa's Quirk active they are on borrowed time now because manual fears he can't keep up his court due to the wind without the moisturizing power of His water monama would eventually be forced to Blink though the young hero refuses to give up despite the damage he may be receiving monama confidently States they've got to keep up the Quirk.

This fight will be in the history books and monova wants to be remembered it sounds like selfish reasoning but he's also seen Horrors monama has had a front row seat to shikaraki killing the heroes there as well as actually murdering bakugou all the while monama has been on unable to intervene despite that he assures the heroes that they can still.

Win though this is not the main attraction you see Deku again as he continues to fight shigaraki the ultimate Evil is still inflated his body a grotesque caricature of what it used to be is it possible that his quirks are overcoming aizawa's Erasure anything is possible but monama still holds out hope he says that he can't afford to Blink.

And that Deku is still giving it his all no one can afford to slack off or give up this is the penultimate battle against the most evil villain in their society it is their last stand meanwhile Deku looks engulfed in Rage granted he is using it effectively instead of being overcome with anger like the last war he is utilizing his feelings it is a.

Pinpointed focused rage there is not the chaoticness of losing himself instead it is a weapon he will use against shigaraki but sadly their fight is about to get much worse all for one's words are heard as a warp gate opens directly behind izawa the villain explains that people's experiences shape who they become not just that but all for one.

Trusty feelings people create from their experiences to him they are probably the most Raw Pure sense of self all for one can feel is hate he even groomed shigaraki for that so if anything he really is a believer in the strength of emotions that being said the gate that opens shows a familiar headpiece and present mic isawa quickly looks to see.

The commotion no doubt coming face to face with President Mike and karagiri the Ghost of his past and his good friend are both converging onto the same deadly Battlefield and on the topic of fighting the point of view switches once again this time it is to go Villa there all for one talks about his plan and Spinner he knows that Spinner's own.

Feelings for shigaraki were so powerful that it was guaranteed that he would succeed spinner was an outcast and yet shigaraki accepted him it's a no-brainer that the mutant lizard would practically give his life for his first real friend though it couldn't have been done without a little help r41 explains they developed a contingency plan he knew he.

Could still activate karagiri even without the recording why because the man who remains miles ahead of his adversaries decided to put a microchip in the hand spinner carried by the way we do get confirmation of the hand is that of the late Shimmer Nana it is a sick twist of fate he desperately wanted to stop this so much so that she gave up.

Her own child yet here she is quite literally still playing a hand in it but then just as the heroes were focused on offer one and his speech a warp case suddenly appears from the sky Dobby pokes his head through it happily greeting his father Endeavor looks exhausted if not crestfallen it's one thing to face a man behind Japan's.

Villain problem it's a whole other situation to be fighting his own son who is near death unfortunately Dobby is not alone that's right another familiar villain is with him through the portal comes two twice clones and it is likely there is an entire Army toga had twice blood and it is clear she has already used it for Sad Man's parade not only.

That but one of the Clones is holding suyu's iconic goggles the strap is free-flowing which can only mean one thing both Sue and uraka have been defeated and hopefully this is something we will get a flashback on toga has wondered if her life still has value and it is clear she hasn't gotten that answer yet while I don't believe either.

Student is dead it is clear they have failed besides the army of twice's there is also the fact that toga is among them to be fair she is still young and so theoretically she can still be reached but boy will that be a difficult task at this point as the villains emerge all for one States the Sad Man's death planted a seed of hatred in a young.

Girl's heart clearly he is referencing the turmoil toga experienced with twice his demise she completely unraveled killing Heroes without cause or Reason and now she has turned her murder's grief onto Hawks after all he was a reason for twice his death and in her eyes it was unnecessary his death only proved to her that in the eyes of.

Society and the heroes villains lives are meaningless that they are at the bottom of the barrel and Togo refuses to back down all for one then reminds the heroes of what hawks did the blood on his hands the dismay is written all over the winged Hero's face is all for one asks him what would have happened last time if you hadn't disposed of him it's.

A taunt an army of twice is something the heroes cannot imagine defeating twice his double Quirk was instrumental in taking down an entire city so they are a force to be reckoned with not only that but the heroes were low on manpower to begin with they are already outnumbered without the influence of twice they cannot possibly stop such an.

Army all to realize is this and shouts out we have to kill him now and with that these Stakes for my hero Academia had been risen substantially Hawk's nosy danger of twice all too well but that combined with toga's desperate angry nature is a the weapon also toga is far superior to twice ever was when it comes to physical combat so this is a deadly.

Combination with that we have reached the conclusion of the chapter I'm curious what you guys may be thinking in regards to how the heroes can make it at this one alive it is looking rough everything is against them right now it's gonna be hard it's gonna be more than hard it's gonna be near impossible at least given everything that we know.

And have seen thus far but yeah let us know what you can think of my hero Academia will actually be on break next week unfortunately so we will catch you a bit later on but as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.