Guys this latest chapter of my hero academia was ridiculous insane jaw dropping and downright out of pocket there is so much to talk about with this one to speculate about so much corroboration to our prior sentiment and theories that yeah this is going to be a loaded.

One so in the previous one we had deku catapulting through the roof of a skyscraper by way of the fajin quirk and gripping onto the arm of lady nagan and with this he felt as though his victory was a definite but she was not done fighting as she would repel him elsewhere and continue to fire off at him and in.

The midst of this barrage of bullets we would have lady nagan speaking to deku in regards to her past in regards to the falsehoods of today's hero society or that which was previously established and long-standing as we know lady nagan was an agent of the public safety commission.

And that was a hired gun in pretty much the literal sense she was made to terminate all outstanding threats to heroic society whether they be villains or otherwise she was slaughtering terrorists when they were only in the planning stages before they had done anything wrong truly taking out unsavory.

Heroes who would reflect poorly on heroic society as a whole she was doing any and everything that they asked her to do and the reason she was willing to obey to do all of this is because she understood the necessity of it for the sake of their establishment.

Continuing on and perpetuating the way that it has maintaining the peace quote unquote because where there is light there must be darkness to follow but over time it became too much for her the blood that was on her hands the fragility of the system that they were in it it just.

Bothered her so thoroughly that she was pushed to a state of depravity of questioning what it was that she was doing if there was any point to it all so one day when brought in by the former leader of the public safety commission and instructed to take out a couple of heroes once more she would question her orders for the.

First time it would seem and this sort of insubordination this sort of questioning wasn't something that the commissioner was familiar with and would question himself attempting to remind her that this isn't something that she can simply walk away from and in the midst of this conversation.

She killed him she took him out i don't know what she thought that this would achieve because he essentially is just a stand-in there's always going to be someone else who's going to rise up in that position but she was pushed to this point this is the extent to which.

She has been broken down and torn apart but of course this information was not allowed to surface this was not allowed to be perpetuated to the populace people could not find out about this because if they did then it would cause further questioning and an uprooting of once again the.

Establish that they so herald and cherish and so to deku laden again would convey that if they bring back heroic society as it once was then history is bound to repeat itself and where there will be light there will be heroes saving the day again.

There will be those who have to pick up the slack and be torn apart for it it's not as if this perfect society of theirs has suddenly been uprooted and broken apart no it has been fragile it has been weak it has been degrading over time and so at the very least she felt as though she would be able to find.

Solace in the fact that in a world ruled by all for one it would at least be clear what was actually going on there wouldn't be a shroud of deception and lies and the fact that she is willing to settle for transparency just shows how broken this character is how far she.

Has been pushed but to interrupt this monologue of hers deca would use his quirk black whip in a new form in the way of pinpoint focus this being a extremely long range projectile of a single tendril very focused and poignant as he would latch onto the building.

Behind her after scanning her trajectory by way of his dangerous sense quirk and so although deku has yet to perfect his simultaneous process technique he is pretty good at using multiple quirks in tandem at this point he has yet to reach the apex but this is still.

Really impressive and in recognizing that deku was not giving up in recognizing that this assault was not going to stop and that his speed was only increasing lady nagan would be pushed to the edge and would decide to aim her weapon at chisaki who deku would actually recognize and.

Speaking of jasaki with this latest chapter we would open up to him speaking to lady nagan as she picked up her equipment and suit back from the prison's inventory he would tell her that he knows who deku is that he's the one who foiled his plans oh so long ago.

And landed him in prison to begin with that he is yet another victim of hero syndrome and here we get to see that jasaki hasn't entirely lost his mind he is of course a bit deranged as i believe he was previously even when he wasn't incarcerated but here it is made expressingly clear that he does have.

Some sense that he does have the capacity for a proper conversation it's just that he is hyper fixated on returning to the boss right now and in that way lady nagano would figure that it was meant to be that he'll be useful in identifying the target which i suppose he was.

And lady nagano would be quick to stop him and say that i'm not gonna be handling any of your prior grudges that's not my business but he wasn't interested in that at all he doesn't want any sort of revenge and this was made clear here this shows that he's not intent on being a villain anymore he.

Doesn't want to do anything anymore in that regard he just wants to go back to the boss he's lost everything and the boss is all that he has so please just let him see the boss that's all he wanted and in this lady nagan would look to him with a bit of pity she would look to him as someone broken by this society in the.

Same way that she was and take pity on him but getting back to the current day we would see the arm of lady nagan become gnarled and wretched disgusting now being rather swollen and unsightly as shiesaki would again beg her to let him see the boss he's done his part he's upheld his end of the.

Bargain he just wants to see the boss meanwhile she had her weapon aimed at him and ready to go and in pushing her arms to its utmost limitations in this way lady nagan would fear that potentially her gun may jam in this event but it was worth the risk she had to do it at this point.

As she would additionally state that she hates heroic education the most which is pretty funny considering this point in the story is one where we are not seeing the academia aspect of my hero academia at all we are just here in the streets and in knowing that deku was raised by this heroic institution in the way that.

That was his tutelage she was able to predict and expect that he would not allow a single person to be harmed on his watch no matter what sort of person that they happen to be and so she would fire off her shot and in the event that deku were to overthink the scenario she would have an opportunity to take.

Him down and with this deku would shift his trajectory and leap into action without any hesitation and this motion was won using the quirk of the third possessor which is known as phajin a quirk that we have thoroughly explained in a video.

Prior but here it would be explained as well as a repetition of motions that would allow deku to store and then release kinetic energy and here we receive a sort of signifier of his use of phajin which seems to be predominantly in his legs.

He would use fajin as a defense mechanism against preceding shots as well as use one for all at 45 his upper threshold his limitation at this point not to mention using centrifugal force and here it's denoted as something that everyone in our generation knows i promise you.

If i go to anyone in my age range they're not gonna know what that is pretty much it's the way a washing machine may work with that center cone in it if that's the sort of washing machine you're familiar with and in this deku's intention was to mimic all my once more.

Something that he's moved away from but he would use it in this instance and become faster than a speeding bullet achieving a pseudo 100 one for all and so in that i'm gonna need a whole lot of apologies all the people who are calling plot armor crazy for saying that deku is getting a speed quirk.

Imma need the apologies i have the receipts imma need the apologies because this man is not only f he's faster than a bullet yes he's faster than a bullet coming from lady dagon the fastest shooter in the game not to mention you can see the raindrops.

The literal raindrops that are still in the process of falling he was able to reach this point and save chi saki before they could hit the ground so yes it's not a speed quirk in the sense that it is exclusively that because fajin can be.

Used in several ways but as we predicted once more this is something that can be applied in that way and deku is faster than he ever has been he's always been a fast character he's always been a speedy character from the moment he got full cowl he has been a fast character but.

Now he is just unbelievably fast and lady nagan she couldn't believe her eyes i mean not only is he fast but he shifted his trajectory that quickly even if he is this fast the fact that there was no hesitation there was no thought process she intended to take him off guard in the event that he began to think.

About the situation and over analyze she was going to capitalize but this man daku as we know as fans of this series since the very beginning we know that deku when it comes to saving people does not hesitate he doesn't think his body just moves and this is a perfect example of that.

And he would additionally express it shisaki that he wasn't done with him as he would head off right back to leyden again to finish this up and in this conflict the third possessor was overseeing the battle he was analyzing deku's movement and thought process here which was pretty impressive.

This is again the first time that deku has used this quirk and he recognized that he wasn't able to fully utilize all these quirks at the same time however he would consolidate to just a couple of quirks black whip fajin and of course the base power of one for all.

And this was the moment that lady nagan knew she messed up she was saying all right i gotta get out of here it's time to fall back because again time is of the essence we know that the top three heroes are on their way she only had so much time to handle this deku situation and apprehend him and furthermore he is.

Now taking the initiative and getting the upper hand on her on top of that she has surpassed her limitations but deku here had another leg's worth of ajin and we questioned how exactly this power would be stockpiled in the way of storage.

And it seems as though we can expect a limb's worth a leg's worth of fajin or an arms worth of fijin something like that and with this deku would just overkill and use a pseudo 100 manchester smash and once again this whole pseudo 100 this is something that we talked about this is something that we expected.

As was fajin being as powerful as it is can offset the missing percentile of deku's power which is to say that when he does achieve 100 he will be able to go beyond truly beyond and i guess that's the whole thing plus ultron what have you but to know that he could probably go.

Like 200 or something is just mind-blowing but yeah in doing this he would just obliterate lady nagan's rifle arm it is just terrible it's torn apart it looks as though her arm is gonna fall off and i had to question like deku you really did that it doesn't seem.

It doesn't seem becoming of him it doesn't seem as though something that he would do it's kind of reminiscent of a batman in the way that alright i'm not gonna kill you heroes don't kill but i'm gonna break every bone in your body and you're gonna have no health insurance to cover it.

And again lady nagano would think to herself that this kid he didn't hesitate at all he recognized shiasaki and she knows that there is a history between them but he didn't care he didn't stop at all it didn't stop him from going to his rescue he didn't think about if he should do it or not.

And so again she would recall the instance in which she was recruited by the public safety commission and wonder when it was that those words made her sick remember when it was that she lost her way as a hero and listen this man deku is just terrible he would hold on to her he.

Would save her as she was falling and grip onto the arm that he just destroyed and mangled i know i know that that must hurt and he had to hold her in this way because her air walk was acting up it was no longer keeping her aloft and now with a softer tone deku would speak to her and say.

That the bullet that she fired at jasaki the trajectory was way off and once again this is an incredibly accurate sniper she is the best in the business for her to miss it's an it's not an accident and furthermore if she were truly an ally of all four ones she would have.

Taken deku out with that preceding shot when his back was turned she would have ended him but she didn't and furthermore he would express that because she understands how terrible this heroic society can be she would be the best person to fix it she would be the one to know where to.

Shine a light and handle the darkness of this society he would tell her that she still has a chance to be redeemed that she still has the heart of a hero that she should fight alongside them and make this world a better place to live in and as he held onto her hand she would.

Look up at it and recognize that this was the arm of his that was damaged in this fight and so they are both holding on to each other with these damaged limbs and it touched her she was truly at a loss for words and would just smile up at him.

And would begin to say something as she smiled brightly at him but just then her face would begin to split apart in a way familiar to us in a way that we have seen from shigaraki during the war arc as deku would then look to her wide-eyed as a bright light would begin to shine on his face.

As we would then have a maniacal laughter erupt from all for one that hearts can be so easily swayed which is why he decided to prepare for her potential failure as boom an explosion would go off and much to deku's horror as he would scream the name lady nagan he would say that in the end all she.

Ever was was a tool a tool to be used by others and furthermore that if she's to curse anyone if she's to blame anyone that she should blame the ever useful quirk that she was blessed with and now deku was just screaming screaming in a horror as the feathers of hawks would.

Firstly appear with hawks then coming to her rescue after the fact now holding on to her now scorched body in the middle of the air telling her not to die on him and that was the chapter oh my goodness did this chapter is just i don't even know.

What to say there is just so much going on here there is so much to speculate about and to cover man i i mean okay we were right again i know i say this a lot we just happen to be right a lot and this is one of those things that i was really hoping i wouldn't be right.

About in this way at least all for one is so evil it's not even comparable to anyone else in this series he is the baddest of the bad and if you have seen our ua trader video you know exactly what i am talking about this is why you gotta be watching our videos that are outside of the.

Chapters because we go through this stuff so previously we theorized that offer one the true danger of this man is that he is within so many people at this point his quirk the passage of his quirk it's not as if it is just purely a one-to-one transfer it is just.

Providence no there is a aspect of himself that he adds into that he is a part of these quirks once he takes them they are his then and then he when he bestows them onto others a part of him is beseeched onto them as well and so when he said that he was.

Providing a bit of insurance onto his path with lady nagan that was him giving her a quirk with a bit of himself his own essence within it and this is enough for debate any longer this is not in question if you look here this isn't.

All for one elsewhere regarding the situation this isn't him sensing that lady nagan betrayed him this isn't even him observing that lady nagan betrayed him because once again i mean the guy is blind what we see he is inside of her mouth it is incredibly subtle you wouldn't.

Notice it if you weren't looking as hard as we do but here the face of all for one is surrounded by the teeth of lady nagan and when it comes to a charred body teeth usually remain intact and that is how you identify people so despite letting the gun now being scorched her teeth remain.

And we can see them surrounding all for one again this is something that has perpetuated society for generations at this point all for one is very very old he is centuries old and he has been passing quirks onto people for centuries and if you remember his the notion.

To the past wielders of one for all was that quarks are similar to organs that sometimes when you pass on an organ people have experienced a phenomenon of possessing other people's memories from that organ transplant we have discussed the danger of the.

Quirk singularity doomsday theory on a multitude of occasions but here we have further corroboration i can definitively say that all for one is a part of the singularity in a way that we would have never been able to concretely discern all for one is one of the very.

Few people who was willing to corroborate the sentiments of dr garaki and believe in his theory as he is actually a part of it and perhaps one might argue that maybe he gave lady nagan a secondary quirk a volatile quirk that would blow her up or something of the sort but i don't believe that is the.

Case at all i think it's simply that her body cannot handle the emergence of all for one we saw her face split in the same way as shigaraki and shiguraki can handle it because he was made to handle it he was raised to mentally withstand that sort of burden.

As well as physically withstand that sort of burden lady nagan was not prepared for this in the slightest and furthermore if you're wondering why offer one has a breathing mask here and he didn't have that with shigaraki it's because of the point of passage he gave lady nagan this power he gave.

Her air walk when he had this on his face when he was at this point the point of passive for sugar rocky the point in which he provided his original quirk was prior to his incarceration and so he wouldn't have this and to an extent this is all classic all for one to be truly.

Honest with you he doesn't just beat his enemies down he doesn't just apprehend them he doesn't just outright win against them he breaks them he wants to mentally tax them when he fought against all might he didn't just fight him straight up he spoke of shimanana he spoke of the fact.

That shigaraki is shimmering as grandson and he now knows he now has a grasp of the sort of person that deku is and with this how does deku smile again how does deku manage to ever smile again we have not seen this guy smile in so long and i don't expect it to come anytime soon.

After this happens i mean this is traumatic to a new level and at that i'll tell you right now it is over for lady nagan she is done the best that i can imagine will come from her is a bit of deposition into all for one's position or something in that regard.

Maybe her final words will be able to tip them off to a sort of avenue for them to explore but in regards to her actually joining the team and recovering from this it's not gonna happen it's just not gonna happen she has been torn asunder and her arm is destroyed she is no use to them.

Which is incredibly unfortunate because this is one of the best villains to date and to have her to really only last for a couple of chapters is really really sad however in her absence i imagine we'll have further inquiry in regards to chiasaki again we have expected him to reunite with deku and.

Deku now knows where he is and who he is and told him that he's not done with him so yeah it's coming beyond that this is our first time seeing hawks back in action since his battle against davi we've seen him with the other pro heroes we have seen him with endeavor.

And bashiness but we've never actually seen him in contact with an enemy force we have never seen his feathers reappear but now he is once again flying it doesn't seem as though he has all his feathers just yet but he is on his recovery path for sure this was an incredible chapter and so i.

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