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Alright guys how incredible is this forget e3 if you have been following us over on twitter and instagram plot armor yt then you should be well aware of the sheer volume of incredible anime news to be had and here we now have a new trailer for the my.

Hero academia movie 3 world heroes mission and so without any further delay let's get right into this stuff because it is pretty damn crazy and you know it's crazy because with this one we opened up with the fact that deku is now wanted for mass murder now this is something that we received.

In a previous trailer already but to open up with something like this to have a bombshell be your entrance you already know that the rest of the contents are going to be jaw dropping which they are from there we have a shot of shibuya japan wherein there are a lot of people which is typical for shibuya.

But furthermore their collective attention has been taken by this insignia this insignia that we may presume belongs to the main antagonists of this movie the terrorist organization and cult known as human eyes now we have covered what we know about this particular group in a previous.

Video so check that out if you want further explanation but for them to be on each and every one of these big projectors and screens shows that they are now sending a message to the world over and when it comes to groups like this what is a message without some action as following this we would have a sort.

Of gas attack gas leaks coming up from the sewer system in a city this seemingly being an attack on the populace which we may presume is going to be happening everywhere else as well and once again for this group this group that hates quirks so thoroughly and believes in the doomsday.

Theory they are going to want to impact as many people as possible so major cities are definitely on their hit list past this we have a concerned almighty in a suit next to a gentleman who we are unfamiliar with now based on his looks here i would presume that this character.

Is possibly not from japan and is actually from another country and now taking into consideration their attire and this backdrop i would say that he is possibly in america with someone who is possibly an agent of some sort that he is familiar with as he was a hero with ties to america as.

He went overseas for quite some time so being able to dabble into all might history by way of his prior connections will be of course very very fun as that was kind of the premise for movie 1 and of itself so to get a bit of that in movie 3 is to me a nice addition there is then a shot of todoroki looking.

Very serious and this sort of reminds me this is reminiscent of the end of season 4 wherein his father endeavor was facing hood and so todoroki by extension got a bit of emphasis and had a sort of visual sort of like this but i would say the difference being the mood and expression here for.

Sure he is far more serious as opposed to being concerned and of course when a character like todoroki is serious that typically leads into some form of action and i can properly imagine why he is so serious because this next shot this next shot is insane we have the main antagonist of.

The movie who goes by the name of flectern standing atop a pile of corpses and not just any corpses not just any bodies we have many of class 1a and class 1b's characters we have the likes of momo.

Su jiro kaminari kiroshima tatutsu tokoyami and shoji now we had a teaser of this very scene previously but it was a lot darker it was harder to tell what was actually happening here but here it is oh so very clear what an ominous scene this is sort of reminiscent of when all for one pulled.

Up and deku and his friends all envisioned themselves dead in his presence but this like this is way more bodies and he is on top of it as he is shining the light is shining on him as if by divine providence and speaking of the divine we then have flick turn holding on to.

A tome that is titled the quark doomsday theory and heralding it seemingly like it is a book of biblical importance from there we do manage to get a better look at our main villain fleck turn and i mean over on twitter we did get a glimpse of him the night prior and you guys were just flaming him.

Up it is just hilarious what this man looks like he to me looks like osmosis jones mixed with mihawk from one piece and on the note of one piece fleck turns voice actor is the very same man that voices zorro and so if nothing else i'm pretty sure we can expect a great performance here.

We then have deku bowing his head downwards as he is seemingly pleading with someone he is asking and begging for something of some sort which we'll be able to elaborate on in a second here but we then have roddy soul who is the new character who is being introduced with this movie.

As every one of these my hero academia movies has a new young character to be introduced someone that again we spoke of at length and about in a previous video and we furthermore get a bit of personality from this character as he seems to have a smug look on his face kind of cheeky here which then brings us.

To the elaboration of our prior scene where deku seems to be pleading as he is fighting over a briefcase with roddy now this seems to be a very comedic scene but possibly what is actually in this briefcase might just be of major importance but we don't know just yet and at that i'm fascinated by the.

Difference of this additional character here as the last two or the last two groups i suppose from the previous movies they were more so there for deku and just completely accepting of him as a person off rip but here we now have a character who seems to be a bit more hesitant.

Following that we have this like bizarre bird creature that sort of looks like a pokemon or maybe something out of dora like one of swiper's off-brand cousins and because of how bizarre and odd this thing looks i'm sort of led to believe that this might be a quirk ability an extension of someone's quirk powers or.

An animal that is a quirk wielder possibly like principal nezu from here however we have a scene of roddy freaking out as deku is holding on to him as they are avoiding some sort of energy blast while swinging by the side of a moving train.

And what are they swinging with they are swinging with black whip so here we have our confirmation that black whip is going to be present in this movie which is amazing this is something that we've been talking about this is something that we have been hoping for and yes it is here and it is now.

Confirmed now with the way this scene is shaping up to look like it seems as though deku is taking roddy along for the ride because he can't just take the briefcase off of him that would be a villainous thing if he just stole this from him so all right you don't want to give it up all right let's go together past that.

We would have the three stooges deku bakugou and shoto who seem to be in the same location that is present in the movie poster at the very top now this portion of it in particular seems to have some european stylings however somewhere else in the same general vicinity there seems to be a metropolitan area as well.

But besides the location we have each of these guys holding on to some groceries which leads me to believe that they may be here for a while or they are just holding someone else's groceries doing the job for them the light work like they are some sidekicks or interns and of course you have bakugou yelling.

At deku while shoto is indifferent to everything and seemingly leading to this area we have something that sort of looks like the golden gate bridge so with that it's possible that this setting is a sort of amalgamation of various locations that are in our world so far i'm getting france.

San francisco and even new york but it doesn't look like these areas are going to stay pretty forever as furthermore we get to see the aftermath of these attacks that gas leak that we saw previously then leads into something like this that is just horrific it looks as though this gas.

Attack now flooding the streets has taken over the entirety of this city from there we then get to see a scene of many people who are either injured or just flat out dead by the ramifications of this attack there is fire everywhere and past that we have a set of empty.

Clothing here with a top and a pair of pants which sort of remind me of what erie did to her father erasing him from existence and then we also have a guy who is sort of reeling from an electricity attack as it is still jolting his system and his body from there we get a better look at human.

Eyes as a group what they look like individually and they sort of got this nightly religious vibe going on here it kind of reminds me oddly enough of the forever knights from ben 10 if anyone is familiar but yo from there we have a fire shot of shoto he is over here just blazing with.

Anger and it is a beautiful shot there is then bakugou blasting off as typical as usual and all might looking very concerned and not able to do anything our boys then suit up which we've seen before but after that we have just like every hero imaginable the world over this is.

Definitely a world heroes mission because everyone is here everyone that we know and people that we really don't know first up we have the dragon hero ryukyu and her female proteges mejide su and uroraka and besides them you have your typical riff raff one in particular kind of reminding me.

Of a luchador which is of course very cool and gotta catch them all as there is another pokemon looking creature one that looks like pikachu as a raccoon in the following shot we have edge shot kamui woods mount lady kaminari mineta cerro ibarra and a sonic the hedgehog looking.

Hero that some of us may be able to recognize as a background character in the manga as well and of course the very hard to miss egyptian pharaoh character here and this guy looks pretty wacky here as he is certainly a two-dimensional character.

More so than the rest of them at least and with him being at the forefront in this way i'm imagining we will actually get some dialogue from him because again with that poster we did receive a glimpse at egypt as one of the locations next up there is present mike jiro cementos who does not look happy at all.

Shoji fat gum and his proteges tattoo tattoo kirishima and sun eater as well as gang orca and for this shot at least the background characters are very much in the background here so they're not even worth mentioning next up we then have hawks tokoyami.

Sato ojiro shishida shishido who is a character from one of horikoshi's prior works omaga doki zoo as well as godzilla an electro plant who you may be able to recognize from movie one and with that being said it seems as though these lineup shots are indicative of placement.

With these additional characters coming from america we can presume that hawks and the rest of them are going to america now this next shot has a lot more characters that we don't know than characters that we do know we have momo satsuna and majestic and everyone else is a new character we have this big lion.

Guy and then we have someone a lot shorter in a bear costume some guy with a bucket on his head with a smiley face on it there are a lot of interesting characters to look at here so yeah they are not kidding around with the worldly aspect of this movie from there we then have roddy looking up.

At a plane as he looks to be in an impoverished area and by the looks of his sleeves it is indicative of him being impoverished himself which we do know and have expressed again in a prior video now him looking up at this plane imagining that this is going to be the plane.

That our heroes are coming from our heroes in this sense being deku bakugou and shoto and with the indifferent expression he has here it seems like this is definitely going to be something that is at the beginning of the movie or at the earlier portion of it from there we had a bunch of action shots.

Endeavour holding on to something very fiercely hawks who again we presume to be in america holding on to his feather blade as there are many fires behind him before he goes ahead and shouts something we have araka who seems to be stationed in paris as she is charging towards.

Something attempting to use her float quirk on it sue who we presume to be in the same location as her who is just flinging one of these humanized members elsewhere burn in a sidekick of endeavors as endeavour himself is taking off like a rocket upwards and a hero unfamiliar to us with a sort of taser-like weapon.

And by the background again this seems to be like the same location as deku shoto and bakugo are in albeit in the more metropolitan portion and i say this because of the familiar building from there we have deku in his fight against flectern then two characters unfamiliar to us one who looks really cool.

Who has green hair a green tinted cloak with a red arrow tail at the top of it as they are firing off a bow and arrow with a green string an archery robin hood as character i'm imagining this is going to be one of the lieutenants one of the sub bosses if you will of human eyes along with this guy who seems to be just.

Sort of like the muscle the bulk with a yellow horned mask with braids behind it and she is just firing off from the safety of a helicopter and we don't know what then there's deku holding aturadi again in different attire this time and my goodness the animation looks good.

It is just so clean in this movie and from there we then have an even better look at this attire of his where he is wearing brown overalls a tan shirt and has a sort of sack on his back from there there is sun either letting off a tentacle attack present mike being as loud as ever ryukyu going into her dragon form.

Rocker raging kirashima raging tokoyami communicating kaminari firing off shot after shot turning around shot after shot momo moving around with these partially formed creation rings jiro doing a bit of sensing shoji doing a bit of sensing minetta and cerro firing off a bit and.

Again based off the background they are more than likely in egypt and then there is a quick glimpse of deku in his proper hero costume looking a bit intense as he seems to again be holding onto roddy or possibly even that pack from earlier there is a quick flash of a broken.

Locket all of a sudden for whatever reason there is a countdown a timer deku looking at his own hand in front of a fire which i presume to possibly be around the time that he changes the tire and is wearing overalls maybe he goes to a more rural area of this location bakugou lets off.

An explosion deku holds on to roddy again with that scene where he is trying to get the briefcase then we have deku who is again in his proper hero costume but now a bit bloodied and beaten up seemingly in the same setting as his fight against flecturn.

Now defying the odds and raising up to his feet as he is bleeding but looking now at the various screens that are probably showing these countdowns or the mayhem to be witnessed across the world probably pumping him up to go plus ultra bakugo in a similar or even the same.

Space going crazy with his quirk and then there is shoto again a continuation of that prior scene where he is just charging up his flames and going insane and then deku continuing on from that scene where he rises up to find the odds with that light in his eyes as he rushes inwards for an attack that.

Looks to be an all or nothing punch here and lastly we have a shot of deku again we can recognize that this is the same scene probably before he goes in for this punch as we see the same trickle pattern of blood coming from his forehead but yeah he looks devastated and that is.

The entirety of all these new shots coming from this trailer but let me say that oh my goodness this movie is going to be incredible believe me as someone who edits this footage almost daily my hero academia movie 2 was a major leap from movie 1 in regards to how it looked visually and.

The animation and all of that and this now movie three looks to be even better than that from what we have seen thus far and that has me excited now the last thing of note to be had with this trailer is at the very end as it displays my hero academia world heroes mission volume w and this is a special.

Commemoration of the movie that only the first million people to watch it in theaters in japan will be able to get their hands on now the contents of volume w are as follows firstly there is a special chapter written by the creator of the series horikoshi himself concept arts and character designs as.

Well as a q a from horikoshi and an interview with his editors now you already know if it weren't for the current circumstance of the world we here at plot armor would be there in a flash we would go to japan immediately to get our hands on this but even still we may or may not have some contacts out.

There who may be able to procure some of these volumes for us so if you want a chance to possibly get some of these in your possession again be sure to follow us over on twitter and instagram plot armor yt because we really do love giving back to you guys and with this being such.

A major major event we want to commemorate it all together and truly there is no better way than this but yeah guys that just about wraps it up for this trailer breakdown i really hope you guys enjoyed it i am very excited for movie three if you are as well let us know down below in the comments.

And while you're there never miss out on any of this sort of content by subscribing to plot armor with notifications on as with everything might hear academia this movie and beyond plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and.

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