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My Hero Academia Sequel!? The Next Generation – My Hero Academia


My hero academia is currently in the final act of its story things are finally coming to a close and although this is the final act and not the final arc the notion of a sequel series has come up in conversation quite a lot as of late now might hear academia is no stranger.

To spin-offs and the like at this point but how would a direct sequel fare the publisher behind the series has a clear love for sequels and the like as they allow them to keep their cash cows around for longer some of which do retain their original creators whereas most do not at least not in the same capacity as.

Previously possessed now these sorts of continuations are almost never necessary but regardless of that they are pretty much guaranteed to make money and admittedly at least for now it is a bit difficult to determine the necessity of a follow-up series simply because we have yet to see the.

Conclusion of the current story we just don't know how things will conclude so it's hard to definitively say from my own summations and expectations of the series and its end there shouldn't be a need for coverage of the next generation or anything like that i won't get too deep.

Into things because we've already made entire videos dedicated to those concepts but all things considered quirks may not even be a thing in the future not to mention deku is looking to be the very last user of one for all in the event that we receive a story of deku passing on the quirk to somebody.

New and deserving then that would say that he himself has failed the purpose of the quirk one for all is to thwart all for one who in theory should be defeated with the end of the story one way or another i just can't see.

Horikoshi holding off on such a thing for the simple sake of substantiating a continuation manga is such an uncertain medium for its creators that to do so would be potentially self-destructive take naruto for instance the naruto manga never split from naruto into naruto shippuden.

That was just a matter of anime marketing horikoshi has had the end of my hero academia in mind for quite some time now and so for me it's easier to believe that he intends to close out the series on his terms in the most conclusive manner possible but for conversation's sake let's say a.

Sequel series does come to fruition what exactly might that look like well the way i see it we could either go the new kids route or the all grown up direction when it comes to presenting us with a whole new cast of characters the best way to have audiences latch onto and care for them.

Would be for them to be the children of characters we know and love essentially the boruto route and in such a case to have them be as recognizable as possible characters are made to be what are pretty much fusions of their parents this path is what i would consider to be a shipper's paradise.

Now i for one am not too keen on this concept simply because i feel we have so much growth left to explore with our current cast of characters they're all young and still developing as heroes and so i can't say that i am exactly excited to follow that very same journey once again with new people now something.

To keep in mind is that villains push a narrative forward especially in regards to a story of heroics if villains continue to run rampant if heroism in this society continues to be corrupt then everything that we've been made to care about with the series proper.

Was for naught and worse yet if things return to such a state that sort of invalidates all that we may have accomplished from my perspective horikoshi has made it especially difficult to have a continuation series as if nothing else the quark singularity may be considered to be the greatest deterrent.

But if not with a new cast of characters what about seeing our current cast at a later point this i am somewhat fascinated by simply because it's all that we've been working towards truly perhaps we defeat all for one and restore society to some semblance of normality.

Well before all this became the case our students all dreamed of someday becoming professional heroes being able to see them accomplish their dreams in this way would be very rewarding i don't imagine villainy will ever cease in its entirety but at the very least in.

Rebuilding the system from the ground up things should be a whole lot better at the end of the day without a sizable or considerable threat there's no story at all with this sort of thing and again with how horikoshi has chosen to write the story there's not much room for escalation.

Like what is typical for other shonen all for one is the end-all-be-all villain unlike even western comics a rogue's gallery of villains will never be able to compare to the threat of this man furthermore the power system is far too simplistic we could in theory add further.

Complexity but at that point you sort of lose a bit of charm now don't you and i suppose if not answered prior the question of where quirks truly originate from could be a source of intrigue but i swear if we go to aliens from there i will lose my mind as far as i'm concerned my hero academia.

Has some major spin-off potential as we've seen but when it comes to sequels i'm not all too interested perhaps we could go overseas and have our world view expanded but realistically likelihood of this japanese story shifting to the regularized coverage of an american.

Setting for instance is rather low but what do you guys think do you think that a direct sequel is likely and do you think you would enjoy that sort of thing for me personally i don't mind letting a good thing go when it is able to conclude on a positive note.

So here's hoping for at the very least an amazing end to this series that we all know and love and if you enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on and to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest anime manga news memes and information go ahead and follow us at plotarmeryt.

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