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My Hero Academia’s Ending Was Just Spoiled! Shigaraki Loses Confirmed – My Hero Academia Chapter 361


I gotta be honest this chapter of my hero academia has me so hyped for the fight to come finally we have more big three content but hey let's not waste any time and just jump right into chapter 361 titled anomaly previously miriam objectively told shigaraki he has no friends these words seemingly awaken tenko from within the sugar rocky all.

For one sheer consciousness as we predicted we see tenko like he was during the war arc surrounded by a massive hands all gripping onto him panko still looks like a child as deku said and needs to be saved that being said tenko's personality comes to the surface he doesn't just remember having friends he shoots back amerio saying of.

Course i have real friends as if for a no-brainer the biggest villain of their time would have friends interestingly enough tanko doesn't mention toga compress or twice instead he mentions mikun tomo-chan and his dog manchan we don't know who me or tomo are but hopefully they'll be revealed in a flashback i mean previously the only.

Friends tenkos seemed to have were his sister and his dog and hey mirio seems to be just as shocked by tenko's comment in fact he apologizes i will say when i first saw the crop panel of muriel looking so melancholy i believe that this was a death chapter thankfully or at least for now that is not the case but unfortunately this chapter also.

Comes with death flags which we'll get into later right after his friend comment shigaraki regains control it seems that even now shigaraki isn't a perfect body for all for one there is still the rebellion of tenko meanwhile muriel's internal monologue reveals that despite the empowered nature punch shigeraki is taking virtually no damage.

The heroes can't even break through the villain skin layer that very statement sounds crazy on its own they are still fighting a quirkless shigeraki and they cannot even damage him how deku will be able to is kinda beyond me but it'll guarantee an amazing fight for sure especially because shigaraki only looks a little bruised from this fight despite.

Fighting several pro heroes at once he really and truly is all for one's monster created specifically as the ultimate evil but speaking of all for one gig rocky feels as if his mind is splitting his physical body is complete with the merge of shigaraki not for one but his mind is not there is one loose thread still fighting off one's presence.

And is none other than the tenko that surfaced earlier surely this instability of shigaraki's mind will allow deku more time to arrive but maybe not after regaining control shigaraki decides that the fight muriel is no longer worth it he sees the fight as something that is simply dragging on with no value in one of the most stone cold panels shigaraki.

Begins to just walk away from muriel if shigeraki isn't wrong about the fight ramirez's only intention was to act as a distraction for him only until deku arrived miriam knows that he can't win this fight nor can the rest of the pro heroes even bakugou someone with immense firepower was easily swatted down by shigaraki not to mention bakugou is.

Without any real means to rejoin the fight as we saw in the last chapter both his gauntlets and one of his arms have been broken this is not an equal fight but a fight against the clock but regardless of their dire situation muriel is still trying to grab the attention of shigeraki he faces through the villain's.

Wall of hands goading him to continue fighting it's a noble endeavor considering sugar rocky's decided to turn his attention to bakugou and bajinas clearly he still plans to kill bakugo to enrage daku and to reach this goal a massive wall of mutated hands begins to come towards vaginas and maka go leading the charge this insane body.

Horror attack is none other than shigaraki i suppose again fault him for wanting to finish off what he started due to his injuries bakugou could only look on in horror i bet this chapter and last week have been nothing but a sludge villain flashback for makago he's up against the villain and was expected to be at least formidable against him and.

Yet he's been reduced to support well hopefully in support considering his arm is broken so badly it is twisted however let's it back leave by the hand ooh bad pun while advancing towards genus and bakugou shikaraki remarks that he won't fight mario because muriel is simply trying to buy time then we get a flashback it's more big three content so.

Big three fans like myself have been eating real good these past few chapters that aside the flashback shows muriel telling najre and tamaki to keep shigaraki distracted while he rescues bakugou after saving bakugou muriel volunteers to fight shakarak in close quarters combat while avoiding damage and hey big props to muriel for wanting.

To fight this guy in close quarters combat the guy isn't human enough now that quirks simply do nothing to him however this is all meant to not only by deku time but tamaki as well muriel ominously states that fighting chicaraki is for tamaki to get that ready in response tamaki gives a desperate if not scared expression in the last war we.

Only saw a couple of tamaki's moves and something tells me that my mirror is wording it is an attack only to be used if absolutely necessary it is very likely it is a move we haven't seen perhaps even something tamaki developed after the war either way it's powerful enough that muriel believes it will do damage to shigaraki which definitely.

Says something considering shikaraki is literally destroying the heroes despite being corkless machine is prepared to fight shigeraki which is admirable considering he is injured as well and still functioning with one lung though it was a bit accurate of beijing to refer to shigeraki as a demon he is truly transcended beyond a quirk.

Empowered individual and becomes so much more yet shigaraki knows he has genus and bakugou corner as he winds up a huge attack shigaraki tells sheenas he must be struggling to stay awake even now shigaraku remains the trash talk king but thankfully a gigantic nadroid bike comes to destroy sugar rocky at last more meaningful naturey content i have.

Been waiting to see her in action like this it felt like she was underutilized during the war arc like her comrades nature is giving her all against shigeraki say what you want about horikoshi but you cannot deny that he has some really neat combat scenes for the women speaking of which nature herself looks so determined it's the.

First time i think we have seen her presence be so impactful not only does she provide the energy for miriam's punch but she is offering support for bakugou and beshg nest so yeah nigeria is definitely coming in clutch from there we then see shigaraki thinking back to what the purpose of the arena is it is meant to act as the final stand.

Against shigeraki or in other words his funeral however shigaraki decides to shoot back with a witty remark he tells the heroes that this isn't his final resting place instead the heroes have built their own casket reading this line for the first time since shivers down my spine it is so downright disrespectful which is simply two on brand for.

Shigaraki we're talking about a guy who picked up another character by the hair with his toes last week plus it is such a stone cold line jigarok is so sure he will kill the heroes which makes me wonder what he would do afterwards would he immediately leave to hunt down deku only time will tell and man on the subject of time this chapter itself is.

Full of flashbacks while taking on shigeraki najiree has one of her own but before we jump into that it is important to know the damage she has received neduri dived into a swarm of mutated hands which understandably injured her it's difficult to tell the exact extent from the panel but what we see is not good at the very least she has a stomach.

Wound and an injury to her upper body between the two her stomach wound is more noticeable however it is unfortunate nigeria has not only been wounded but has gotten the good old shown in treatment of a flashback both those things together make me worry that she will die tamaki even previously mentioned he wanted to graduate that.

Line of itself feels as if the big three will not make it regardless the flashback shows nigeria sing alone in class her narrative reveals that before miriam tamaki she had no friends it's a similar parallel to bakugou but in the opposite direction rather than being praised for a powerful quirk nedrie was alienated horikoshi just continues to.

Lay parallel upon parallel and i must admit that i love it really that explains why she was so perplexed by field cheering her on during the beauty contest interestingly enough tamaki was he one to approach her mimicking the same way muriel befriended him at the end of the day my hero is about friendship it's the very same idea of.

Friendship that nedge ray thinks back on she remembers he kind is extended to her by both hamaki and muriel this branch of community is exactly what allowed her to get to know other classmates as well nature looks at it as something that allowed her to become stronger which once again is such a prominent theme this also explains why nedrae is such an.

Exuberant character that gets easily excited by meeting new characters she's super hyper bubbly and practically bouncing off the walls because she wants friends previously hawks had mentioned that one for all is a network of hope which is exactly what naturey saw within muriel and tamaki you can even see it in the panels nedrie does not look like.

Ninjay before she actually made friends it is this strong friendship that even created a big three to begin with if tamaki and muriel hadn't reached out to nijre we wouldn't have this amazing team up nor would we finally see nejri in the spotlight she has always been a part of the big three but up until now it's felt as if she was more of a background.

Character between tamaki and muriel for her there wasn't anything outside the overhaul arc that stood out but at long last we see exactly why nedrae is a part of the big three truthfully this chapter is pretty short yet it is so satisfying but this isn't entirely about nigeria through her we know what tamaki's ultimate move is she refers to it as.

Cornucopia combination we heard this phrase in the last chapter as well but it was in reference to the combination of tamaki's poison and octopus camouflage either way neduri states there's an attack that takes time to repair knowing tamaki's quirk and how it works that only makes sense he can only take on the traits of the food he eats.

And fighting against shigeraki doesn't allow for much breathing room to eat but now the time has come we get this gorgeous two-page spread of tamaki and this insanely large organic cannon of different animals and fruits plus nature's energy for example thomas's attack has a zebra tarantula dragon fruit puffer fish sweet potatoes african.

Alligator and many others the traits of these animals and fruits are hard to make out considering tamaki's canon while organic looks like something out of a mecha anime like nejure's moment it proves why tamaki is in the big three and you know what prior to this i assumed he only could take on the traits of animals he ate it's interesting that.

Now it's cannon another pun that he can take the traits of fruits as well even though tamaki's friends realize his potential it is recognized that his quirk has no real limit to how much he can manifest and because of that they believe tamaki is the only one who can do any real damage against shigeraki for now and i definitely love this because.

That boy sun eater is no doubt in my top five so to see him doing all this is just so hype and man what a cliffhanger i gotta see nigeria's injury and tamaki's trump card for sure with the next chapter so hopefully we can see more of this fight in the next one and listen i know the vibe was all for a bunch of fans previously but lately my.

Hero academia has been coming correct with that heat week after week after week after week so i need to know how you guys are feeling about these chapters lately as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you