I'm gonna show you how to make the most deliciouschicken wrapped in puff pastry stuffed with mushrooms, the most delicious cream sauce. This is an absolute classic it's from oneof my old cookbooks, Happy Days with the Naked Chef, and this was one of the recipes thatpeople went crazy for. Lemme show you how to make it for four. First up we're gonna do the stuffing a beautifulmushroom stuffing. So we'll get this onto a medium, medium-highheat. We'll go in with some olive oil, a coupleof tablespoons goes in. I'm gonna get two cloves of garlic finelysliced.

Now, we wanna celebrate mushrooms whetherthey're mixed, button mushrooms, wild mushrooms, porcinis, ceps it doesn't matter right, they'reall gonna be delicious okay. So look let's have a little look at the mushrooms. Standard stuff, you can break it up, I'm gonnachop these up later anyway so don't worry about this. So as that oil heats up – I don't want ittoo hot – I'll put this in. I don't want aggressive heat on the oil Iwant lovely perfume flavour. I don't want to get the bitterness that youcan get from when you get it too golden and brown.

Break up the mushrooms. So 250 of mushrooms goes in, I've just turnedit up now to a higher heat. Mushrooms are quite a high percentage of waterand what I wanna do is start off by frying. I'll get a little bit of seasoning happeningas well, salt and pepper. Now there's a little twist in the method we'regonna put a little lid over the top just for a second, and we're gonna drag out that water. So we're gonna fry, boil, then we'll takethe lid off and then we'll fry again. That way you are gonna get the deepest mostdelicious tasting mushrooms, that stuffing is gonna blow your mind.

So now by that lid coming off we're gonnacook that water away, right? Back to frying. So over here with the lovely parsley I'm gonnatake the stalks and I'll finely slice those and then on the leaves which I'm getting tonow I'm gonna go slightly chunkier, and chunkier and chunkier and chunkier. And I'm almost thinking of it like spinach. Iron-y and fresh. So the stalk part can go in now like that,beautiful colour. Wastes nothing.

And you can see we're cooking away that waterand it won't be long before we're frying again. The smell! Amazing. I put the stalk in a little bit earlier thanthe leaves because they're very delicate and the stalk is more fibrous, but that littleextra kind of minute or two will just make it a dream it will make it delicious. And look you can see the water's gone now,listen… we're frying again. So, in we go now with the parsley. We can give it a nice little toss-around.

If you wanted to be geeky right, and reallyget into it, you won't believe me but four drips of lemon juice makes the difference,it's like magic. Right heat off and these mushrooms are gonnabe delicious, now as it's a stuffing I'm gonna put this onto the board. Really autumnal, deep dark and beautiful. So get that all in there I'll keep this panfor later. You could leave it chunky but I wanted itto be a little bit finer so just use that cross-chopping method to chop up the stuffingto your liking. Also we're gonna stuff this chicken and itcan't be hot, right, it has to cool down.

So now when we've got it a nice fine texture,if you put that across the board nice and fine like that, that'll cool down really quickly. Okay, lovely stuffing, I'll put that to oneside. Have a little clean down. Now let me show you how to stuff the chicken,it's not tricky, it's straightforward, but it feels and looks quite chef-y right whichI think you'll like but I promise you it's really really simple and I got a few littletricks and hacks for you. The first one is: don't ever bother makingpuff pastry it's really hard – at home never, right.

Don't get the big blocks that you have toroll out it's just another job, get the pre-rolled ones like that it's nice and easy, they'vedone all the hard work for you. Just roll it out like that, get yourself alittle knice, and very simply we're gonna go in the middle first all the way through,and then into quarters. So you have four bands of puff pastry, nowpuff pastry is laminated, it's layers of butter and your pastry so when it cooks… that happens,right? Crunchiness, texture, soaks up sauce, chickenjuices, it's gonna be amazing right? So we'll put that to one side. Get yourself a nice tray like that, we'llget a little dish.

We just need one egg to go into here for eggwash. This will make it really golden and delightful. I'm using greaseproof paper because at Christmasyou do not want any risk, and I'll double be sure by a little oil that I'll just rubinto it as well, so we're really sure that nothing's going to stick at all, ok. So now what we have to do is get that stuffing,that mushroom, into that chicken and wrapped with the pastry. We're gonna take a chicken breast so there'sno bone no skin, we're gonna take this beautiful chicken breast we're gonna flip it onto itsback.

Here's the chicken breast like that, flapit open, and in here you have a potential for a stuffing. So we're gonna get the tip of the knife andgently, carefully, ease that no quite to the end. And in slow movements just make – it doesn'tmatter how you do it, it doesn't matter if you knife skills are good or bad – just begentle, and then what you do do is create like a little pocket here. And in there you can stuff y'know all kindsof wonderful things. Once you've stuffed that in there then youcan literally flap it back over and cover.

It, and I'll do that to all four of these. Find the thick part, tip in, make that littlepouch, get your thumb in there flap it back, you're good to go, right? So look now what we're gonna do is stuff thisbeautiful chicken, so to do that I'm gonna take a piece of our lovely pastry, you cankind of stretch it a little bit, just let the weight of it just stretch like that naturally. We'll put the chicken at the end like thisand we'll take, let's use a spoon, take some of that lovely stuffing it's nice and coolnow, we can kind of hug it see how nice and dense that is.

So thumb in, make sure the hole's big enough,ram it in there. We'll then use this flap of the filet hereto go over, right? Then what we do is we take this pastry andwe just roll it, right? If it splits and tears don't worry, just kindof patch it up. But it will be wonderful and will be rusticand as that cooks it's gonna cook up and out. Let's do another one. You get better always as you go on. Here we go, stuffing, take that filet coverit up again and then we're gonna roll, keeping it as tight as you can.

Beautiful. Okay, so now we're gonna egg wash these. Now that was a fun simple preparation. This will now go into the oven at 200 degreesCelsius for about 30 – 35 minutes until the pastry is golden and gorgeous and deliciousand all that lovely stuff. Ok! So that's in the oven. Ok, chicken-y hands there's nothing wrongwith it ok, this is normal cooking normal preparation please don't be scared.

Of course you don't wanna go around touchingeverything in the kitchen – which I haven't I've used me elbow to open and close the oven. Now I have a nice little clean down right,and then I'll show you what to do next and it's going to be absolutely delicious. Ok so here they are, they look lovely it smellsamazing. I just love this dish. So that was just under 35 minutes. Look at the colour – really really nice. So like cooking or roasting any kind of roastingjoint I'm gonna let the chicken rest a little.

Bit just for a couple of minutes. So I'll put them onto a nice board. Imagine this at the dinner table right? I'm gonna show you now probably one of thesimplest sauces that you can do it's really really fast. So I'm gonna put the gas hob on. It's a beautiful simple mustard sauce thatyou can use with meat you can use it with fish, even roasted veggies it's really reallynice. So heat that up, add a little bit of oil toa pan.

We're gonna fry some lovely wholegrain mustard,about a heaped tablespoon goes in. So as it starts to sizzle like that just moveit around. I'm gonna put in a nice little splash of whitewine. So half a glass goes in, and then we wannakind of reduce it by half to cook away the alcohol so it's gonna be light it's gonnabe fresh it's gonna be mustardy. When this is kind of reduced by half thenI'm gonna go in with the cream. So you wanna go in with about 150 ml of gorgeousdouble cream. We'll bring it to the boil, we'll season itwith some salt and pepper. So you can see already it looks like a reallynice sauce.

What I'm gonna do is take this chicken breastand do two cuts, at a slight angle if you like right? So the first one, go in like that… lookat that, beautiful cross-section, utterly gorgeous. Then we go equally down the other way andwe've got the same right. We can see how beautifully cooked the chickenis. That sauce over there is just coming to alittle boil, and we're just gonna divide that simple sauce across the plate, really easy. Look at that.

Little bit of the cranberry sauce on the sideand a little bit of olive oil just give it a little kiss around here. Y'know with some lovely steamed greens, y'knowsome lovely mashed potato, that is gonna be an absolute thing of joy. Look at that. Easy to serve. Mm! Indulgent, rich, exciting. That mushroom just always brings it down tosort of like a deep humming deliciousness,.

And the white wine does the opposite withthe mustard. It's light and fragrant and it feels likeyou've gone to a restaurant but this you can do in your own home. Absolutely delicious so what're you waitingfor? Get the recipe, get shopping get cooking. Enjoy.