Alright guys this chapter of black clover was something special i have been eagerly awaiting the story of not to be presented to us for ages now and so to have it presented is absolutely amazing with the previous chapter in recognizing the precarious nature of their current.

Predicament being faced with the threat of not only a fully powered dante but also to exceedingly synergize high-ranking devils not decided that the best course of action for them would be separation and so with the combined use of devil union mode galas and kanus.

He was able to relocate the twin high ranks to a cathedral leaving dante up to jack and in wasting no time at all knott would expand his mana zone and the three would begin their hellish game of tag the devil's attacks were unrelenting and sporadic.

Not would narrowly evade but was unable to deal any damage to the fiends at all because of this the best he could do was continue to evade and hope to stall them as long as possible until his life is taken now thoroughly being driven by his unwillingness to forgive such horrendously evil creatures.

From there we'd be provided a flashback in regards to the twin brothers of the noble family of fost the younger of the two would urge his delinquent brother to join the magic knights but the older of the two would refuse following this the likes of a young yami.

Would appear and call upon the younger brother morgan to join him for their mission but just before departing would urge the older of the two not to get into too much trouble now referring to him as not with this latest chapter we'd open up to the further recounting of not.

Who as a child always did as he pleased and with this being the case doing bad things just came naturally to him as he lived life with his sole convenience in mind his younger brother morgan on the other hand was a light in the dark that would always put others before himself and was loved by all.

And interestingly enough what he apparently possessed was light magic and with all this despite possessing the same physical appearance in the presence of such a saintly spirit knot could not help but feel alienated in relation to his perfect sibling.

And this was further expressed by the rebellious dying of his hair as who further differentiate himself from his brother and once he gained access to magic he would use it to confirm a rumor of another oddball character with peculiar magics it was none other than a teenage yami.

Who immediately presumed this sudden appearance to be the issuing of a fight not would subsequently recognize him to be a really rare sort of person someone he could properly relate to perhaps on account of their similar magics from there the two would go on to be.

Pretty good friends they'd always be up to no good but would do so just below the threshold of the magic knight involvement however sometime after this his brother morgan and yami would join the aqua deer now from knott's perspective yami didn't seem like the type who would.

Do well as a knight but his brother who was accepting of all would help him out tremendously and so yami would adjust to morgan nat and yami were cut from the same cloth even beyond their sort of magic but not wasn't a fan of this comparison morgan would often applaud his brother's magical talent.

And continuously urge him to join the knights but would be repeatedly refused however on his 18th birthday not was summoned by his parents his initial thinking being that it was a bit late for an intervention and would make it clear that he was perfectly fine with them making his younger brother.

The proper heir of the family name but they'd correct him they would express that in fact he would be the one to carry on the foss family legacy with this his father would use the very same shadow magics we had seen not expressed in the past his parents were in fact cultists.

Cultists dedicated to the study of devils whose dark ways had clearly been extended to not as well not was visibly shaken by this revelation a sensation of fear would wash over him yet he was able to find a certain majesty in this something that terrified yet inspired him.

This sort of acceptance and recognition brought not only a cold sweat but a smile to his face he was happy to know that he wasn't the oddity of the family that morgan was and so while morgan and yami continued their adventures as magic knights growing together as an incredible.

Pairing of light and dark not was practicing sacrilege and obsessed with his devilish studies he was a natural a true genius in such ways having contracted four devils with great expediency and because of this it was proposed that he take things further.

And form a contract with an even greater creature the one known as lucifero supreme ruler of the underworld the patron of time space and gravity the very monster that fuels the power of dante today a notion that shocked but certainly.

Interested not but just as he was about to accept he would suddenly be told to stop as morgan had infiltrated their ranks he would immediately condemn their sinful acts and urge his brother to stop as to go further would be incredibly dangerous.

But that's exactly what interested not so much he was thrilled by the prospect and would place the contract ring around his wrist he wanted to fully embrace the difference between him and his brother that right then and there he'd surpass his limitations but he had no idea of the power beyond.

Him the presence to arise was far too great even when it should have been suppressed by the nature of the ritual its magical power was excessive darkness would claim the forms of all those around as his parents and their followers would be immediately killed a generally.

Unheard of feat considering summoned devils typically can only target or cause harm to those that called them forth and at this point not's body was unmoving not due to a magical incantation per se but rather an overwhelming sense of dread and terror.

It was then that he knew just as luck was able to sense previously that such a high-ranking devil is something man should never dare approach as from behind morgan would frantically grip onto his older brother's wrist he was trying his hardest to cancel the.

Ritual by destroying the associated relic a noble intention with untold dangers however he would succeed and do so at the cost of his own life and as he inched closer and closer to death's door he'd consider this his punishment for not telling the magic knights about.

His family's dabbling in forbidden magics not couldn't understand why his brother would do such a thing but morgan would respond that his dream was to protect the clover kingdom alongside his older brother as warriors of.

Light and dark just as the light in his eyes would fade away he was gone this absurdly virtuous soul had been claimed by evil not truly did love and adore his luminous little brother a brilliant shine that he feared he'd taint by proximity.

He would wail at the top of his lungs he would plead with the divine to save his innocent brother that the sin was all his own that he should be the one to die instead but just then he would recognize a false entitlement of his own words that for as long as he has lived he is.

Only thought of self questioning what right does such a sinner have to beckon the providence of god the reality being that no one could save him now and he would continue to live not only out of revenge but as penance for his foolishness until.

The end of his days in the present his mana zone would subside as he was thwarted by the might of these two devils he would then express that he's not here to be the light in the dark and correct evil but rather to destroy evil before it can.

Make its way to good people and so again not would speak of surpassing his own limitations and would look up to these two as he was not done yet and that was the chapter goodness gracious as if my adoration for this character could be any greater.

This was such a tragic tale that so brilliantly tied together virtually all that we know about the character and managed to do so in a concise manner without diverging from the heft of the ark and listen man it is a crying shame that morgan was lost as by this time i'd imagined he'd be a.

Guild captain himself by now or perhaps even the next wizard king all things considered but yeah i am absolutely ready to see not put in that work and i hope you are too apparently there is going to be a major announcement coming with next week's chapter.

So i'm all around pretty hype at this point we do know that the anime is ending but perhaps this could be the announcement of a new studio to properly handle the property a film or maybe even a spin-off at the very least i just hope it is something substantial for us all to care about.

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