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Naruto and Jujutsu Kaisen Are The Same…? The Hidden References and Similarities


Naruto and jujutsu kaisen fraternal twins most anime and manga enjoyers at least know of naruto even if they aren't fans of the series with that kind of prominence behind it there was little chance that kishimoto's work wouldn't inspire more recent ones one such manga is gage jujutsu kaisen though their story tones may be different the zoo.

Series have a lot in common and we're going to be touching upon things like the three main characters and clan divisions to show just how much overlap there actually is and don't worry we'll also be talking about the kakashi and gojo parallels first things first we cannot ignore the fact they are both created for the shonen demographic and.

Consider battle manga that rely on comedy and action progressive story but beyond that the worlds themselves can seem similar world building for one in naruto most characters are part of clans and practice specific techniques due to that at the same time there are a number of clans that are the.

Primary focus such as the uzumaki uchiha and hugo clans these well-known clans also tend to clash with each other or impact the story in big ways causing destruction or influencing younger generations to break off from them an example of this is how the entire uchiha clan was decimated by its own member itachi as a request from the land of.

Fire similarly though not a mission maki was asked to get rid of the zanen clan as a final request from her twin sister mai the big families in jiu jitsu kaisen are gojo zainan and kamo which can be reflected in the three clans i mentioned earlier and that is despite narso having many many more clans in its series putting aside the zenon uchiha.

Comparison let's now consider the gojo nuzumaki clans taking into account their importance in the story gojo is a descendant of both a powerful clan and a powerful eventual spirit michizane sugawara and the uzumaki distinctly come from ashura in the otsuki bloodline due to being descendants of the senju clan both of these clans are importantly.

Functioning the worlds themselves and these series they are from as well make it impossible to imagine naruto or jjk without them another way groupings in this series come into play is through the ombu and naruto and the higher ups and juju kaisen while the on boo are in charge of ensuring safety and taking care of top secret missions the higher.

Ups and jujitsu kaisen tend to make questionable decisions behind other jiu jitsu users backs trying to ensure that society continues to move forward additionally the ombu are not a very light group especially gonzo and his questionable actions and this is reflected again in the hatred that gojo has for the higher ups and the decisions.

To execute whoever they see fit to keep the peace like gakuganji who deeply suspects he even considers murdering them all when they have yuji killed behind his back along the same vein hitachi chiha was on boot before he broke off from the village disliking danto's leadership and wanted to keep his younger brother sasuke safe from.

Harm this kind of choice to keep their family safe from higher ups is just like gojo bargaining for megami fuji guru's freedom and support something his father toji wanted as well and sure families clans villages and all that love each other but they often don't like others unsurprisingly this is a theme that is touched upon in both series again with.

War having been battled between all clans and big families in the history of these stories interestingly the animosity is for the most part dampened but the bad feelings remain in naruto the hidden leaf seeing as we know them the most is shown fighting and facing threats from the land of the cloud or wind such as during the tuning exams.

While in jiu jitsu there is mention of the gojo and zainan clans having bad blood because of a brutal pass and wishy heads both slaughtered each other this could also explain why they are so quick to label gojo a threat to society when they believe he helped ghetto to attack shibuya on the flip side every clan and family is willing to put aside their.

Differences when it comes to major threats bernardo that means joining as one to take down the akatsuki despite not seeing eye to eye and in jjk it's when any of the unregistered special grey curses like mahito jogo and dagon start to take too much control and cause too many casualties but let's go even deeper than just the world shall we but.

Before then be sure to subscribe to the channel notifications on and drop a like for some platinum today main teachers in both series there is a teacher with an interesting background as well as these three students who act as the main characters starting with naruto since it was created first kokashi plays the role of.

Both teacher and mentor to naruto sasuke and sakura he even participates in a number of missions with them until they no longer need his help to complete them one of the first of these missions has a deep effect on the students and creates a strong bond with kakashi on the other hand gojo is too busy with work to do as much hand-holding as kakashi but he is.

There for them at least in their first mission the one where he tests nobara on her mindset towards your due to work similarly to kakashi though gojo's role as a mentor and influential person in their lives is deeply felt in their behavior and decisions but now on to the juicier stuff kakashi our stone-faced white-haired somewhat blindfolded sensei.

Has a particular personality and the ability to use a rare ocular ability however in his case it is the sharingan that he gained through his deceased childhood friend and not something that was innate regardless the rarity of the sharon gun makes it valuable especially considering the clan it stems from was almost completely wiped out aside from.

That kakashi was a member of anbu before he left and became a teacher and he was considered a legendary ninja among not only his village but the other lands our other equally interesting white hair blindfolded smart alec teacher named gojo shares the ocular ability trait but it is all his own not only that but it is an ability that last appeared 100.

Years ago with his world in comparison kakashi sharongan seems like a step down with the increased worth of gojo's six eyes in the combination of it with infinity he is well known as well with most avoidance across his path they see his not only the strongest in his clan but in the jujutsu world but what would a mysterious teacher be like with other.

Tragic backstories right for kakashi that means losing his close childhood front on a particularly bad mission and unwillingly gaining power from the dying friend's body and then being accused of murdering his surviving friend when she uses his chidori to kill her also he loses his teacher years later due to the village being attacked in order to.

Release kurama thankfully that mission failed but not without both his teacher and his wife kushina losing their lives in the process on gojo's side his backstory starts from a somewhat dangerous mission and having to learn new techniques to revive himself then having an innocent girl die before she could become a vessel and his best.

Friend slowly going down a path of evil because of it all not to mention he ended up having to kill his best friend ghetto and was sealed away while his teacher yaga was executed but you know times are hard for our white haired guys interestingly despite obito not being dead for real the same occurs with gojo who sees ghetto's body possessed by.

Kenjaku due to obito having become evil much like ghetto before he passed hikashi has to face him but can't kill him and neither could obito instead obito sacrifices himself and gives kakashi the even stronger mangekyo sharongan before his spirit passes away while ghetto is actually dead his body lives on as a kind of puppet and it is.

All due to gojo's inability to destroy his body to prevent something like that from occurring at least there is a chance for him to regain part of himself as he was able to grab kenjaku by the throat and go to address him directly about being used but those aren't the only teachers that play a large role in the main character's stories secondary.

Teachers and their impact due to needing a new hokage after the third's death jaraya who is not only kakashi's teacher's teacher but a legendary ninja temporarily takes akashi's place in watching over naruto and teaches them how to use a rasengan he does this to encourage naruto to accompany him on a mission to find a replacement hokage.

Tsunade not only does the rosten ganjutu become a part of naruto's arsenal but a trademark of his in jjk nanami a grid one sorcerer places gojo and he's too busy doing missions overseas and teaches yuji to both sense cursed remnants and to look at the world in a different way around that time yuji also learns black flash although his mastering of that.

Technique is due to toto's influence seeing as naomi is a record holder for most consecutive uses i think it is still relevant but we'll be getting more into that later on another unfortunate commonality is the fact that both main characters lose their secondary teacher early on and it changes them in significant ways we all.

Know that jariah ends up being killed by his previous student pain and naruto takes it very badly he spends days in his room upset and quiet not wanted to see anyone and almost reverting to his personality prior to joining kakashi's team however after facing pain himself and learning about their mutual teacher and how they want a world with less.

Fighting and death he is able to overcome his sadness and take steps towards his longtime goal of becoming okage and it doesn't hurt that the entire village finally recognizes him as a savior rather than someone to fear similarly yuji holds nami dear as he was there for him when he lost his friend to majito's heartless tactics and was able.

To overcome that with naomi's kind-hearted and understanding nature if it had been gojo he might not have been able to move past that grief however when yuji loses his precious mentor right in front of his eyes to the same monster who took his friend away he can't help but start to shatter and fall apart if not for total reminding him.

That he has a goal he means to follow even if he is not aware of it yet yuji wouldn't have been able to move on either also having megami asked for his help with his sister in the culling game spurred him on and allowed him to keep pushing forward and interestingly for both naruto and yuji when their first teacher is out of commission or believed.

Dead it is depicted as having a much lower impact on them for yuji is because he knows gojo is only sealed and can eventually be freed but for naruto it is because he has gone through the trauma of losing dry already doesn't have the time to mourn kakashi during payne's assault on their land he needed to focus on saving everyone he could which is.

Very reminiscent of how yuji wants to save as many people as possible or ensure they have proper deaths main characters i know we all know everything there is to know about main characters naruto and yuji but how do their characters overlap well for one they are both orphans not uncommon for shona's series but still and they're energetic.

And fairly positive despite their situations as people they're very loyal and protective of those they care about and willing to risk their lives for them in naruto's case that is reflected most often in the multiple times he tries to get sasuke to return to the village he even sacrifices arm for the guy in an epic final confrontation with him for.

Yuji early on in the series he was ready to put his life on the line so megan may could escape with novara during the juvenile center mission in the process losing an arm and his fingertips on the other arm no less but we can't ignore the most obvious similarity of all both these mcs have a dark and powerful entity within them that makes your lives.

More difficult for naruto this means him being shunned by the entire village for much of his youth and turning to pranks for attention eventually he is able to prove his worth while also relying on kurama within but mainly through his own growth and ninja abilities on yuji's side sukuna isn't a part of his life until he is older but he still puts his.

Life at stake if it weren't for gojo's influence yuji would have been executed and that would have been the end of the series however despite yuji refusing to rely on the curse's power he constantly has to deal with the effects of saguna and those who want to end yuji because of it the series isn't as far along so it is unclear whether he will be able to.

Compromise with sakuna the way naruto today with rama but anything is possible next we gotta talk about the dark cared emo boys sasuke and megami not only do they vaguely look alike and have similarly cold exteriors especially at the start of their respective series but they are orphans i mean we did say the trope is pretty common in shoden didn't.

We on the flip side these brooding kids are also prodigies in their own right excelling at whatever they set their minds to not sure if being compatibly gifted is worth not having parents but anyways sasuke for example was known to be amazing at almost all ninja techniques he learned whether it be taijutsu genjutsu or ninjutu this is.

Aided by the fact that he is one of the last survivors of the uchiha clan known for the sharing god on the other hand megami from a young age was expected to have a lot of potential and was even tapped to be a future leader of the zanen clan because of his 10 shadows technique isn't it funny how these two are born with such powerful abilities.

Not only are they gifted but they are both rivals with respect to main characters and constantly trying to prove they are better than them for sasuke this doesn't show its face much until naruto comes into his own during the tuning exams or when he faces people like zabuza but for megami this occurs after yuji is able to learn black flash.

From toto and uses it against special great curse hanami and on a darker note someone within their families ended up killing their entire clans due to them being corrupt in many ways sasuke found out his older brother hitachi was the one to slaughter everyone but he couldn't kill off his own brother whereas the xanax clan was completely.

Taken down by maki who couldn't forgive them for what they had done to her sister mai with that said a big difference is that sasuke actually liked his clan while megami didn't know much about them and only seem to like maki so it doesn't have the same effect on them i'm sure anyhow let's now move on to our reddish haired men girls sakura and.

Obara i'm sure you've read somewhere that nobara is who sakura should have been had she been written better but that's not what we're focused on here are they alike yes see not only are they both hotheads with strong personalities and loud voices but they're also comfortable in their femininity and don't shy away from trying to be.

Attractive sakura may seem more this way than obara just due to the latter's tomboyish ways but the first time we see novara she's arguing with a recruiter about wanting to be a model that should say something about her and her outer beauty in terms of power they both begin at an average level and grow exponentially as the series progresses.

Sakura is able to use ninjutsu and the like but not to any amazing degree but once she begins training with tsunade in both healing and power moves she becomes an essential piece for later more dangerous battles likewise nabarro has her straw doll technique which was passed down to her but as she works alongside yuji and megami and keeps.

Getting pulled into dark places she eventually learns how to use black flash and becomes a critical team member emotionally these girls are good at pretending they don't care or acting mean or rude but it's just that an act sakura is much less capable at hiding her emotions at first but with sasuke's descent down his dark path she starts to.

Close off her feelings to protect herself even during the war arc she lies and pretends she doesn't feel deeply for sasuke even while her blank face gives her away along the same vein navarro denies being upset over yugi's temporary death but she can't hold back the tears moments later and she also acts as though she doesn't need anyone besides.

Those she saves seats for but asks yuji to tell everyone they work with that her death at mahito's hand wasn't so bad i'd say that is pretty compassionate there's probably tons and tons more comparisons to be made with these three but i feel as though it is time for us to move on to the powers and techniques of these two popular series instead.

Competing techniques for this section we'll be looking at how opposing power types or techniques play a big role in both series and also how the same kind of conflict in naruto can be seen in jjk in other words it's the elites versus the underdog striving to prove their worth but what does that look like in naruto you say well let me tell you if.

You can use genjutsu it is possible to easily turn the tide of a battle in your favor regardless of how good your taijutsu or ninjutu is someone like hitachi uchiha who excelled at all forms of ninja techniques still relied heavily on his sharon god to trap his opponent an illusion such as black dream another example of someone like this would be.

Payne who could use his renagan to control six bodies at once while he hit elsewhere these mental techniques come head to head with those who can't use them for pain it is against naruto who instead uses the stage mode which powers up his already known techniques with natural energy chakra but then there's people like my guy who puts all his.

Faith in taijutsu and mastered the eight gates and was even praised for his fluid usage of that by master genji to use her maruchiha and their confrontation stepping into the cursed world jjk instead puts the spotlight on high curse energy havers and those without who are called heavily restricted though the context isn't quite the same as those.

Who can master some elements and those who can't the end result is similar they butt heads and it causes a lot of friction to show which side is stronger in the zanen clan two heavily restricted people exist so we will use them as a main example toshi fushiguro a man who left his clan because of the discrimination he was facing for his.

Absence of curse energy hunted down kurt's users and whoever else he was paid to this led him to face one very overpowered gojo who had yet to polish some of his techniques due to this it was far from a fair fight at least until gojo learned reverse curse technique and then toji stood no chance however against anyone else including ghetto who.

Was easily taken down he did extremely well on the other hand maki zanin who faced the same kind of mental abuse left her clan as well but couldn't reach her full potential due to not having her restriction fully realized once her twin mai was killed by their father though not only did the confrontation take the forefront but her power reached its peak.

As she easily decimated her own clan and revenge unlike toji the only superpower curse user she came across was yuta and he was her friend so it wouldn't have led to any kind of life or death battle but if it had turned into a fight with their heavily instructed awakened that might have ended differently a big difference is that the heavenly.

Restricted people in jjk tend to be extremely powerful regardless of their lack of curse energy like toji who nearly killed gojo in their first encounter whereas he fighters in naruto who rely solely on taijuto or ninjutu cannot reach the levels of power the most massive genji to users have nor are they the strongest in the series with.

People like orochimaru surpassing them easily without even being uchiha level lastly we need to get into the trademark attacks that the main characters use this isn't to say that the rosengan and black flash are anything alike in terms of aesthetic but they do have some similarities for one these techniques aren't impossible for others to master.

And in fact some others do actually know how to use them however the amount is limited so it is a strong technique that isn't easy to master and few can use but that the main character grasps well enough and not too much time not only that but they are heavily reliant on these techniques for naruto it becomes pivotal for saving tsunade from kabuto.

While for yuji his black flash helps take down mahito during the shibuya arc after he kills novara funny how in both cases a female character close to the main character is what spurs them on to fight harder isn't it something else that's reflected is that these techniques are used by these main characters secondary teachers drya.

Taught naruto how to do the rasengan something to learn from a student minato aka naruto's father in jjk nanami did not teach black flash to yuji as i previously mentioned but he held a record of four uses during the night parade of 1000 demons proving his talent at using it with all that said of course many things are different between the.

Two series but there is also a lot more we could have found in common no matter how much the series can overlap it is still very fun to see how each author finds their own spin on it as always i'm flexible otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you