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NARUTO FAILS AS HOKAGE!? Kawaki’s Change Begins – Boruto Chapter 60


Boruto is back with chapter 60 of the manga we unfortunately did not get to cover chapter 59 on the channel due to complications of our recent move it was a difficult time making videos but we did our best unfortunately we missed that last chapter but we're back now thankfully.

For chapter 60. in the previous chapter we had a motto suggest at the same time attempt to manipulate kawaki into regaining the karma's power through scientific means a karma that would be purely a weapon similar to codes white karma kawaki would turn this idea down.

But it was clear a motto was now in his head in chapter 59 we were also introduced to aydah's brother daemon a child with horrifying abilities that could easily end any man that attacks him and we saw this play out when the guards of boros facility tried taking him out one after the other.

They essentially killed themselves because whatever they intended to do to diamond they ended up doing back to themselves the stronger the intent to kill the more powerful the reaction it was a solid chapter where suspicion of a model grew and the enemy became more terrifying.

And now we have chapter 60 which opens with a vibrant cover starring diamond himself as always if you enjoyed the video please be sure to drop a like and subscribe to polymer with notifications on we upload just about daily and would love to have you join in on our discussions.

Now let's get into chapter 60. it began with a discussion of code's abilities among some of the top ranking members in konaha his main ability would be described as claw marks a kind of marker to designate locations he can instantaneously travel to fairly compared to minato's flying.

Raijin and it's with this jusu that code was able to travel where the ten tales is it'd be reported that none of these markers have been found in konoha it's unknown how long they were there but four were spotted near the outer walls and i guess that confirms we have no way of telling how long codes markers have.

Been placed something that certainly makes the job of those trying to defend konoha much more difficult they currently have teams of three watching each location the standard squad size and they also have others searching for more markers after all.

They cannot afford to miss any shikamaru would think ahead as usual and point out that it's possible the markers are decoys meant to spread konoha's manpower thin and he's very right about this if it's not clear already code definitely has the advantage in this conflict we'd also learn here during all this that while.

Code hasn't been spotted yet these markers have been showing up in other villages as well it's crazy how even with all these villages working together code isn't even close to being caught he hasn't even been spotted psy would reveal they've managed to capture and interrogate many outer.

Members of kara but this was fruitless because they're simply foot soldiers with no information of importance the leaf's best option would be to simply keep an eye on the claw marks as well as naruto boruto sasuke amado and kawaki those individuals are the targets and so it makes sense to in a way.

Focus on the treasure the hunter code will appear eventually from there we'd find kawaki on top of the hokage statues overlooking a view we've known since the beginning of the naruto series kawaki looked troubled as in the corner of his eyes he could spot several ninja keeping tabs on him he was being watched just as sai and.

Shikamaru had just previously discussed not because they fear him or have any issue with kawaki himself but more so for his protection we then thankfully go back to amado and sumire where a model would be further questioned by the now concerned and suspicious sumiray she'd ask him what he plans to have kawaki do.

Once the karma is restored again remember by scientific means a model can recreate the karma to be purely a weapon first would come silence following this question but a motto would then speak he explained that he wasn't exactly trying to keep this subject a secret but it was a personal matter it's something he plans to discuss with.

Kawaki but would rather not share with sumiray amado would then essentially explain that her fears are nonsensical because he has zero intention of doing konaha wrong this didn't satisfy sumiray and what stands out to me here is he says konoha he doesn't mention kawaki here initially despite the matter being directly.

Related to him now noticing a pot in the room samira would begin to feel more uneasy her questioning would continue and at this point i can't be the only one thinking swimming right may end up popped for all her questioning it's often that character that digs too deep that ends up getting laid out i.

Guess you could say in response to questions about the container a motto would tell her to leave for he is quite busy strange because he could of course simply answer the question and have it be over with but anyway hamada would remind her again that he doesn't plan to do konoha.

Any wrong stating that in fact the opposite was true assuming he's being honest here with sumire and katasuke who he claimed to have ran this plan by it was in fact true that this was not a real secret referring to the pod a model who stated this one should become a powerful ally for konoha sumiray would be puzzled by these words.

As she looked at the pod and the story made its transition now most likely this pod contains another cyborg like creation of some kind we saw the enemy increase their members with ada and daemon so it makes sense our side increases and bolsters in some way as well this reveal should be super interesting.

We've been seeing crazy abilities through aydah and her brother time now to see more of that sort of thing how about you guys are you into these busted abilities let us know in the comments back to the chapter we would return to the location of the enemy in the snow-filled region code would be.

Dealing with diamond shenanigans i suppose like ada you could even say they became friends more like code is on diamond's good side but hey something like friends diamond still on code would now get bored of this and take notice of bug and would attempt to ride on his back the same way he had just done to code.

Daimon would land on bug but in the process they both end up on the ground now yelling diamond would ask bug where he was attempting to sneak off to but could only think to himself that this is why he hates daemon just then we could see code signature claw marks slashed through daemon and bug or at least try as it appeared.

To break midway through this kind of shook daemon as code looked on with a blank expression he'd basically just tried to attack daemon he'd think to himself on what just happened daimon's reflection was instantaneous and based on diamond's reaction it appears his ability is automatic.

And out of his own control daimon was pissed and confused rightfully so code would then rescue bug from the torment that comes with being the target of diamond's attention and code would then explain his actions by saying this was just his way of showcasing his ability we then get a new detail about.

Disability while code himself can go back and forth between his markers he can only bring others one at a time and i imagine that'll somehow become relevant later diamond would understand now and respond well to this bug would say thank you to code for saving him but code would brush this off and say he was merely checking.

Out diamond's ability now having showcased and explained his ability kodu asked daimon to do the same and he'd begin to do so before being cut off by aida she'd signal for him to be quiet and to not reveal his cards so readily code would question if this was ada showing that she doesn't trust.

Him but she'd explain that code knows all he needs to for the time being ada would go on to say that she just met him and some time needs to pass before she can show him everything and now this is where code would have to question if she has even more abilities she has yet to demonstrate as well and of course she wouldn't.

Answer this directly instead she would say wouldn't that be interesting diamond would yell out now that he doesn't mind telling code but aydah told him not to so he couldn't now and this is super exciting because it means there is more to these characters potential than we originally thought.

And they're already pretty busted so i can't imagine what else is in store back in konoha kawaki would be at a convenience store shopping while others made note of his presence and began staring the words of shikalai and ishiki would ring in his head he was questioning whether he belongs here in konoha.

Meanwhile boruto back at the uzumaki residence was taking the medicine prescribed by a motto two a day for a week at this point buddy experienced no change and with that boruto would have to wonder if they were working as he pondered this hinata would come asking for kawaki.

He was missing and this was strange because he'd never missed dinner before back at the okage faces kawahi would return with a drink and a snack he looked sad as he reached for the drink naruto would appear and question if this was kawaki's dinner he knew hinata had made dinner so he had to wonder what kawaki was.

Doing up here eating this not looking at naruto's face kawaki would say he's bored of the dinners but this is an obvious lie to naruto because kawaki had never once not cleared his plate before now changing the topic koaku will look down on konoha and say that he really likes this spot.

Onto kage's faces he likes the view the perfect place to gaze upon the village protected by naruto but he believed and would say that there isn't a place for him anywhere in this village naruto looked sad hearing this but kawaki would go on and explain that he knows it's no one's fault and would explain.

That he's a troubled outsider who wandered into this trouble-free place this is all sad to see but this is also a really interesting development for kawaki he'd go on to say that honestly he was really cocky before and that he can laugh at himself now ending with saying ishiki was right just.

Then very swiftly naruto put kawaki on his shoulder while kawaki of course resisted at least a little bit naruto will say that he doesn't care about ishiki or jigen right now and then tell kawaki they're going home ending by addressing kawaki as his stupid son.

And man that hit right in the heart you can't see a scene like that and feel nothing hearing those words widened kawaki's eyes and they went home everyone was at the dinner table waiting it was a welcome party they never had the chance to do it previously for kawaki and right at the.

Center of the table was the flower vase kawaki had broken and also fixed for himawari previously kawaki was clearly moved by this and at that it was time to eat at some point in the dinner kawaki would tell him a worry she should use the new vase he bought for her because this cracked up one is ugly but she would.

Explain that the cracked one is more precious to her now which makes sense because a lot of effort went into putting it back together she comes off very cute in this scene and honestly we just need more himawari in the manga in general whatever come i have no idea but would love that.

Kawaki would reply to this and say that both himawari and boruto are weird boruto would try to get him to stop and say that he had a gift for him ironically berto tell kawaki has to work on his attitude which is funny coming from the guy that in the beginning of the manga had a huge attitude.

Boruto would pull out the gift it was a leaf ninja headband both kawaki and naruto would gaze at it initially kawaki would kind of push back saying that isn't this something special for boruto and also reminding boruto that he's not officially a shinobi tuition board told respond stating that kawaki has started his training it.

Doesn't matter if it's official or not because him zara and meets ki consider him a teammate the headband could be seen as a formality of some kind koaki would still turn this down though this time saying that brochure would be left without a headband but boruto would bring up the fact that.

He still has sasukes ending by saying it can be a loan kawaki can return it when he becomes an official ninja and of course gets his own naruto to prove and hinata would encourage kwaki to try it on and so then we'd get an image of kawaki with the headband on his forehead while i wouldn't say it looks bad it.

Certainly does look odd and the characters would kind of all share this same sentiment it just didn't suit him at all himawari would suggest wearing it around his neck which certainly was an improvement and that was the end of the dinner at least from what we saw later that night kawaki was sitting next to naruto with.

The headband in his hand and the two would have a talk naruto would remind him that this family welcomes him to stay as long as he'd like this is his place and if kawaki can't share that feeling then it means as okage naruto himself has failed there'd be silence for a bit.

But then the topic of code would come up naruto would acknowledge that the search was rough but let kawaki know they'll find him before going to sleep naruto would say that konoha is a place where everyone even someone like kawaki can live at ease or else there was no point in him becoming hokage.

And when you remember how naruto was treated as a child it makes sense for him to deeply value equal treatment and a village being welcoming seeing kawaki feel rejected and out of place is like seeing himself as a child again in the house in his own room borto will look at the pills he's been taking.

Simultaneously while all this was going on and lastly we'd see borough to look at the karma back to kawaki we'd see kawaki wondering if konoha was the place he really belonged and then he'd look at the place as karma once used to reside remembering the words of amato as he did.

This but in the end he brushed that aside and remember he doesn't need the karma there's still one thing he can do to protect the leaf and naruto and that was the end of the chapter a really solid one despite the lack of real action there were a lot of emotional moments and developments on both sides i must.

Admit i like the opposition more without diamond but i'm still holding out hope that i come to like him later on ada and him are now basically revealed to have more in store than we've seen so there is that to look forward to their abilities are insane already so i can't imagine what.

Else could be going on with them as for the kona ha side of things you gotta really wonder what amado is doing what is in that pod and what could be the personal matter he has with karma so many questions and we have a whole month to discuss and speculate what will come next so in the comments be sure to let us know what you think and what type.

Of portal content you'd like to see again we apologize for missing the previous chapter but we're here now and making boruto content still at the end of the chapter we got some really interesting words from kawaki that surely you guys have your thoughts on personally my thought goes to sacrifice.

Of some sort maybe kawaki thinks that if he can sacrifice and give himself over to code maybe code will forget about naruto and the leaf i can't imagine what else he meant by those words at that moment but let us know what you think it's either that or he's simply referring to training more to become.

Stronger without the karma but yeah that is it for the chapter we hope you guys enjoyed the video if you haven't already be sure to drop a like and subscribe to follow notifications on to remiss and upload we upload just about daily i would love to have you join in on our discussions and if you'd like to support the channel.

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I'm kj have a great day goodbye