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Nen Like We’ve Never Seen Before in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 399


Hunter Hunter just continues to heat up last week Nobunaga and henrig discovered the highly family headquarters though that was after solving a rather sophisticated room puzzle now they're in the den of the enemy and must leave a tracking device behind to find it again without further delay let's get into it after arriving both nen users are in a.

Filthy washroom there's two tables multiple clothes storage objects and a washing machine the room was occupied recently why because the washing machine is currently in use it's a familiar space if readers remember the room was last seen in chapter 394 and it was used to process dead bodies although they are none present right now Nobunaga and.

Henrig notice the lack of people as well as the fact that the room has been used recently this means the highly family could be nearby there are multiple doors so there is no real way to know exactly where they are which makes this a dangerous situation granted Nobunaga is a true member who is pretty strong we don't know the extent of hinrig's.

Strength though at least the two can work together if there is a fight speaking of I must have admit that I really love their Dynamic I hope it's something we get to see more of in future chapters while looking around Nobunaga notices something he realizes that if the family expects Intruders to break through the walls there must be.

Other precautions I should have figured the guys in the adjacent rooms could be highly too is it possible that they brought informants right to the family anything is plausible especially considering the complex trap that was set Henrik asks him about it that Nobunaga explains that they used others to check for traps and if they're family.

Then they've inadvertently tipped off the enemy kenrig tries to calm him he says there's no bodies nor is there any fresh blood so it's possible they were taken to another room granted henrig wonders if the civilian they sent snitched if that's the case then they may have fled leaving could be more important and a part of their operation.

Henrik sees that as likely considering he finds it to be efficient once again we see how analytical he is he doesn't immediately assume that goose is cooked instead he looks at other possibilities Nobunaga acknowledges what henrig is saying though he has a blank expression he asked the underboss if he's just trying to console him Henrik denies it.

Simply stating they just don't know after all they're unaware of who they're fighting not to mention therein said enemies Lair so Anything Could Happen Nobunaga reassures hinrig that he's calm meanwhile Henrik also expresses no worry odd sentiments considering their situation henrig does suggest they focus on the problem at hand they're standing.

In front of a door in the cleaning area it's hard to tell which one is safe and that's assuming all the doors aren't drafts which they could be aside from that Nobunaga assumes one of the doors can open or at least that it may not be a trap before opening it Nobunaga does say that he may regret being right about it either way Henrik pushes the door.

Open slowly they come across a rather domestic scene if anything it reminds me of the troop flashback members of the Hialeah family are gathered around a table talking they're discussing a group of performers and their set list both Nobunaga and henrig watch this conversation gelato asks if the aforementioned group should be different.

To which souffle replies that Unity amongst the performers is important it reflects back to the family considering the roles they all have almost as if Unity is is their most important thing too besides reminding me of the troop their discussion takes me back to another memory some of the members originally came together to perform.

Dubbing of the cleaning Rangers could it be that the family is discussing the Rangers as well they do spread the importance of togetherness that aside the group doesn't immediately notice Nobunaga and Henrik or maybe they just don't care they speak nonchalantly with tarabella mentioning that he preferred the nameless performers earlier years.

Then Henry yells to get their attention it's clear they'd be ignored otherwise the group looks at them with annoyance which are weird Expressions to use on Strangers who just broke into their headquarters henrig Begins by stating I'm going to assume that this is the hiale base and you're the members no one answers him right away souffle is the.

First to respond and she calls him creepy bear comment his eyes are rather intense it is one of my favorite design choices though henrig looks both Suave and somehow creepy she also insults the two men for breaking in meanwhile cerebellum is still focused on the performers the family quickly returned to ignoring The Intruders they happily.

Be begin to talk amongst themselves again in fact cerebellum expresses an interest in debating even he claims it helps him reassess his thinking on the other side of the room Henrik asks Nobunaga if he's ready the underboss is holding a knife with an ornate handle Nobunaga agrees believing there's another trap he readies his sword yet he.

Does express the idea that they can't get past this room which would explain why the Hialeah members don't care because of that it'd be best to just wait until the locator found them Nobunaga isn't the type to select an action though he States I know it'd be wise to just wait here but I like cleaning up trash again this feels like.

A reference to their childhood which makes me worry for the troop especially Nobunaga he was the one to begin the flashback however he wasn't the main focus of it granted he isn't the only one with a possible death flash there's also Henrik speaking of the underboss reminds Nobunaga that he already picked action plus he has multiple knives they.

Could easily fight the family members from a distance with them without warning Henrik throws a knife directly at cerebellum it's a dead on headshot pun intended intro interestingly enough though cerebellum doesn't die he glances at the knife in his head commenting that it hurt honestly this scene was so badass to me he literally almost has a.

Knife handle sticking into him yet he's unbothered by it cerebellum takes a blade to the skull without sweating however there is a reason for that he was able to avoid damage instead of protruding out of his head it comes out of a soda can he was holding then tarabella removes the handle and crushes it bare-handed so clearly terebellum has.

A strong net ability and strength as an emitter he'll be troubled for those on board soon Henrik is shocked when he recognizes the power as object teleportation on the other hand Nobunaga has a more measured response he's more annoyed than anything damn already a bad matchup Nobunaga also notes that terebellum's ability is probably a.

Counter type the way Nobunaga is interested in then and analyzes it is something I will never Tire of souffle tries to interrupt them but it's clear tarabella wants to fight henrig produces another knife prepared to fight souffle reminds terebellum that they aren't supposed to fight she grabs his arm just as Henry releases his knife and it looks.

As if it'll hit cerebellum the trajectory is right in his chest thankfully both cerebellum and souffle Dodge it unfortunately that means it's headed straight towards another family member paragord stretches his hand out as if to take the damage not only that but he wonders if it will stick in his hand and how long it will take to.

Recover but before he can tank the shot it's embedded in a copy of jump with what looks like Luffy on the cover oh Raj managed to block the shot meanwhile tarabelle and berate souffle for touching him clearly touch is a core part of his technique obviously souffle could have been hurt or subject to his damage Omission souffle gets on her.

Hands and knees begging for forgiveness meanwhile o'rors tells paragord to leave after all they're trying to hide paragord's ability souffle thinks they should hide considering they aren't allowed to fight here then something peculiar said a Raj comments that paragord was chosen for organ because of that Morena told him to be more careful.

Peregor confirms it too right after that another highly member shows up and it's yokotani once more in business attire he's polite and his arrival causes everyone to stop he asks if henrig is the underboss of the shiyu family a misleading smile is casually on his face henrig dryly answers yes and asks who the man is the mystery man introduces.

Himself as the family lawyer yokotani bad news for the troop considering their notorious criminals cerebellum simply tells the lawyer to call the police while dismissively waving a hand if you recall the hiale family are still registered as civilians with his smile perpetually on his face yokotani says he'll report the illegal trespassing and.

Attempted murder Henrik agrees with calling the police however he claims they're lost asking where they are the underboss seems to always think on his feet yokotani refuses to elaborate although he does say if they follow his orders the situation can be solved without violence despite his very average appearance he does come off as.

Intimidating he's standing up to an underboss and a true member all with a smile on on the topic of the troop it takes him a second to recognize Nobunaga once he does he comments on nobunaga's notoriety noting how great it would be to take him down of course this prompts the Drew member to attack nobunaga's sword hits its Mark yokotani's forehead.

His sword seems to have a mechanism involving string that is attached to the hilt this development just makes me more curious about his net ability it's clear it's connected to it surely this directed would kill yokotani right think again damage is once more diverted by terabellum Nobunaga pulls the blade back commenting so you can move other.

People's damage too he seems interested in this clearly curious about how it works cerebellum Isn't So Keen though he tells Nobunaga to back away the lawyer is shocked having expected fatal damage then Nobunaga notices it blood trickles from tarabellum's hand through that Nobunaga figures out cerebellum's technique he touches the object with his.

Right hand while transferring the damage to his left if he isn't holding anything in the left hand then he just takes the damage Nobunaga commands him I didn't Peg you for this selfless type terebellum's ability is known as sweet home damage it's a damaged type of emission power and it works exactly as Nobunaga thought although contact must.

Be made at the moment of the attack so if terebellum was surprised he may not have time to activate it for example when he pushed away the female family member before either way Nobunaga isn't worried because he's learned terebellum's net ability he's no longer seen as a threat so he turns his attention to the lawyer with his sword.

Drawn Nobunaga menacingly States I'll skewer you all like Kebab terabellum is surprised by the true member approaching them so boldly plus yokotani is upset that he revealed cerebellum's power yokotani also mentions Samurai Pride he comes from a place where the way you fight is important Nobunaga uses a sword therefore yokotani assumes he used the.

Those rules which is an interesting thought considering Nobunaga is mainly a criminal meanwhile cerebellum is simply annoyed by him even though the lawyer tries to apologize the family member is having none of it he insists that yokotani take care of The Intruders according to terebellum you're getting rid of them you're supposed to be the.

Guard right could this smartly dressed lawyer have a strong net ability the short answer is yes yokotani's power is lsdf mohist attack moist attack is a reference to a novel by kanichi sakumi it's a philosophy book about harm reduction and altruism the ability itself though comes from conjuration and can only be used when Morena is in The.

Hideout yokotani can activate it by speaking his own name then he conjures a defensive Force the group cannot deal or take damage attacks do no physical damage to the ability however higher level defenses can be summoned their level 4 with a number on their heads to indicate that they also look like Lego men yokotani sentences the men to.

Eviction the guards ran towards Nobunaga and Hinrich immediately Nobunaga takes a fighting stance with his sword he attacks one of the guards but it's a bad move it raises their level to five which is the highest it goes omobunaga did was raise the guard's nanora even more he tells Henrik to retreat quickly when he realizes this the Nan soldiers are.

Invincible attacking is useless they grab Nobunaga quickly and rather easily too the guards overpower him and take his Katana away now weaponless they demand he leave but Nobunaga continues to struggle against them he also warned henrig that the guards will chase him until he's evicted without much of a fight Nobunaga is thrown out then the.

Lawyer switches his attention to Henrik he warns the underbots telling him attempted murder is a serious offense you'll have to leave too I'm afraid these smugly Smiles while holding nobunaga's sword I must admit that I'm curious about how Nobunaga will fight now it's clear his net ability is tied to his equipment it's possible his.

Scabbard could then be a substitute hopefully it's something we'll see in the next chapter that being said henrig begins to run yokotani coolly tells him he shouldn't run instead just leave without conflict honestly I can't wait to see this guy animated while running henrig realizes the situation they're in this isn't just their Hideout it's their.

Headquarters it has insane defense and a complex trap regardless he's worried about where to hide the transmitter this is the worst case scenario they're in thinking on his feet henrig retreats to the bloody washroom because yokotani can't see him the guards won't stop him from hiding the locator it's gross but he throws up the transmitter to hide it.

Meanwhile Nobunaga is taken back to the Trap room which proves it acts as both a trap and secret entrance with that logic Nobunaga wonders if there's a special entrance just for members specifically he thinks it could be the same trap room suddenly henrig appears and Nobunaga compliments and rig on hiding the locator so quickly the underboss thanks.

Him for his advice about it unfortunately Henrik has used up all his men so he'll support Nobunaga plus he lost all his knives he offers to get drawings of the family members as well as look at the floor plans to try and find The Hideout with sketches of Highly witnesses can come forward and they can find them that way he plans to use the.

Entire shiu family for that Intel in the meantime the spiders will look for the transmitter does this mean we'll have a highly family versus troop Showdown personally I'm all here for it while Nobunaga and henrig part ways the transmitter Beeps in the room for cleaning it's hidden under a shelf with its size it's likely to not be found.

Right away Henry admits that while the group seems new they aren't to be underestimated somehow that reminds me of the early troop too but the issue is that they don't know the boss's power nor do they know about the Oregon situation so Nobunaga agrees with him and even compliments morena's way of handling her members that being said the.

Flavor text does have me excited Next Issue The Troop hunts highly and the princes take action this means we will most likely see kurabita again the next chapter is sure to be exciting thank you so much for watching I hope you have a good day I'm Jack Stansberry peace out