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NEN WAR BEGINS IN HUNTER X HUNTER! Kurapika’s Life Could End Here – Hunter x Hunter Chapter 394


Okay let's all take a deep breath before we jump into this really really big chapter there are a lot of new characters showing up and some interesting plans and betrayals are discussed within the Hialeah family it's kind of expected of such a bloodthirsty set of individuals though if you ask me in the previous chapter we were in a bit.

Of a mess involving a room that could make people disappear so that's where we pick up again let's dive in the scitex for this chapter called plan tells us the sprung trap offense and defense from the door as a reminder of what kind of problem Kenny and henrig have gotten themselves into stalling for time the man still pretending to be frail and.

Innocent says he needs to use the bathroom before he can exit the room henrig the smart guy that he is stands there with his throwing knives at the ready if he makes any sudden attack on them with a close-up we see his irritation that he even tells the guy I don't care if you piss yourself just get over here quite literally with knives.

Out as the man still stalls complaining that they're Troublesome even going as far as saying who knows what might happen henrig has no more patience he throws a knife easily hitting the man in the leg at that he lets out a loud scream of pain even though the old man puts on a good show screaming and writhing in pain Henrik watches.

Carefully and notices there's not even any blood coming from the wound getting more ticked off Henry threatens to show him real pain when he finds this old man's real body the liar looks pensive at that and admits he was a con man who would pretend to get injured to get money out of people and he could get more money the more honest people were.

He continues with how the times have changed and Henrik quite frankly doesn't care about this old man's sentimentality for the past who could blame him he's there for Morena and her crew and instead he's got to deal with his whiny old man who won't tell him anything of value when he gets straight to the point wanting to know where this old guy in.

The corporal's bodies are the body suddenly starts disappearing like smoke all that's left is the knife that hit him in the leg two members standing guard outside looking to see the old man evaporate shocked that someone might have the same kind of power as the boss Kenny turns to henrig suggesting they leave this problem for the troop since.

They offered to take care of them and their violent Behavior besides henrig already made a deal with hisoka so all that's left is to get rid of Hialeah which the spiders are more than willing to do as they're discussing this though one of the people nearby decides he needs to go get his shift inside the room where a man and Corporal just.

Disappeared great idea as expected he was gone the moment he stepped foot in the room and it wasn't enough that Henrik shouted for him to not go in the small guy's name turns out to be Toshi and the two men as well as henrig are all disappointed that he was sucked into the portal leading to who knows where with that in mind it works differently.

To the portals that luini could create by leaving marks for spots he wanted to jump to and from it's more a place that you need to draw people into and then bring them right where you want them like hiale's base Kenny points this out for Henrik who thought luini was the cause of this event he even explains that luini was killed by Nobunaga so.

It's definitely someone else's ability it may even be vacante who admitted he could use a durability that required drawing people inside but before we get into more about the Hialeah issues don't forget to subscribe with notifications on and smash that like button to avoid being attacked by a nen Beast either way Henrik can't believe a troop killed.

Luini so easily and Kenny says there's no way it's him since the guy's head and body are still at the cha or office that aside they get back to the topic of the pesky High Lee family and wanting the spiders to deal with them Kenny believes since it was so easy to take down a man like luini this Dory shoe could become an easy problem for them to solve as.

Well as Kenny leaves likely to let them know the situation Henrik thinks to himself that he should also look around anyway we jump to the place where the small dude named Tashi had gone in to get his weapon all he has is a door in front of him not realizing he's been brought elsewhere unfortunately for him he doesn't have the chance to take in.

His surroundings or react and his neck is sliced by belay who was waiting behind him with a knowing smile grabbing him roughly by the shirt after cutting his neck he throws him aside like junk grinning more widely now belay announces that he's finally reached level 21 which means he can receive a nen category the other members in the room give their.

Congrats not even bothered by the corpse on the floor these people are ruthless Matt Vare who previously wanted to be an emitter found out he's a transmuter from the water test also seeing as he wasn't level 21 before this must mean he killed someone to have leveled up could that person have been the missing Corporal who went inside the room first your.

Guess is as good as mine but it would definitely make sense with the Carnage we see next back to the test though Matt ver hands the glass with water to belay who hopes and chance come on a mission come on a mission too bad for him he gets conjurer instead gelato watches as he complains about that reveal and she's extremely envious of it she also points.

Out that it seems like a lot of left-handed people at least in the Hialeah have turned out conjurers here comes the name reveal for a whole lot more highly members so brace yourselves first we have an emitter named torbellm who works as an assassin and Smuggler he picks up poor dead Toshi like garbage and even straight up calls him trash.

Announcing this is the last of the trash torbelm also tells a girl with pigtail that vacante has connected this room to the disposal plant at that she turns around to another woman named chiffon asking her for help smiling kindly he tells the two chiffon Toto and Mont block Toto that they too will be level 21 soon it's revealed that chiffon is a.

Seamstress as we see her pulling the clothes from Tashi while Mont Blanc is a corpse disposal worker wielding what looks like a Cleaver ready to cut off his limbs behind them both is a ton of neatly hung up clothing likely from mafia members they killed and body parts wrapped in garbage bags we move on then to a dark hallway as torbelm waves.

Goodbye to the two girls Marina is shown to be having a meeting with some members worried that serydink might be on to them in their goals if you recall previously the fourth Prince saridnik was learning men and when he returned to his room there was a dismembered body left for him because of that he asked the lower tier soldiers to search for.

Morena and her Hideout back to Morena she thought she had more time before they'd be found out but with cha R she you and now the spiders looking for them they probably should think about leaving the ship all together that's what I would do she also mentions someone named gatom and having been in contact with him meaning she has Spies of her own out.

Making sure they can stay hidden longer either way with the growing threat of being found Morena decides it's time they try to get one of siridnik's people on their side to do that she asks them to go with dog man and capture a guard Matt Fair doesn't want to have to change clothes so a new character named Sodom offers to go instead not only is Sodom a.

Level 31 manipulator but he's also an assassin and an underworld doctor considering most of the highly members levels we've seen so far have been in the 20s we can assume this means he's pretty strong Morena explains her plan since the ride Nick will want to kill her himself they need a way to watch him and anticipate his next move beforehand.

The best way to do that would be using Contagion on a soldier of his so they can keep an eye on the fourth Prince she then gives them a list of eligible people to kidnap and orders them to bring whichever they find to Door C seeing as room 3101's passageway is no good anymore she also orders two more members to keep.

Guard at the door in case any of the prince's bodyguards show up so they can be lured in and killed the two men are an enhancer slash garbage man named oraruji and a corrupt lawyer and conjurer named yokotani oraruji makes a comment about turning the soldiers away on legal grounds but yokotani shuts it down quickly but if that isn't enough.

Here's two more members of Highway no really Morena orders notra and souffle to return to room 3131 and report on what's going on with room 3101 from there it's revealed that Notre is a conjurer and plumber while souffle is a hacker transmuter I don't know about you but all these French food names are really making me hungry funny thing.

Though souffle seems really bad at directions and Notre has to remind them how to get back to room 3101 multiple times after it's repeated souffle still doesn't follow and just decides to rely on their partner at that he says what would you do without me is this possibly foreshadowing first souffle getting lost if Notre is ever killed or captured.

Maybe Morena doesn't react to their conversation and instead calls for dog man she tells him he has the most important mission of all finding a guard the man or canine admits he would need more levels to be successful with that task even though he's revealed as a level 36 enhancer already it's not clear whether that dog face is his actual face.

Or just a mask he wears to hide his identity or possibly for intimidation Morena agrees with him that he should be at least level 50 before doing that mission so she assigns him to the disposal plant instead getting back to Henrik and his camera kitty it's still in the same spot recording as it was told to he goes through the footage but.

Doesn't seem impressed with what he finds there he probably wasn't able to record that woman who slipped away like he wanted next we get an exciting shot of serotonix guards rushing into a room hoping to capture Morena and highly members but the area is empty save for a dead body from the cha R family the guard in charge says they can use that.

As an excuse for having rushed into the room the way they did claiming a highly member was resisting arrest and escaped another Soldier points out that they're registered as civilians so they can't treat them as gang members but the head guard reminds him that this room is labeled as a gang office so it's still fine to treat it as a gang-related.

Offense what's more if this appears to the public as an act of rebellion instead of a civilian from the mafia being murdered by another family it would cause a lot of chaos the same chaos that Morena likely wants to create continuing on he explains that they need to find an arrestor before any of that happens and so that she can't cause any.

More trouble for the fourth Prince finally he tells them tier 3 should be easier to clean up now that cha R and she you are working together but they also don't want to grab the attention of the police or Royal Guards with these searches they need to stick to smaller firearms for that reason at that a lower level guard speaks up he thinks it would.

Be a good idea to find ways to counter net abilities and users since more and more people are gaining those powers in the Hialeah family not that he knows that or does he unfortunately the Corporal doesn't even know what nen is the younger man just describes it as a special power that's spreading like a virus in tier one which isn't quite.

Accurate it but close enough getting more riled up he says that Nan is likely why the prince hasn't dealt with the problem himself and they need to be ready to take care of it when the time comes annoyed the Corporal asks where he heard all this stuff since he's just a low-level second class private without hesitating he says it's volkson someone.

We have yet to meet a member of the royal living quarters Guard Association as if we didn't have enough names to remember before here's another anyway with the source revealed the older man says he'll be requesting for volkson to be reassigned meanwhile our second class private named otoshin gets the chewing out of his life for calling the fourth.

Prince an overly friendly nickname he also threatens to put him on the front line so he can deal with the nen users that he's so worried about talk about ruff another guard tells otoshin he's an idiot for getting vulk mixed up in this too it's clear that you are involved in some kind of plan and getting volkson reassigned was part of it since otoshin.

Comes right out and says it worked not only that but he's assuming Morena has something up her sleeve seeing as she provokes serydnik on purpose his colleague just teases him about having provoked the Corporal with no chance of winning that battle again the Corporal singles a toshin out for speaking too much and likely also using the nickname.

For the prince again behind him more guards discuss how it'll be sad when they can't enjoy this kind of banter and shouting anymore the reason they say this is because of recent events and how it's taken so long to find victims bodies meaning people are either purposely not reporting them or just ignoring them most of the conversation.

That follows is based on ideas of what they think is going on and how things could go if nothing has changed such as inspections assuming bodies are mafia members when they could be civilian casualties he also questions whether the hunter Association would get involved and if they did they could reveal any tampering that has been done through the.

Coroner and police working together and if that happened the hunters would no longer trust the cocky Empire and they might take things into their own hands will we be seeing Kurapika soon then we can hope the female guard doesn't agree though she thinks the mafia dispute isn't what they're there for and instead all they want is to guard the princess.

The man continues saying that the hunters performing bodyguard duty is an issue not only that but they probably didn't know about the seed urn ceremony that provided Guardian beasts the same way the guards didn't he worries that Hunters might try to kill the princes that have any blood relations to the mafia just to ensure their own princes.

Are safe and the woman agrees that the Justice Ministry would be fine with that since they don't want any mafia anyway similarly the first prince would be happy with that result as well considering he's the deputy military advisor of the royal Army but that's not the biggest problem the guard worries that a war could break out between the.

Kagin Empire and the mafia if the justice department the Army and the hunters are coming if that isn't bad enough he reminds us that highly are focused on destroying the balance above everything else which which is why they kill without worrying about consequences and are also registered as civilians they continue the conversation still.

Afraid of what could happen especially since high Lee inciting and Uprising would have the Royal Guards and families overrun by the lower classes who would far outnumber them but who cares about that private otoshin is annoyed that they've been talking so much and the Corporal hasn't told them to be quiet Corporal Gipper just says it outright.

They aren't worthless idiots like you a bit harsh but also they seem to have a playful relationship where they argue a lot so it's not so bad atoshin even sticks his tongue out at the Corporal until his colleague memory points out that he might be onto something he offers to kiss her for saying that and she rewards him by saying die Memorial.

Explains that the fourth Prince hasn't been doing much even though it's clear Moreno was taunting him and she thinks the only reason for that could be that Sarai Nick found a new toy we get more insight into the fourth Prince and how he tends to obsess over things until he's completely mastered them like in the seventh grade when he became the.

Fastest gun assembling disassembling person beating out the military Terry school's record things like that are what the prince calls playing and in some ways that sounds very much like how meruim was insistent on beating komogi but sadly was never able to a darker reveal is that the prince shot someone in the legs for arguing with him of.

Course waiting until after class atoshin seems annoyed at that childish behavior why is it okay to shoot someone who has a different view of things otoshin says the prince should use solid arguments instead of violence but memory points out that only he would be allowed to do that with the prince that's an interesting comment so there's a reason.

Otoshi uses a nickname for the prince then good to know with all that the Corporal puts two and two together and realizes they're saying ceridanic is too busy studying men right now to be bothered to hunt down Morena basically he will only go for Revenge once he feels he's mastered Nan usage and if it were up to Theta she would keep him busy.

For a long time as the guards continue walking through the ship they decide to wait for confirmation on whether the fourth Prince is practicing net or not plus they realize that Morena can likely use net abilities too they also Shine the Corporal by suggesting they request different deployments at times because that way they could see when the mafia.

Are doing cleanup due to being blocked from certain spaces or passages in other words when the mafia have something to hide they won't agree to let Royal Guards pace around there the Corporal wonders why they haven't applied for better positions with their intelligence like working with the prince but they just all answer that it would be too.

Much effort of course he calls them Slackers and admits he would like to move up but maybe he doesn't have the brain like they do a very internalized moment is triggered by the corporal's comment memory wonders if she should get promoted so she can encourage him to change another guard says it's in his nature and there's nothing they can do.

About it the other girl admits she can't think of a way to help him if he doesn't want it himself the last two looking very defeated think this is the best they can do for him as people who've known him for so long otoshi nads the closer you get the less of a friend you become which is why they want to create this distance so he knows.

They're not there to serve him but instead to challenge him whenever possible we get a brutal shot of Sarai Nick in his school days and that Infamous shooting another student because of an argument but then we're back to this ragtag crew of Friends meeting up with Volk she confirms to them that Theta is the one training the.

Fourth prince in nen abilities but since everything is top secret she doesn't have any other information to give them but otoshi notices that Volk has a strange look on her face like she's ready to explode with anger and when he asks she tells him you betcha with tiny cranky octopuses floating around her she's mad he told Corporal Gipper about.

All the nand stuff going on and also caused her to be transferred away from it she also thinks she'll be used as an example of why it's not okay for higher and lower class soldiers to communicate since they could be sharing sensitive info between each other accepting it Volk admits Gipper won't get any information that he wants from Theta.

Even if he tries so it doesn't matter as a friend she can tell that Theta is also hiding certain things or trying to keep others from knowing her goals since folk noticed her acting differently she was hoping to keep asking questions and trying to decipher the hints but now she can't since she's been transferred down with that it said they all agree that.

It's time for them to avoid Arena like the plague which is funny since she's planning to use an ability called contagion after all that aside Volk is worried that their identities have been revealed and if they ever come across Morena they're dead meat it doesn't help that the tattoo artist who figured out they were private soldiers was.

Previously part of the Hailey family the group still can't grasp how dangerous Nan is and how versatile it can be though all knows is that it's a weapon best kept secret atoshin chimes in annoyed that he already explained that but they didn't really believe him one of the guards points out that they could also learn how to use it since the.

Prince is currently doing that for survival reasons it seems they want to figure out nen but can only do so with the help of the cha R and chiyu families the frankly more reasonable ones with a serious look memori asks Volk if they need to cut ties with anyone who is caught by Morena and the tightly knit group seems to look surprised instead of.

Answering they decide to try and find more ways to survive and with a final Tech splash of the way to survive is to think the chapter is done how was it trying to keep track of all these new highly members and the politics that's getting even more complicated hopefully we can have some action next chapter to balance out all the information we just.

Got who knows maybe Prince Sarai Nick will be done training in nensoon thanks for watching I'm Jack Stansberry and as always have a great day