Alright so with the latest events of the my hero academia story we've seem to be on the precipice of its greatest change yet it's official the final act of the story has now begun and deku has left ua high school for a series titled my hero academia this is clearly an uprooting of.

Virtually everything we've become accustomed to here on the channel we've been speculating such a major move away from the academia aspect for a while now and so to see it come to fruition is honestly a little bit bittersweet however this wouldn't be the first time.

That the series decided to go along a different path as we did of course have the amazing my villain academia arc a point of the story that is set to be covered with the upcoming season 5 of the anime we focus upon the exploits of the infamous league of villains rather than our usual cast of students.

Albeit only over the span of 20 chapters this was a major shift indeed that quite radically darken the tone of the series and forebode even greater travesties to come which we recently received with the war arc and are set to loom in its aftermath now i know that for some fans of the series this radical change and shift away from.

The main cast was a bit jarring but i'm sure there are plenty people like myself who rejoice in receiving such implications and narrative focus and so with this video perhaps we can speculate and prepare for what's to come together now first and foremost seeing as the current.

Events of the story seem to have progressed one month forward unfortunately i don't imagine we'll be looking at any major time skips for the foreseeable future as much as everyone wants to see a sort of my hero shapuden i believe there are too many pressing matters in the present to afford such a.

Leap the todoroki family along with the assistance of hawks and best genius have solemnly vowed to stop dobby together a feat i highly doubt would take the top three ranking heroes years to accomplish with such levels of conviction.

Especially considering that after having watched their press conference dobby is liable to make an even greater stir to truly break his father's spirit furthermore the country is in shambles and in a constant state of anarchy much needs to be done in the here and now with this in mind.

Not to mention the fact that shigaraki slumber albeit devoid of a definite timeline isn't something i imagine will take all too long to accomplish with the overview of all for one so if we're not skipping too far ahead what are we doing in the present.

And what exactly may have transpired in the last month well by the looks of it it would appear that deku did manage to heed the words of shimra nana upon waking up giving her regards to gran torino seeing as he now possesses his tattered cape and at that gran torino's hero.

Career has more than likely come to a close following the damage he sustained while facing shigaraki as deku now bears his former cloak as a sort of memento with this being said i can't imagine almighty or gran torino co-signing this solitary trek of dekus the.

Generational battle against all for one has been an exceedingly arduous one for the many wielders of one for all but even they have been able to confide in certain individuals such as gran torino so deku going off by his lonesome even with the guidance of the past wielders is bizarre but from the perspective of.

Deku this is all for the sake of keeping everyone else out of harm's way a sort of misguided chivalry as in reality he is not the only one with a hero's heart plenty of his classmates would be more than willing to charge into the lion's den with him.

Something perhaps he does know but only serves to further cement his protective stance but even with this being the case his friends are most certainly going to chase him down and support him whether he likes it or not but more than just them i believe deku.

Will find himself being aided by those he may have once called his enemies the lights of stain overhaul and toga this is admittedly a bit of a crazy theory i'm sure but by now i hope that most of you have learned not to doubt even our most radical of.

Summations first let's talk about stain now staying the hero killer was dubbed as such on account of his vanquishing of heroes he considered to be the antithesis of true heroics a truly remarkable antagonist that despite possessing an incredibly radical stance certainly did have a point that could be.

Recognized not only by us as viewers but even the very characters of the series and as we now know staying too has been freed into this hellish world and in this world the corrupt establishment of heroics has all but been destroyed and based on the rhetoric dobby had been following.

This current world is a fulfillment of stains will but lest we forget stain despite being a murderer is very passionate about the protection and furtherance of true heroes something he has recognized deku to be at this point any former hero stepping back into the.

Fray may be considered as such and so from here on i don't believe stain will be adverse to the proceedings of our main cast but rather in full support in the case of overhaul like stain albeit a monster did base his proceedings in genuine points of concern.

Particularly the impact of quirks upon human society and what is proposed to be the downfall and end of the species the quirk singularity is a real problem that only continues to surmount and for all his sins it is undeniable that overhaul is in fact a genius.

Without the use of his arms and by extension his quirk and his suppression of his influence he is virtually powerless we have seen him free from tartarus in what appears to be somewhat of a mentally deranged state the guilt of his folly and betrayal of his boss now haunt him.

Now being in his current state the only person who could possibly undo what he has done is arie the very child he's so horribly mistreated and abused overhaul's mind is the only asset he still possesses and so where he's set to go from here will be interesting.

But at the very least i don't imagine he'll be much of an enemy going forwards either lastly we have himiko toga now toga is a villain that has largely been shunned by society due to the unsavory nature of her quirk this is a character that possesses.

Feelings for deku and certainly longs to meet with him again this being the case following the death of her beloved friend twice at the hands of the heroes now personally seeing the destruction they have evoked across several cities and that which she herself has personally committed i failed to.

Sympathize with her plight entirely and don't get me wrong i thought twice was great but even he was a mass murderer and notorious thief regardless of his playful nature this is a man that lost his parents to a villain attack and yet proceeded to be complicit and even participate.

In the enactment of such violence upon others toca saw the stance of a raraka and was heartbroken by it yet prior she also expressed an interest in deku's feelings on the matter and so with her currently on the run as well and away from the league i imagine she'll have the opportunity to present her question to deku.

As well once she finds him out and about and considering how he felt in regards to shigaraki situation he's likely to give her the sort of considerate response that she is looking for and so with all this with these three cases i feel like we may be able to call back to the conversation deku had.

With the past users in regards to understanding his enemies and finding a better way and hey such hands-on experience could serve to better prepare him for the madness of shigaraki even and on the note of villains something else we can expect to see with the final act.

Would be an introduction and elaboration of new characters for instance the new female villain that was detained in tartarus and was largely responsible for the release of all others on the premises we know next to nothing about her but that's liable to change in due time and past that would this in fact being.

The final act of the story horikoshi has in the past promised us the eventual introduction and reveal of deku's father so yeah i guess there's that not exactly sure what role has served to play but we've yet to get it and somehow we've still yet to have the reveal of the ua trader.

So here's hoping we can eventually put an end to that mystery once and for all as at this point it's hard not to feel like it's been outright forgotten entirely with deku now being out and about in the field by his lonesome for the time being i'm picturing a bit of crime-fighting.

Reminiscent of various western comic stories as over time he further grows into the power just as shigaraki simultaneously grows into his until everything culminates into an epic clash beyond anything we have ever seen before now with all this being said however.

I would like to emphasize the difference between a final act and a final arc this is a final act of the series an act being indicative of a beginning middle and end and so yes we are now getting into the general end but that does not necessarily mean we.

Are at the very end of the story personally i'd say at the end of all my career signified the end of the first act of the story which was around the first hundred chapters of the story thus making the second act a whopping 200 chapters so for those of you concerned with the.

End being near hopefully you can rest assured knowing that that is hardly the case so to me at the bare minimum we are looking at another two years of my hero academia manga which we've expressed in the past on more than one occasion all in all i'm really looking forward to.

Everything that's to come as for me right now the story feels like it just keeps getting better and better and at that i have to thank you all for the absolutely unreal support you've continued to show to us unfortunately we got hit with a series of false copyright strikes just recently.

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