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New Tailed Beasts Revealed! Boruto’s Real Death Was Just Spoiled! – Boruto Chapter 72


After brief Hiatus boruto is finally back with chapter 72. we have just entered into a brand new era for the series some characters have lost abilities While others have only grown in strength alliances have shifted drastically and no one knows what happens next we've got a lot to cover in this chapter so let's jump right into it.

We begin with a meeting between Shikamaru Naruto and kawaki to discuss a lot of secret projects in his capture kawaki reassures Shikamaru that he had no idea that a model had restored his karma before fighting code shikamar suspects that the Mata did not do this out of the kindness of his heart but for some ulterior motive that hasn't been.

Revealed yet kawaki and Thrones by saying that they don't have to worry about a model's plans anymore because code likely killed him after he was captured as always kawaki is cold-blooded Naruto tells kawaki that he shouldn't be so negative but kawaki insists that Shikamaru is actually happy that a model is dead since it means that.

He won't have to work with someone so shady it doesn't help things that a model threatened to kill his son when they first met this anger Shikamaru forcing Naruto to intervene kawaki calls the Hokage both worthless and that at that moment a journey interrupts the meeting to let shikamar know there is a phone call for him from Amato from a.

Train station outside the Land of Snow a model is calling with Ada and Diamond nearby the model at Shikamaru know that he's hurt but still breathing and it'll take around four days for him to make it back to the Village Shikamaru asks what happened with code and warns him about his claw marks that he used for teleportation The Motto tells him that.

He's already checked for the marks and that he already has some good news about code he informed Shikamaru that code has lost the lines of ADA his greatest Ally thanks to a model's negotiation skills Aiden now plans on accepting shikamara's offer to join konoha and as such two of the most powerful characters in the series could soon become allies to.

Konoha Shikamaru inquires about code's other partner diamon the level of power that Shikamaru saw from the child shocked him to his core and now he's extremely concerned about someone like him coming to the Village a motto explains that diamon is Ada's little brother and then he'll be coming to the village with his sister Shikamaru points.

Out that Amado had no right to make deals like this uncle has behalf Amato counters by saying that Shikamaru didn't have the right either in the end it doesn't matter much because it all comes down to what Ada wants everyone else doesn't have a choice but to comply with her wishes Hamada warned Shikamaru that no matter what he doesn't want the.

Siblings as his enemies the last piece of information that a model gives Shikamaru is that code limiters have been released this surprises Shikamaru but Amado Suzy bad news over even though code is much stronger he doesn't have Ada or Diamond to decide anymore which has made him much less of a threat with the sibling shown in konoha they'll have.

No problem taking code out Amado finishes by telling Shikamaru that is up to him to effectively use the pieces in his Arsenal Shikamaru is going to have to come up with his greatest master plan yet the call ends with Shikamaru telling a model to hurry back so he can answer more of his questions after the call is over.

Aydah threatens the model by telling him that things go poorly between her and kawaki she will kill the old man she reminds him that she still holds a grudge against him for giving her these enchanting powers and that his connection to kawaki is the only reason why he is alive Ahmad has to be careful around Ada and ayemon they could easily.

Become double-edged swords back of the village Shikamaru puta a call to summon Naruto kawaki and team seven to hokage's office but before we continue with the recap be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some polymer today we now move to the Uzumaki household boruto.

Gets ready to head out but pauses when he notices his new Karma Mark reminding him of his brush with death the experience is definitely shaking boruto just as he is about to head out and not to stops him and asks if he's going on a new Mission boruto tells her yes and explicit the rest of his team has been on Hiatus because of his karma so they.

Are all excited for a new Mission and also reveals that she does her best to smile on board till least remission but she can't help but think that this will be the time he won't come back it's difficult for Hinata to see her son constantly put his life in danger from behind emowari appears and watches the conversation boruto apologizes for.

Worrying her but the mission seems to be something only his team is capable of doing so he has to go he does his best to comfort her by telling her that he's already come back from Death once as he leaves boruto promises to come back home no matter what Ryan is boruto walks at the door time freezes and momoshiki's spirit appears nearby momoshiki tells.

Boruto that it was irresponsible of him to promise that he'll come back home borzo reminds the osuski that he can't resurrect through his body anymore and asks him why he's still around instead of answering momoshiki asked boruto why he still clings to life even though he knows that his future will be filled with despair once again momoshiki tells.

Boruto that he will lose everything close to him and that the moment is coming very soon and that when that moment happens boruto will lose his will to live and want to escape life momoshiki finally reveals his new plans for boriso's body when the day comes that boruto loses his will to live moishiki intends to take over and live.

Boards his life for him boruto be confined to a corner of a psyche for all eternity mooshiki doesn't care about resurrecting with the karma anymore since boruto is fully in ozuti now controlling body is just as good as resurrecting through it and so boruto still isn't free of momoshiki's plots and manipulations major trouble is just.

Around the corner for boruto according to momoshiki it doesn't matter how the original plan changes boruto has always been destined to be his vessel boruto fights back against his prophecy that he will never give himself over to momoshiki even if it means dying momoshiki promises to never let boruto die again since he is his vessel in a.

Desperate moment of rage boruto swords that never let momoshiki emerge again as momoshiki Fades away he leaves with a smile he's confident that boruto's fate is already sealed and he is looking forward to it momoshiki disappears leaving boruto yelling in the air at that moment sarda and mitsuki show up as his teammates greet him or to ignores.

Him and shouts at the top of his lungs that he will be the one to decide his fate Sauron has bewildered by Boards of strange behavior and midsecure remarks that no matter what happens boruto will always be boruto whatever is Over the Horizon hopefully team seven will be together to see each.

Other through back of the Uzumaki household himawari approaches Sonata and tells her that she's been thinking about becoming a ninja so that she can help her brother and more questions of her being a ninja would worry not to even more we don't get to see Hinata's answer but she looks concerned it makes sense that hinato will be worried half of her.

Family has been in life-threatening danger over the last few days but hey this could be the beginning of him owari's career as a ninja another biakagon user could be joining konoha's fighting force and as we know from Naruto's Hokage inauguration or lack thereof imuhari is nothing to play with within gigan's Dimension code emerges.

From his claw marks and brings bug along with him bug asked where code has brought him code explains that they are in a pocket Dimension that can only be reached with space-time Ninjutsu because he left claw martyr once again brought him coken into the dimension whenever he wants code goes to check on the ten tails and reveals to bug that Sasuke can.

No longer enter the dimension now that his renegon is gone but board lucky Hood if they ever mastered this FaceTime Ninjutsu at the moment boruto kawaki and kod are the only people in the world who could access this place gigan's Dimension is no longer a safe place to store the ten Tales bug asked code what his plan is now that he's by himself.

Even though his limiters were removed code was still easily beaten by dynamon and his alliance with Ada fell apart fast outclasses him in strength and that he's on a whole other level than him bug points out that he did try to stop him from waking him co-counters by reminding both that he's still upset over Ada.

Breaking his heart so bugs should be nicer to him this is just another reminder that code isn't done with Ada yet bug wonders how code could be so unbothered when so many things have gone against him recently code reveals that the situation is actually going fine for him shocking bug code then tells His companion that he needs to adjust the.

Ten tail size into something more manageable Coke creates claw marks across the tentel space setting the Beast into a frenzy the claw marks begin to rapidly expand across utensil's body constricting it nonchalant only code explains the situation to bug his claw marks are made from Iron in his blood mixed with his own chakra before his.

Limiters were taken off there used to be a limit to how many marks he could make at one time now that his full power has been unlocked he can create more than enough marks to completely cover a gigantic creature like the ten Tails as it marks grow and wrap around the ten Tails they begin to change forming large spikes bug notices that the ten tails is.

Shrinking code knows that a tail beast is just a massive lump of chakra and then he can split that chakra up and mold it into a new form like clay what code is doing is actually pretty similar to how the stage of Six Paths put the original 10 tails up into the nine tail beasts the spikes on codes marks start to fall off and move across the floor.

Eventually these spikes start changing shade creating these humanoid creatures with Tails covered in code's claw marks but mentions how disturbing these new creatures are as one of them suddenly dashes forward the creature jumps through the chest of another one and travels to the claw marks behind bug and code bug realizes that these horrific.

Monsters can travel to Hallmarks just like code at the end of the chapter code teleports his eye onto the creature and remarkably 10 tales is now much smaller and more useful now boruto's greatest enemy now has an army of miniature tailed beasts at his disposal all with the same Powers as him goat has definitely shifted the balance of power.

In his favor these are definitely some major Revelations here and some major dangers for konoha so please let us know what you think the village is going to do against his threat as always time plus otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you