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NEW TITAN REVEALED!!! FALCO’S JAW TITAN IS HERE – Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 11


Attack on titan season four part two episode 11 was flames fire heat visually this was easily the best episode of season four in its entirety and is at the very least one of the best looking episodes in the entire series the source material was elevated tremendously mappa seriously did the damn thing when it came to this one to the point where i am.

Now more than willing to accept the steaming pile of dung that was episode 9. this was more than worth it and a necessary sacrifice for the sake of returning the hype to this series quite honestly since aaron's departure from the center of the stage attack on titan has been going out sad it really has not been blowing up on social media like it.

Always had previously and i've been having anime only friends of mine question if the latest episodes are even worth watching at this point prior to this episode it was giving final season of game of thrones vibes now the very first bit of this episode was in fact comprised of especially dramatic scenes previously seen by way of the one before.

But those first 40 seconds are still served mostly as a reminder of the predicaments our characters are presently in which would be followed by a sequence of emotional shots between connie and armin and the remains of their childhood friends that they'd previously brutally murdered and sitting on that reality was the purpose of.

Episode 10 however in this one episode 11 as connie locked eyes with armin as opposed to having the time to address and process what they had just done we would pan out to the grander scale of things as behind connie was the female titan fighting these military personnel and listen the moment i saw the female titan was not cg i knew we were in for a.

Banger for them to make that effort all things considered let me know all that i needed to what in the manga was about like two shots or so ended up being a whole display in the anime of these soldiers zipping around as our two titan shifters did their best to brutalize them from there we would have yet another major hurdle placed before our.

Group and what was already an exceedingly precarious situation as the azumabito engineers would express a time frame for flying boat maintenance to be an entire day with half a day being the absolute best case scenario what was obviously time that these guys absolutely did not possess there was just no way they would be able to manage.

To successfully repel their enemies for that long not to mention the speeds to which aaron stampede of colossal titans were able to move as haunted further discerned that in about four days time the monstrosities would have already trampled the entirety of the continent and even in the event that they successfully managed to get moving in.

Half a day's time somehow they would be too late to say he likes a libero which would particularly catch the attention of jon as he would immediately recall partying with one of their citizens alongside connie during their undercover exploration of the outside world now the visuals provided for this in the anime were actually different from those in.

The manga but regardless the very same emotions are conveyed so it's all good just a less busy shot i suppose and to make matters worse they did not even know aaron's precise location which would cause him to sacrifice even more time for the sake of finding him from which point kiyomi would propose an especially dangerous alternative plan as.

Apparently there is an azumabito hangar to the south that would make servicing the flying boat possible while also maintaining a relatively tight proximity to the rumbling which was on account of the fact that this location odisha was on the verge of being destroyed by the rumbling itself now interestingly enough in the anime they provide these guys.

With an actual map to plan things out which considering the ongoing conflict i can't say it makes the most sense in the world but it is fine either way but despite the danger it wasn't as if they had a whole lot of options and with that they had their plan and it simply came down to execution as they would go on to let the others know now the titan action.

We received in this one was amazing however it should be noted that when mikasa lets annie know about their new plan she does not object get in the manga internally at least and he does questions they will be able to defeat aaron by taking such a course of action she would furthermore wonder if they would be able to get to libero in time.

Where her father is and i guess it is a bit unfortunate that this did not make it into the anime version as we have to remember that annie's personal stakes in this fight are entirely based on her father's survival yet as previously expressed by hanj libero was certainly in a whole lot of danger at the moment and so any major mishap in their timing.

Could cost annie her entire reason for moving forward at all but anyways as the azumabito mechanics made their way out and towards the boat flock and his men would take notice and begin to redirect their attention as without the azumabito those traitors would have no hope of stopping aaron from which point mikasa and hanj would pull up and absolutely.

Put in that work i feel like over the course of the series titan shifters and their importance have largely overshadowed many of the things we especially enjoyed about attack on titan and that includes the odm gear these guys move like exceedingly lethal versions of spider-man out here and it is so fun to watch they are really nice.

With it and that is a reality i feel we have deviated quite a bit from so it is always such a pleasure to observe now flock for as sinister and deranged as he may be is actually a very talented commander he is a rather brilliant tactician and political force he has successfully read his opponents with 100 accuracy thus far and this time would be.

No different as you realized the objective of the azumabito and reiner would come to their aid in transit by way of his hardened exterior acting as a shield from enemy gunfire but boy would they let this man have it with their thunder spears these things are most definitely the armor titan's least favorite invention as since their.

Creation that hardened exterior of his just has not been the same the female titan would end up being disregarded for a moment for the sake of taking out the azumabito which would actually cost annie her arm now the wear and tear in this battle is definitely beginning to show and again rhino would get a face full of thunder spears and despite being.

So terribly ruined by them at the very least the durability of his form is pretty impressive considering just how many of them directly hit from which point annie would have to continue using the guy as a shield and they just kept blasting this man flock would rally his troops and these guys were certainly scared but to this flock would propose.

To them a fear greater than death as erin's failure with the rumbling would invoke the world's wrath upon all that they hold near and dear like i said this guy is good i've seen people clown him in comparison to commander erwin which is of course all jokes but even if he is not on everyone's level like a sprained angle flock ain't nothing to play with.

Now things were not looking so hot for reiner annie until falco would feel the need to enter the fray on account of him now being the new jaw titan pique would express that she would join the fight once they'd all make it to the ship and furthermore let it be known that the first transformation never goes well which we know to be the case on account.

Of aaron's first transformation but despite this warning falco would still run off by his lonesome from which point they would all group up with magoth and an injured armin just as kanye would make his way elsewhere now at this point the enemy reinforcements were on the way by train much of the dismay of hajj as their group would be wiped out should.

They arrive as just then the whole thing would suddenly be victim to a massive explosion because of which would be unknown to our various characters but damn to do something like that most definitely required a whole lot of resolve and certainty in such a case all the while falco was in the midst of stabbing himself with a nail he had.

Found for the sake of invoking a transformation but had yet to successfully do so but man oh man is it a good thing he did not just then as jon pulled up on him but things were really bad for reiner and annie they could not move and the female titan had lost its head when it came time for the jaegers to.

Finish them off connie pulled up like a g going harder than he ever has before he would lay these boys out in the craziest fashion possible but he was not alone the whole gang was over here spilling blood to hesitate was to die and they were not ready to die just yet and now having dropped off the others the car titan would enter the fray as.

Well things were not looking so good for flocking his troops but they could not waver either they would do their best to take down the car tight in and really had me thinking i was actually watching a transformers movie for real at this point and on that note i had this conversation recently but i'm curious if you guys would agree that attack on.

Titan is a mecha anime where instead of high-tech suits like gundam they've got giant flush suits and if so is attack on titan the most popular mecha anime right now let us know but oh my goodness it was time time for a new titan shifter to rise and listen this thing the new jaw titan goes so much harder than it did in the manga.

This thing is absurdly cool and easily one of the coolest looking titans ever if you said it is the best i might just have to agree with you it seems as though on account of this chimera-like animalistic features the spinal fluid of zeke may have meddled with the appearance of falco's jaw tie in making it somewhat of a hybrid between the jaw.

And beast titans and this thing immediately put in that work its appearance made all the difference he was going berserk and if you are a berserk fan that face plate of his might just make that even more accurate but yo for as cool as falco's titan is remember what i said before do not be so distracted that you overlook the.

Greatness of the odm gear and that man flock is an absolute legend this battle sequence from him was unreal are you kidding me he got past a new jaw titan repelled and knocked back the commander of the scouts evaded the car titan and then blasted her at close range with a thunderspear and after all that he was ready to blast a hole in the hull of the.

Ship this man was about to end it all for them by his lonesome the unsung hero of eldia or at least he would be if gabi did not pull up with the stick somebody keep this girl away from the trigger i know we all hated her early on but yo gabi is really built different gabi is a type of shooter to keep steph curry practicing in the gym but yeah with.

Their commander gone it was over for these jaeger's boys and oh my goodness oh my word mikasa is not from this world she's got to be from another anime entirely she is an actual lethal weapon like the way mikasa washed these fools it's how i'm trying to move an elden ring she is a whole menace to society and mapa really showed out because they.

Did not do this in the manga at all she had these fools running for their lives but despite the battle being in their favor at this point in virtually complete falco was pulling an incredible hulk and going insane the car titan would try to stop him but falco was not having it and if they took any longer to stop this man he would have the powers.

Of the kartain 2 but thankfully it would not take much for general maga to remove falco from the titan body from which point he would console him and congratulate him on a job well done and after handing him off would leave the others now in making his way back he would catch the attention of some remaining yagaris but would be assisted.

By their mysterious benefactor who had taken care of the enemy reinforces previously it was that man shot us and the reason magot did not join the others was because of the nearby marlene cruiser which if given the opportunity would have the speed to catch up to the others and sink their ship so he needed to deal with it from there we would have.

A touching conversation between these two characters of a similar sort i don't think i ever expected shadows to have such a meaningful end as he ended up having here but damn gotta respect the og we would then hear the final sentiments of magoth which would speak of a sin regarding the command of child soldiers and that now he was fighting.

For a world in which they could all lead normal lives for as much as he had been guided and blinded by his culture and the fact of theirs being that of eldean origins at the end of the day they were humans and he could not help but grow care for them on account of their in-depth proximity over the years which was a very touching and emotional end to.

Such a savage episode they won but at what cost now in regards to what we had addressed previously about annie's reason for fighting it would be admitted to her by hanj that they could not save libero from the rumbling which would drop annie to her knees as she would question her purpose in remaining anymore but haj would express the.

Understanding of the late general manga he knew libera and marley would not survive the rumbling but he gave his life to save as many people as possible even if they happen to be nameless strangers annie at this point was broken she began to cry and ask mikasa if she could kill aaron she'd question if mikasa would be able to sit back and.

Watch her attempt to do so she would furthermore denounce any desire to fight the rest of them anymore she didn't even want to fight aaron this scene was so much more emotional in the anime than it was in the manga and i love it i really don't think this scene resonated with me much at all previously but wow good job mapa thank you all so much for watching.

And have an awesome day i love you you