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Nezuko Secretly DESTROYS Muzan – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Maybe you've seen every episode of Demon Slayer or have read every chapter of the manga either way unless you understand why nezuko being a demon ruins Demon Slayer you should probably keep watching this video until you do first off kinesuko even really be considered a demon I mean sure like many others she was turned into a demon by kibitsuji.

Muzon but when you realize how different she is from every other demon it'll feel more accurate to call her a devil instead of a demon muzon thought she was dead if you didn't know muzon didn't attack hondros family for some kind of late night snack because other family's ancient connection to the original demon slaying breathing style Sun breathing he.

Was hoping that as demons they'd be able to achieve his dream of being immune to sunlight but for as old as he is at one thousand years old muzon is very impatient he could have easily turned the entire Commodore family into normal demons if he wanted to but because he was in such a rush to beat the Sun instead of letting them grow at a normal.

Pace he gave each of them an extreme amount of his blood not even the upper Moon six demons had been directly created by muzon and the only time he ever gives a surplus of blood is when he wants to create an incredibly powerful demon but when none of them survived being injected by his poison blood he left except nezuko wasn't dead what's.

Even weirder is that Tundra was able to tell that she was still living when muzon couldn't we are talking about the guy who could sense each hashira while they were spread across a mountain the creature that could send several demon Slayers regaining Consciousness while he was a great distance away suffice to say nezuko completely defies muzon senses.

Along with pretty much every rule about demons in the series you see muzon is often referred to as the king of demons but Kings can be betrayed and usurped not muzon when it comes to his demons he's more like a god he can take complete control of their bodies has complete access to their memories upon absorption demon power nullification.

Telepathy can inflict pain onto a demon just by saying their name he can kill a demon at will and if any demon says his name aloud no matter their intent they die instantly but let me ask you this what's a god to a non-belief fever because as far as we know none of these things apply to nezuko muzon has admitted to having no access to her at.

All that's not normal the only reason this was ever the case for Tamayo was because after his fight against yorichi moves on his connection to her was sever but it gets even weirder as a demon nezuko lost her human intelligence and was instead as smart and loyal as a good dog but at the same time she also possessed stronger memories of her human.

Life than any other demon most surprisingly of all nezuko doesn't need to eat humans to regain her strength in fact she's the only demon that can resist eating humans despite being hungry instead of eating flesh and blood all she needs is sleep and that's important for later so don't forget now it's no secret that nezuko has the.

Ability to change her size at will for the most part all demons have some sort of unique trait but the real secret is that that sort of thing usually develops after they've gained enough strength by consuming many humans or a similar relating more of muzon's blood nesuko had a special ability from the very beginning not only that but her growth.

Had nothing to do with eating humans or muzon's blood nezuko is the only demon to have ever grown in power without these things in fact her rate of growth is absolutely terrifying nezuko has never undergone training a day in her life as a human nezuka was never a martial artist like akuza or a Demon Slayer like kokoshibo but in every.

Single one of her fights nezuko experiences some sort of exponential power up at base nezuko didn't seem to be anything special in fact she actually seems pretty weak the temple demon easily overpowered her as she seemed to be in a lot of pain even though none of his hits were brutal at all but then again this guy was a grown man before.

Being turned into a demon he had a weaker version of daki's hair control and had eaten a good number of people by then the fact that he couldn't tear straight through her while she could easily knock his head off is a clear indication that this girl strength was already above average against the swamp demon nezuko was already too fast for.

Him to hit her meanwhile she easily knocked him around but notice how at this point nezuko's regeneration is extremely low even a shallow scratch in her head took a while to heal that's unheard of for a demon at first play kickballs with samuru resulted in nesuko's leg being blown off but after regenerating the entire limb in a few.

Seconds nezuka would go from that to eventually matching and later even overpowering the demon whose entire fighting style was based on this against rui a demon that completely dismantled her fighting style at the time niseko managed to unlock her blood demon art which only high level demons are supposed to have and even then nezuko's.

Was unlike any other with it she could turn her blood into an absolute Inferno of pink flames but what's even crazier is that these Flames only bring harm to Demons human and environments are left completely unharmed it can even cancel out their demon abilities nezuko is the only demon besides muzon with an innate counter demon ability even an upper.

Moonlight Doki couldn't totally heal from it without the assistance of her brother's greater healing speaking of which at first nezuko didn't seem to be on doci's level in reality nezuko for as powerful as she was had always held back for the sake of humans but once she entered her full demon form her strength and regeneration capabilities were.

Already upper rank level back then she was too feral to control herself but when the time came for her to fight alongside her brother and the Ashira against upper Rank 4 huntengu nezuko had complete control over herself in this form and that is without a single fight between the two events early on nezuko's healing was slow compared to others but.

Eventually she became able to reattach severed limbs thanks to her blood manipulation and could even use them as Weapons before connecting and now if you're still wondering why nezuko being a demon ruins Demon Slayer here's the answer she's too strong as a demon nezuko Bracy story of Demon Slayer think about it it took her five fights to.

Become a high level demon two fights later and she was already upper Moon level go back to every major fight in Demon Slayer you can think of despite being a main cast member nezuko probably wasn't there for the main event even after treating Doki like a ragdoll instead of including nezuko in the later events of the fight against yotaro she.

Was pacified and removed from the story until it was all over where she saved everyone's lives if nezuko was there when rengoku was fighting akaza the flame of Shira would have still been alive in fact despite it being the Epic conclusion to the entire series nezuko didn't fight at all during the final Arc sure she was turning back into a human.

At the time and muzan wanted to absorb her but it's not like that's the only way the story could have been told in reality if you add niziko into the mix most of the Ashira would have probably survived not even the second strongest Demon Slayer of all time turned upper Moon 1 kokoshibo would have been able to damage her at that point nizuko was.

Already immune to sunlight so something like kokoshiba's nature and sword wouldn't be able to permanently kill her and even if he sliced her to bits her hyper regeneration and blood manipulation would be too much to handle and she'd only get stronger as time went on after that even ignoring the fact that more demon Slayers would have.

Survived and been in much better shape even muzon would struggle against nezuko not only with her growth rate likely exceed his point of power especially thanks to his abilities being weakened by tomayo's poison he wouldn't really be able to deal with her to begin with sure he could destroy the cells of a demon at will but that doesn't apply to a demon.

Like nezuko whom he has no control over even muzon's fighting style is completely countered by nezuko's in his battle form muzon extends his body to sprout these terrifying tendrils of pain they're strong sharp poisonous omnidirectional can be widened and can be as long as 32 feet all of which being incredibly dangerous to humans and.

Absolutely pointless against nezuko cutting her does nothing and injecting his blood into her might just make nezuko even stronger even if his poison could work as we've seen from her saving of inosuke and the sound of Shira tengirusui nezuka's Flames which he could casually use a will remove demon poison effects if it weren't for her.

Need to sleep and she was actually allowed to train or even go on more missions nizuka would have been even stronger than muzon by the end of season one muzon thought that by turning the Commodore family into demons he was creating the cure to his Affliction when actually he was creating his Evolution after Conquering the sun nezuko began.

Speaking again Not only was she gradually becoming more physically capable but even her intelligence was increasing at an unfathomable rate don't make the mistake of overlooking this in the span of just a few months nizuka went from the intelligence of a household pet to a three-year-old child maybe that's not so impressive to some.

Of you but understand that it took Evolution around 6 million years to make the same kind of leap in humans in just a few months nezuka was already approaching the threshold of power that had taken muzon 1 000 years and you know what if nesico hadn't been cured she probably could have started her very own demon horde I say this because demons.

With a sufficient amount of muzon's blood such as kokoshibo Doma or akaza could turn humans into demons too but this was more like a recruitment program for the cult of muzon Tamayo is another demon like nezuko that is attacked from muzon's control and when she turned yushiro into a demon he had no connection to muzon whatsoever actually.

I don't think Luzon has ever even seen you Shiro but speaking of Tamayo maybe you think I've overlooked something after all even though she wasn't under muzon's control like the others when he absorbed her he had complete access to her memories so couldn't he just absorb nazuko that was his plan after all well unfortunately for the King of Pop that.

Probably wouldn't go so well again unlike Tamayo whose connection to muzan was only severed after he was torn apart by urichi sujikuni nezuko was never under his control and even then Tamayo could still Harbor resentment and incorporation towards muzon despite being a part of him absorbing nezuko would give muzan an eternally upset.

Stomach at best and an overriding parasite at worst there's also the possibility that nezuko was always immune to the sun they just never knew because they never tried just look at Demon King tanjiro the sun cooked him like bacon for a few seconds before he suddenly developed immunity and as an especially strong demon like akazah.

Kokoshibo and muzon nezuko should be able to survive even if her head is cut off with that nezuko as a demon has no weaknesses way back when the Demon Slayer manga just ended we made a video debating which character is stronger demon tanjiro or demon nezuko thousands of you guys couldn't understand could possibly be stronger than muzon's.

Successor but just like nezuko has all the right tools to destroy muzon she has everything she needs to dismantle a demon tanjaro fights between demons don't usually go anywhere the only reason kokoshiba was Sofia by akaza while Doma conveys him was because he had a Demon Slayer sword and techniques that could actually kill him but even if.

We assume the montandro could develop enough intelligence to use breathing Styles not even a red Neutron blade could harm a demon that's immune to the sun meanwhile nezuko's blood demon art has nothing to do with the Sun but is able to counter the Regeneration of other demons and if you think tantro's blood demon art will bail him out think.

Again his Shockwave energy blast could tear apart the ground with ease but even in this crazed and frenzied stage Tundra has a difficult time bringing harm to nezuko nezuko was able to place her hand directly in front of Tundra's mouth as he used the attack and all it did was tear some of her fingernails off and that's her as a human guys please share.

This video with anyone who ever doubts physical's potential and doesn't understand why nezuko being a demon ruins Demon Slayer you can check out our video on the Commodore Family secret to understand even more