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Codes they have on their website and I'll put a link to that down below big thanks to for sponsoring this video and for their continued support so I can make better videos for all of you so perfect for the holiday season today we're going to be opening a little package now inside this package are ice creams that can be made with.

Water I have made plenty of ice creams before very interesting flavors including mustard and wasabi mayonnaise ketchup but never have I made ice cream with water and this package is very kindly sent to me by hijinks they're doing a collaboration with gastro obscura whom I love very much and I'm very curious to see what's inside this.

Most importantly I'm curious to see what ice cream tastes like made out of water so let's see what's inside there we go alrighty so here are the instructions and this promises that you can make ice cream with water without a churner as well which is great because many of us do not have ice cream makers or even have the kitchen space for an.

Ice cream maker but this uses a blender many of us do have blenders so let's go ahead and make this so here we have little recipe cards and this looks like the ice cream mix very cute packaging I have five of these bags along with this curly q stuff and this box so in here I have okay.

Looks like the flavorings there's five bottles so probably one for each of the flavor bags and oh cute I've got some paper pint cups for each flavor of ice cream with lids that correspond to each flavor got a little ice cream cozy as well so this is cool each one of these flavors comes with a little information.

Card and very much in gastro obscure style it gives you the little historical background about the flavor flavors include using meringue Persian faloode Masala colada moose milk so I think the premise is pretty simple we just take these packets add water and add the corresponding flavor and I will tell you.

More about each flavor as we make it super simple so this is the ice cream base and we're supposed to mix it with a warm liquid and that can be water it can be milk it can be half and half and because I'm interested in the difference between water and a dairy product we're going to try both so let's make one with water first first what we're going to be.

Making is called Blue Moon and it comes from the Midwest in the United States here's the information card this ice cream flavor is a Midwestern mystery some swear it's almond extract While others taste Citrus some claim it tastes like cereal but others are torn between tricks Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles so this is Blue Moon flavor and I will do.

My best to describe to you what it tastes like so this color right here is made with artificial coloring but instead of that we're going to be using this which is included in the kit and this is butterfly pea flower and it has anthocyanins I believe they're called which are just naturally occurring pigments which creates a natural blue.

Purple or pink color depending on the pH of what you add it to so if you dissolve these anthocyan pigments in water you can change the color of it and the dish by adding acid or a base so if you add acid a little bit of lemon juice it will turn pink if you make a little bit more basic like baking soda it will turn a beautiful kind of purplish blue color.

Actually blue or green we're going to add the flowers to the bottom of our cup here and I'm going to add some hot water to that and we need one and a half cups so this is boiling water wow look it's turning blue so beautiful look at that isn't that gorgeous so gorgeous look at that.

Look at that beautiful it smells a little bit like boiled potatoes so now we're going to add Hmm this smells good inside the packet is a white powder it smells like dried milk powder and sweetness dump that in there and then I'm going to strain this blue coloring into here.

And then add a half a cup of additional water so one and a half cups total and then this vial of flavoring this is our Blue Moon flavoring Loop now we're going to blend this up it says to blend it for two minutes and then we have to let it rest at room temperature for half an hour then put it into our freezer safe cups and then.

Freeze for four to six hours before we serve them okay here we go blendy blendy all right two minutes nope so the next one we're going to make is Moose milk now this says greetings from Canada on chilly nights during World War II a potent Elixir known as moose milk filled the stomachs and soothed The.

Souls of Canadian soldiers this Rich batch cocktail usually appeared in quantities designed to Sate a small army leaving drinkers full warm and quite tipsy so for this flavor instead of using water let's substitute warm half and half I think this will definitely taste more ice creamy oops in goes a package of the high drinks mix.

Along with one and a half cups of liquid delicious add that in there blend this one up for two minutes as well here we go next let's head to Turkey we're going to be making Masala colada for almost eight.

Years the Turks in transported Dinos from Hayward Wisconsin to a vibrant Ottoman Palace or decadent meals ice cream cocktails and fancy Decor this two we're going to be making with warm half and half and that goes in goes powder and then in goes the Masala colada flavoring.

Oh this one smells like coconut but doesn't smell that coconutty now oh this one's going to be interesting this next flavor is inspired by Iran and it's called the Persian fulide back in 400 BC people living the Persian Empire cooled off with an ancient version of the snow cone grape juice poured over snow gathered from the mountain peaks.

The next evolution in icy sweet Concepts was faloode a sorbet made of cooked vermicelli noodles frozen in Rose Water syrup finished with a squeeze of lime juice so one package of stuff and this time we're going to be using one and a half cups of just milk right into there and the Persian faluda syrup this one is.

Green in color oh it smells like rose okay interesting how I don't associate this color with rose at all and that goes and two minutes and the inspiration for the last flavor is from Japan and this one's called Yuzu meringue so floral and heaty the scent of Yuzu is so intoxicating that it not.

Only stars in Sweet and Savory Foods but also in perfumes and bathing oils in Japan native to China and grown in Japan and Korea this golden fruit can be hard to come by in the United States a pint of using meringue should make that harsh reality a little bit easier to bear so this isn't a traditional flavor but the flavor inspiration comes from Japan.

And this one we're going to use one and a half cups of warm water right into there Boop and now we're going to add our extract oh this one smells lovely definitely citrusy and some sweetness okay and that goes so after these have all been Blended up we're gonna let them.

Rest for half an hour before I decant them into their pint containers and then we'll freeze them for four to six hours until they're nice and firm and now all these flavors a taste see a little bit alrighty my lovelies I am back it has been a full 24 hours since I made my water ice creams I put them in the.

Refrigerator and they are solid the directions also instruct to let the ice cream sit out for about five minutes before attempting to scoop them and I imagine that's because they're going to be really rock hard and solid because they are made with water actually a couple of these are made with dairy but we're gonna okay taste that here they.

Are they look quite professional don't they the packaging helps for that and let's taste them in the order that we made them so the first one I'm going to taste is the blue moon and reveal it indeed has a blue color not nearly as Vivid as what is pictured in the original but that definitely has some artificial food coloring and this was.

Dyed with plant dyes how do you describe that smell almost kind of fruity kind of like candy like when you open a bag of Skittles that kind of combination of fruity scents let's give it a scoop and see how scoopable it is okay not too shabby sitting out of the fridge definitely helped with the scoopability.

Look at that let's get a picture of that that looks pretty good scoop a bit it does feel icy definitely this one was made with water here we go itadakimasu so the first thing I noticed it definitely has an icy texture to it you can feel kind of the ice crystals kind of slightly crunch in your mouth the.

Flavor of the Blue Moon itself is pretty complex fruity yet sweet tastes a little bit like when you have a creamsicle it has that kind of creamy milk flavor to it with fruit a combination of fruits nothing that's particularly distinctive I wouldn't say lemony at all or citrusy just general.

Fruit Scent I wouldn't say that I like it but I wouldn't say I dislike it either it doesn't feel like ice cream though in terms of texture next let's try moose milk this was moose milk and I made this one with half and half there it is it's got kind of a cream color cast to it okay here we go all right let's get a bite of this this.

Definitely has a harder consistency than the Blue Moon made with water alrighty here we go the tadakimasu mmm this one has a much creamier mouth feel and there's a little tiny tiny bit of iciness to it I don't know about you but I like to bite my ice cream when I have an ice cream cone I love to.

Sink my teeth into it and bite it and I can feel a bit of iciness the crystals are not nearly as big as the blue moon but definitely present in terms of flavor this to me tastes like hazelnut coffee you know that hazelnutty flavor they add to coffee beans or coffee I myself am not a particular fan of flavored coffees but in this context I.

Think it worked but similarly to the Blue Moon this one tastes a bit perfumey to me similar to a scented candle a kind of perfumey artificial flavor already moose milk but definitely prefer the half and half texture to the water next we're going to try the Persian falooda and this was made with milk here's the person falooda.

And there it is kind of got a yellow slightly green cast to it this one was made with whole milk cute little ball of ice cream too feels a little icy here we go wow this one is super perfumey it immediately tastes of Rose overpoweringly so like this one's definitely kind of a hybrid of the last.

Two in terms of iciness it's more icy than the half and half but not as icy as a blue moon that was made with water so far I like the half and half texture best in terms of flavor this one is really really strong and overpowering for me if you like floral scents though I think you might be a big fan of this one.

Persian feluda next we're going to try the Masala colada here is the Masala colada this one was made with half and half and this has a kind of light cream color to it and let's scoop that okay so this one has sat out a little bit longer so it is easier to scoop the other oh my gosh the other version I made with half and.

Half was very very firm but now that this has sat out a little bit longer it is much easier to scoop and this right there cute okay here we go it'sadakimasu wow again the flavor is very very intense and perfumey this time I immediately get coconut it's like a Malibu rum.

Coconuttiness with some pineapple and then a little bit of that garam masala spice at the end a little bit of cumin in there I'm not a fan of this one but I'm not a big fan of Malibu Rum coconutty suntan lotion flavors either alrighty finally we have the Yuzu meringue and this one was made with water and I'm curious to see what this.

One tastes like here's yusu meringue this one's very pale in color not quite white more of like an off-white and let's see how this one is a little bit icy and consistency but still looks like ice cream alrighty let's give a taste itsadakimasu somehow I was expecting it to taste lemony.

But it doesn't really taste lemony it is kind of citrusy definitely dairied but I think this one's a little bit more successful in terms of not being overpowering in terms of its artificial flavor definitely still flavored but not as heavy-handed as some of the others in terms of flavor it's kind of like a creamsicle again but this time instead.

Of orange it's a different kind of citrus alrighty my lovelies there you have at that time you can make ice cream with water using of course these hijinks mix it actually is pretty novel very very simple and easy to make I think this would be fun to do as a group it'd be fun to do a little taste test and share.

And get different opinions on flavors and mixtures I think it would also be really fun to make your own custom flavors use the ice cream base and add chopped up strawberries or cocoa powder or whatever you'd like to make your own custom flavors I think that would be really fun thanks so much for watching and big thanks to for.

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See you in the next one to Lou take care bye alrighty now I have five pints of ice cream that I need to find a good purpose for hmm ice cream party I think is in order