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Nobody Knows This About One Piece’s Revolutionary Army


We have seen a ton of dramatic revelations in one piece in these last few chapters the survival of ahara jewelry Bonnie's identity as Kuma's daughter The Voice entries technology and the destruction of Lucia the series has been one shocking twist after another for a while now but one earth-shattering twist was easy to miss.

We are going to be breaking down what we learned about Monkey D dragon's history and what it means for the future of One Piece let's get into it but before we get into all that this video is sponsored by rage Shadow Legends we all know the name of the game but maybe you don't know it's called to fame raid Shadow Legends is a team building.

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Free champion vergies you'll find them all here in your inbox but only for the next 30 days thanks again to Ray Shadow Legends for sponsoring the video but without any further delay let's get into it who were the Freedom Fighters in chapter 1066 we learned that prior to founding the Revolutionary Army Monkey D Dragon was already leading a similar.

Group these like-minded friends aren't given a clear name we only know them as the Freedom Fighters what's interesting is that this name seems to be a misnomer while the revolutionaries were formed to fight the world government directly dragon's original group was much more subtle vegapunk was surprised to learn his old friend was even considering.

Witching direct war against the Navy they had a very different goal in mind one the vegapunk implies required diplomacy and changing people's opinions over time there is a ton of mystery still surrounding the Freedom Fighters we've only just learned that this group ever existed there is no clear information on who had joined dragon's.

Original Rebellion or what they planned to do the one thing we do know is that they existed 22 years ago and that Dragon was their Leader by that point however we do have some additional contacts from the flashback in 1066 dragon and vegapunk's discussion touches on the group if only in passing we can use the conversation to make some simple.

Deductions about who could have been a freedom fighter and if we get a feel for the roster we can work out what they plan to do so what Clues do we have to work with firstly we can use the time timeline to narrow things down the Freedom Fighters were friends of dragon during his early years this Narrows our search and characters who were active.

Prior to the destruction of ahara anyone born after that date or who wouldn't have been on the sea at that point in time is ineligible this rules out most of our younger characters and in the older ones like Fisher tiger or Nefertiti Cobra who weren't in a position to team up with dragon ideally this should have been at sea for a while.

Before this point vegapunk's time with the Freedom Fighters seems distant from the destruction of bahara anyone just sitting out to sea for the first time 22 years ago would have been an unlikely candidate two they were not employees of the world government dragons conversation with Vega Punk makes it clear how disgusted he is that the good.

Doctor is working for the celestial dragons whatever he may think of vegapunk personally the association alone is enough to outright enrage carp's son if any other members of this group were embedded within the Navy Ragan's intense reaction wouldn't make much sense this likely rules out any senior names most notably GARP and send.

Goku they may have their own issues with these little dragons but they weren't part of this outfit 3. they were poor Vega Punk remarks on how dragon's ramshackle operation couldn't help him afford the tools and materials he would need to build stuff this rules out anyone who had significant wealth or power 22 years ago that limits us both.

In terms of legitimate authorities and illegitimate ones Whitebeard big mom and kaido are all out of the picture as are the Fishman Island royal family so who are we left with and what could they possibly have been up to well before we get into all that be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on and hit that like button for some plot over.

Today now let's investigate The Swordsman shimotsuki koshiro koshiro was zoro's teacher and queena's father son of shimotsuki kozoburo who fled from 1o 55 years ago he is a very peaceful old man can tend to stay back on his Island rather than head out to explore the world the now retired swordmaster doesn't seem like much of a.

Revolutionary more interested in training the Next Generation than changing the world himself however koshiro is the one figure who is almost certainly a part of the Freedom Fighters when escaping Goa following the destruction of the gray terminal the Revolutionary Army received direct assistance from ishin Dojo koshiro it's.

Sensei had to have signed off on that dragon ship must have come to shimotsuki knowing that they'll be able to get supplies from his old friend and koshido proved them entirely right resisting the world government is not something done casually we don't know exactly when koshiro took charge of his family Dojo it is very conceivable that it happened.

Later in life presumably anyone who has studied the blade to such an extent has to have seen something of the world it therefore makes a great deal of sense to suggest that the shimosuki air ventured out to test his sword against other Warriors working to perfect his art just as Zorro did much later perhaps he too dreamed of becoming the world's greatest.

Swordsman there is every chance he met dragon out at Sea koshiro is not an employee of the world government and while I have a dojo the shimotsuki clan does not have the level of resources that a great inventor would need to work with he he's every criteria we laid out interestingly their temperaments also line up vegapunk noted that Dragon was.

Not a fan of War only found in the Revolutionary Army in reaction to the destruction of Ohara despite his skill with the blade kosher Echoes his old friend on that point remarking to Zorro the greatest swordsman is one who can protect that which they care for so what goal could these two men have been working towards that did not require.

Violence koshiro spent many years training his disciples in the way of the sword is he still pursuing some long-term plan to influence a new era or has he given up on Dragon's old dreams it was a Buddha once told Zoro to be careful mentioning his pass as a samurai now wanted to draw attention from the Marines this entire family may still be.

Working to a dragon from the Shadows the upstar rookie sir crocodile it is surprising how much people change we are used to crocodile being a materialistic powerful veteran pirate he had wealth and status in alabasta and was only interested in acquiring more of it even now as one of cross Guild's commanders and the power behind the throne he is a.

Yonko in everything but name a wealthy Emperor with the Sea of a whole Fleet at his beck and call this man is not seen remotely like someone who would be interested in working with dragon towards any kind of altruistic goal all crocodile cares about is gold and power however people are never just one thing 20 years ago crocodile was just getting.

Started as a pirate we know he had an associate of event called at the time and that he was a lot more idealistic chasing a dream a becoming pirate king it's not too surprising that a young pirate aiming for big things would team up with the world's worst criminal this would have all happened in crocodile's early 20s before he became a warlord and.

Subsequently lost to Whitebeard it must have seemed exciting to take on the system like this for someone so young who is new to the Sea he may not have had much money but even as a new pirate crocodile would have been a useful friend to the Freedom Fighters the sooner sooner no me is an extremely potent devil fruit giving the group a.

Powerful Defender against Rank and file Marines anyone lower than the admiralty would struggle against crocodile with a ship and crew crocodile would have helped dragon and his friends move people and resources wherever they needed however his true strength comes in organization crocodile is a cunning schemer and highly skilled at networking.

Whatever support the proto-revolutionary Army would have needed experts at a given field mercenaries Goods crocodile could have procured them easily this man was a master manipulator who led a whole country into a devastating Civil War he's a strong Ally and a powerful enemy the big question is if crocodile is still interested in Dragon's cause the.

Odds are good that he's not his actions as part of broke works are clearly both ruthless and unpurely out of self-interest it is likely that if crocodile had been a member of dragon's group he had left their goals behind by the time we met him however there is a key point about crocodile's activities there Alabaster years that has never.

Been answered how did Crocodile first learn about pluton his entire goal broke Works was to retrieve the ancient weapon the Civil War was engineered largely to enable him to access the catacombs it is why he recruited Nico Robin for broke works in the first place he had to have known that both the weapon and the pornoglyph existed two closely guarded.

Secrets thanks to the ban on the void Century's knowledge as smart as crocodile is there is no obvious source for him to have uncovered either fact there is more to the shishibukai of the Sans and misii but how exactly does this fit with dragon and the Freedom Fighters did they know about the ancient weapons well we're getting to that the witch.

Doctor it has been a long time since the straw has visited drum Island but Dr kureha still lingers on the Mind Chopper's adopted mother figure laughs a lot but we have seen her get serious when it matters there is a reason she flew here to Luke's flag no matter what she said about the quack doctor a a truly cynical person wouldn't have.

Fought to defend a simple strip of cloth against Waffle and so could she have led a more idealistic life before we met her there's always been something mysterious about Dr puroha's past we know little about her history all we have seen is her current career on drum Island it is all too easy to assume that she's always lived there after all most people in the.

One piece World stick to their Homeland as much as possible was familiar with Goldie Rogers real name and the principle of the will of D those are not widely known pieces of information she has clearly traveled the world at some point in time and so could she have been a part of dragon's Groove well the time period matches could aha.

Would have already been an experienced doctor 22 years ago it is quite clear she is poor given her habit of price gouging her customers this is a woman who is very used to not having money the only reason she has a nice home now is thanks to hole deserting it and while she is now a part of drum Island's delegation to the referee she is never.

Directly serve these Celestial dragons the question becomes what could she have brought to the table could I have medical skills would have been of great usually revolutionary Army but the Freedom Fighters were not about wishing war with the world government all we know kureha has done is spend time on drum Island treating people and watching.

Over the castle could that have been helpful to dragon or was his interest more in her scholarly work well there is one possible need that dragons group may have had for someone like kureha but we are getting ahead of ourselves as it is time for the last name on this prospective membership list the final member of dragon's Groove who gives us.

By far the biggest hint about the nature of their master plan and this is some mind-blowing stuff because in theory this is the man who actually brought the Freedom Fighters together in the first place the legend Goldie Roger did you notice that vegapunk and dragon never claim the latter founded the little ragtag operation he was believe their.

Leader as of 22 years ago that would be two years after Roger's execution in Rogue Town nothing says Dragon was he one who first brought the organization together he could just as easily be the second commander of the group following in the footsteps of an absent leader and listen I know what some of you may be thinking Roger and dragon have never.

Been directly linked in the story The Past of both men are far too mysterious for that we've only ever seen a few glimpses of Roger's younger life and dragon remains a near total Enigma however they have one associate in common which makes some kind of connection between the two men almost inevitable Monkey D GARP the hero of the.

Navy was dragon's father and Roger's greatest foe both men charge GARP with looking after their newborn Sons both men change after the tyranny of the world government it's hard to believe Roger and dragon didn't know each other but hold on the truth may go much further than that in isolation it feels like they would have been natural allies.

It's easy to imagine the mischievous pirate Roger helping young dragons sneak away from GARP to go have some fun they could have had a similar relationship to the one Shanks and Luffy shared on Goa Roger was 22 years older than Dragon a veteran of the Seas who could have easily filled a young heart with dreams of Freedom it is worth noting that the.

One-time Dragon actually chose to meet up with Luffy was in Rogue Town Roger's Homeland could this place have held memories for the world's worst criminal if Roger was the founder or even just a member of dragon's Freedom loving cabal a lot of pieces would start falling into place we have seen multiple unexplained bits of Knowledge from the older.

Generation kareja's awareness of Roger's true name is an obvious one almost everyone only knew Roger as gold Roger thanks to the world government's misinformation but then you have crocodile knowing both the location of alabaster's pornoglyph and its rough contents with kosuki Odin on his crew Roger was one of a handful of sources.

That had information from the photographs he ventured across the entire Grand line on his final voyage for laughtail he could have easily been the source of crocodile's basic information about pluton either directly or inadvertently now neither of these individuals served on Roger's crew though we do know that crocodile.

Attended his execution how could they have gotten information out of him without some kind of direct connection to him the simplest most logical explanation for that is that kureha crocodile and Roger were brought together in an environment that encouraged them to share information working towards a common goal is the.

Easiest way to explain that Roger also fits all three criteria on the list he had been active on the sea for a while he is no friend of the world government and he had no worldly Holdings we know of outside of lap tale but hold on a minute what goal could it possibly United Roger dragon koshiro and crocodile the Freedom.

Fighters master plan it is easy to forget due to the structure of the flashback but Rogers travel to laughtail sexy significantly longer than Luffy's he first found lodestar Island 39 years ago that is 13 years before his encounter with koziki Odin that is 11 years before the son of his final voyage lap tale and listen a small Gap in time.

Is understandable but over a decade is extremely odd we know from iru arashi that lodestar is supposed to hold the clues needed to tell a traveler that laughter exists and that the road pornoglyphs are needed to reach at Roger had a firm lead on the biggest Discovery in history given how enthusiastically pirate king was for the prospect of.

Finding this mythical Island why did it take him 11 years and the threat of imminent death to get started on the hunt the sensible conclusion being that he was working on something else some other method of achieving his dream something that will require a lot of time which he ultimately did not have fighting last tale was only ever a means.

To an end for Roger it would give him the wealth and respect to accomplish his actual goal this very likely is what puts him into orbit of the Freedom Fighters we have one man with a grand idealistic vision of the future and a group that is also working towards some big unseen end result if those two goals lined up it would make a great deal of.

Sense to say that Roger spent those years working with dragon this time period would include Roger's intervention in the god Valley incident a connection to Dragon would help explain Roger's Allegiance with GARP Dragon would have made a natural middleman able to broker a truce between the two long time Rivals if this Theory.

Holds then the Freedom Fighters were actually working towards something similar to what Roger accomplished given the fact that Roger died smiling it is safe to say that funny laugh tale and inspiring the Golden Age of piracy fulfilled some part of this mysterious hidden wish a reinvention of the world order something that would affect a lot.

Of people Vega Punk's attempts to get world government officials on board implies that this may not have involved the complete destruction of the world government so what ticks both boxes here what could Grant New Freedom to the world without toppling these Celestial dragons there are multiple options here given.

The diversity of perspectives the Freedom Fighters likely had some difficulty at first deciding on a goal if all they want is more freedom what could have possibly been the best way to accomplish that some may have been interested in the discovery of new land territory deep in the new world that lay far outside the world government's.

Control others may have been more invested in persuading the Navy to loosen its regulations around travel helping people explore and see the wider World however it is likely that Roger gave the Freedom Fighters something more specific and concrete to shoot for Lone Star Island does not just show you the way to lap tail it grants you knowledge.

Of the great Kingdom we now know this ancient civilization was extremely technologically advanced they built giant senteen robots and were likely the ones who created the devil fruits in the first place anyone who set foot on lodestar would have access to the knowledge we just gained from Egghead Island and so could the ultimate dream.

Of the Freedom Fighters have been to ReDiscover space travel and listen said I know I know crazy right but hear me out as Fantastical as it may seem this is starting to look more and more plausible we have known that Interstellar travel was possible in the one piece world for a while now thanks to the ending of Sky.

Pia and the subsequent and Now cover story an attempt to ReDiscover this technology fits all the information so far both for wealthy Freedom Fighters might have wanted and for what we know of Roger's dream it is something that would take immense wealth and power to accomplish as Punk Atlas would tell you science does not come cheap it is.

Something that a young boy like Luffy could come up with and that white beer dismissed as a childish fantasy and he certainly would not be the last to dismiss it as such the same was the case with Sabo and Ace and pretty much the entirety of the straw hat crew yet it would be the ultimate freedom and the ultimate Adventurer to go from a world.

Limited by Petty self-serving men to a new frontier all other Freedom Fighters we have outlined would have been needed for such an undertaking koshiro and his students would give the project a security team crocodile could handle Logistics kareja and vegapunk would be needed to understand and recreate the ancient science provided the basis for a.

Strong ship and one that could endure the health demands of space flight add on a captain with a flare for dramatic voyages and you would have the ultimate ship ready for the greatest journey in history this grandiose goal also explains Roger's delay between lodestar and laughtail Lone Star showed him that his dream was truly possible it likely.

Had some record or evidence of space travel but not a working model there was no guarantee that there would be one on the final Island either he saw laugh tail at the end of his life hoping it held what he needed to finally make that dream a reality a working spaceship and intact set of blueprints or even enough treasure to evade among finally.

Inventing peace it is a vision that could have tempted dragon and Roger alike escaping the world would mean no more World Government no more boundaries you wouldn't even be limited by gravity in which direction you felt like exploring anyone dissatisfied with life under Celestial rule could simply leave and off to find some new plan to explore.

You can see the appeal but also why Dragon ultimately gave up on the idea with the world government can be their boot firmly on the neck of the people they couldn't wait around for Roger's golden age of piracy to bear fruit couldn't trust in big opponents to get the world Noble to lift the ban on void Century research they had to formally.

Revolutionary Army both to defend islands like Ohara and ultimately to overthrow the world government saving the world they had to priority over fantasizing about ones they don't but hey now Luffy's here Dragon sun has shown up to follow in Roger's footsteps reached loctail and finally make that dream a reality if the first pirate king.

Really was shooting for the stars that is where Luffy's Journey will take him as well but what do you think could the Freedom Fighters have had some other goal is there anyone else you think could have been a freedom fighter let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below as always I am otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an.

Awesome day I love you