All right so this latest chapter of black clover was a painful one not in the sense of it being a bad read or unenjoyable as it was quite the contrary but in terms of just how demoralizing it was for our various characters with the previous chapter we had the furtherance of noel versus monica.

The rematch to decide at all and noel was clearly dominating as she'd managed to pierce monica in the stomach and deal some major damage and try as she might vanika was completely overwhelmed and domineered in this fight but even still as expected of the character.

She was loving every moment of it noel was not letting up at all and ultimately would manage to pin veronica and achieve victory this provided monica with a wonderful sensation she'd consider to perhaps be friendship a point that noel would completely dismiss.

As she wanted nothing to do with monica and actually intended to kill her outright but just then this situation be interrupted by the emergence of another presence they speak of lucifero and the other high-ranking devils being unaware of their toilings that their complete emergence.

Was drawing ever closer this entity then being revealed to be none other than the mother of curses magekila herself she would express regrets towards having to sacrifice such a useful vessel like veronica but in the end such a thing in tandem with the sacrifice of.

Lolopeca was a necessity for her emergence and so it could not be helped and because of this we would also see an altered lolopeca but before her true emergence magecula intended to have them all fighted out one last time as to avoid suffering lonely deaths.

With this latest chapter we would pick up right from there as noel would be left to wonder how megicula could have possibly manifested a reasonable question considering only the first gate of the underworld had been opened thus far now in regards to that the dark triad may have run into a bit of an issue here.

Seeing as dante has now been defeated for the sake of proper progression all three of them need to be present but as far as we know jack was able to deliver the finishing blow on dante following his defeat at the hands of magna a conclusion for the character i.

Am willing to accept as reality as to do otherwise wouldn't be very satisfying for readers and pretty much like beating a dead horse at this point with that being said i don't believe that in not's initial summation of the plan morris was accounted for at all meanwhile the guy has managed to.

Expedite the progression of the tree tremendously and as it turns out also possesses the power of an undisclosed devil so perhaps even with the loss of dante the tree's progression will be able to continue on which makes a whole lot of sense.

Considering morris was not concerned with the fall of dante at all in fact his greatest bit of intrigue expressed to this point was the question of what sort of magic was able to take him down with that being said lucifero is a very important inclusion to all of this considering his historical.

Connection to our main character asta and his devil libe so we will no doubt have to deal with him in some capacity even without dante additionally the devilish marks on morse's face are eerily similar to those of dante but even still for as powerful as lucifero may be i.

Don't believe that he's possessing more than one host which therefore leads me to believe that the devil possessing morris is in fact lucifugious a largely mysterious high-ranking devil that clearly possesses a similar name to the aforementioned lucifero and if you don't remember.

Lucifuges is the very devil responsible for the slaughter of knott's entire family so to not have him involved in all this yet be name-dropped like that would be a bit odd not to mention that in western esotericism the concept of lucifuchus and the tree of clifot.

Are especially connected to one another but yeah magekila would explain that although she may use the gate of the underworld as a sort of back-up plan she seriously prefers to manifest by way of her cursed magic instead that being said this specific brand of magic required a great deal of time and.

Effort to locate and accumulate the sacrifices necessary now the specific name of this magic curse warding magic evil goddess his curse is a very fascinating one the varied notion of goddamn be more than worth a bit of intrigue because more than likely if the specification of evil.

In this instance is required one may imply that a good version of the divine may yet exist and although there isn't much yet to substantiate such a possibility and considering the general story structure of such mythology perhaps magekila was once a goddess indeed.

But the first to ever suffer a curse and be cast out by her kin damned to her now fiendish position magekila would speak firstly of ashiya silva noel's mother being the first worthy sacrifice to be killed by her curse thus allowing her to partially manifest.

Through vonaka's body next she would speak ivanka who she would regard as a prodigy of a host deserving of being contracted by a supreme devil such as herself but because vonaka is now in the midst of dying magekila is able to now emerge in this imperfected state.

Then lastly there is of course the queen of the heart kingdom lolopeca and once he's remaining to die magekila will officially manifest into this world in her completed state now from this a question does emerge why did it take so long for this spell to be ready for execution.

Well from what i can assume each of these three souls provided some form of merit different from all the others with ashier we had strength not exclusively to her magic as i imagined that was a requirement of all of them but strength in her heart and.

Convictions with vonaka we have corruption and unrelenting desire for carnage and bloodshed a truly dreadful soul and lastly there is a lopechka a soul of purity the typical prerequisite of such horrific rituals but now speaking of lolapechka magecula in her control of her.

Would have her manifest a truly terrifying spell known as demon water magic hydra of the dark abyss this of course being a far cry from her typical magic and so noel would question what had been done to her friend as magekula replied that she played around with her.

Curse a bit and turned her into a devil in hopes that it would make for some good memories before her demise and again for her to have straight up turned this human woman into a devil says to me that such a thing may be done to other entities as well a form of damnation i would certainly.

Expect of the divine and certainly a power worthy of a supposed goddess's possession i mean we've heard of other beings be turned into demons and such but demons and devils in the story of black clover are very different things demons being completely mindless brutes and devils.

Being intent on their brutish nature with a far more methodical and considerate approach but suffice to say this all pissed noel off greatly as she would call forth yet another water dragon but just as she readied herself to commence her assault her magic would suddenly vanish this was curse.

Wording magic decaying world noel's magic was nothing to her as the curses would sprawl out from her body but just then magekula would notice something a flower bed of roses it was charlotte pushing herself well beyond her limitations in.

An attempt to quell the supreme devil's power magula would then admit that charlotte was in fact the only person to have ever been able to counter her curses and would subsequently commend her truly magnificent power while in the midst of this.

Real would emerge intent on protecting charlotte as she did her thing real now trying his best not to be forgotten it seems would say that noel's beautiful magic gave him the inspiration for a new spell and here we would have it picture magic twilight of valhalla and this sure is interesting you see.

Black clover is a series heavily inspired by norse mythology and the like and so to have a depiction of valhalla here is to me nothing to gloss over in fact to accompany our points in connection to the divine we have a number of angelic warriors or valkyries present.

And truly if the underworld exists i don't doubt that the heavens valhalla the norse heaven for valiant warriors exist as well and at that perhaps this may additionally tie into us's fate wizard king julius upon his return predicted the demise of asta on account.

Of his devilish power among other things and when it comes to the death of great warriors well that sort of thing tends to be reserved for the frontline sword wielding types and in that department asta is one of very few so perhaps at some point with one of.

Those main character near-death moments asta will receive a bit of plot armor in the form of a trip to valhalla who knows but at the same time magekula would counter with her curse-warding magic uncontrolled slave as she would completely decimate this entire spell in a moment and admittedly perhaps i've.

Decided to place such emphasis on his whole spell because his existence was so short lived real charlotte and all their magic got bodied in an instant however perhaps because they remained in contact with the flowers they will be able to avoid becoming her.

Slaves we will just have to wait and see now on the other side of this conflict gaja wasn't so focused on magekila or rather his queen lolapechka he would use his true lightning magic to evade the grasp of her abyssal hydras and close in on her location all the while thinking to himself that he had decided to become the.

Strongest attack mage in the entire heart kingdom for the sake of wiping out each and every one of their enemies so that he might battle in her stead and truly he did have a great opportunity to strike here but in seeing his once gentle queen in such a state.

He could not bring himself to do so but devil olopechka would not hesitate and pierce straight through the body of gaja and listen at this point the situation had clearly gone from bad to worse and so noel would call out to everyone but just then she would lose her power.

Spirit dive had been undone noel 2 would now fall onto this bed of decayed flowers as magekula would announce their joint failure and that was the chapter oh my goodness how cruel man we did not even get to enjoy noel's victory before magekilla decided to pull up and curb stomp everyone's necks.

And honestly the most terrifying thing about all of this is that this is apparently only her at partial power she hasn't even completely formed and she is this strong good lord and with that black clover is seriously going crazy right now guys so if you want to see more coverage on the channel.

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