Guys black clover is just so much fun week to week right now the manga is in a great place and honestly where this latest chapter decided to leave off is exactly where i want to be so i am very very happy with the previous chapter we had the grueling continuation.

Of the soul chain death match between dante and magna and this was an especially arduous bout as these two were just going blow for blow against one another however dante is someone who possesses incredible regenerative capabilities and so he was able to heal throughout.

This battle as magna on the other hand was still getting bruised and battered and although dante saw domination and the expression of his superiority he wasn't the only one with something to prove here as magna had to catch up to the other members of the black bulls namely asta and luck in fact he would.

Recall a moment in which he questioned why exactly it was that yami welcomed him into the black bulls i mean come on he is a peasant of low magic sure the other members of the black bulls are crazy and all over the place but they are very capable and very bizarre.

In their capabilities as well they're unique and so he felt like he couldn't exactly compare however yami would recognize his willingness to compare and consider him to be very gutsy and with that magna refused to go down he refused.

To lose this fight having so profusely studied magic arrays over the last few months this was his time to shine and just as things were beginning to look terrible for him the moment that victory seemed to be within dante's grasp he would lose all his power as it turns.

Out having always been so powerful he was unaware of how to properly regulate his magical output and as such depleted them both to nothing they no longer had any magic to call upon and so from there it was just a straight-up fist fight between the two wherein magna would emerge victorious.

You gotta understand that magnus from the trenches he has been in a couple of fights here and there so he knows how to handle himself here whereas dante was probably relying on his magic a whole lot throughout his life and this incredible victory was one that asta and luck would bear.

Witness to in the end with this latest chapter after having released this incredible battle cry magna would begin to falter as zoro would be the one to catch him and firstly congratulate him on his victory and from there the others would rush in to join.

As well seeing dante on the ground asta was at first at a loss for words but then now shaking with excitement and admiration he would speak of how magna took down a guy that he and captain yami barely won against together so yeah this is really impressive which.

It totally is and i love seeing him get this praise but it would not stop there as luck 2 would join in on the fun as he would say that he cannot wait to fight him in the future as well pretty much the exact sentiment i expected to come from luck as he is a battle crazed junkie that has.

Always believed in magna even when he was refused the tutelage of the mana method luck never lost faith that he would figure it out rivalries in shona's stories are a pretty common occurrence that can be really fun and so i love when secondary rivalries are provided.

Focus as well as for me at least you know's a pretty boring rival so i may even have preference towards this one to be honest and now having seen this fight in its entirety jack was just over here just speechless as magna really did it he saw it all the way through.

And he like magna was not of noble birth he was just a commoner but even with that he became a captain and would never lose to even a royal or a noble it didn't matter and he certainly had his doubts about yami's decision-making in the past but here he was damn impressed and was really glad that he got to see something.

Interesting i mean he was going as hard as he could against dante but was only able to do so much and so for magnets who have pulled this off is nothing to scoff at or take lightly i mean even not was impressed a dark triad member at 100 devil power.

Would be equivalent to a highest ranking devil so for something like this to happen is uncanny this is something that not even he could do but regardless this to him was a happy miscalculation this was beneficial to them in the end but elsewhere morris would continue his progression of the tree.

But would recognize that dante has lost and as yet another magic junkie of this series he would question what exactly was used to take him down now with dantegon the progression of the tree was to be disturbed in some capacity but it would not be enough as they needed to take care of the other two.

In order to stop it completely and after conveying this information to the group knot would then provide them some healing crackers there were only so many left but it was better than nothing and i don't know if i'm just forgetting something but i don't think i've ever seen healing crackers in this series do we.

Have senzu beans or something now go ahead and let me know if you recognize these things i don't i'm just very curious if this is a pre-established thing or if this is a new phenomenon that we are witnessing from here the three stooges the shorty squad if you will we're all excited to go ahead and save.

Yami unfortunately they wouldn't be able to traverse through the shadows to where the dark triad members were simply because of the magical influence here which is way too strong for not to handle and so instead they were left to go on foot and they do have some injured with.

Them so they would be slowed down a bit but they are ready to go but now moments later dante would arise and he would arise in a gnarly state he was not looking right at all he barely no he didn't look human at all he could not.

Fathom the fact that he had lost here the mere contemplation of it was enough to drive him to madness as just then making his way back it was jack with the enemy being a member of the dark triad he expected something of the sort but now couldn't help but smile when looking at him.

As a body that dante was oh so proud of was now in a monstrous form he was utterly deranged and repulsive as the power of his regeneration was too much for his body to handle and control and his speech was just as vulgar as his looks but jack did not want to hear it anymore.

As he wouldn't let him ruin the kid's victory and would end him elsewhere the other members of the group continued to rush forwards and onwards as the further aid of the heart kingdom was a big sigh of relief for them and if luck was here that would mean that other people were here in particular.

As well as we would then resume our fight between veronica and the two magic knight captains charlotte and rill and at this point the battle was no longer in the favor of our two captains here as even in limiting vonaka's cursed magic she was still plenty strong.

With her blood magic alone but then again much to our surprise she was actually not by her lonesome any longer as in her possession was a princess of the heart kingdom lolopeca who now had curse magic all on her body very much like the pawns that vonaka was using previously but obviously.

Lolapechka is very very powerful and this is pretty sad it seems as though they've been passing her around the group as morris used her previously in regards to her magic for the sake of furthering the tree's expanse and vonaka being as sadistic as ever was.

Using her just like a little doll and was praising her happy that she is now using all her power full throttle and running wild princess lolapechka was already very powerful her magic was absurdly strong to begin with as a royal but now was even further augmented by the power of curse magic making her.

Truly terrifying indeed and in seeing this charlotte could not help but feel a sort of familiarity as previously she was taken advantage of in a similar way during the elf invasion arc for this reason she would swear to rid the princess of this curse but just then would be.

Captured by veronica as she would charge in for attack simultaneously questioning why everyone can't just focus on what matters the fight at hand but just before she could deliver this seemingly fatal blow she would be stopped by none other than our girl noel.

Who would just stab straight into her with her spiraling waves as gaja would clutch onto the princess noel was here just as she had sworn to do and veronica was delighted you could see the ecstasy on her face and that was the chapter i am so so so excited here noel is my favorite.

Character in the series and so to see her go off like this to get her revenge against vonaka is going to be incredible not to mention the fact that lola pechka is now under her control it's just going to take this fight to the next level black clover really does know how to.

Bring intensity to its fights and this is going to be no exception and i am also looking forward to furthering the discussion in the comments so please let us know what you thought about this chapter down below and while you're at it subscribe to plot armor with notifications to never miss a single upload.

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