All right guys this latest chapter of black clover was everything to me i have been waiting literal months for this moment here with the previous chapter we had the recognition of magnus victory over dante something that had us as shaking as he was overly excited about this.

And rightfully so this was a major major accomplishment for this member of the black bulls and asta wasn't the only one impressed luck was as well as a rival of magna and jack would also recognize this incredible feat and think back to when he considered yami a fool for letting magna.

Into his brigade but here he was proven wrong this is very very special and knott would additionally denote that a dark triad member at 100 devil power was to be on par with a supreme devil he really truly never expected anything like this to happen but it was a happy accident and he was willing to take it.

From there the group would continue onwards as morris who was tending to the tree would recognize the fall of dante but dante refusing to stay down would morph into this horrendous creature one that jack would return to finally putting an end to dante but now with the heart kingdom's reinforcements in play we would shift.

Back to vonaka vs charlotte and rill they were now having an exceedingly difficult time subduing veronica as she now had princess lolapechka like a cursed puppet and just as charlotte seemed to be overwhelmed and nearing a fatal blow the joined forces of gaja and noel would.

Swoop in and enter the fray and with this latest chapter noel would continue to drill towards vonaka attempting to take her out and gaja would attempt to speak to the princess to no avail now veronica was very very happy she was very excited.

And wondering if she had managed to actually become stronger as at this point veronica is absurdly powerful at 100 devil power and with that we would finally see the joint forces of noel and undyne the water spirit now this i don't know.

How i possibly overlook this possibility but regardless this is major this puts noelle onto a whole new level of power and i am so excited this is my favorite character and so to see her rise up in this way is immaculate i mean we have bore witness to the spiritual augmentation of fuggely on and you know.

By way of the fire spirit and the wind spirit respectively and so you should have a pretty good idea of the sort of power we are dealing with with noel here and the water spirit now flashing back to how exactly this union came to be in the wake of vonaka's assault by way of her cursed magic.

The contract between undyne and the princess lolapechka was weakened and weakened to the point of being temporarily disabled and so in an attempt to maintain and restore her strength she would move over to the grimoire of someone who was capable of handling her power and that person.

Just so happened to be noel that being said this was definitely out of desperation as she doesn't like noel at all she's not a fan of noel as a person and really and truly the feeling was mutual between them but beyond their bickering dryad would offer a bit of wisdom in regards to how they can properly take.

Vonaka down this being a form of power that wasn't necessarily arcane in nature a devil vanquishing power exclusive to the spiritually possessed and noel was reasonably surprised by this as two members of the clover kingdom do possess spiritual power and so why.

Have they yet to be trained in this regard and even looking beyond that why did lolapeca not already have this power to begin with from there we would have the further recounting of history by way of undyne she would express that she has.

Been loyal to the heart kingdom and served it since the very first queen but of course eventually one day lola pechka would come to be and she had an incredible reserve of magical power she could do a whole lot but she was different in the way that she could not use any.

Offensive magic sure she could do a little this and a little that but it wasn't enough to be augmented by the power of the spirit in a way that could slaughter devils outright and with her inability to learn offensive magic lilopeca felt a bit inadequate as a queen however.

Undyne would correct her and say that her kindness is incredible it is her pride and so she would withhold the information of this incredible power from lola pechka that regardless of what happens even if the dark triad invades which they did she would want.

The princess to just run she wouldn't want her to engage and fight why because she wanted her to be kind for as long as possible but now in the present she would reflect and say that this decision of hers was the wrong one it's because of this decision the little.

Petchka was caught captured and cursed however now noel would correct her and say that sure maybe she should have taught her sanctuary but her reasoning wasn't a bad one and she will not stand for the notion that kindness and loving someone is a bad thing.

And now intent on succeeding together noel would extend her hand and offer a proposition they may not like each other but hey they can put that aside for someone that they do care about and get princess lola petchka back and especially take down veronica now in.

The present veronica was having a wonderful time she was surrounded by a number of adversaries that she considered to be particularly powerful and were able to push her to a certain extent this is a demented character that is thoroughly enjoying the fact that she has little pechika in her grasp and it is pushing noel to become better.

And stronger and as the tears of a now controlled little petchka began to stream downwards the rage and fury of noel was apparent now veronica would tell noel to keep the fun times going that she wanted this to last and at this point noelle was done with the nonsense she did not want to hear.

Another word come from the filthy mouth of vonika and would tell her to shut it the fact that someone as wretched as her can continue to smile and laugh and have a fun time whereas someone as wonderful and generous as little petchka is made to cry.

That is something that she cannot stand for that is something that makes her sick to her stomach something that she could never forgive as she was ready to take veronica down and we would see the new form of noel spirit dive sanctuary valkyrie dress this is everything i i cannot.

Tell you how excited i am to see this new power be used by noel this is an incredible new form during the elf invasion arc we had the first iteration of noel's valkyrie form and with that it was comparable to the power of her mother who was the strongest magic knight of her time.

And here it is clear that she has surpassed even that no well is clearly one of the strongest characters in this series to date and i am just jaw-dropped at this scene and listen you certainly don't have to put something down to put another thing up but i have to express that how is it.

That i don't feel this way about you know i understand that he's not my favorite character or anything like that but this is his country we are fighting for and fighting in he is a prince that has been revealed in this arc in this storyline and he has now used a new form of his spirit die for what have you.

But i don't i don't even feel a semblance of that regard for his power or for his fight against xenon and i think that is a real shame the parallels between their two situations are undeniable in this instance both have access to spiritual power.

Both have incredible levels of mana and both are fighting for the safe return of their friends but even beyond that yuno has familial stakes in this and i just don't feel for him i just i just don't feel the same way about his situation i don't know if i'm the only one who feels like.

That let me know in the comments but this regardless is incredible this is probably the most exciting chapter of black clover for me in quite some time and that's not to say that we have not been receiving a whole lot of hype lately but this is just on a whole other level.

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