Guys black clover is absolutely glorious right now when it comes to highlighting our various characters and their progression with these current fights at this point it's beginning to feel as though the dark triad themselves will be a sort of precursor to even more strenuous events to come similarly to the elf invasion arc which.

Soon became a battle against a high ranking devil now the dark triad is able to compel us emotionally to an extent because of what they put our characters and their loved ones through but considering how interconnected the whole zachary thing was i don't doubt that what's to come.

Perhaps the devils that possess the dark triad members themselves will be just as if not more interesting with the previous chapter noel and gaja swiftly entered the fray as noel in particular had her power specifically augmented by way of the water spirit undyne.

This being a power she was instructed by draya to obtain prior to her mastery of ultimate magic as it turns out because of monica's curse magic undyne's contract with lola petchka was temporarily disabled allowing her to relocate to noel's grimoire.

As she was worthy of such a power with this a stage of magic exclusive to spirit hosts and capable of destroying devils would be available to her known as saint stage now as expressed by noel this is something undyne could have very well taught yuno.

Fugalian or hell even her host lila pechka but she apparently didn't do so because the lepecka lacked combat potential she was too pure and too kind virtues that undyne sought to protect and preserve but at this point with all that has happened.

She now regrets such a decision greatly so from here despite their differences the two would join forces to quell the devil threat and get back lolopeca in the present vonaka was absolutely losing her mind with battle craze joy but in seeing a controlled little pecca cry the shared fury of noel and undyne would.

Be awoken as an insane pressure was released and followed by a new transformation what is now known as spirit dive saint valkyrie armor with this latest chapter the majesty of this new power was enough to make the eyes of veronica.

Bulge open as she was getting chills just looking at her but this is the sort of thing that a battle junkie like veronica lives for and so by weight of her blood magic similarly to not with his shadow magic she would conjure forth a number of minions these beastly red creatures.

Then charging towards noel who in a single jaunt was able to effortlessly dispatch them all for noel to have done this veronica could barely contain her excitement their battle in the heart kingdom was amazing sure but this now this was even greater than that.

From this new power to the look of intensity in her eyes veronica was very pleased with noel's progression this was exactly what she had been waiting for during this rush undyne would warn noel that they can't afford to slow down as she needed to win within a minute's.

Time which is to say that she probably has a time limit on this power because again this is a new acquisition this is something that she has not had for a long time look at assa he hasn't had his double unit form for very long and the best he can do is about five minutes.

However noel had other plans as she intended to achieve victory in a mere 30 seconds as vonika let off a madden barrage of attacks noelle again being as fast as ever would first evade and while maintaining that same momentum swiffled over to deliver a sizeable blow to the head veronica's.

Every movement would be challenged and met with an attempt to take her down they would continue to go blow for blow ever so narrowly avoiding the attacks of one another as again veronica was overjoyed when she looked at noel she was immediately brought back to a similar.

Confrontation she had in the past not long after being possessed by her devil she'd gone on a rampage to test its power and hearing rumors of a woman revered as the strongest she couldn't help but sneak away from the spade kingdom and go find this person.

This person who is none other than noel's mother both of them were on the verge of collapse thanks to a heated battle prior but veronica at least did not want it to end and just as she continued to speak she would be interrupted by the sound of an infant's cry it was ashya's.

Children noel's elder siblings as kids this interruption clearly wasn't to vanica's liking as she would question if she should just kill them first but before then she would question if these were in fact the children of her ever powerful opponent.

And furthermore why she would ever have children considering how powerful and strong she is pretty much considering them burdens and nothing more but now with her children endangered asia would call forth the power of her grimoire proclaiming that the greatest power in.

The world is when a mother protects her children as before veronica could even react ashir had already pierced right through her despite this horrendous pain monica couldn't be any happier this wound of hers was fatal and so unfortunately she had to flee she had to take the l here.

But now with noel vonnecka would have a chance to experience such things yet again and would cry out for even more but it doesn't seem like she's learned her lesson here as she would call forth another red beast only for in the next moment to be overwhelmed and.

Shredded by noel's water dragon attack frankly noelle's power superseded that of her own vonka's eyes would again widen as noel and swimming along the mana in the air would approach with a look of vengeance in her eyes ready to deliver vonneca's punishment and now with a sword.

Noel would pierce through veronica just as her mother had oh so very long ago and that was the chapter now the fact that noel has a sword here is very cool to me this goes to show just how much she honors and respects asta to have chosen to wield a sword.

Similarly to him when truly only the oddest of people use swords in this world or i suppose only the most remarkable people even now admittedly i'm hoping this isn't the true extent of saint stage magic as i feel like one of the really fun things about black clover is how.

Interesting a lot of the powers are despite the general simplicity of the power system but even then thus far spirit powers have kind of just been a flat increase to power as opposed to anything especially unique or interesting it's not the worst thing ever but i can't say i entirely enjoy this brand of.

Escalation seeing noel put in work is always a treat and seeing her mom prove her reputation is great as well great stuff overall and i can't wait to see veronica's retaliation as there is no running away from this fight here but again on a time limit.

Noel is going to have to finish this up quickly and ivanka's attention is elsewhere if things do indeed get a bit too close there hopefully charlotte and real can re-emerge in the battle as well but we can't forget that veronica herself has an ally in the form of the ever powerful lolopeca.

So as you can tell from my perspective the fight isn't over just yet but this is a massive blow for sure if you enjoy the chapter and our coverage of it make sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on to never miss a thing and while you're at it go ahead and follow us over on twitter and instagram.

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