So at this point with the story of black clover the progression of noel is uncanny this is a character that has developed so tremendously over the course of the series and only continues to do so most recently in the form of spirit dive with this video we will be going over.

Everything we know about this new power of hers in detail so first and foremost what is spirit dive well this is a form of spirit magic that serves to further augment the magical power of a user by a considerable degree wherein spirit and practitioner join as one.

This being a power we have seen from the likes of juno as well in fact one might argue that this brand of spirit assimilation itself was invented by yuno you see for the sake of traversing the ultimate volcano what is a grand magic zone a natural region absolutely teeming with incredibly strong mana the.

Use of a technique ever common to the magic knights mana skin is ideal now albeit a very basic form of reinforcement magic its maintenance in this case was certainly an arduous task given the severity of the elements and longevity of its use thus making it the ideal training for.

Proper mana control with this experience yuno figured out how to hold vast amounts of mana within himself by combining with sylph the wind spirit a technique that he'd refined to the point where he was pretty much evenly matched in power against a magic knight captain captain.

Rill of the aqua deer but how exactly does this apply to noel well noel was present for both of these instances in the early days of the series manic control was something she especially struggled with and so this use of mana skin albeit.

Difficult for her was again an incredible means of training that she especially benefited from in fact it was from this point onwards that noel truly began to make use of her overwhelming potential and began making her way into that upper echelon of combatants in the series.

Furthermore noel was on the very same team as you know during the unveiling of his spirit dive technique and furthermore contemplated its power after the fact but obviously without the presence of an ever rare spirit within one's remora the emulation of such a technique is all.

But impossible so from there we are then brought to noel's first encounter with vonaka of the dark triad in this fight noel was way out of her depth and completely outmatched and so to make up for this while working in tandem with the power of the lopechka noel made use of what is known as.

Valkyrie armor mermaid form what provided a power boost to noel's magic and a subsequent increase to her aquatic traversal but because his transformation was dependent on lolopeca's magic mana method and mana zone water spirit magic ludic sanctuary this was not a power that noel could.

Depend on beyond this one instance but even then although noel was empowered here all of her attacks were negated and even in the event of a direct hit they were meaningless against monica as they did not provide any true damage to her i mean the truly terrifying thing about such high-ranking.

Devils and those that they possess is that they are all but invaluable to your standard forms of magic this is why arcane stage mages those capable of uncategorical or inexplicable spells are especially dangerous to them which is precisely why when nero an arcane stage mage attempted to seal.

Vonika magekula intervened immediately with an influx of power in doing so undyne the water spirit was cursed as well something magecula the mother of all curses would express a fascination towards as she had never seen such a thing which.

Stands to say that something of this sort had never happened before but because of this undyne was weakened and by extension her contract with lola petca dissolved as well and so in a desperate attempt to regain her strength she entered the grimoire of another worthy mage.

In the vicinity noel which although unbeknownst to noel at the time was evident by weight of her final attack on vonaka which was in fact a direct hit and one that veronica expected to be as negligible as all the rest if this damage she had suffered was the real deal as it was somewhat infused.

With spirit magic therefore making this spirit water magic and from here noel would further cultivate this power in elysia under the tutelage of dryad and the elves here she would extend her bounds beyond true magic and enter the realm of ultimate magic.

And by extension come to understand and harness the essence of magic itself but even beyond this she would come to harness the power of the ever exclusive saint stage of magic a power limited to spirit hosts that allows one to purify malice and destroy.

Devils and with this power in her rematch against monica noel came to harness what we now know to be spirit dive saint valkyrie armor this is by far noah's most powerful transformation yet and a truly remarkable one at that if yuno's partial spirit dive was enough to rival a magic knight.

Captain i can safely say that noel is beyond captain level at this point noel as a royal is a character that has always possessed ridiculous mana reserves inherently her mother ashir silva being one of the strongest mages in history i mean she was knocking mereo.

Leona around back in the day beyond that by way of true magic mastery noel is now able to draw upon natural mana beyond herself which makes that pool of power only that much greater and lastly there is the addition of undyne and spirit dive causing the two to join as one now when.

It comes to spirits their size is indicative of their power both silth and salamander have grown over the course of the series and undyne is massive this is a spirit that has been growing alongside the heart kingdom's queens since the country's establishment so yeah the power she possesses.

Is major so major in fact that this rematch between the two was like night and day noelle was now dismissing each and every one of veronica's attempts at retaliation with ease and managed to take her down at 100 power in a matter of 30 seconds now not a character ever informed in all.

Devilish matters quantify the dark triad at 100 power to be on par with the power of high ranking devils so for noel to have pulled this off in such a short span of time stanzu plays her amongst the strongest characters in the entire series truly rivaling the likes of yuno and.

Asta now something to take note of would be that as explained by dryad saint stage has the power to not only destroy devils but eliminate malice and as we see with the defeat of veronica suddenly concepts such as friendship began to spring up in her head and so it is quite possible that noel.

Also somewhat purified veronica's corrupted heart and for as amazing as all this may be if undyne returns to lolapeca noel will likely suffer a bit of an unfortunate regression and so it is my belief that noel will in fact remain as undyne's host after all this.

Is said and done and i say this because even if lolapechka survives beyond being transformed into a devil it is possible that similarly to patri her magic will be changed forever as his was forever changed to demon light magic it is clear that a spirit cannot reside in the grimoire of.

Just anyone and in seeing these state undyne was left in with exposure to mediculous devil magic i doubt they would still possess a favorable compatibility and clearly lolapechka can now perform some attack spells of her own that are ridiculously powerful.

So she wouldn't really need that protectorate as much now as made evident by fauna's use of salamander even if a host is not in their right mind or afflicted with something a spirit may still serve them but with how diametrically opposed spirits and devils seem to be.

A renewed connection is doubtable but i will admit that for the clover kingdom to possess three of the four great spirits is a bit unfair but whatever that's shown in for you now well is truly a remarkable character and certainly deserving of my favoritism as it currently stands this power is something she is only able to maintain.

For a single minute but with all that she is able to do in that time it is more than enough and i'm sure that she will only progress even further from here with that being said i really hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you want to see more in-depth videos on black clover like this.

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