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Ok, This Is Getting Dark! HUGE NEW QUIRK REVEAL – My Hero Academia Chapter 355


With this latest chapter of my hero academia apparently this confrontation with all for one has already reached its climax as we opened up to a shot of endeavour reeling from the attack offer one had delivered on to him here endeavour would think of his son choto and toya thought by perhaps he most gnarly shot the character we've ever.

Seen i mean he looks absolutely horrendous however he would do his best to get back up as he questioned himself in his failure in this battle the struggle to stand was apparent as he fell back down while clutching onto his side he could not deny the fact that it was foolish of him to lose his cool like that against all for one endeavour's.

Blood would begin to stain the grass beneath him he knew the responsibility he possessed as the hero intended to face all for one but he also knew that everything prior was also his responsibility of course referring to his family drama as were the wounds he had sustained they were all his responsibility so yeah this man is just.

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Are still a bunch of cars that we'd like to find like the dobby ones so fingers crossed we're able to do that next time thanks again to the mike here academia collectible card game but now back to the latest my hero academia chapter meanwhile hawks tokuyami and jiro were all in the skies above against all for one the feathers of hawks still detected.

Signs of breathing from endeavor via vibrations which told him enough to deduce that thankfully the wound all for one provided him missed his lungs hawks was confident that endeavour would rejoin them momentarily and that all he needed to do was keep fighting until then hawks would then promptly call out to tokoyami who'd quickly respond by.

Telling him to save his breath in regards to them being unfit to fight this battle reminding his superior that he was intentionally deployed to his location for the sake of supporting the main force in the event that things went south he actually was taking the protocol it was hawks was wavering on account of sentimentality granted hawks.

Never imagined they would be forced into such a position with the never with them but he recognized the foolishness of his prior words in fact with this being the case in this fight at least hawkes really isn't in any position to judge endeavor in terms of his failure thus far but in very cool fashion hawks would ask his young hero to save him again of.

Course referring to the fact that he owes his life to tokuyami as it was this very brand of interception that saved the number two hero from the fiery onslaught of dobby during the very first war and certainly tokoyami was happy to oblige from which point it would appear as though all for one was making use of another composite quirk perhaps made up.

Of a clone of musculars and another as his arm would smell to monstrous proportions as gnarly maws would emerge from his mangled palms he'd apologize but proclaim that their play time was now over as he could not allow anything to happen to his precious other hymn as i'm sure we can all imagine all for one fully intended to aid shigaraki in this.

Fight and if that were to come to pass it would be over for the heroes for sure i mean that is a moderate and obito situation right there which for the sake of tension i could actually see come into fruition but anyways all for one knew that his previous attack on endeavour was not fatal and knowing that guy he continued to fight until the very.

End and as such their new prerogative would be tailored towards buying as much time as possible and to me this is a pretty neat inclusion it is only recently that we've been provided the internal monologue of offer one which should definitely be an indicator of this series coming to an end very soon but here it is used purely for the sake.

Of establishing the fact that all for one is so easily able to predict and furthermore adapt to the plans of someone as perceptive intellectual and seasoned as hawks it is a phenomenal way to display a character's brilliance bring boarding them off they thoroughly establish accolades and capabilities of another but yeah on the note of adapting.

Offer one would turn his attention to the weakest link as in an instant several mangled and wretched faces would spread from the ends of all for one's dark and tendrils towards jiro she was on the verge of death before she could truly recognize reality to be as such yet thankfully the feathers of hawks were able to intervene at just the right.

Time as gyro's spirit remained estranged from her body for the moment but hawks was far from done he'd quickly assail the villain with two feathers before then concluding his rush with a sword strike to the head and mind you this is a very different arc from the beginning of the series as this is in fact a manufacturer support item as opposed to.

Being a sizeable feather of his as again he isn't capable of producing such things himself now or at least not while flying he refused to let anyone else die hawks would urge tokoyami to take the lead as he would merely match his speed dark shadow would then question if jiro was alright which she would confirm tokoyami would then tell her to aim for.

All for one's mask as she should be able to crack it with her sound waves allowing them to secure the win jiro at this point looked like she was ready to throw up but would agree thinking internally she knew what she was getting herself into but then again all for one's attack against her was so fast that she didn't even see it coming after.

Looking straight into the mob of death itself jiro could not help but shake uncontrollably i mean even her goosebumps were delayed in detecting the man's malice all for one is just that terrifying and it was then that she truly got a feel for what deku and oyama were made to face previously this guy is no joke he is well beyond being a.

Villain he is a monster in the truest sense and all for one could sense his realization dawn upon jiro he knew that she was shaking and pitied her he'd question the poor girl thought this was some kind of school field trip and man all for one's dialogue is several leaps and bounds ahead of anything else will emerge from the series he is in a league.

Of his own he would furthermore tell her not to be delusional as she isn't even part of the main cast this sort of meta commentary continues to fascinate me all for one would then attack on both sides simultaneously absolutely tearing into hawks as he knew the man did not have enough feathers to handle his attacks then in his current state the hero was.

Completely and utterly useless but on the other side good lord all for one with continuous verbal abuse wondering if being around special people made jiro think she was special too as he successfully managed to cut her left ear clean off that is half of jiro's quirk factor entirely gone the offset of which we know to be seriously.

Detrimental to one's future on account of what a loss of a single eye has now done to the once oh so formidable eraserhead however jiro would endure this pain and shakely replied that all the villain talks about is who is weak and who is strong who's special and who can inspire fear in others but in remembering her classmates jiro did not.

Care about any of that nonsense with tears in her eyes and blood pooling from the side of her face all she knew was that he'd made her friends cry from there she would unleash another heartbeat wall attack a pathetic attempt truly that unfazed the demon lord trivial concepts such as motivation spirit and ability only existed in the.

Realm of the weak all of which were totally useless in the face of absolute power as with a single move all 41 was on the verge of claiming all the lives around him but just then from within the vestige world he'd be met by resistance to a shock these were the wills of people whose quirks he had stolen previously and even more unbelievably.

The only explanation for this sudden phenomenon would be the power of new order the quirk possessed by the late star in strife what i find to be especially bizarre as the power was believed to not only have exhausted itself but actually never be used upon this all for one to begin with right now i don't really like this but hopefully.

There is some further explanation to come that will manage to quell this unrest but yeah for now it's just pretty strange however all for one is smiling in the face of it so that is interesting he was fascinated by the demonstration of will possessed by weaklings which in me is reminiscent of the ending of another shonen jump series which i will.

Not name in this video for the sake of avoiding spoilers for that series but from there jiro then call out to hawks while she had the villain fixed in place and again i do feel a bit weird about this as without a bit more explanation it might just be an ass pull but hopefully not hopefully that is not the case regardless hawks had repeatedly.

Struck off one's mask in the exact same spot creating a crack and that definitely takes some pinpoint accuracy but now attacking with the aid of jiro further propelling his blade hawk struck the side of all for one's mass to the point of his sword shattering and just like it the mask of all for one is now broken which then leads us to the.

Question as to whether or not off one will fall apart due to this break and speaking of which my hero academia manga will be on break next week i'm into a position because i can't see off one escaping this battle however i can't see these characters actually dying jiro tokoyami hawks endeavor i don't see them dying just yet and i'll be transparent.

Whether or not there is another all for one in shigaraki and all that i don't care for this to be the end of all for one if that is the case the villain that has plagued almighty all this time i will be very thoroughly disappointed like no disrespect to jiro i am very glad that we are bringing these supplementary characters into the fray.

And the very least involving them at the end of the series here but with that being said what are her credentials for being in this fight for her first major takedown to be all for one himself it's just a little weird but of course i'd love to hear what you guys have to say about this sort of stuff so please let us know down in the comments as always.

I'm selecting otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.