This is a great dish. We're going to do a beautiful mushroom cannelloni with a gorgeous,oozy cheesy sauce. The residual moisture in these greenswill just steam and wilt. This will take like 30-40 seconds. That can then go in the bottom of our tray. Right, that's the beginning of the story. Let's get on to business. So in this pan,.

Olive oil, the onions. And I've got some garlic. Leeks, and we're going to addthe mushrooms. Just feel so homemade In the same pan that we made the mushrooms. Plain flour. In there, we're going to add some milk. Let's fill these cannelloni’s.

A tray full of beautiful cannelloni. So let's get that over the top here. Look how oozy it is, yeah! So this will go in the oven at 180 ° Celsius. So it’s had about 40 minutes. Look at that. Come on.


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